17 Stones That Will Bring You True Prosperity in Life

The 17 Stones That Will Create True Prosperity in Your Life

The idea behind these 17 stones is simple: each stone represents one of the energies necessary for creating true abundance. By harnessing these energies within yourself, you can attract more positive energy which will help bring about greater luck, happiness, and financial stability.

The power of these stones lies within their ability to activate certain elements within your subconscious mind that trigger deep transformation and lasting change in your life. The good news is that anyone can use these stones regardless of background or experience level!

You don't need any special powers or knowledge- all you really need is an open heart and an understanding of how to properly focus on each stone's individual properties. So let’s get started!

In this article, I'll tell you everything you need to know about the amazing 17 Stones for Create Prosperity– from what each stone symbolizes, to how best to use them for optimal results.


I'm going to explain what stones for create prosperity are and how they can be used. To begin with, let's define each term: a stone is an inorganic solid material composed of one or more minerals; prosperity is the state of flourishing financially or materially; a crystal is defined as any solid substance that has a regular atomic structure forming faces on its external surface; gemstones are precious or semi-precious stones often cut into cabochons (i.e., smooth, flat surfaces); and lastly, minerals are naturally occurring chemical compounds formed by geological processes.

Now that we have our definitions out of the way, it's time to explore how these elements come together to form something special - stones for creating prosperity! Stones like crystals, gemstones, and minerals can all be used to help manifest financial stability and abundance in your life.

So go ahead and start exploring today – you never know what kind of success could await!

Properties Of Stones

From gemstones to crystals, minerals and rocks – each one has something special that brings with it the power of positivity. Gemstone properties are often associated with healing and protection from negative energies. Whether they’re placed on an altar or worn as jewelry, gemstones can help reduce anxiety while increasing courage and strength.

For example, citrine is known for bringing luck and abundance; amethyst helps balance emotions; turquoise brings truth and trustworthiness; jade brings harmony and connection to nature; and lapis lazuli encourages wisdom and clarity.

Crystal properties come into play when we need more spiritual guidance. By connecting us to our higher consciousness, these gems open up pathways that lead to greater insight about ourselves and our lives. Examples include rose quartz which promotes unconditional love; clear quartz amplifies energy levels; obsidian blocks negativity; selenite helps release mental burdens; tiger eye enhances inner vision; black tourmaline protects against harm.

Minerals tend toward physical wellbeing rather than emotional or spiritual aspects of life. They provide support in areas such as bone health, immune system regulation, blood sugar control, muscle growth, digestion aid etcetera. Minerals like pyrite boost vitality during periods of fatigue or depression while blue kyanite may assist in communicating difficult messages without judgement or criticism.

Other common mineral properties include malachite for detoxification purposes, shungite for purifying water molecules, fluorite for improved concentration skills and so forth.

Finally, rock properties lie somewhere between those of crystal structures found within minerals such as quartz but also retain some characteristics from other types of stones too – making them useful across a wide range of applications depending on their composition elements! Some examples include granite which gives grounding stability over long periods of time whilst still retaining flexibility under pressure; hematite strengthens willpower by providing focus-based actions instead of reacting instinctively; agate offers soothing benefits when faced with adversity or tough challenges ahead…and many more besides!

Benefits Of Using Stones 

Using stones for create prosperity and wealth can be used to help manifest luck, abundance and success. It is also thought that they can enhance existing positive energy while boosting physical strength and mental clarity. Furthermore, when placed strategically around the house or workspace, it is said to attract good fortune.

In addition to this, certain crystals such as citrine are known to promote financial security and growth due to its association with money-drawing qualities. From an energetic standpoint, some believe that holding onto a particular stone may open up one’s mind to new ideas of wealth creation as well as provide access to knowledge related to business opportunities.

Moreover, meditating with specific crystals like jade helps increase levels of motivation which could lead to greater productivity resulting in increased earning potential. Overall, using stones for prosperity creates a strong foundation for attracting good luck into your life whether it be through improved finances or other avenues of abundance.

