14 Crystals For Strength Because We All Need A Little Extra Help

14 Crystals For Strength Because We All Need A Little Extra Help

Definition Of Crystal

 Crystals are powerful and potent healing tools that offer us strength in times of need. They have a long history as an integral part of many spiritual practices, including crystal healing.

The properties of crystals come from their unique structure and the energies contained within them. Each type of crystal has its own special meaning and energy associated with it, making them perfect for addressing specific issues or needs. The most common types of crystals used for strength are quartz varieties such as rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, carnelian, smoky quartz, tigers eye and tourmaline.

Quartz is especially renowned for its ability to amplify energies which makes it ideal for boosting our mental and emotional resilience when we feel down or overwhelmed. Rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love – perfect for soothing away stress and providing comfort during challenging times.

Amethyst is often referred to as ‘nature’s tranquilizer’ due to its calming effects while citrine helps us clear negative thoughts and feelings so we can focus on positive solutions. Carnelian stimulates creativity while smoky quartz grounds us in reality allowing us to be more mindful of our actions and intentions.

Tigers eye encourages logical decision-making while tourmaline provides protection against external influences that could cause harm or disruption in our lives. In addition to these crystals being able to provide physical strength by aiding relaxation and reducing pain levels, they also work on an energetic level bolstering our courage, self-confidence and determination so we can stay strong no matter what life throws at us.

 By tapping into the power of crystals we can access additional support that will help propel us forward even when things seem tough or out of control. Crystals are just one tool available among many but utilizing their unique qualities gives us all a chance to benefit from their remarkable abilities!

How To Use Crystals

Using crystals for healing and strength is a great way to bring positive energy into your life.  The first step in using crystals for strength is understanding their meanings and properties. Researching the various crystal meanings will help you choose which stones best suit your needs.

Once you’ve identified the right crystals for you, you can begin integrating them into your daily routine by making crystal grids or carrying certain ones with you throughout the day. Placing different stones on each side of an altar or grid will create a powerful energetic field around it that promotes positivity and balance within its environment. You can also wear certain crystals as jewelry so they’re always close by when needed!

Finally, it's important to remember that all types of crystals possess unique powers that should not be underestimated! Regularly connecting with these special stones through meditation or visualization helps activate their energies even more deeply – giving us yet another tool we can use to stay strong during tough times in our lives.


Purple passion and power: amethyst is a powerful crystal for strength. As an all-purpose healing stone, it soothes the soul with its spiritual protection, energy cleansing, and chakra balancing properties. Amethyst helps us to be open to new possibilities while providing guidance in moments of difficulty.

 Here are four ways that amethyst can strengthen our lives:

 * Enhancing inner peace and calming anxiety

 * Helping to make wise decisions

* Encouraging positive affirmations

* Fostering deep relaxation during meditation Amethyst encourages one to trust their own intuition by connecting the physical realm with higher consciousness.

 It brings clarity when we feel stuck or overwhelmed with life's challenges.  The serenity associated with amethyst helps one stay grounded and connected through moments of uncertainty; thus creating a sense of inner balance and harmony from within.


Bloodstone is a powerful crystal for strength and emotional balance. It's an intense green stone with flecks of red, often resembling drops of blood. This unique combination makes it ideal for healing any type of emotional trauma. Bloodstone has been used in crystal healing for centuries to help people stay grounded, connected to their inner strength, and balanced emotionally.

 Additionally, the grounding power of Bloodstone helps bring faith back into your life when all hope seems lost. The energy provided by Bloodstone also acts as a shield against negative energies that may be holding us back from achieving our goals or making progress in life. Its ability to protect us while providing strength to move forward is invaluable during times of difficulty or distress.

Lastly, Bloodstone helps restore equilibrium within ourselves which is essential for overall mental health and wellbeing.

 In summary, Bloodstone is a remarkable crystal for strength due to its multifaceted approach to helping people heal emotionally and regain balance in life through its protective yet nurturing energy. With regular use of this powerful crystal we can reach deeper levels of understanding about ourselves and how best to cope with difficult situations such as grief or anxiety.


Back in the day, carnelian was used to protect against black magic and negative vibes. This beautiful reddish-orange stone is still renowned for its protective qualities today! It's a powerful crystal that encourages physical strength, emotional strength and grounding energy.

Carnelian also brings:

  1. Protection Energy - Acts as a shield from negative entities
  2. Emotional Strength - Helps to bring balance and harmony into your emotions
  3. Physical Strength - Strengthens your body’s natural healing process
  4. Grounding Energy - Connects you with the Earth’s energetic field .

 On days where I don't have enough motivation to power through tasks, keeping a piece of carnelian nearby can help give me courage and focus. Whether it's protection from outside forces or inner turmoil, carnelian has been an invaluable source of strength in my life!


Moving on from Carnelian, let's talk about Fluorite. This crystal has a unique energy vibration that works to reduce stress and bring emotional balance. It is known as the ‘Genius Stone’ because it helps us tap into our intuition and higher powers of creativity.

In terms of crystal healing, fluorite can help with mental clarity and focus, while also increasing concentration in difficult tasks or situations. Fluorite encourages one to think more positively, bringing out their best qualities and strengths.

