10 Crystals That Can Relieve Your Anger, Frustration, & Stress Without Side Effects Besides Happiness

10 Crystals That Can Relieve Your Anger, Frustration, & Stress Without Side Effects Besides Happiness

From amethyst to obsidian, these ten shimmering stones can help you reduce anger, frustration, and stress without any side effects except for happiness! In more recent years, science has backed this theory by proving that specific minerals emit frequencies which correspond to our own energetic vibrations. These powerful little rocks are known for their healing properties; helping us find solace from everyday stresses.

So if you're feeling overwhelmed or out-of-sorts lately then why not give one (or several) of these brilliant beauties a try? Not only will they add some sparkle to your space but also provide an easy escape from pent up emotions such as anger and anxiety. Read on to discover what gems could work best for you and start unlocking the inner calmness you deserve today!

Definition Of Crystals 

Crystal healing is one way to use crystals to reduce anger, frustration, and stress without any side effects other than happiness. It involves placing the selected crystals on different areas along the body's chakra centers which correspond to physical and emotional states.

The chosen crystals transmit their energies through these channels while having an influence over our feelings. This process can help us become aware of how we feel emotionally so that we may address these emotions effectively. The power of each crystal varies depending on its properties – some may be known for amplifying positive energy while others act as protective talismans against negative influences or bad vibes from people around you.

There is no “one size fits all” approach here; it really depends on what kind of energy you need at any given moment. Knowing the meaning behind each crystal can help you choose the right ones for your situation so that they will bring maximum benefit.

Using crystals can give us access to a new source of strength that helps us cope better with difficult situations and enables us to take control of our lives once again with positivity and hope instead of feeling helpless or overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

How Crystals Work 

Now that we've covered the definition of crystals, let's explore how they can be used to relieve anger, frustration and stress without any side effects besides happiness. Crystal healing is a holistic practice based on using crystal therapy to balance energy in order to improve physical, emotional and spiritual health.

This form of energy healing involves harnessing the power of crystals’ vibrations which resonate with our own energies as well as our chakras or energetic centers within the body. In essence, when placing a crystal near your body or even wearing it as jewelry you are allowing its vibrational frequencies to interact with yours in order to bring about an overall calming effect.

Aura cleansing is another aspect of crystal work that helps us clear out stagnant energy from our aura field so that positive energy may flow freely around us again. Crystals possess special properties that allow them to absorb, store and release different types of energies depending upon their unique composition and structure.

By utilizing this ability, one can use certain stones for specific purposes such as grounding oneself during high-stress moments, shielding against negative external influences like anxiety or fear, activating intuition or encouraging creativity and focus among many others. Crystals are also great tools for self-reflection since they help us gain insight into ourselves through the awareness they provide regarding feelings and emotions we didn’t previously recognize but were still affecting our state of being.

Working with crystals allows us to better understand what needs releasing in order to create space for more balanced mental states — thus leading us towards greater peace and contentment within ourselves. Ultimately, by experimenting with various stones over time we can find which ones best suit our individual needs while learning beneficial techniques along the way that will support us long after our session has ended.

Whether it's intentional meditation or impromptu journaling sessions incorporating crystals - there's always something new waiting for us if we're open enough to receive it!

Using Your Crystal To Relieve Anger, Frustration, & Stress

Crystals are believed to work by absorbing energy from their environment, including your own emotions.  Once you’ve found an appropriate crystal, hold it in both hands while focusing on your breathing and allowing yourself to relax. As you breathe out, imagine all of your negativity being released through the stone and dissipating into thin air.  So if you're looking for natural ways to manage your anger, frustration or stress levels – try incorporating some crystals into your routine today!


Moving on from the previous section, amethyst is a crystal that can be used to help reduce anger, frustration and stress. Amethyst is known for its calming energy and has long been associated with healing qualities. Its beautiful purple hue makes it an ideal addition to any meditation practice or as part of your crystal collection. It's also great for promoting relaxation when placed in a room or carried in your pocket throughout the day.

Amethyst is believed by some to be an excellent tool for relieving stress, helping us stay grounded and remain centered during turbulent times. This crystal may even offer relief from headaches or migraines caused by tension, anxiety or negativity. When meditating with this stone, one might feel more connected to their spiritual side while finding clarity and peace within themselves.

Furthermore, having an amethyst nearby could bring balance into chaotic emotions, allowing you to think more clearly without feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts. When using amethyst as a form of crystal healing, one should take time to set intentions and calmly focus on what they want the stone’s energy to do for them.

One might find that taking deep breaths while holding the stone helps create a sense of calmness within oneself and promotes positive energy flow through their body. Additionally, keeping an amethyst close at night may aid in restful sleep due to its calming influence – perfect if stress has been making it difficult to drift off into dreamland!