Not only do thesestones offer tangible benefits but also aid in spiritual development which often leads to even more positive outcomes down the road.

Proper Placement Of Stones 

Creating prosperity in your life can feel like a daunting task, but with the help of crystal stones and their magical energy, it's easier than you think! The placement of crystals is an important part of using them to bring about abundance. Here are some tips for proper stone placement:

* Place prosperity stones in locations that will be seen often- such as on desks or countertops.

* When arranging multiple stones, keep each item at least two feet apart from one another.

* Place crystals near plants or other natural elements which can amplify their positive energies.

* Consider what type of layout best aligns with the types of abundance being sought; use circles or spirals when looking to increase creativity, while grids work better if wealth accumulation is desired.

The location and arrangement of your prosperity stones has significant power - it’s almost like giving them a ‘command’ to go forth and create the vibrant outcome you desire! With careful consideration given to where they are placed and how they are arranged, powerful magic can be released into the world for prosperous results.


Moving on from proper placement of stones, let's look at Citrine – a powerful prosperity stone. Also known as the "wealth crystal" or "manifesting stone," this yellow quartz is one of the best crystals for manifesting abundance and wealth. In addition to its properties for manifesting wealth, it can also be used for energetic protection against negative energy, helping you stay grounded in difficult times.

Citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra which helps to bring clarity to your thoughts and feelings while diffusing any tension that may have been caused by challenging situations. This crystal encourages clarity and positivity while amplifying your self-esteem and confidence - all essential qualities when looking to create financial stability in life.

When working with citrine, simply hold it close each day and allow yourself to feel its calming vibrations soothe away any negativity or fear surrounding finances. It will help open up new opportunities that will lead you towards greater success and prosperity!

Additionally, keeping citrine near your workspace will ensure that creativity flows freely into any work related projects; allowing them to progress more quickly and easily than before. In short, if you’re seeking out a stone to draw abundance into your life then Citrine could be just what you need! Its bright energies are perfect for attracting positive changes while promoting joyfulness within our lives - something we could all use right now!

Green Aventurine 

Green Aventurine is quite possibly the most magical of all stones! It’s vibrant, lush green color gives it an aura of life and abundance. This stone has been used for centuries to create good luck, health, wealth and prosperity in one's life. Here are just a few of its amazing healing benefits:

  • Green Aventurine is known as a powerful money stone that can increase success with financial investments.
  • Its energy encourages creativity, growth and expansion while boosting self-confidence.
  • It helps bring balance into ones life by promoting unconditional love and courage to make necessary changes.
  • Green Aventurine also promotes mental clarity which allows us to see our true potential more clearly.

The power of Green Aventurine comes from its unique combination of properties; it is thought to be especially beneficial for manifesting positive outcomes related to career goals and business ventures.

Additionally, this beautiful crystal emits a gentle yet strong vibration that helps open up pathways for spiritual connection and healing on both physical and emotional levels. The different colors associated with Green Aventurine have their own distinct meanings, making them even more special than they already are - such as blue meaning communication or white symbolizing peace and serenity.

These qualities allow the wearer to benefit from its many virtues when worn either in jewelry form or carried around as part of an amulet or pocket charm. We should never underestimate the power of crystals like Green Aventurine working together with us towards creating lasting prosperity in our lives – no matter how small we may think those steps are at first!

With its ability to elevate moods, amplify intentions and clear away negative thoughts, this magnificent crystal makes an invaluable ally in any journey towards achieving greater success in whatever endeavors you undertake.

Tigers Eye 

I'm a huge fan of using crystals for healing, and one of my favorites is Tigers Eye. This crystal has amazing metaphysical properties that can be used to bring money luck into your life. It's also known for its grounding energy which helps you stay focused on manifesting wealth and abundance.

