12 Crystals For The Bedroom Where To Place Them & How To Use Them

12 Crystals For The Bedroom Where To Place Them & How To Use Them

Are you looking to bring some positive energy into your bedroom? Crystals can be a great way to do that! Adding crystals to your bedroom space is thought to bring in protection, good vibes and healing.

This article will provide information on 12 specific crystals, where they should be placed in the bedroom and how to use them for maximum benefit. Do you have trouble sleeping or need help with stress relief? Or are you simply looking for ways to create a calming environment while also boosting creativity during nighttime hours?

Definition Of Crystals

It’s no wonder that crystals have become a popular tool for self-care and spiritual growth. In fact, studies show that an estimated 80% of the population owns at least one crystal! But what exactly are these precious stones?

Crystals are solid mineral formations made up of atoms in a repeating pattern - think quartz, amethyst or obsidian. Each type has its own set of crystal properties and associated meanings which can be used to enhance your environment, heal ailments, and boost energy levels.

Simply having a crystal nearby is enough to tap into their healing power as they naturally radiate vibrations based on their unique structure. They also act like amplifiers; absorbing negative energy while radiating positive vibes throughout your home or workplace. When using them in the bedroom, find pieces that speak to you; ones that make you feel relaxed and peaceful when held in your hand.

Smaller varieties like citrine or fluorite work well because they don't take up too much space but still offer plenty of benefits. Place them near the bedside table or hang some from the ceiling above – just be sure not to place any directly over where you sleep as this can cause restlessness during slumber hours!

When selecting crystals for use in the bedroom, consider what specific goals you'd like to achieve such as reducing anxiety or improving focus – each type brings different energies and powers to the table so do some research first before committing to a purchase.

 With careful selection and placement around your sleeping area, these incredible rocks will soon start working their magic!

Benefits Of Using Crystals In The Bedroom 

Transitioning from the previous section, there are many benefits to using crystals in the bedroom. Crystals can be used to create a peaceful atmosphere and enhance spiritual growth. Here are four of the main benefits:

  1. Increased Sleep Quality -Crystals have long been known for their ability to provide calming and soothing effects that promote relaxation and deeper sleep. By having crystals near your bedside, you may experience improved sleep quality throughout the night.
  2. Improved Spiritual Connection -Place certain types of crystals around your bed or on your person while sleeping to increase spiritual awareness and connection with higher consciousness during restful slumber. This will help deepen meditation practice and foster more meaningful connections with divine source energy.
  3. Strengthened Psychic Abilities -Many people report increased psychic abilities when they regularly use bedroom crystals over time; these enhanced gifts can lead to greater clarity about life purpose, relationships, career paths, etcetera.
  4. Enhanced Peacefulness-Bedroom crystals work together to create a sense of peace and tranquility in any space where placed, making them perfect for bedrooms which should always be places of calmness and relaxation after a long day's work or play! Using crystal in the bedroom is an easy way to reap all sorts of wonderful rewards without too much effort!

 The combination of physical comfort through better sleep as well as emotional comfort through heightened spirituality combine make this type of holistic self-care approach something anyone can benefit from regardless of lifestyle choices or beliefs systems--it’s truly universal!

Recommended Placement Of Crystals In The Bedroom 

When it comes to bedroom arrangement, there are two main areas you should consider placing crystals - near the bed or around the walls. Near the bed is ideal if you're looking for a more restful experience because many crystals have healing qualities that will help create an atmosphere conducive for sleeping.

Placing a small cluster of amethyst or quartz on your nightstand is one way to incorporate this idea into your decorating plan. On the other hand, surrounding yourself with larger pieces like citrine or rose quartz along your walls can bring positive energy into your space while enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Crystal healing has long been practiced by people seeking relief from physical ailments as well as emotional distress. It's believed that having certain stones nearby helps activate their energies which then act upon whatever condition needs treating.

So when placing crystals in your room, keep this purpose in mind and select ones based on what kind of response they may evoke within you – calming, energizing, etc.. Also make sure all pieces are cleansed regularly so they don't become saturated with negative vibes over time and lose their effectiveness.