So whether you're looking for a way to relax after a stressful day or need something special to keep you calm when faced with challenging situations - consider incorporating amethyst into your daily routine! With its soothing vibration and therapeutic effects, this powerful crystal could be just what you need for greater emotional wellbeing.

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is an amazing crystal that can help relieve anger, frustration, and stress without any side effects besides happiness! Its calming energy radiates off of it like a beacon in the night. It's no wonder rose quartz has become such a popular choice for emotional healing. The pale pink hue of this gorgeous stone brings forth soothing, comforting vibes to your heart chakra. This helps you achieve emotional balance by releasing all negative emotions stored within.

Rose quartz also teaches us how to love ourselves unconditionally - something we often forget amidst life's daily struggles. When using rose quartz, simply hold the stone in your hands while focusing on what’s causing these negative feelings to arise in the first place.


It's a yellow crystal known to provide calming energy, which can help relieve anger, frustration, and stress without any side effects besides happiness. This crystal has many benefits that make it an excellent choice for those seeking emotional balance: - Uplifting energy: Citrine lifts your mood by promoting optimism and joy.

This positive energy helps to lighten heavy emotions such as anger, fear, worry and depression.

 - Balances hormones: The soothing properties of this crystal are believed to be helpful in balancing hormones that lead to increased feelings of irritation and anxiety.

- Stress management: Citrine’s calming energy helps reduce levels of stress and tension while providing clarity of thought. It's important to use the right tools when working with citrine to maximize its effectiveness.

Some tips for best work with crystal:

* Cleansing & Charging: Make sure you cleanse your citrine regularly so it stays attuned with your energies. You may also need to charge or energize it from time to time using sunlight or moonlight depending on what works best for you.

* Meditation & Visualization: Use visualization techniques during meditation with citrine to help focus your thoughts more clearly. Imagine yourself surrounded by a bright yellow aura radiating peacefulness throughout your body and mind.

In addition, pairing other crystals with citrine can enhance its power even further; rose quartz is especially useful since its gentle vibrations will amplify the calming effects of citrine's energetic field. With these simple steps, you'll soon experience a sense of inner peace and contentment - no matter how angry or frustrated you feel!


Sodalite is a powerful stone filled with calming powers, and can be used to reduce tension and restore emotional balance. Its peaceful energy helps us feel connected to our inner spirit, allowing us to regain control of ourselves in times of distress. The deep blue color of sodalite symbolizes its ability to bring clarity during challenging moments and encourages truthfulness within oneself.

This crystal has the power to help release anger, frustration, and stress by releasing any negative energies that are blocking your heart chakra. Sodalite clears mental confusion while creating an atmosphere for clear communication which allows you to express yourself more honestly without fear or judgement from others.

This positive energy radiates throughout your body, mind, and soul when held close - providing a sense of peace and grounding so you can better understand the situation at hand. When placed near work or home areas where stressful situations often arise, sodalite can help ease tensions before conflict arises. It's also beneficial for those who experience bouts of depression as it connects with our spiritual side helping see life in perspective instead of focusing on what’s not working out correctly.

As a result we start feeling optimistic about our current circumstances even if they appear overwhelming at first glance. Sodalite brings us back into alignment with ourselves so we can find harmony again no matter how chaotic things may seem on the surface. This crystal works miracles in restoring positivity during our most trying moments and ultimately leads to joyful experiences ahead!


Fluorite is truly one of the best crystals for relieving anger, frustration and stress without any side effects besides happiness. It has amazing calming properties that help bring emotional balance back into your life.

Not only does it reduce stress levels, but it also provides psychic protection against negative influences and helps to clear away mental fog and confusion. It's an incredibly versatile crystal too - just keep it close by or wear it as jewelry whenever you need to feel more centered and grounded. Plus, its vibrant colors make it look beautiful when displayed in your home or office space.

You'll instantly feel lighter when you see this gorgeous stone glimmering in the light! And if none of this convinces you enough, just remember: not only is fluorite great for reducing anxiety but most importantly –it brings joy!


It gets its name from Italian for “little lucky charm” and it can be used to bring luck, joy and harmony into your life! Aventurine comes in many colors but the most common is green aventurine. Green aventurine has significant healing properties that make it useful for relieving anger, frustration and stress without any side effects besides happiness.

This crystal works by calming down an agitated mind and helping us think through our problems with clarity instead of emotion. Its metaphysical properties also help promote balance between heart and mind which helps relieve emotional tension.

Additionally, green aventurine is known to have positive energy that aids relaxation and encourages creativity when dealing with difficult situations. The benefits of aventurine are numerous; not only does it have calming properties when we are feeling overwhelmed or angry, but it also assists us in processing emotions so we don't lash out against others or ourselves in moments of distress.

In addition, aventurine can act as an antidote for negative thinking patterns since its energy helps us stay focused on solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Finally, having some form of physical reminder (like carrying the stone) will serve as constant reassurance that better times are ahead if we choose to remain calm despite whatever challenges may come our way.

