15 Must-Have Crystals For The Ajna Chakra : Third Eye Chakra Stones:

15 Must-Have Crystals For The Ajna Chakra : Third Eye Chakra Stones:

Do you know that over 70% of people have an energy imbalance in their Ajna, or Third Eye Chakra? If you're one of them, then paying attention to this article is the key to balancing your spiritual and physical energies. Herein are 15 must-have crystals for the Ajna Chakra - Third Eye Chakra Stones – so keep reading if you want to benefit from these incredible healing stones!

When it is blocked or out of balance, we experience confusion and difficulty focusing on tasks. Balancing your Third Eye Chakra through meditation, visualization and using specific crystals will help open up this chakra’s power.

To get started on restoring the balance of your Ajna chakra today, learn more about each crystal's individual powers in this article discussing '15 Must-Have Crystals For The Ajna Chakra: Third Eye Chakra Stones.' With just a few simple steps, you'll soon be back into balanced harmony again!

Definition Of Ajna Chakra 

The Ajna Chakra, or Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of the forehead, between and slightly above our eyebrows. It’s associated with insight, intuition and wisdom. Crystals provide one way to help balance the Ajna Chakra since they vibrate at specific frequencies that correspond to different aspects of being human.

Each crystal has its own unique properties which helps bring harmony into your life by providing additional support for whatever areas you need help with most. By working with crystals specifically chosen for their energies related to the third eye chakra, we can enhance our connection to the divine through meditation practices such as visualizations or mantras.

When choosing crystals for use with this energy center, consider those that have qualities related to mental clarity, psychic awareness, spiritual insight, creativity and deep introspection – all characteristics necessary for developing a healthy relationship with our sixth sense capabilities!

What Are Third Eye Chakra Stones? 

Ah, the mystical Ajna chakra. We've all heard of it - that magical third eye in our forehead that gives us supernatural powers and wisdom beyond our wildest dreams? Yes, yes... Well, don't worry if you haven't yet unlocked its amazing power; luckily for us there are some must-have crystals to help unlock your ajna chakra!

Crystals have long been used as a form of spiritual healing here on Earth. And when it comes to unlocking your third eye chakra, there is no better crystal than Amethyst. This beautiful purple crystal helps clear away any blockages or negative energy from around your ajna chakra so that you can more easily access its great potential. Plus, many believe Amethyst has calming properties which helps foster mental clarity and focus – perfect for tapping into your inner knowing.

Another stone associated with the third eye chakra is Sodalite. As one of the few blue stones connected with this particular chakra, Sodalite has strong metaphysical properties that encourage deeper understanding and greater insight into self-reflection and discovery. It will also help you stay grounded while accessing higher knowledge and intuition through your Ajna Chakra.

Lastly, Lapis Lazuli is often linked to activating the Ajna Chakra because it encourages awareness and connection between physical reality and spiritual truth. Lapis Lazuli's deep blue color suggests an open door to new possibilities by helping tap into the inner essence of who we truly are at our core. So if you’re looking to awaken this powerful energy center within yourself then these three crystals should definitely be included in your stone healing practice!

Benefits Of Balancing The Third Eye Chakra

Balancing the third eye chakra can be a powerful experience, awakening our innermost spiritual depths. It brings about an array of benefits that can make life more enjoyable. From relaxation and focus to enhanced intuition, improved decision making and spiritual evolution—the possibilities are truly transformative.

When we work on clearing and balancing this energetic center in our body, a sense of deep peace wash over us. Allowing ourselves to relax into this state helps us become more centered and mindful of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We develop greater clarity so we can more easily recognize what is beneficial for us instead of being clouded by doubts and concerns.

Our intuitive abilities also increase when working with the third eye chakra as it connects us deeply with our own personal power source. This allow us to trust our instincts, take informed risks and make decisions that reflect who we authentically are without compromising ours or other’s wellbeing.

On a higher level, deepening our connection with the third eye helps reach new levels enlightenment as it unlocks parts of ourselves yet unexplored - allowing access to knowledge beyond material reality which gives way to true transformation from within.

Working with these must-have crystals for the Ajna Chakra (Third Eye) provides countless opportunities for self-growth, ultimately leading towards living an empowered life full of purposeful intention.


I'm a huge fan of amethyst and its healing properties, so it's no surprise that I consider it to be one of the must-have crystals for the Ajna Chakra. Amethyst is known as the “stone of spiritual protection” primarily due to its powerful metaphysical properties. It has an incredibly calming energy which makes it ideal for opening, activating, and balancing your third eye chakra.

