13 Crown Chakra Crystals On Every Occasion

13 Crown Chakra Crystals On Every Occasion

Welcome to the fascinating world of chakra crystals! These powerful stones can be used for everything from clearing energy blocks to manifesting your dreams. In this article, we'll explore 13 of the most popular crown chakra crystals and how you can incorporate them into your life for any occasion.

The crown chakra is said to be our connection point with universal source energy or spirit. It's located at the top of our head and governs spiritual awareness, intuition, higher consciousness and divine wisdom. Our Crown Chakra helps us access a deep sense of inner peace and joy that comes from knowing who we truly are - an aspect of the Divine Oneness.

When working with these special stones, it's important to know which ones resonate with each intention you have in mind. Whether you're looking for protection against negative energies, to open yourself up to more love or just need some inspiration, there's sure to be a crystal perfect for every situation! Read on as I share my favorite picks so you can start harnessing their power today.

Definition Of Crown Chakra 

 It's believed to be responsible for our connection with higher energies, understanding divine truth and achieving enlightenment.When active and balanced, this energy center allows us to access an increased level of awareness on both spiritual and intellectual levels.

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Sahasrara, which means “thousand-petaled lotus” – referring to its ability to open up one’s mind beyond what's possible in normal circumstances. Chakra healing focuses on restoring balance within each energy center so that they work together harmoniously. For the crown chakra specifically, it involves releasing any blockages or negative emotions associated with it so that its full potential can be realized.

Crystals are great tools for doing so because their vibrations help break down energetic barriers while providing calming effects to promote relaxation. Some popular stones used for activating this area include Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite and Moonstone. There are various ways to make use of these special gems including wearing them as jewelry or placing them in specific areas like around your bed or office desk where they will stay in close contact with your skin throughout the day.

You can even create an altar dedicated solely to honor your crown chakra by arranging different shapes and colors of crystals upon it according to their unique properties - bringing forth feelings of peace, clarity, joy and empowerment into your life!

Benefits Of Using Crystals 

Additionally, some people find that crystal healing helps them connect more deeply with their intuition. Crystals are also known for their emotional healing benefits. They can help bring balance back into our lives by helping us process emotions such as fear, anger, sadness and joy in healthier ways.

Crystals can aid us in embracing who we are without judgment and supporting us through difficult moments so we can move forward feeling empowered and joyful about ourselves again.

Finally, many believe that crystals possess powerful physical healing abilities too! People often turn to certain stones when they're dealing with pain from injuries or illnesses because they believe these special stones provide relief from discomfort while promoting natural healing within the body. Using crystals on a regular basis can be incredibly beneficial if done correctly - do your research before incorporating them into your lifestyle!

13 best crystals for Crown Chakra:

Lepidolite Properties 

Lepidolite is a type of mica stone that radiates powerful vibrations, making it an ideal crystal for the crown chakra. It has many beneficial properties and can be used to promote healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Here are some key lepidolite properties:

  • Lepidolite helps to relieve stress and anxiety by calming your emotions with its gentle vibrations.
  • Its high lithium content makes it an excellent choice for improving moods and providing support during difficult times.
  • It also works as a balancer between one’s thoughts and feelings, helping you to make better decisions in life.

When using lepidolite crystals, they should be placed directly over the crown chakra area or held close to the body while meditating. This will help to open up this energetic center so that the energy of these stones can enter into your system more easily.By incorporating this crystal into your daily routine you may start noticing positive shifts in both aspects of prosperity and personal growth!

Amethyst Properties 

Amethyst is a beautiful and powerful crystal that has been used for centuries to bring healing and positive energy into one’s life. It has many properties, both physical and spiritual, which make it an ideal choice for use with the crown chakra. A deep purple gemstone, amethyst symbolizes wisdom and enlightenment as its color reflects knowledge, understanding, connection to the divine realms and psychic abilities.

This stone also carries strong protective energies that will help protect against negative influences in your life. The healing benefits of amethyst are vast; from reducing stress and anxiety to improving sleep patterns and increasing intuition. Amethyst can boost self-confidence by helping you connect more deeply to yourself and aligning you with your purpose in life.

Furthermore, this crystal helps activate creativity within us by stimulating our imagination so we can come up with new ideas or solutions for any situation. On an emotional level, amethyst brings peace of mind while navigating difficult emotions like grief or anger. It encourages forgiveness on both sides when it comes to resolving conflicts between people too.