As an example, if you're feeling overwhelmed by work or life in general, this stone will help restore order back into your mind and soul. It gives strength during times of difficulty so that we may better tackle obstacles that come our way. This calming crystal also brings peace between conflicting energies within yourself or with others around you.

In addition to its spiritual properties, fluorite promotes physical health by cleansing the body of toxins which are often the source of many illnesses and diseases. When used regularly, this powerful gemstone amplifies energy flow throughout the entire system - helping us achieve better overall wellbeing. With all these benefits combined, it's no wonder why fluorite continues to be a popular choice among crystals for strength!


 It's known as a "strength-jasper" because it gives us the courage and determination to follow our dreams. When you hold jasper in your hand, its deep red color radiates warmth and comfort. This crystal helps to ground us by connecting us with Mother Earth’s energies, providing stability amid chaos. With this connection comes balance and clarity, allowing us to better understand ourselves and take action on important decisions in life.

Jasper also works very well when paired with other stones such as quartz or agate for maximum effect. Combining the different energetic fields can help to increase one’s overall sense of wellbeing while providing protection from negative energies. It's often recommended for those who are starting out on a new journey or making major changes in their lives since its calming influence can provide necessary support during unsettling times.

 Carrying jasper around with you will not only help to keep you grounded but also boost your confidence so that you feel energized enough to take risks and move forward with your goals. Its powerful healing properties make it a great ally when tackling difficult challenges!


Moving on from Jasper, let’s explore Labradorite - a crystal known to boost strength and courage. It's believed by many that this stone has metaphysical properties as it is said to help awaken one’s spiritual power and provide protection when traveling through the spirit realm. In fact, approximately 3 out of 4 people associate Labradorite with energy healing.

If you're seeking inner strength or trying to cultivate your personal power, then using labradorite in your crystal healing practice can be incredibly helpful. This powerful gemstone enhances intuition and encourages self-discovery - perfect for anyone looking for increased spiritual guidance! Additionally, its strong protective energies make it an ideal choice for those who want extra spiritual protection or are starting their journey into the unknown. Beyond its metaphysical properties, labradorite also offers emotional support during difficult times.

The positive vibes of this crystal can help enhance feelings of joy and peace while bringing deep understanding about life experiences. Furthermore, this beautiful stone assists in calming fears and anxieties so that we may feel more secure in our decisions moving forward. Labradorite is a remarkable tool for strengthening our connection not only to ourselves but to others as well.

By cultivating our own internal power we become better able to share it with the world around us – creating a ripple effect of positivity that reverberates throughout all aspects of life. Therefore, no matter what type of strength you seek, this special crystal can aid you along the way!


Not only does moonstone have metaphysical benefits, but it also looks gorgeous when used as jewelry! Whether you opt for a necklace, earrings or even a ring made from this crystal, its beauty will make any outfit look chic and stylish. When it comes to the meaning behind moonstone, there are different interpretations around what this gem symbolizes.

 Generally speaking though, it’s believed that carrying or wearing moonstone helps bring clarity to our thoughts and emotions. This crystal encourages us to go within and connect with our intuition so we can make better decisions about our lives.  

Furthermore, having this crystal closeby can remind us that although challenging moments may come up in life, we always have the power within ourselves to work through those issues with courage and wisdom.

In short, embracing the power of moonstone can help you feel more connected to yourself spiritually so you can move forward with greater confidence in everything you do.


Onyx is a powerful crystal that can be used for strength and emotional healing. It's known as a grounding stone, helping to bring balance and stability into one’s life. The black Onyx has the power of protection, providing us with an extra layer of security in times when we feel vulnerable or overwhelmed. This crystal helps strengthen our resolve and focus on what really matters.  

Onyx is an incredible source of crystal power for those who seek strength during challenging times. Its presence offers comfort and guidance so that we never forget how strong we truly are from within - even when everything around us seems uncertain or chaotic.


Now that we've discussed the properties of onyx, let's move onto peridot. Like onyx, it is a crystal associated with strength and extra help in times of need. Peridot is known as the "green gemstone" due to its unique green hue - ranging from yellowish-green to olive green. It has been used for centuries as a healing crystal and believed to bring good luck when worn or carried around. Peridot has long been considered a symbol of protection and can offer many benefits including:

  1. Strengthening your relationship bonds
  2. Enhancing mental capacities
  3. Opening up new opportunities
  4. Increasing inner peace

Allowing us to overcome challenges with grace while still being true to ourselves and what we believe in!

 10.Rose Quartz

I believe rose quartz is one of the most powerful crystals whrn it comes to strengthening our spirit and finding inner peace. This beautiful pink stone brings calming comfort and balance during times of stress or chaos. Its gentle vibration promotes feelings of harmony in relationships as well as aiding with communication issues.

When working with rose quartz for strength, it is important to remember that its power lies deep within each individual's connection to their higher self - not just physical results but more subtle shifts like increased confidence or feeling more secure about making decisions.

Holding onto the crystal itself may give an immediate sense of calmness but ultimately its effectiveness depends on how much effort someone puts into connecting with themselves spiritually through meditation or contemplation.