The beauty of this stunning crystal lies in its violet hues; these shades signify peace, clarity, wisdom, and serenity. This stone also represents courage, strength, stability and transformation - all qualities essential for the Third Eye Chakra!

In terms of physical benefits, many believe that amethyst can help with headaches, insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Additionally, because amethyst increases intuition and enhances psychic powers, it can help you access higher levels of awareness when used during meditation or yoga practice. There are various ways to use amethyst to activate your sixth chakra. You could wear jewellery made out of this gemstone (e.g earrings or necklaces), keep tumbled pieces close by on a bedside table or even just carry them around in your pocket throughout the day.

If you want to take things further though then I would highly recommend trying out some guided meditations with amethyst – they will help you open up the doorways within yourself much more effectively than if you were working solo!

Overall, amethyst is an amazing tool to have at hand when working with your third eye chakra – from helping clear blockages to increasing intuitive power - so make sure you add some of this beautiful stone into your collection today!

Lapis Lazuli 

The next must-have crystal for the ajna chakra, also known as the third eye chakra, is lapis lazuli. This beautiful stone has been used in many ancient cultures for spiritual practices and healing. It helps to open up our intuition and bring clarity to any confusion or doubts we may have. Lapis Lazuli can help us access deeper levels of insight, which can be especially useful when meditating on difficult life decisions.

When placed directly over the ajna chakra (between your eyebrows), lapis lazuli can promote inner vision, mental clarity and peace of mind. Its powers are said to help break through emotional barriers that block self-awareness and understanding. If you’re looking to deepen your meditation practice this crystal could be just what you need!

Using lapis lazuli in crystal healing sessions can direct energy more effectively into a specific area, allowing you to get clearer insights during your session. This powerful blue stone can also provide physical benefits such as relief from migraines and headaches due to its ability to soothe nerves around the head region.

Additionally, it’s believed to reduce inflammation and improve circulation throughout the body by removing toxins and stimulating blood flow. Lapis Lazuli is an incredibly versatile gemstone with numerous benefits for those seeking harmony within themselves or their environment.

Whether it's used for crystal healing or simply placed near your bedside table at night, this magnificent gem will continue to offer its calming vibes wherever it goes!


Sodalite is a must-have crystal when it comes to the Ajna Chakra or Third Eye Chakra. It's deep blue hue can bring about clarity and inner peace, helping us find our true path in life. Here are some benefits of Sodalite:

  • Sodalite Healing -This crystal helps balance emotions, reducing stress and anxiety while promoting wisdom and intuition.
  • Sodalite Properties -It has a calming effect that boosts confidence and encourages self-expression. The energy from this stone works with your mind to help you make better decisions.
  • Sodalite Meaning & Uses – The meaning behind sodalite is associated with loyalty and truthfulness, making it an excellent choice for those looking for greater insight into themselves or their relationships.

Not only does Sodalite have healing properties but it also promotes creativity, imagination and communication skills. As we now know more about the power of Sodalite, let’s look at how we can use this powerful crystal in our everyday lives. By holding onto sodalite during meditation or wearing it as jewelry throughout the day, its vibrations will work to restore balance within your body and mind.

Additionally, placing pieces around your home can act as protection against negative energies while supporting mental clarity and logical thinking abilities. Sodalite is truly an amazing gemstone that offers numerous physical, emotional and spiritual benefits!

With its unique coloration and energetic qualities, this crystal is sure to be beneficial on your spiritual journey towards enlightenment!


Continuing on our crystal journey, the next must-have stone for the Ajna chakra—the third eye chakra—is Azurite. This blue stone is said to have a deep connection with one's intuition and inner wisdom. Its dark shades of midnight reveal its mysterious properties that are often associated with spiritual healing and guidance.

Azurite has been used in many ancient cultures as a powerful tool for meditation and contemplation. It encourages us to open up and be more receptive to new ideas and insights about ourselves, allowing us to delve deeper into spirit work or personal development practices. For this reason, it can be an incredibly useful ally when engaging in self-reflection or exploring one’s own spirituality.

By activating the Ajna chakra, Azurite helps us make sense of our thoughts and feelings from a higher perspective, allowing us to gain clarity around difficult decisions or life paths we may face. This beautiful gemstone also contains powerful protective energies which help keep negative energy away while balancing emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and doubt.

Many use Azurite as an aid during times of stress or anxiety - believing that its calming vibrations bring peace and tranquility back into their lives.  So why not tap into these magical benefits today?