The vibrations created by this stone have the power to stimulate unconditional love in relationships while allowing forgiving thoughts towards oneself as well - leading to gentle releases of old traumas stored at a cellular level in the body. Amethyst is truly a magical crystal that can be utilized throughout all areas of life; whether needing support emotionally, mentally or spiritually – there's always something beneficial that this crystal provides!

Its energy works holistically with each individual person depending on their needs; making it a wonderful tool for accessing inner wisdom whenever needed most.

Citrine Properties 

Moving on from the properties of Amethyst, let's take a look at Citrine. It has many great healing and metaphysical qualities that make it an ideal stone for any occasion. The energy of this crystal is associated with abundance, clarity, manifestation and joy. Citrine can be used to invoke feelings of positivity and creativity which makes it great for use in rituals or meditations.

The main property of citrine is its ability to help manifest your desires into reality. This crystal helps you stay focused and motivated while also attracting positive experiences and opportunities. When used during meditation or ritual work, citrine will open up your third eye chakra allowing you to connect more deeply with your intuition and higher self.

Citrine is also known as the ‘abundance’ stone due to its ability to attract wealth and prosperity in all areas of life. By placing a piece of citrine near where money flows (such as a cash register) it can draw even more abundance towards the user. Additionally, if placed on your desk or workspace it can bring success within business endeavors and promote personal growth too! When using citrine for healing purposes, its energies are said to activate our solar plexus chakra – helping us feel empowered and confident in ourselves.

Its vibrations may also assist in releasing negative thought patterns that prevent us from achieving our goals or seeing opportunities around us - allowing us to rise above past traumas/challenges we have faced with optimism and courage instead. To maximize these effects keep a piece close by when working through difficult emotions so that its bright yellow hues bring lightness into your being!

Clear Quartz Properties 

Clear quartz is a powerful crystal that has many spiritual and metaphysical properties. For those seeking to connect with higher realms through spiritual practices such as astral travel or channelling information from guides or angels, clear quartz is also useful in enhancing these experiences due to its amplifying qualities.

Quartz crystal healing allows access to the innermost depths of our being where divine guidance resides within us all. Using clear quartz encourages grounding while tapping into the universal source of infinite love and wisdom available to everyone who seeks it.

By aligning ourselves with this power we open up pathways for self-exploration & transformation which leads us further along our journey towards enlightenment and joyous living.

Moonstone Properties 

Moonstone is a powerful crystal that can be used to open and balance the crown chakra. It helps us access lunar energy, aid in spiritual growth, and promote healing on every level of our being. As one of the most effective crystals for chakra healing, moonstone works with the vibration of the moon’s phases. This makes it ideal for those looking to connect deeply with their inner self and activate higher levels of consciousness.

When using moonstone for its metaphysical properties, it's best to keep your intention clear throughout the process. You may find yourself drawn towards different colors depending on what you are trying to achieve or manifest in life.

Blue moonstones help us release negative emotions such as sadness or fear while rainbow moonstones help us develop psychic abilities like intuition and foresight. The energies associated with these stones also facilitate personal growth by offering clarity into our own spiritual path when connected with the right intentions.

What's more, many people use moonstones during meditation practices due to its ability to raise vibrations and provide calming effects. During this time, it can serve as an amplifier of all positive thoughts and feelings which can result in greater peace of mind and spiritual awareness.

Moreover, because they correspond so closely with the power of the Moon, they often act as conduits between other dimensions enabling communication with divine entities or even past lives if desired.

All-in-all, there are few crystals out there quite like moonstone when it comes to accessing lunar energy within oneself and connecting with higher realms of awareness - making them perfect for any occasion!

Selenite Properties

Selenite’s name comes from the Greek word “selene,” which means moonlight, because it gives off a soft glow when held up to light. This makes selenite an ideal stone for connecting to our divine feminine energy and higher self. On a physical level, selenite helps to stimulate the crown chakra – located at the top of our head - allowing us to access heightened intuition and insight.

The glowing aura of this crystal also brings cleansing and purification energies, helping us stay connected to our inner truth while clearing away any negative or stagnant energy that no longer serves us. The presence of selenite promotes emotional well-being as it encourages feelings of peace, security and acceptance. It's gentle vibration resonates deeply with our hearts enabling us to let go of fear and worry so we can find joy in just being who we are.