 The beauty of rose quartz lies in its ability to remind us that no matter what challenges come our way there’s always a source of light and hope within ourselves if we look deeply enough. With regular practice we can tap into this inner guidance system, allowing us to stay true to our path even when faced with tough choices or uncertainties ahead.

11.Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is one of the most powerful strength crystals available. It has been used for centuries in crystal healing, and its properties are known to help with emotional healing. Its dark brown and gray tones give it a unique look, but also provide calming energies that can be useful when dealing with stress or anxiety. Smoky Quartz works on many different levels, helping to balance out negative energies while simultaneously providing clarity.

 The energy of this stone is great for promoting focus and grounding during times of confusion or chaos.  This type of energy work helps us stay strong even during difficult times. On an emotional level, smoky quartz encourages stability, which allows us to remain grounded despite all the changes life brings our way.

By using smoky quartz as part of your regular self-care practice, you'll find yourself feeling empowered and better equipped to handle whatever comes your way. You’ll be able to take control of your emotions and thoughts instead of being overwhelmed by them – something we could all use a bit more of!

12.Tiger's Eye 

Moving on from smoky quartz, let's talk about tiger's eye.Tiger’s eye is a type of gemstone that is composed of fibrous quartz and crocidolite which gives it its characteristic shimmering appearance. Here are some of the tigers eye benefits:

  1. Protection:Tiger’s Eye provides an energy shield against negativity, helping you stay grounded and focused during tough situations.
  2. Clarity: This stone helps clear your mind of confusion so that you can better focus on what’s important in life.
  3. Stability:With its calming energies, tiger’s eye acts as an anchor to keep you stable during stressful moments and provide balance between opposing forces like yin and yang.
  4. Grounding: Wearing this crystal close to your body helps ground energetic vibrations into your physical world for greater stability and harmony within yourself.

Tiger's Eye carries many meanings depending on how it is utilized; traditionally it was worn by warriors for courage and protection during battle while shamans believed it could help them see through illusions to understand the truth behind any given situation. The healing properties of this crystal also make it useful for relieving stress, anxiety, fear, depression, fatigue and irritability - all things we could use extra support with nowadays!


 Lepidolite has calming properties that can be used for energy healing, helping to clear out negative energies and reduce stress levels. This beautiful crystal helps with emotional balance, making it perfect for anyone struggling with anxiety or depression.

Lepidolite is also great at relieving fatigue caused by mental exhaustion or overthinking. Its ability to stabilize emotions makes it ideal for those who tend to bottle up their feelings rather than express them. I find this stone especially helpful when I need some extra strength to get through difficult situations.

Moreover, lepidolite works wonders on physical ailments too! It may help ease joint pain, muscle aches, headaches, and digestive problems. Its soothing energy encourages relaxation while boosting the immune system so you feel better faster! Finally, its calming nature – combined with its spiritual energy – make it an excellent choice for any kind of crystal healing practice.

Whether you're looking to calm your mind or heal your body, lepidolite could be just what you need!


Now that we have discussed the healing properties of Lepidolite, let's move on to Sodalite. This beautiful crystal is associated with mental clarity and emotional balance. It can help us stay calm and focused when faced with difficult situations or decisions.

Sodalite is one of those crystals that everyone can benefit from having in their possession as its healing properties will provide strength during challenging times while offering comfort and support whenever needed. So if you're looking for something to give yourself a little extra boost of courage and self-confidence then consider adding some Sodalite into your life!

Cleansing Your Crystal

Cleansing your crystal is an important step in maintaining their healing power and energy. There are many different methods of cleansing crystals, so it’s up to you to decide which one works best for you. You can choose from a variety of crystal cleansing rituals like moonlight baths, sound therapy, smudging with sage or sweetgrass, burying in the earth, or using salt water.

Moonlight baths involve placing your crystal under the light of the full moon overnight and letting its energy soak into the stone. Sound therapy uses singing bowls, chimes, drums and other instruments to vibrate at frequencies that cleanse and energize crystals.

Smudging is done by burning herbs such as sage or sweetgrass while passing your stones through the smoke which clears any negative energies they might have collected over time. Burying them in the earth helps draw out stagnant energies and replenish lost ones.

And lastly, soaking them in saltwater cleanses away all impurities and unwanted vibrations. No matter what method you use to cleanse your crystals, remember to be gentle when handling them - never scrub harshly as this could damage their delicate form!

Afterward, take time to meditate with each individual stone before recharging them with positive energy either through speaking affirmations aloud or holding them close during prayerful moments of gratitude. The key here is intention: focus on truly connecting with your stones energetically so that everything else falls into place naturally afterwards!


With the right crystal chosen for your specific needs, this can be an incredibly powerful aid on our journey towards greatness. The best part about using crystals is that it’s easy to begin with just a few basics. To start out, Lepidolite and Sodalite are excellent choices when looking for additional strength - but whatever you choose to work with make sure you cleanse it first so its energies will work in harmony with your own. If done correctly, working with these stones can bring forth immense healing power – not only physically but emotionally as well.

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