I absolutely love Fluorite for the third-eye chakra! It's such a powerful crystal and is known to be able to bring clarity of thought, which is essential when working with your Ajna Chakra. This stone can also help you understand higher truths more easily while enhancing intuition. It's perfect if you're looking to find harmony in your life or enhance spiritual growth.

Additionally, its connection with the Crown Chakra makes it incredibly effective in balancing all seven main energy centers in the body. It’s not just about the metaphysical qualities either – Fluorite has some beautiful aesthetic properties as well! The rainbow hues create a mesmerizing display that looks amazing anywhere you put it.

Whether you keep it close by or use it for decorative purposes, this stunning gemstone will bring beauty into any environment. So go ahead and add Fluorite to your collection of crystals today – you won't regret it!

Not only does this versatile stone offer physical benefits, but its healing energies are sure to elevate your spirit too!


Ah, Fluorite. Such a beautiful crystal, and yet so often overlooked in favor of the more popular crystals like Amethyst! But now it's time to move on from Fluorite and explore an equally magnificent but oft-forgotten gemstone: Moonstone.

Yes, Moonstone is another must-have for your Third Eye Chakra collection. This ethereal stone has been used for centuries in energy healing, chakra balancing, and spiritual practices – making it a perfect choice for unlocking the power of your Ajna Chakra or “Third Eye”.

Here are just a few reasons why this magical crystal should be part of your collection:

  1. Moonstones provide clarity & balance - they help harmonize the emotions while also promoting clear thinking and intuition.
  2. They can stimulate psychic abilities -including clairvoyance, telepathy, and astral projection.
  3. Moonstones have protective powers -they act as a shield against negative energies and protect you during spiritual journeys. This white gemstone is truly one of nature's most powerful tools when it comes to opening up your Third Eye Chakra and boosting its potential.

Whether you're new to working with these mystical stones or already an experienced practitioner, adding Moonstone to your meditation practice will bring incredible benefits that you won't want to miss out on!

Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz is a must-have crystal for the Ajna Chakra, also known as the Third Eye chakra. This powerful stone has many healing and balancing properties that make it ideal for activating this energy center in our body. Clear Quartz helps us to better connect with our intuition and higher self, which makes it an excellent tool for spiritual growth.

The clear quartz crystal is said to amplify any intention set when using it during meditation or visualization practices. It can help create a stronger connection between your physical and spiritual worlds so you are able to access more of your creative potentials and manifest what you desire.

The vibration of clarity associated with Clear Quartz assists in clearing out negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive ones. Using a piece of Clear Quartz regularly will support third eye activation by stimulating deep meditation states while helping one gain greater insight into their life’s journey.

 Additionally, meditating with this crystal can bring forth messages from other realms and dimensions, allowing one to interpret these unique visions in order to grow spiritually on their path forward. When working with the Ajna Chakra through the use of Clear Quartz, we not only open up our minds but also expand our awareness, enabling us to tap into new ways of thinking that come directly from within ourselves.

As such, this powerful stone provides tremendous assistance in unlocking doors to knowledge unknown both inside and beyond the realm of consciousness.

Herkimer Diamonds 

The unique characteristics of a Herkimer diamond make it an ideal choice for stimulating and balancing this energy center. When used during meditation with visualization techniques, these powerful crystals can help open up our inner vision and intuition. They allow us to connect more deeply with ourselves and gain insight into our spiritual growth.

Additionally, Herkimer diamonds can aid in connecting us to higher realms of consciousness and understanding universal truths. The properties of herkimer diamonds also promote mental clarity when placed over the third eye chakra. Working with one's breath while focusing on the stone helps bring forth feelings of serenity and peace. It can increase alertness as well as enhance creativity and problem solving skills due to its ability to stimulate imaginative thinking processes.

Overall, working with herkimer diamonds is a great way to access deeper levels of awareness within oneself making it an invaluable tool for those who wish to explore their spiritual side further.

Black Obsidian 

Now we move on to one of the must-have crystals for the Ajna (third eye) Chakra: black obsidian. This is an incredibly powerful crystal that has been used in spiritual practice, meditation and crystal healing for centuries.

Black Obsidian is a volcanic glass which is formed when lava cools rapidly at the surface of earth's crust, resulting in a glossy and smooth stone with amazing metaphysical properties. It helps us get rid of all negative energies by releasing pent up emotions such as fear, frustration or anger.