In addition, its calming effect helps open up heart spaces making it easier for us to give and receive love without judgment or expectation. Selenite is an incredibly beautiful crystal with many healing benefits that can be called upon whenever we need guidance, strength or support on our journey through life.

Whether you use it during meditation or keep it close by throughout the day, this glimmering gem will always provide comfort knowing there's something special around you protecting and supporting you every step of the way.

Rhodochrosite Properties

Now let's move on to Rhodochrosite – a powerful crystal that can be used for healing and manifesting intentions. This stunning pink stone is believed to bring joy, love and compassion into the life of its user, as well as connecting them with their inner child. Rhodochrosite has some unique properties which make it beneficial in many aspects of life; here are some of its main qualities:

* Healing: Rhodochrosite is thought to help heal emotional wounds by helping one release suppressed feelings such as anger or sadness. It also helps relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

* Qualities: Rhodochrosite amplifies self-love, boosts creativity, encourages spontaneity, connects us with our spirituality and promotes relaxation.

* Intentions: When using rhodochrosite crystals for spiritual growth or manifestation purposes, they can be used to set clear intentions and focus energy towards achieving goals. They can also help open up new opportunities in life by boosting confidence and courage.

* Benefits & Metaphysics: The metaphysical benefits associated with this gemstone include enhancing intuition and psychic abilities, increasing awareness about ourselves and others around us, promoting balance between physical body and spirit, aiding communication skills as well as providing clarity during times of confusion.

When working with any type of crystal, it’s important to remember to keep an open mind so that you may fully experience the healing power of these stones. In addition to utilizing rhodochrosite for personal use at home or work setting, consider taking part in group meditation sessions where participants share their experiences while meditating together with a piece of rhodochrosite each - creating an atmosphere of peace, harmony and unity amongst all individuals involved!

Sugilite Properties 

The crown chakra crystal, Sugilite is a beautiful purple stone that has been used for centuries in spiritual healing. It's the perfect choice for anyone looking to find mental clarity and peace of mind. Surprising as it may sound, this gemstone also helps one connect with their soul on a deeper level!

But what makes Sugilite so special? For starters, its vibrant purple color represents wisdom and ambition. The energy of Sugilite brings an air of optimism and hope to any situation. It allows us to see beyond our current circumstances and look into our greater potentials.

 In addition, Sugilite works to open up your third eye, heart chakras and crown chakra. This helps those seeking guidance from higher powers when making decisions or manifesting goals in life. With these energetic channels opened up, we can experience unconditional love, understanding and acceptance from ourselves and others around us.

Sugilite is a powerful tool for finding inner balance during times of stress or anxiety. Its calming effect allows us to put things into perspective; allowing us to remember who we are at our core - loving souls striving towards personal growth and transformation every day!

Lapis Lazuli Properties 

Moving on from sugilite, we come to one of the most remarkable healing crystals - lapis lazuli. Lapis Lazuli can be worn around the neck or wrist as jewelry to keep these benefits close at hand throughout the day.

On an emotional level, this crystal can aid in releasing negative emotions such as anger or fear so that positive feelings like joy and peace are able to emerge instead. Wearing a piece of lapis lazuli during meditation creates a calming atmosphere where relaxation can occur naturally. Furthermore, due to its highly protective nature against bad influences, it’s great for setting up boundaries within relationships while maintaining harmony all around.

Lapis Lazuli is truly a remarkable crystal that offers numerous healing properties; it certainly lives up to its reputation! Whether you want more insight into life choices or just need some extra protection against negative energies, this gorgeous stone will serve you faithfully every time you reach out for it.

Diamond Properties  

It turns out they do! According to a recent survey, 25% of all women would choose a diamond engagement ring over any other type of jewelry. That makes sense considering the amazing features that diamonds possess. Diamond color can range from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown), with grades in between defining various shades of yellow and brown.

The cut of the diamond is also very important when determining its beauty - cuts such as princess, emerald, marquise, cushion and round brilliant enhance each stone’s sparkle and fire. Lastly, the shape affects both appearance and cost; shapes like heart-shaped, pear shaped and oval are particularly popular among jewelers today. But what about hardness?

 This is one area where no gemstone can compare to a diamond - it ranks 10 on the Mohs Scale for mineral hardness making it the hardest natural substance known to man! Its strength means that it won't scratch easily nor will it break down over time due to wear or tear.

In short, diamonds offer us something truly special: their stunning beauty combined with immense durability ensures that these precious stones remain cherished symbols of love throughout history!