Tigers Eye is usually yellow or golden in color due to the iron oxide present in it. Its shimmery stripes give it an almost mesmerizing quality, making it perfect as a talisman or ornament. When held up to light, this stone reflects rays of brilliant colors like red, blue and green - each symbolizing different parts of the prosperity equation.

The energies associated with this crystal are said to draw out any blockages preventing financial success while bringing clarity and focus on what needs to happen next. In essence, it acts as a guide helping us tap into our own inner wisdom so we can make decisions that will ultimately lead us closer towards achieving our goals.

Using Tigers Eye for crystal healing is easy; simply hold the crystal in your hand during meditation and visualize what kind of financial stability you would like to have.With patience and regular practice, you should begin seeing results soon!


After the golden hue of tigers eye, comes the cool green jade that symbolizes wisdom, balance and peace. The healing powers of jade are believed to be connected to its ability to open up your heart chakra. This can help bring clarity when making decisions or provide emotional support during difficult times. Wearing a jade bracelet or necklace can also absorb negative energy from those around you, offering protection against bad vibes.

Additionally, many believe that carrying a piece of jade on their person will attract positive energies that lead to good fortune and success. Jade meanings vary depending on color: red stands for wealth; white for purity; yellow for joy; blue for serenity; pink for love; and black for grounding. Each type of jade offers specific benefits like strength, courage and resilience which all contribute to creating an overall feeling of abundance in life.

Many cultures throughout history have used various types of jade to create items such as jewelry pieces or sculptures believing these objects would bring them good luck and wealth over time. Possessing any form of jade not only brings physical benefits but mental ones too - helping one stay balanced and focused while facing challenges head-on.

So if you're looking to manifest your dreams into reality then consider adding some beautiful jade into your daily routine! Whether it’s wearing a bracelet or placing small stones around your home, harnessing the power of this gem could be just what you need to achieve greater prosperity in life.


Fluorite is one of the most powerful stones for creating prosperity. It comes in many colors, but purple fluorite is especially effective for this purpose. This vibrant stone can help to clear negative energy and build a stronger sense of self-worth, which allows us to attract more positive things into our lives.

Purple fluorite also has calming energies that help to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing focus and clarity. Green fluorite is another type of this crystal that encourages healing and emotional balance. When we are emotionally balanced, it helps us make better decisions, find creative solutions to challenges, and manifest our goals with greater ease. This form of fluorite also offers grounding properties so that we stay connected to reality as we create positive change in our life. The last kind of fluorite is rainbow fluorite, which carries all the virtues of each color within it - from clearing negativity (purple) to healing emotions (green) to providing grounding stability (black).

Rainbow Fluorite works on both physical and spiritual levels by cleansing the aura and energizing your chakras. It will bring harmony between your body, mind, spirit connection allowing you to align with the universe's natural rhythm. In short, fluorites offer an array of benefits for those looking to attract abundance into their life: they provide protection from negative influences; open channels for healing; bridge connections between physicality and spirituality; increase mental clarity; promote peace & tranquility; encourage decision-making skills; create a strong foundation; activate creativity & insight; stimulate productivity & manifestation capabilities.

All these aspects work together harmoniously when utilizing these magical crystals!


The theory that one stone can create prosperity might sound too good to be true. But, if you believe in the power of crystals, it's possible! In this section we will explore malachite and its potential for creating prosperity.

Malachite is known as an emotional healing stone. It has a calming effect on the wearer and helps them transform negative energy into positive energy. This balancing of energies can help promote feelings of abundance and wealth.  Doing this regularly will open up more doors towards success and prosperity.

Malachite can bring many wonderful benefits into your life; from emotional healing to protection stones and even helping balance energies for increased abundance – all these are steps closer towards achieving prosperity. With the right mindset and intention, you may just find that luck really does favor those who use malachite in their journey towards success!

Clear Quartz 

Clear quartz is a powerful crystal that can be used to bring about prosperity and abundance. It has been known for centuries as the ‘master healer’, due to its ability to promote positive energy in all aspects of life. Clear quartz helps with clarity and focus, making it ideal for manifesting desires and achieving goals.

