14 Crystals For Empaths To Make Your Life Easier

14 Crystals For Empaths To Make Your Life Easier

Are you an empath? If so, then you know the challenges that come with having such a powerful gift. You can sense and absorb other people’s emotions like no one else. It's a beautiful thing, but it can also be overwhelming at times. That’s why I believe every empath should look into using crystals to help manage these intense energies we feel.

In this article, I'm going to share 14 of my favorite crystals for empaths – each with its own unique healing properties! Keep reading if you're interested in learning more about how these special stones can improve your life as an empath.

The first crystal I want to talk about is moonstone. This stone has long been associated with inner growth and strength, making it perfect for any empath looking to deepen their connection to themselves and others around them. Moonstone helps us stay grounded while still allowing us access to higher realms of understanding and perception.

Plus, this crystal encourages emotional balance which is key for anyone who feels drained by their environment or relationships on a daily basis. Another amazing crystal for empaths is amethyst - known as the "soother of sorrow". Amethyst works wonders when it comes to calming our minds and helping us break out of negative thought patterns that lead us down dark paths.

We all have days where we just don't feel ourselves - especially those of us who are sensitive souls - but with amethyst in your possession, you'll never need worry again! As well as restoring peace within yourself, this stone will also protect you from outside influences that could harm your energy levels too.

Definition Of An Empath

An empath is someone who has heightened ability to sense and feel the emotions of those around them. Empaths often possess certain traits such as high levels of empathy, sensitivity to their environment, and profound intuition. It's believed that these traits allow them to pick up on subtle vibrations or energy emitted by others – both through physical contact and at a distance – which helps them gain a better understanding of how they're feeling without being told directly.

Empaths need protection against taking on too much emotional energy from others due to their susceptibility to absorbing external energies. Learning ways of protecting themselves while still maintaining strong connections with friends and family is key for any empath looking to stay balanced and grounded in life.

Signs You May Be An Empath

If you find yourself feeling emotions deeply and being very empathetic to others around you, then these feelings could indicate that you’re an empath. Another sign of being an empath is having an energy sensitivity or intuition about people and situations. This intuitive understanding allows the empath to sense what someone else might be thinking or how they are feeling without them even saying it aloud.

Additionally, some empaths are sensitive to physical sensations such as temperature, sound, pressure etc., which often leads to sensory overload in busy environments. Empaths also have a tendency towards emotional exhaustion due to their heightened level of awareness when engaging with others emotionally.

All things considered, there's no one way to tell if someone is truly an empath - only the individual themselves knows best whether they possess these special talents!

How Crystals Can Help

Do crystals really have the power to heal and restore balance for empaths? It may sound too good to be true, but many people swear by their crystal healing journey. Crystals are believed to have strong spiritual qualities that can help us tap into our own inner energy and connect with higher powers. Using crystals as part of an empath's healing process is a powerful tool.

Crystal grids or layouts use specific stones placed in intentional patterns to create positive vibrations which can help clear negative energies from your space and draw in helpful ones. This type of practice works in conjunction with chakra balancing, enabling you to become more grounded and centered in yourself.

Crystal healing combines the physical properties of each stone along with its energetic vibration to promote overall wellbeing on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Empaths who use this form of therapy often find it helps them stay mindful of their boundaries while developing healthier relationships within themselves and others.

Benefits Of Working With Crystals

Working with crystals as an empath can be a powerful tool for protection and healing. Crystals have the ability to absorb, store, release and regulate energy – making them ideal for helping empaths protect themselves from negative energies.

Here are 4 major benefits of working with crystals for empaths:

  1. Crystal Healing - Crystals possess many beneficial properties that can help heal emotional wounds and create balance in your life. By holding a crystal or wearing it close to you, its vibrations will interact with your own energy field and bring about subtle changes in your body's natural rhythms. This helps restore balance and promote emotional clarity.
  2. Empath Protection - Working with certain types of crystals can help shield an empath’s aura from absorbing other people’s negative emotions or energy-draining situations. This is especially helpful when spending time around large groups of people or attending events where there may be high levels of stress or conflict present.
  3. Energy Healing - Empaths are highly sensitive to their environment and often feel drained after being exposed to intense energies or stressful situations. Wearing certain kinds of crystals during these times can provide energetic support that helps mitigate the effects on our physical & emotional bodies so we don't become overwhelmed by what we're feeling/experiencing.
  4. Crystal Protection - By utilizing crystal grids, meditation tools, pendulums and more, an empath can use crystals to direct positive energy into areas they need extra protection from outside influences such as toxic relationships, environments & situations while at the same time amplifying their intentions to manifest desired outcomes in their lives.

These tangible ways of using crystals make them great allies for any empath looking to navigate through this world without becoming overburdened by external stimuli! With some practice and patience, anyone can learn how to work with these magical stones effectively – allowing us all access to greater joy & peace within ourselves no matter our circumstances!