Angelite/ Celestite Properties 

Moving on from diamond properties, we now discuss angelite and celestite properties. Angelite is a soft blue crystal that exudes the energy of peace and brotherhood. It encourages forgiveness and compassion and helps to open up communication pathways within ourselves, so that our higher selves can be heard more clearly.

Celestite brings in spiritual energies of divine love and joy, which helps us connect with our angels or spirit guides. The combination of these two crystals together is known as angelite celestite, or celestite angelite. Angelite healing works by helping to reduce stress levels, clear away negative energies, promote relaxation, and bring emotional balance into one's life.

Similarly, celestite healing also brings about positive changes through its ability to increase intuition, heighten creativity, expand awareness and help facilitate spiritual growth. When used together in harmony, angelic celestine has powerful effects on both the physical body as well as the mental/emotional aspects of our well being.

They work synergistically to create an atmosphere where deep inner peace can be attained easily and quickly. Furthermore, they are great tools for those who seek guidance from their guardian angels or other celestial beings while navigating difficult times in life. By working with these two stones regularly—either through meditation or simply having them close by during daily activities—one will find themselves living life with more purposeful intent than ever before.

In addition to bringing greater understanding into all areas of your existence; it will enhance self-awareness allowing for better decision making skills moving forward.

Herkimer Diamonds Properties  

They are associated with the crown chakra and their metaphysical properties make them ideal for use as healing crystals. The unique shape and energetic vibration of herkimer diamonds can be used to open up and activate the crown chakra.  Additionally, herkimer diamonds facilitate spiritual healing by helping to clear blockages in the aura and releasing any negative emotions or energies that may be holding you back from achieving true peace and balance.

Herkimer diamonds offer protection against psychic attack, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for enhanced spiritual protection. The energy surrounding these crystals also has calming effects on the nervous system, creating feelings of relaxation throughout the body while still maintaining mental alertness.

Furthermore, they can help one focus more deeply when meditating or engaging in other spiritual practices such as yoga or reiki. In short, herkimer diamonds possess powerful metaphysical properties which can be utilized for physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing! Whether worn as jewelry or simply kept close-by during meditation sessions, this beautiful crystal is sure to bring forth many blessings into your life!

Howlite Properties 

Howlite is a beautiful, milky-white stone with unique streaks of grey running through it. It has been used since ancient times for its healing properties and calming energy. Howlite invokes spiritual awareness and helps us to connect more deeply with our inner selves.

Let's explore the properties of this magical gemstone!

  • Howlite Properties:Howlite is most commonly known for its ability to absorb negative energies from the environment and reduce stress levels. The blue variety of howlite is said to have strong metaphysical properties that can help one access higher states of consciousness. Additionally, it balances emotions, strengthens memory, encourages positive attitudes towards life, and promotes patience in difficult situations.
  • Blue Howlite Meaning: Blue howlite is believed to be associated with communication, self-expression, wisdom, empathy and understanding. It also aids in the digestive process by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. People who wear or meditate with blue howlite may find themselves feeling calmer and able to express their feelings more easily.Furthermore, howlite can help improve bone density which makes it useful for strengthening bones after an injury or surgery.
  • Howlite Bracelet: Many people choose to wear a bracelet made out of howlite stones because they believe that keeping them close will provide them with protection throughout their day-to-day activities. Wearing a bracelet made out of blue howlite is thought to promote clear communication while helping dispel any negative thoughts or energies encountered during interactions with others.

In summary, howlite offers many benefits that range from emotional balance to physical healing - all thanks to its powerful properties! Whether you are looking for improved clarity in your communications or just need some extra energy when dealing with challenging situations; wearing or carrying a piece of this gemstone could be exactly what you need!


The crown chakra is an important part of our energetic system, and using the right crystals can be a great way to support its balance. It's ironic that these powerful stones are so small in size! Lepidolite, amethyst, citrine, diamond, angelite/celestite, Herkimer diamonds and howlite each have their own unique properties and vibrations that can help us connect with our highest selves.

It's incredible to think that something as simple as holding or wearing one of these 13 crown chakra crystals could make such a difference in our lives. From giving us clarity and aiding our spiritual journeys to helping us better understand ourselves on a deeper level, it's amazing what we can do when we work with nature's healing power.

So why not give yourself the gift of crystal energy? Whether you use them every day or just for special occasions, take some time to explore this ancient form of self-care and see where it takes you - you won't regret it!

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