When working with clear quartz, here are some key points:

- Cleanse your crystals regularly. This will help remove any negative energies they have absorbed over time.

- Program your crystal with an intention or goal you'd like to achieve while holding it in your hands.

- Place your clear quartz around the home

- especially where money flows, such as near cash registers or safes.

Clear Quartz amplifies healing abilities and increases spiritual awareness when placed on the body during meditation or relaxation exercises. It also facilitates communication between physical and spiritual realms, allowing us to access our subconscious knowledge more easily. Clear Quartz is often referred to as the stone of purity because it assists in cleansing both mental and emotional bodies from unwanted thoughts or emotions that could potentially block one's progress towards their desired outcome.

The power of this magical stone lies in its ability to offer clarity of thought while removing energetic blocks that may inhibit success and wellbeing - giving each person the opportunity to create a prosperous future for themselves through self-reflection and personal growth.


I'm sure you've heard of sodalite before, as it's one of the most popular stones used for prosperity. Sodalite is a blue stone with white streaks running through it and when worn as jewelry or placed in your home, it can help bring about abundance and wealth. It's believed that this crystal helps to attract good luck and fortune into your life.

Sodalite has many meanings associated with it, but the main focus is on bringing success and prosperity. This stone encourages creativity, which in turn brings opportunities for financial gain. It also helps to keep negative energy away from your personal space while promoting positive thoughts that lead to money-making ideas.

In addition, sodalite promotes confidence and self-belief so you will be able to take action on those successful ideas. When purchasing sodalite jewelry or crystals, make sure they are genuine pieces because there are fakes out there!

Only use items made by reputable manufacturers who guarantee their materials are authentic. The color should be deep blue with white streaks throughout—this indicates real quality sodalite material. Once you get your hands on some genuine pieces, cleanse them regularly using sage smoke or water incense to keep them energized and charged up.

Overall, wearing or displaying sodalite around you can have a powerful effect on creating prosperous energies within yourself and in your environment. With its intense vibration frequencies coming from the blue sodalite stone, you'll no doubt increase financial gains if kept close at hand!

Moss Agate 

Moss Agate is a beautiful and powerful stone that has been used for centuries to create prosperity. It's known as the ‘prosperity stone’, because it can help ground you in abundance and protection while providing healing energy. This crystal symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts, making it perfect for manifesting all kinds of dreams into reality.

To illustrate the power of Moss Agate, I recently had a client who was having difficulty selling her house. After she added some moss agate stones around her home, she sold it within two days! That story alone speaks volumes about how this gemstone can bring luck and blessings into your life.

Here are 4 ways that using a Moss Agate stone can enhance your wellbeing:

  1. Enhances creativity & intuition
  2. Aids in grounding & balancing emotions
  3. Brings prosperity & good fortune
  4. Offers protection from negative energies So if you’re looking to attract positive vibes or boost your finances, then adding a few pieces of Moss Agate to your environment could be just what you need!  It is often referred to as "the warrior’s stone" because it was believed to give warriors courage and power in battle.


It is made up of iron oxide and its silvery-gray color gives off an earthy vibe that can help create balance in one's life. Hematite also has strong magnetic properties which makes it perfect for healing purposes. People use hematite jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets, to benefit from the healing energy this stone provides. Also known as “bloodstone”, some believe that wearing hematite helps with blood circulation problems and fatigue.

Some even claim that it helps provide relief from headaches and migraines! The benefits of using hematite don't end there; many people swear by its ability to ward off negative influences like stress, anxiety, fear, depression, anger etc., while helping increase concentration and focus too!

Additionally, since it helps reduce negativity from your environment too - you may find yourself surrounded by more positive vibes than before. Using hematite as part of your spiritual practice can be very beneficial; not only will you reap all the physical benefits mentioned above but its grounding energy can open pathways between our conscious minds and higher selves so we can better connect with our true nature.