14 Best Crystals For Empath

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is an ideal crystal for empaths. It has powerful healing properties that can help to bring emotional balance and spiritual growth. Crystals like Clear Quartz are known as master healers, because of their ability to amplify the energies they come into contact with--making them great tools for those who want to open up new pathways in their lives.

Empaths are particularly drawn towards this type of quartz due to its calming energy. The clear quartz crystals resonates with a high vibration, allowing it to bring clarity and calmness to the soul while also dispelling any negative emotions or thoughts associated with being an empath.

This helps you maintain your energetic boundaries so that you don't become overwhelmed by other people's energy. The combination of these qualities makes clear quartz one of the most beneficial stones for empaths looking to ground themselves and stay balanced.


Amethyst is one of my favorites for its strong healing and protection properties. It helps balance emotions and has a spiritual vibe that really resonates with me. When I need to feel centered or have some clarity in my life, amethyst is always there for me.

Amethyst also aids in grounding and calming anxiety, which many empaths experience on a regular basis due to their heightened sensitivity. As an added bonus, it's believed to bring good luck! This makes it even more appealing when you're trying to manifest your desires into reality.

By simply having amethyst present around us throughout the day, we can help keep our energetic field clear while connecting us with higher consciousness - something every empathic person should strive for. To sum up, amethyst is an essential crystal for any empath looking to tap into its healing powers and strengthen their connection with spirituality.

Black Tourmaline

Do empaths really need protection from negative energy? Some believe that black tourmaline is the perfect answer. This crystal has been used for centuries to protect its owner from any kind of malevolent or ill-intentioned energies. It is said to be especially beneficial for empaths, as it can help them keep their own aura clean and free from external influences.

Black tourmaline is known to absorb negativity and clear away any bad vibes in a person's life. It also helps one stay grounded and focused on positive thoughts, so they don't get overwhelmed by other people's emotions. By wearing this powerful stone around your neck or keeping it close at hand, you can feel supported and secure against any negative intentions directed towards you.

This isn’t just a superstition – studies have shown that crystals like black tourmaline do indeed have an effect on the human body and mind, helping us create healthier boundaries between ourselves and others. With its protective powers, this dark crystal could become an invaluable tool for those who are sensitive to other people’s feelings.

Allowing us to maintain our sense of self while still being open to others’ perspectives, black tourmaline may be the perfect crystal for empaths everywhere.


Fluorite is one of the most beneficial healing crystals for empaths. It provides them with protection from absorbing other people’s energy, allowing them to stay grounded and keep their own emotions in check. Fluorite also helps to create a shield around an empath, so that they can remain open and compassionate without feeling overwhelmed or drained by negative energies.

With its calming energy, fluorite aids in reducing stress levels and heightening intuition, making it easier for empaths to navigate through intense emotional situations. The crystal works on both physical and mental levels to promote balance within the body. It encourages focus while aiding in the digestion process and strengthens the immune system.

On an emotional level, fluorite brings clarity of mind which allows you to make sound decisions based on your true feelings rather than those imposed upon you by others. This crystal has powerful protective properties that provide strength and courage during times of distress. Fluorite is known as one of the best stones for empaths because it enhances spiritual awareness as well as psychic insight; this helps protect against any outside influences that may have detrimental effects on your wellbeing.

Whether worn as jewelry or placed strategically throughout your home, this gemstone will help guard against intrusive thoughts or feelings that come from external sources. By tapping into its crystal energy, empaths are able to maintain healthy boundaries in order to feel safe and secure in any situation.


Moonstone is like a crescent moon in the night sky, radiating an ethereal blue glow that mesmerizes and soothes any soul. It's no wonder why it’s often referred to as “the stone of new beginnings” for empaths. Moonstone has many healing properties when used by those who are sensitive to their environment and emotions around them. It helps cleanse negativity from the aura, providing shielding for the wearer against negative energy or unwanted influences.

In addition to its protective qualities, crystals such as moonstone can enable empaths to balance out their energies better which results in having more clarity about life decisions. Furthermore, this crystal can help create emotional harmony within oneself by releasing stress and anxiety while allowing one to embrace inner peace.

As if these benefits weren't enough, carrying or wearing a moonstone can also provide insight into one’s spiritual journey, connecting with the divine feminine energy while aiding intuition and creativity on Earthly matters.

Allowing individuals to re-align themselves with their highest truth and core values, thus creating healthier boundaries both mentally and physically. Moonstone truly is a powerful tool for anyone looking to take control of their own wellbeing without being affected by external forces or draining relationships.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a powerful empath healing stone. It is known to help cleanse the aura and provide emotional protection from negative energy. It helps ground the wearer, allowing them to stay connected to their environment without feeling overwhelmed by it.