Aventurine offers many advantages including being affordable yet powerful enough to offer relief during stressful periods - whether personal or professional. While there is no one size fits all solution to managing emotions like anger and frustration, incorporating this beautiful crystal into your daily routine might just be the answer you need to regain peace of mind!

Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile crystals when it comes to relieving anger, frustration, and stress. It has powerful crystal healing properties that can help balance your emotions and promote inner peace. Clear Quartz works by clearing away any negative energy from within you, leaving you feeling lighter and more energized.

This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable way to manage their emotional health without having any side-effects besides increased happiness. The crystal's calming vibrations are also said to have beneficial effects on physical ailments related to stress such as headaches or high blood pressure. As with all forms of crystal healing, Clear Quartz should be cleansed regularly in order to maintain its effectiveness.

A simple ritual involving incense will do the trick!

It may take some time before you start noticing results but there’s no better way than relying on nature itself for effective stress relief! With regular use, clear quartz can become an invaluable asset towards achieving inner harmony and emotional wellbeing.


Moonstone has been used for centuries as a tool to help with stress, anger and frustration. Its peaceful energy helps soothe the mind and body. It is believed that moonstone can bring clarity of emotions to help us understand why we feel the way we do. Moonstone also infuses you with self-confidence and inner strength which allows you to move through difficult situations with grace.

The beautiful blue color of this crystal radiates calmness, helping you gain perspective on conflicts or feelings of resentment. It encourages patience when dealing with life’s difficulties while allowing your true emotions to be expressed without judgement. You will find yourself feeling more relaxed in times of pressure, able to think objectively and make decisions based on facts rather than emotion.

Moonstone works by bringing out our innate intuition and opening up our psychic abilities. When placed near the heart chakra it brings balance between our physical being and spiritual awareness helping us become aware of what needs releasing so that positive change may occur.

Additionally, it promotes healthy communication habits encouraging us to speak our truth from an open heart space free from anger or aggression. It is said that moonstone has the ability to heal past wounds, making it an ideal stone for anyone looking to let go of their negative experiences and start fresh. Not only does it provide emotional stability but its calming nature makes it perfect for reducing anxiety levels too!


Continuing from Moonstone, Hematite is another crystal known for its powerful healing properties. It has a distinct metallic gray sheen that encourages peace and calmness within the spirit.The energy from this crystal helps clear away negative emotions such as fear, worry, envy or hatred which are often linked with feelings of anger, frustration and stress.

When you hold hematite during meditation sessions or place it near your bedside at night it will send out soft vibrations that soothe the soul and reduce tension levels throughout your body. When using hematite crystals for anger relief it’s important to remember that they work best when combined with other methods of therapeutic techniques such as journaling and self-reflection.

In addition to providing physical comfort through its calming effects, hematite can also bring about spiritual growth by helping us tap into our intuition and open up channels of communication with higher powers. As we move closer towards greater understanding of ourselves we gain access to an inner wisdom capable of transforming even the most intense bouts of rage into moments of enlightenment.

With regular use these crystals may offer additional benefits such as improved sleep patterns and increased clarity allowing one to better manage their emotions each day with ease - leaving only happiness behind!


Obsidian is a powerful crystal that can help you relieve anger, frustration, and stress without any side effects besides happiness. One way to use Obsidian as an aid to manage your emotions is by placing it near or on your body while meditating. You may also want to carry this beautiful black stone with you during times when you are feeling overwhelmed.

When placed on certain areas of the body such as the heart chakra, it helps balance emotional energies which allows one to stay grounded and focused. This calming effect will give you the confidence needed to face difficult situations with ease and grace. Furthermore, its grounding properties make it ideal for dealing with stressful events like job interviews or public speaking engagements.

Obsidian is also useful for keeping away unwanted thoughts or feelings from taking over your mental space. By focusing on the present moment instead of dwelling on past experiences, it will enable you to remain positive even in challenging times. Additionally, its healing power can be used for deep spiritual cleansing by allowing one to release old patterns of behavior and open up to new possibilities in life.

In short, using Obsidian crystals can be incredibly helpful if you feel weighed down by negative emotions or need relief from stressors in life. With its unique ability to absorb negativity while simultaneously providing support and protection, this powerful stone is sure to bring about peace and harmony into your life!


The power that crystals possess is something special. But which crystals should you use? Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Hematite and Obsidian are all great options with unique properties that can help reduce your emotional distress. Whether its putting a crystal on your body while meditating or having one near your workspace to remind yourself of calming thoughts - they may just offer the assistance we need to find balance during difficult times.

So why not give it a try? What do you have to lose except maybe some of those pesky angry feelings? Crystals could potentially be the key to unlocking inner peace and finding our true selves again. With no long-term side effects and only potential benefits such as increased clarity and focus – what’s there really stopping us from trying out this ancient practice?

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