With this newfound insight into ourselves comes clarity on how best to manifest prosperity into our lives.


Rhodochrosite is a stunning pink stone known as the ‘prosperity stone’. It helps to attract wealth and abundance into one's life while fostering creativity, passion, and joy. Rich in energy healing properties, this crystal can be used to cleanse negative emotions such as anxiety or depression. Its vibration of love creates a calming sensation that brings balance and harmony to its user.

This beautiful mineral has an incredible ability for bringing lightness and optimism into our lives. When carrying rhodochrosite with us we are reminded of its purpose: creating prosperity through gratitude and appreciation of all things great and small. The presence of this gemstone gives us hope during times when it may feel like there is none left in the world. It also supports transformation within ourselves by allowing us to explore new depths of our inner being.

By providing clarity on what areas need improvement, rhodochrosite unlocks deep-rooted blockages that have been holding us back from achieving goals related to career growth, relationships, spiritual development, financial freedom, etc. With its help we are able to take control over how much abundance will flow into our lives!

By connecting deeply with this powerful crystal we come closer to understanding why true prosperity requires more than just money—it requires inner peace too! Rhodochrosite helps bring both elements together so that they work harmoniously towards manifesting success in all aspects of life. So don't forget to keep your 'prosperity stone' close at hand; it promises nothing but good vibes and positive outcomes!


The bloodstone is a powerful crystal that can bring real abundance into your life. It has a deep, almost magical healing power and grounding energy that will help to balance both your emotional wellbeing and physical health.  Its calming vibrations create an atmosphere of security and protection - giving one peace of mind while taking steps towards success. With this stone by your side, you'll find yourself feeling more connected to yourself and others around you, leading you down the path of abundant riches.


Sunstone is a powerful gem that can create true prosperity in your life. It's said to be the stone of manifesting dreams, as it gives you access to greater inner peace and physical energy. With its vibrant orange hue and sparkle, sunstone encourages personal power and mental clarity, which helps facilitate progress toward achieving desired goals.

Sunstone also provides emotional balance by clearing away fear or anxiety, helping you feel more connected with yourself and others. This crystal stimulates optimism, enthusiasm, strength and courage – all needed for true prosperity. Its light-hearted nature makes it easier to cope with challenges in life while allowing us to remain positive no matter what comes our way.

Sunstone also helps awaken self-healing powers to help heal any ailments we may have. By restoring harmony within ourselves, we open the door to living a prosperous life filled with joy and abundance. On an energetic level, sunstone radiates strong vibrations that cleanse negative energy from our environment so that our lives are free from blockages preventing success. This gem is known for its ability to increase vitality but many believe there’s something else at work too - some say this stone has the power to attract money!

Whether this is true or not remains unknown but one thing’s for sure: having sunstone around will give you the confidence boost you need when manifesting wealth into your life. Using this special stone on a daily basis allows us to harness its unique properties for increased prosperity in all aspects of life; whether it be financial gains or spiritual growth.

When tapped into properly, these energies can transform your entire existence, leading you down the path towards true wealth and contentment beyond compare.


The previous section discussed Sunstone, but now let's move on to the next stone of prosperity: Amethyst. Did you know that in Ancient Greece it was believed that drinking wine from an amethyst cup would prevent intoxication?

With its strong metaphysical energies, amethyst can be used to remove negativity from your life or environment, promote clarity of thought and aid spiritual growth. Physically speaking, amethyst has powerful healing benefits too! In short, there are so many amazing things that make this stone special – not only does it bring beauty into our lives but also promotes physical health and mental wellbeing. Its unique qualities allow us to tap into our higher selves while promoting peace of mind in times of distress - something we all could use more of!

Lapis Lazuli

 Here are some ways in which Lapis Lazuli can create true prosperity in your life: - Helps you tap into your inner knowledge and intuition - Encourages self-awareness - Enhances creativity - Supports physical well being - Aids in communication with higher realms Using Lapis Lazuli helps keep us connected to our higher selves by allowing us to access deeper levels of understanding and consciousness.