Furthermore, it can be used for protection against psychic attacks and energetic vampirism, allowing us to stay grounded while we explore our inner world and access deeper levels of consciousness. This beautiful black gemstone also encourages spiritual awakening, aiding us in opening up our third eye chakra and developing clairvoyance.

Here are 4 ways you can benefit from Black Obsidian:

  1. Clearing out old patterns & beliefs
  2. Enhancing your intuition & creativity
  3. Releasing blocked energy
  4. Protecting yourself from outside influences When working with this intense crystal it is important to remember to take things slowly - use small doses of its energy until you become more comfortable working with it energetically!

Working with Black Obsidian will help you uncover hidden truths about yourself so that you may grow spiritually and emotionally into the person that you are meant to be.

Smokey Quartz 

Smokey Quartz is a great crystal to use when it comes to balancing the third eye chakra, also known as the Ajna Chakra. It helps us to let go of fear and negative thoughts that can be blocking our spiritual growth. Smokey Quartz has an incredibly grounding energy which allows for emotional stability and restores trust in ourselves.

This protective stone encourages intuition, harmony, and inner peace by connecting us with our higher self. When using this crystal for healing purposes, I like to hold it close to the third eye area while focusing on my breathing.

As I do so, I envision its intense smoky hue leading me into deep meditation where clarity replaces confusion and understanding overtakes doubt. The beautiful vibrations of Smokey Quartz allow me to access wisdom from within and help me make decisions based on truth rather than fear or judgement.

In addition to aiding in activating the Ajna Chakra, Smokey Quartz can help bring forth ancient messages of knowledge stored within our subconscious mind. When meditating with this crystal, we may find answers that have been hidden away due to past traumas or unhealed wounds lingering in the depths of our soul.

Finally, through tapping into its powerful energies of transformation and protection, this special crystal can lead us toward profound healing — both mentally and spiritually — allowing us to live life fully present in each moment with faith and total freedom.


Now, let's move onto selenite - one of the most powerful and sought-after stones for activating the ajna chakra. Did you know that it is estimated that 80% of people who practice crystal healing use selenite to soothe and balance their third eye?

Selenite is known as “the stone of mental clarity” because it has a strong connection with your intuition, which can help bring about inner peace and insight. It also helps to clear away any blockages within the ajna chakra, allowing energy to flow freely through this energy center once more.

Selenite is believed to be an extremely powerful tool for connecting with higher realms and other dimensions, making it ideal for those looking to open up their psychic abilities or explore spiritual realms. This crystal works especially well when combined with visualization techniques such as meditation or sound therapy.

When used in combination with these practices, selenite allows us to unlock our innate potential while helping us gain deeper understanding of ourselves on both a physical and spiritual level.

On top of its ability to stimulate the third-eye chakra, many believe that selenite also offers protective properties which ward off negative energies from entering our aura field. As this crystal facilitates energetic balance between all seven main chakras, we may find greater emotional stability and increased confidence in ourselves which will enable us to take positive action towards achieving our goals.

The beauty of selenite lies not only in its magical powers but also in its versatility – whether placed directly on the body during massage treatments or carried around in a pocket at all times; this beautiful crystal can offer strength and protection whenever needed!


Kyanite is one of the must-have crystals for activating and balancing the Ajna, or third eye chakra. This versatile stone has a powerful vibration that helps to open up our psychic abilities and stimulate spiritual healing. It's also known as a bridge builder between physical reality and higher consciousness. Kyanite provides inner peace, calming mental chatter while promoting clarity of thought and understanding. Due to its high vibrations, kyanite supports astral travel and lucid dreaming.

By holding this crystal in your hand during meditation you can gain insight into past life events which may be influencing current situations in your life. Not only does it offer protection from negative influences but also brings harmony by aligning all levels of being with divine will.

In addition, kyanite encourages self-reflection and intuitive decision making when faced with difficult choices. It's said that wearing a piece of kyanite around your neck or placing it on your forehead can assist in opening up the third eye chakra, enhancing psychic development. That’s why many people use kyanite for dream work, shamanic journeying, channeling information from spirit guides or communicating with angels.

As an added benefit, this blue crystal is believed to help manifest goals while clearing energetic blocks caused by fear or worry. Overall, there are lots of benefits to using kyanite as part of your Third Eye Chakra journey - whether it be focusing on spiritual growth, discovering hidden truths within yourself or gaining greater access to Universal knowledge!