Smoky quartz has been used for centuries for its ability to protect against stress and anxiety. This crystal can be carried in your pocket or worn on jewelry as a reminder of strength and courage during difficult times. Another benefit of smoky quartz is that it increases feelings of stability and security. It works to clear away any confusion while providing clarity of thought and action.

The grounding properties of this crystal make it helpful when dealing with chaotic energies or situations where decisions need to be made quickly. By wearing or carrying smoky quartz, one can feel more centered in order to make better choices based on intuition instead of impulse. This impressive crystal also brings balance into relationships, especially those involving trust issues or arguments due to miscommunication.

With smoky quartz nearby, both people are able to talk through their problems calmly without fear of judgment or criticism. Its soothing energy lowers tensions so conversations can occur naturally with respect for each other's opinions. Smoky quartz is truly an amazing tool for empaths who need extra support throughout their journey towards self-healing and growth. Not only does it bring comfort during hard times but encourages positive change too!

Black Obsidian

Back in the day, empaths had to rely on crystals for protection and emotional healing. Nowadays, there are still plenty of options - including black obsidian! This powerful crystal is perfect for providing an extra layer of protection for empathetic people who feel overwhelmed by other's emotions.

Black obsidian helps to provide a shield against negative energies while also promoting emotional clarity and balance. It can help clear away any mental fog or confusion that has been created due to being too open with other’s energy. By wearing it as jewelry or carrying it around in your pocket, this stone will act like armor against negative vibes and allow you to stay grounded.

The intense vibrations from black obsidian can create profound shifts within us which ultimately leads to growth and transformation. Its ability to penetrate the depths of our soul allows us to confront our shadow self and work through those issues that have caused pain in the past. If you’re looking for a way to start your own personal healing journey, adding a piece of black obsidian into your life could be just what you need.


Selenite is a crystal that is special to empaths. It can help provide emotional healing and balance, while also acting as a spiritual protector. Selenite helps clear energy blockages and has been known to be an effective crystal cleanser. For those who are easily affected by negative energies or emotions, this stone provides protection from external influences.

Selenite crystals can help bring clarity of mind and provide insight into difficult situations. This makes it great for decision making, because the individual will have more information at their disposal when making decisions. The power of selenite also has calming properties which helps alleviate stress and anxiety in times of uncertainty.

Not only does selenite offer energetic protection, but its grounding nature gives you stability during chaotic moments in life—making it perfect for empaths seeking comfort within themselves amidst the chaos of everyday life. Its mystical powers make it one of the most powerful stones used for spiritual development and ascension work.


Citrine is a powerful crystal for empaths and those looking to cultivate more positive energy. It's yellow-gold color radiates warmth and positivity, making it an ideal choice for any healing journey.

With the following four benefits in mind, you can see why citrine is so popular among healers:

  1. Stimulates optimism
  2. Promotes emotional balance
  3. Enhances creativity and intuition
  4. Attracts abundance

When working with this crystal, you may find yourself feeling calmer and more centered. The citrine meaning resonates deeply with understanding life’s energies and using them in your favor; allowing you to create what you desire without fear or doubt getting in the way of progress.

Citrine also helps to disperse negative emotions such as anger or frustration which allows us to stay focused on our goals while still being mindful of our feelings. Additionally, it increases one’s ability to manifest their desires into reality by providing clarity and focus during times of need.

Finally, it encourages growth, new beginnings, and overall spiritual development - ensuring that all areas of your life are balanced and harmonious!

Rose Quartz

After discussing the power of citrine, let's move on to rose quartz. This pink-colored crystal is perfect for empaths because it works to bring in more positivity and self-love into their lives. It encourages empathy, compassion and tenderness towards others, as well as yourself.

Rose quartz crystals are also known for aiding emotional healing by providing a sense of security, comfort and calming energy - making them ideal for those who suffer from anxiety or depression. When using rose quartz crystals for healing purposes, they should be placed near the heart chakra area or held directly against your skin.

As you do this, allow yourself to relax and take some deep breaths while visualizing love radiating outwards from the stone. You can even repeat positive affirmations like “I am surrounded by unconditional love” to further enhance the process of mental healing.

Rose quartz is an excellent choice when it comes to creating balance within oneself through crystal healing. By allowing its gentle vibrations to help open up your heart chakra, you'll soon find that you're able to give and receive love with ease - something we all need!


"As the adage goes: 'Experience is the best teacher', carnelian crystals are an ideal choice for empaths looking to gain emotional healing and protection. Carnelian has long been associated with passion, creativity and vitality - perfect characteristics for those seeking greater spiritual connection. This crystal encourages strength in times of adversity by providing mental clarity and courage when facing difficult situations.

Carnelian also helps to increase motivation while reducing negative emotions like fear or doubt that can prevent growth. It's believed that these properties make it a powerful tool in helping empaths achieve balance between their own needs and those of others around them.