Finally, whether it’s through wearing jewelry or displaying them in creative arrangements around the house, using crystals can be quite empowering when it comes to integrating these powerful natural elements into our lives.

With careful consideration behind proper placement and maintenance practices, we can tap into crystal energy anytime we need some extra support!

How To Use Crystals In The Bedroom 

When it comes to bedroom decor, nothing adds a touch of personal charm quite like crystals. Not only do they look beautiful in any setting, but their spiritual and healing properties can also help promote relaxation and well-being. It's best not to put too many pieces together; instead opt for one or two larger specimens that are placed strategically around the space.

There are many benefits associated with having crystals in the bedroom. For example, amethyst is known for providing protection against negative energy while rose quartz encourages feelings of love and joy. Clear quartz is believed to be particularly good at clearing away negative emotions while moonstone helps alleviate anxiety and stress levels.

Whatever type of crystal you choose, make sure you cleanse it regularly with sage smoke or running water before placing it in the bedroom so that its healing powers remain strong and potent over time. Using crystals in the bedroom can offer powerful healing effects on both body and mind. In addition to promoting better sleep quality and overall relaxation, these natural gems can help open up your heart chakra for more positive self-expression and creativity.

Place yours carefully within easy reach so that you can easily pick them up whenever needed during meditations or simply just enjoy gazing at their beauty!

Clear Quartz

It's ironic that clear quartz, a crystal known for its clarity and brilliance, can be so complex. But it is! Clear Quartz has been used for centuries to help with physical, emotional and spiritual healing, as well as metaphysical power. It can bring balance into your life in the bedroom - or anywhere else you choose to place it!

Here are four reasons why you should consider adding this particular crystal to your home:

  1. Crystal Healing – Clear Quartz helps heal negative energy and restores harmony into any environment by cleansing the area where it is placed. This makes it ideal for bedrooms because it will help create a peaceful atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sleep.
  2. Crystal Grid – Placing crystals on a grid creates an energetic barrier around the room which protects from unwanted influences while allowing positive energy to flow freely within the space. A Crystal Grid made up of Clear Quartz amplifies these effects providing additional protection as well as promoting restful sleep.
  3. Quartz Properties – As one of the most powerful gemstones available, Clear Quartz contains many unique properties including enhanced mental clarity, improved communication skills, increased focus and creativity, along with aiding in decision-making processes.

All of these benefits make it perfect for boosting productivity during waking hours but also provide relaxation when lying down at night in order to get quality restorative sleep.

  1. Metaphysical Power –Lastly, Clear Quartz provides metaphysical power that allows us to connect deeper with our own inner selves and gain insight into our lives through meditation practices such as yoga or journaling without distraction from external sources like electronics or other people’s opinions. Its calming influence makes it especially helpful if you need extra stress relief before bedtime and aids in achieving deep states of awareness during REM cycles of sleep.

So there you have it; adding a few pieces of clear quartz to your bedroom could really make all the difference in terms of facilitating more balanced energies throughout your living space as well as helping you achieve optimal health mentally and physically!

Pink Calcite 

I'm a big fan of pink calcite because it has so many wonderful benefits. It's perfect for bedrooms, both aesthetically and energetically! Pink calcite is made up of calcium carbonate, which helps to balance the energy in any room it’s placed in. This crystal also has healing properties that can help with emotional issues like stress and anxiety.

In addition to its calming effects on emotions, pink calcite also boosts creativity and mental clarity. In terms of aesthetics, this stone looks beautiful! Its soft pink hue adds a delicate touch to any space. Plus, the color itself carries special meanings: pink symbolizes unconditional love and compassion - two things we could all use more of in our lives!

Pink calcite is an excellent choice for the bedroom due to its soothing energies. Place one near your bed or nightstand to create peaceful vibes throughout the entire area. You can also carry a small piece around with you if you tend to get overwhelmed easily by life’s demands.