It strengthens our connection to the divine within us and encourages us to live from truth rather than egoic desires. By connecting to this source of truth we gain insight into what will bring us true wealth and abundance on all levels – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This awareness allows us to make decisions that nourish ourselves as individuals while also contributing positively to society at large.  

Ultimately, using Lapis Lazuli opens up an expansive space where joyous prosperity can begin manifesting!


I'm sure you've heard of Pyrite - it's a crystal that has been known to bring prosperity into one's life. It is also known as "fool’s gold" because of its golden yellow hue and luster. But don't be fooled, Pyrite offers much more than just aesthetic beauty!

Here are four ways this powerful stone can help create true abundance in your life:

First healing property of pyrite can make is improve metal health and emotional well-being.Its positive energy helps clear up any blockages or negative energies in your aura.

Second, wearing Pyrite jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets or even earrings can be beneficial for attracting wealth and abundance into your life. Its strong vibrations promote confidence and perseverance so that you feel empowered to take action and start achieving your goals.

Thirdly, the meaning behind Pyrite encourages us to stay grounded while taking risks in order to achieve our desired results. In other words, having faith in yourself and trusting the process will give you the courage needed to pursue what sets your heart on fire without fear of failure or disappointment.

Finally, by understanding how to use the power of pyrite properly we can learn how to attract positivity, joy and financial stability into our lives. Whether using it for spiritual protection or drawing in luck – there is no denying that this amazing gemstone has immense potential when tapped into correctly!

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is an incredibly special stone that can bring a feeling of true prosperity into your life. From its beautiful pink color to its healing properties, rose quartz has been used for centuries to manifest love, protection and abundance in one’s life.

Here is why rose quartz is the perfect crystal for creating true prosperity:

  1. Rose Quartz Healing:It's believed that this crystal helps heal emotional wounds by providing comfort and compassion during difficult times. It also encourages self-love so you can start loving yourself more deeply than ever before.
  2. Rose Quartz Meaning:This crystal symbolizes unconditional love and understanding, which will help create strong relationships between people and with oneself.
  3. Rose Quartz Properties: Its energy promotes inner peace, calming any negative emotions or thoughts while allowing one to focus on their goals without distraction or worry.

The beauty of having rose quartz in your home lies not only in its physical appearance but also in its energetic properties – it serves as a reminder of your worthiness and potential for prosperity beyond what you may think is possible!

Additionally, when kept close to other crystals such as citrine or amethyst, it amplifies the power of all three stones exponentially! Not only does this increase the positive effects felt from each individual crystal, but together they amplify feelings of joy, happiness and harmony in whatever space they are placed within.

When working with rose quartz, take some time out of your day to sit with it comfortably and let its vibrations fill your heart chakra with warmth and contentment. Visualize yourself surrounded by light, abundant with money and resources; visualize how amazing it feels to have everything you need at hand - then allow these intentions to be released into the universe through your meditation practice using rose quartz as a tool for transformation and manifestation!

With patience and consistency comes great benefits - use this powerful stone daily to open up pathways of true wealth in every aspect of your life!


In conclusion, using stones for prosperity is an incredible way to bring positive energy into your life. With the right stones and proper placement, you can find yourself feeling more prosperous in no time. Whether it's Citrine for manifesting abundance or Hematite for grounding, there are numerous crystals that can help us create a sense of wellbeing.

The most important thing to remember when working with these powerful tools is that they take time. Sometimes we forget this and think something should happen overnight - but Rome wasn't built in a day! As long as you stay consistent and open-minded about the process, you will soon see amazing changes in your life.

Overall, stone manifestation has been used by many people throughout history to create success and abundance in their lives. By understanding the benefits and properties of each stone, placing them correctly and staying patient through the journey; you too can experience true prosperity.

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