Additionally, this crystalline stone is thought to offer physical health benefits as well such as aiding digestion, boosting circulation and improving energy levels. Overall, carnelian provides many positive benefits for empaths who choose to use its healing power.

Its ability to provide emotional stability makes it an excellent choice among stones for those looking to find peace within themselves."

Tiger’S Eye

Now that you have identified if you are an empath, it's time to look into the powerful healing crystal of Tiger’s Eye. Did you know that this gemstone is believed by many cultures to bring luck and protection?

Here we will explore its benefits and properties so you can determine if it is right for your needs. Tiger’s eye has been used since ancient times as a stone of courage and strength. It also aids in mental clarity, helping one focus on their goals with greater determination and clarity. This crystal is said to foster clear thinking, promote inner vision and manifest creative ideas.

Additionally, it helps keep emotions balanced during difficult situations - perfect for the sensitive empath! The tigers eye meaning is closely linked to the sun; it radiates confidence, self-esteem and optimism. The metaphysical properties of tiger’s eye make it a great choice for those looking to strengthen their intuition or increase their spiritual awareness.

Its energies are known to be grounding while still allowing us to stay connected with our higher selves. Many believe that wearing or carrying a piece of tiger’s eye encourages harmony between mind body and spirit. Those who work with energy healing often rely on this crystal too due to its ability to realign chakras and enhance psychic abilities like clairvoyance or telepathy.

Using Tiger’s Eye can provide many physical healing benefits as well such as aiding in digestive issues, relieving pain from headaches & migraines, promoting healthy eyesight & boosting immunity. Whether using it in meditation or simply keeping close by at all times, Tiger’s Eye offers immense support when dealing with emotional trauma or stress related conditions – especially helpful for empaths seeking relief from overwhelming feelings!


Aquamarine is one of the crystals for empaths that can be used to help bring emotional protection and healing. It's a crystal with a calming, soothing energy whose blue hue reflects its connection to water elements, allowing it to provide strong grounding and centering energies.

Aquamarine can also help to reduce stress levels and anxiety while providing greater insight into the inner self so that more constructive decisions can be made in difficult situations. Empaths can benefit greatly from using aquamarine in both meditative practices and daily life.

When worn close to the body, this stone acts as a protective barrier against negative influences while also helping you stay connected and grounded in your truth.


Like a shimmering shield of armor, hematite is an invaluable crystal for empaths. Its healing properties are unparalleled in their ability to help balance and ground energies.

Here are four stone benefits that make it one of the most sought-after crystals for empaths:

  1. Hematite helps absorb negative energy from your environment, leaving you feeling calm and centered
  2. It can improve mental clarity so that you can better discern what makes sense and what doesn't
  3. It promotes emotional stability which allows you to be more present while staying connected with your feelings
  4. It increases self-confidence so that you feel empowered when dealing with challenging situations

This powerful stone offers protection as well as grounding support when needed but also gives room for growth and transformation within its energetic field. It's no wonder why hematite has been used by many cultures throughout history, both in spiritual practices and everyday life - its balancing power is truly remarkable!

How To Use Crystals For Empaths

Now that we've discussed black obsidian and its protective qualities, let's explore how to use crystals for empaths. Crystal healing has been used around the world by healers of all kinds - from shamans to energy workers - as a tool to support physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

For empaths specifically, crystal healing can be an incredibly useful way to protect your aura and promote emotional balance. When it comes to using crystals for protection, grounding crystals like hematite or smoky quartz are particularly helpful in shielding you from any unwanted energies that try to attach themselves to you.

You can wear these stones as jewelry or keep them closeby throughout your day-to-day life so they're always providing protection. If you feel overwhelmed with emotion during the day, hold one of these crystals in your hand and take some deep breaths until you start feeling more centered again.

For those times when you need additional help clearing out negative emotions or balancing your energetic field, there are plenty of aura cleansing stones available such as amethyst, clear quartz, moonstone or selenite which will assist in releasing stagnant energy while simultaneously drawing positive vibrations into your being.

Plus, certain types of stones have powerful properties which can aid with self-love and emotional healing – rose quartz is great for this purpose! However you choose to work with them just make sure it feels comfortable and right for you; after all true healing comes from within yourself.

No matter what type of crystal you decide on each stone offers unique gifts for nourishing both body and soul; allowing us to stay connected to our higher selves even amidst daily challenges.


The power of crystals for empaths is undeniable. As an empath, I have personally used these stones to help me stay balanced and grounded in the face of negative energies that can often overwhelm us.

Crystals for empaths are truly magical – their ability to absorb energy while still providing emotional support cannot be underestimated! Whether you’re looking to create boundaries against unwanted influences or simply want something tangible to remind you of your own inner strength, having one (or several!) healing crystal nearby may just be the key to finding balance within yourself and the world around you.


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