The gentle power of this crystal will help keep your heart open while still allowing you to stay grounded and centered during tough times. Overall, pink calcite is a great choice when looking for crystals that bring peace and balance into the home. With its calming properties and lovely appearance, this stone taps into your inner strength while helping ease away stressors from daily life.


Fluorite has been known for centuries as the "Genius Stone", because it helps us realise our highest potential while also providing clarity of mind and concentration. It can also help clear negative energies from any space, making it perfect for placing around your bedroom or even under your pillow if you want some extra protection during sleep.

When placed in your bedroom, purple fluorite will bring calming and uplifting vibes along with increased mental clarity which can lead to better decision-making skills overall. This stone is especially beneficial for those who have difficulty sleeping or suffer from nightmares, since its soothing properties are said to reduce anxiety levels before bedtime.

To get the most out of this stone, try keeping a piece close by (such as near your bed) or meditating with one in hand – this should allow you to open yourself up to its healing powers and really reap all the benefits that come with using fluorite crystals!


Amethyst is a popular crystal to use in the bedroom.The benefits of having an amethyst crystal in the bedroom include reducing stress, improving focus and concentration, clearing negative energy, promoting calmness, enhancing intuition and creativity and aiding with restful sleep.

All these factors contribute to creating a peaceful environment that encourages mindful relaxation before going to sleep. When using an amethyst crystal in the bedroom there are several ways to do so. One way is to simply place it somewhere visible such as on nightstands or dressers, allowing its energy to fill up the space around it.

Another option is to hold it while lying down in order to feel its calming vibrations directly touch your body while also taking advantage of its healing properties. You can also meditate with the amethyst crystal by placing it between both hands during meditation practice; this helps amplify any affirmations that may be used during this time as well as promote feelings of peace and serenity throughout the entire session.

No matter how one chooses to use their amethyst crystal in the bedroom, doing so will bring about positive changes in overall wellbeing which could lead to better quality sleep each night and improved mental clarity during waking hours.

Rose Quartz 

Moving on from amethyst, let's talk about rose quartz.

  1. Place two pieces of rose quartz by your bedside table. This will help to create an atmosphere of love and peace while you sleep.
  2. Put a piece in each corner of the room or hang one over the headboard of your bed to promote balance and harmony within the space.
  3. You can also place larger pieces at strategic points around the bedroom such as above the doorways or windowsills to attract good vibes into your home.
  4. If you have multiple crystals, keep them grouped together so they can work together to spread positive energy throughout the entire area.

Rose quartz has many more applications than just being used as decor - it can be used for spiritual healing, emotional healing, and even physical healing! It’s powerful vibrations allow us to tap into our innermost feelings and emotions, making it perfect for meditation and relaxation practices that focus on releasing negative energies from our bodies and minds.

So if you’re looking for ways to increase positivity in your life, consider incorporating this beautiful stone into your bedroom today!

Black Tourmaline 

I'm so excited to talk about the Black Tourmaline crystal! It's known for its powerful protective properties and healing abilities. This is a great stone for anyone looking to benefit from a little extra protection in their life. When it comes to tourmaline benefits, this crystal offers many positive effects. Its main property is that of protection - it can help ward off negative energy, as well as provide physical protection from danger or harm.

Additionally, it has strong emotional healing powers; it helps us stay grounded and centered during difficult times, providing emotional stability and inner strength when we need it most. The healing power of black tourmaline goes even deeper than just offering personal protection; it also helps with spiritual growth and development by bringing out our higher selves and allowing us to connect more deeply with our intuition.

Plus, its meaning suggests that it can help clear away any blocks or obstacles on your path towards enlightenment. This beautiful crystal is an essential addition to any bedroom space – not only is it aesthetically pleasing but its grounding energies will give you peace of mind throughout the night knowing that you're safe and protected at all times.


Moving on from the discussion of Black Tourmaline, let’s turn our attention to Citrine. This crystal is often referred to as “The Merchant's Stone” due to its many healing properties and benefits. Its sunny hue has long been associated with prosperity, wealth, joy and abundance in many cultures throughout history.