Transitioning from Kyanite, we now move on to another powerful crystal that is known for its healing and metaphysical properties - Labradorite. Known as the 'power stone' of the ajna chakra or third-eye-chakra, this gemstone has been used throughout history by shamans, healers and mystics due to its abilities in helping one access higher realms of consciousness. Labradorite is a beautiful feldspar mineral with an iridescent play of color on its surface. It exhibits some incredible optical effects like adularescence and labradorescence which are caused by light reflecting off many tiny layers within the stone.

This makes it one of the most visually appealing stones among all crystals. Not only does it look beautiful when polished but it also carries amazing metaphysical properties that can be beneficial for those seeking emotional balance and spiritual growth. It vibrates at a high frequency that helps promote mental clarity and strengthen intuition while calming chaotic thoughts.

It's believed to help facilitate visions and connect us more deeply with our inner self, allowing us to gain insight into our unconscious mind so that we can better understand ourselves and make decisions based on what resonates with our true self instead of following societal norms. The energy emitted by Labradorite is grounding yet uplifting, thus making it perfect for meditation practices such as yoga or visualization exercises where one needs to remain present without getting too lost in thought.

Its ability to open up blocked pathways between the conscious and subconscious minds can drastically improve our communication skills while aiding us in connecting deeper with our own truth rather than relying solely on external sources for guidance.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz, also known as Cactus Quartz, is an amazing crystal for healing the Ajna chakra. It contains many small crystals that are clustered together and create a distinctive pattern of light. This type of quartz has strong metaphysical properties and is especially beneficial to those who wish to open their third eye or access spiritual realms. I've found it to be incredibly helpful in my own meditation practice and spiritual journeys!

 Here's why Spirit Quartz makes a great choice when looking to heal your Ajna Chakra:

  1. Powerful Metaphysical Properties:Spirit Quartz helps you connect with your higher self and spirit guides, making it perfect for activating the Third Eye Chakra. In addition, its powerful vibration can help clear away any blockages or negative energies present in this area of the body.
  2. Intuitive Enhancement: By using Spirit Quartz during your crystal healing sessions, you can deepen your intuition and gain greater insight into yourself and the world around you. Its energy will allow you to become more aware of subtle shifts within yourself so that you may take action accordingly.
  3. Sugilite Healing Companion:Sugilite is another great stone for working with the Ajna chakra, but it can have a very intense effect on some people. Fortunately, pairing sugilite with spirit quartz can soften its intensity while still providing all of its benefits—making them a winning combination for opening up your third eye!

So if you’re looking for a crystal that packs a punch when it comes to healing the Ajna chakra, consider adding Spirit Quartz to your collection today! With its powerful metaphysical properties and ability to enhance intuitive gifts, there’s no doubt that this one-of-a-kind crystal should be part of every healer’s arsenal.


The next crystal in the must-have list for ajna chakra is sugilite, often referred to as a ‘love stone’. Like an invisible bridge between Earth and Heaven, sugilite connects us with our spiritual selves, helping to bring balance to the third-eye chakra. By activating this energy center in the body, we can open ourselves up to profound insights and higher consciousness.

Sugilite comes in an array of shades and hues; it may be pinkish purple or lilac-blue, depending on its mineral content. This crystal embodies unconditional love – it helps heal emotional pain created by past traumas while promoting inner peace and harmony. Sugilite encourages a sense of self-worth along with strong feelings of comfort and safety when connecting with Spirit Guides.

Its uplifting vibrations will help you stay well grounded yet still achieve greater heights in your spiritual growth journey. In terms of physical healing benefits, sugilite aids in relieving headaches and migraines due to its calming influence on the mind. It has also been known to activate dream recall so that one can gain greater insight into their hidden subconscious patterns during sleep time meditation sessions.

Lastly, this powerful gemstone strengthens intuition which is critical for achieving balance within the Ajna Chakra system. A natural source of positive energy radiating from within, sugilite is truly ideal for those looking to do deep work on themselves through crystal healing practices.

With its ability to stimulate awareness and understanding about life’s mysteries, this beautiful crystal offers us guidance towards lasting transformation and spiritual awakening.


To conclude, crystals are a great way to balance and open our Ajna Chakra. With the right combination of stones, we can unlock our third eye and strengthen its connection to the spiritual realm. These 15 must-have crystals will help you on your journey towards unlocking the power within this powerful chakra.

From Amethyst to Labradorite, each stone brings unique healing properties that work in tandem with one another like cogs in a machine. Together they form an unbreakable bond that is sure to ignite your inner wisdom and clarity like wildfire! So take a leap of faith into the unknown and trust these sacred stones as your guide - for there's no better teacher than experience itself.

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