Citrine is a powerful healer that can help boost your energy levels, clear mental blocks and reduce negative emotions like fear or sadness. It also brings clarity and focus to decision making processes. For those looking for spiritual guidance or seeking deeper understanding about their life path, citrine can provide insight into difficult questions. In addition to physical and emotional healing properties, citrine also carries powerful metaphysical meanings related to positivity, success, creativity and growth.

By harnessing these energies when using this stone during rituals or meditation sessions you can manifest greater abundance in all aspects of your life journey - both materialistic and spiritual successes alike! When placing crystals in the bedroom it is important to keep positive intentions in mind – such as inviting more love into one’s life or creating an open space for relaxation and restful sleep.

In order to achieve maximum benefit from your citrine stones place them near the bedside table where they will be closest to you while sleeping (or just out of reach if you have pets), facing towards the room entrance so that any unwanted energy gets blocked before entering the sacred space of your bedroom.

You may also choose to carry a small piece with you wherever you go for extra protection against negative influences from outside sources. Whatever way works best for you – whether it be through meditating with larger pieces at home or carrying smaller ones around town – remember that each time we interact with crystals there is potential for great transformation and healing within our lives which makes taking care of ourselves even more special!


Is it true that placing crystals in your bedroom can bring many benefits? The answer is yes! Carnelian, a crystal known for its healing properties and vibrant orange hues, is an excellent choice to place in the bedroom. Here are four ways carnelian can enhance your sleeping space:

  1. Crystal Healing - Carnelian has been used by healers since ancient times due to its powerful vibrational frequencies. It's believed that keeping a piece of carnelian near you while you sleep will help promote positive energy flow throughout the room, allowing for deeper relaxation and restful sleep.
  2. Metaphysical Healing –In metaphysical terms, carnelian works directly with the root chakra at the base of the spine. A balanced root chakra helps us feel grounded, safe and secure which can aid in better overall wellbeing. Placing a piece of carnelian next to your bed or on top of your nightstand will help keep this energy center aligned during the night hours.
  3. Protection –Since carnelian is associated with courage and protection, having some placed in the bedroom will create an energetic shield against any negative influences that may enter your environment while you’re asleep.
  4. Beauty –Lastly but certainly not least, carnelian also adds beauty to any bedroom décor as well as providing all these wonderful benefits listed above! With its stunning red-orange coloration, it creates a feeling of warmth and comfort when displayed in any home setting.

So if you’ve ever wondered what role crystals could play in creating an inviting atmosphere for deep restorative sleep, consider giving Carnelian a try tonight!

Green Aventurine 

Green Aventurine is a powerful crystal for the bedroom. It helps to bring balance and harmony, as well as healing energy into your space. The calming green color of Green Aventurine has a soothing effect in any room. Placing Green Aventurine crystals in the corners of your bedroom can help ensure that positive vibes are present throughout your space.

When it comes to using Green Aventurine crystals for healing purposes in a bedroom setting, it's important to keep them close by. Keeping them on nightstands or near windowsills will allow you to benefit from their energies quickly and easily during times of stress or difficulty sleeping.

Additionally, placing several pieces around the bed itself can be helpful in creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and restful sleep. Green Aventurine also offers many other benefits when used correctly within a bedroom environment. As one of the most versatile stones available, it can help with emotional issues such as anxiety, fear, and depression while promoting feelings of optimism and joy.

This crystal is believed to attract wealth and abundance into people’s lives as well, making it ideal for those looking for financial success or stability. The properties found within Green Aventurine make this type of crystal perfect for bringing peace and clarity into any room - especially bedrooms!

With its ability to create an inviting atmosphere while offering energetic protection, this gemstone should definitely not be overlooked when considering what types of crystals would best suit an individual’s needs in regards to enhancing their home environment.


Apophyllite is a powerful crystal for cleansing and healing the aura.When placed thoughtfully within your bedroom, apophyllite encourages spiritual awareness and self-reflection that helps you stay centered amidst all the distractions of everyday life.

Positioning it near the nightstand or headboard invites its energies to create greater harmony between partners while also energizing any romantic relationship. Apophyllite also works well on windowsills because it reflects light and amplifies positive energy throughout the space. It’s believed that apophyllite absorbs negative energy from an area as well as helping with stress relief, so having it close by will help keep your mental health balanced too.

If you're looking for inner peace and clarity during meditation, then consider placing this crystal nearby or even wearing it as jewelry to receive its calming vibrations throughout the day.

Apophyllite is perfect for those seeking a peaceful atmosphere where they are able to relax deeply and enter new states of consciousness whenever needed. Its gentle yet potent energy makes it ideal for use when practicing crystal healing techniques such as Reiki or chakra work.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a great crystal to bring into the bedroom.When placed near your bed, smoky quartz helps balance the energy in your bedroom, promoting feelings of peace and security. It's important to cleanse smoky quartz regularly so its energies remain strong. This can be done by placing them in direct sunlight for at least 20 minutes once or twice a month. You can also use sound therapy such as chimes or singing bowls to restore their energetic vibration.

Additionally, holding the stone while visualizing light surrounding it and infusing it with positive vibrations will give it an extra boost of goodness! When using smoky quartz in your bedroom decor, consider placing one on each side of the headboard or around the perimeter of the room for optimal protection against negative influences. If possible, place some inside drawers and closets where they won't be seen but still do their work energetically.

For extra benefit, sit quietly with a piece of smoky quartz cupped between both hands while meditating on the intention you want to bring into this sacred space – love, prosperity, harmony etc… The combination of these practices makes sure that any unwanted vibes are kept away from your sleeping area and replaced with beautiful crystal energy that supports inner peace and spiritual growth.

Tiger's Eye

The transition from smoky quartz to tiger's eye is like a switch of gears - while the former can help you with grounding and releasing negative energy, the latter can bring clarity and protection. Tiger's Eye is an ancient stone that has been used for centuries due to its healing properties.

It has many benefits including:

* Boosting mental clarity

* Enhancing physical strength

* Balancing emotions

* Providing spiritual guidance

Tiger’s Eye also works with each chakra within your body in different ways.

For example, it helps open up the third-eye chakra by stimulating intuition and helping one become aware of what lies beyond the ordinary world. Placing this crystal near your bed will promote feelings of security, calmness, and courage throughout any difficult times during sleep or when waking up.

Additionally, wearing jewelry made from this gemstone serves as a powerful reminder to stay rooted in their authenticity despite obstacles that may come their way. When using tiger’s eye for protection against negativity, meditating on its power will allow users to stay centered and focused on being themselves no matter what life throws at them.

The protective qualities of tiger's eye serve as a shield against harm, allowing wearers to remain safe and secure even through tough situations. Furthermore, carrying or wearing pieces made out of these special stones ensures they are never without the support they need throughout their journey - both internally and externally!

To sum up, tiger’s eye brings balance between the mind, body & spirit; provides insight into hidden truths; encourages positive thinking; aids in understanding complexities; increases optimism; promotes courage; wards off evil spirits; protects against danger; supports personal growth & development; enhances self-confidence & willpower – all incredibly useful traits if placed around or worn close to your bedroom!


The use of crystals in the bedroom is like a beautiful symphony. The right combination can bring music and serenity to any space, allowing us to feel relaxed and at peace. When we place Citrine by our bedside, it's as if the crystal is playing a gentle lullaby that helps us drift off into deep sleep.

Carnelian brings passion and energy to the room, energizing us when we need it most. Green Aventurine encourages positive energies throughout the bedroom, giving us optimism for what lies ahead each morning. And Apophyllite provides clarity during moments of confusion or stress, helping us remain focused on our goals. It's truly remarkable how these powerful crystals have such an impact on our wellbeing—how they can literally help create harmony within ourselves and between ourselves and others.

We are fortunate to be able to call upon them whenever needed; their presence providing comfort even in challenging times. We all deserve a restful night's sleep where we can escape from reality while dreaming sweet dreams of hope and happiness—crystals offer just that! With intentionality and care, you too can harness their healing power so you wake up feeling refreshed with endless possibilities waiting before you!

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