20 Crystals for Inner Strength

20 Crystals for Inner Strength

Crystals have been used for centuries to bring balance and harmony into people's lives. From ancient civilizations to modern day, they continue to be a powerful source of inner strength and healing. But what are these mysterious stones, and how can they help you find the courage and confidence within yourself?

In this article we’ll explore the many ways that crystals can give us an extra boost of internal power when faced with difficult times. In tough moments, it is often hard to draw on our own resources for support.

We may feel helpless or overwhelmed by life’s challenges, but working with crystals can offer us a unique way to access new sources of energy from deep within ourselves.

Definition Of Inner Strength

"Where there is a will, there is a way." This adage captures the essence of inner strength. Inner strength can be defined as an individual's capacity to confront and overcome life's challenges with resilience, courage, and perseverance. It involves developing our own resources within ourselves in order to find solutions despite difficulties or struggles we may face.

Reasons To Use Crystals

Crystals have been used throughout history to bring about balance in our lives - both emotionally and physically. For example, rose quartz is said to open the heart chakra, allowing us to feel love and compassion for ourselves and others; amethyst is thought to assist with clarity of mind during meditation or prayer; smoky quartz brings grounding qualities that calm emotions or clear negative energy around us.

Whatever your intention may be, there’s sure to be a crystal that fits the bill! In addition to using them on their own, combining different stones together can create even stronger effects. This could include wearing multiple stones as jewelry or placing them in specific places in your home.

Doing this allows you not only access each stone's individual properties but also amplifies their collective power - creating an energetic ‘field’ which can support greater spiritual growth and inner strength.

Benefits Of Using Crystals For Inner Strength

Moving on from the reasons to use crystals, let's explore how they can help us develop inner strength. Crystals have been used for centuries in crystal healing practices and meditation rituals for spiritual enlightenment and emotional healing.

Here are four reasons why using crystals for inner strength is beneficial:

  1. Crystal healing helps to balance our energy centers, leading to a more stable mental state and improved clarity of thought.
  2. Spiritual strength can be gained by connecting with the energies of different stones, which can provide deeper insights into one’s life journey.
  3. Working with crystals during meditation or prayer enhances emotional healing as it allows us to release pent up emotions that may be blocking our progress.
  4. Through regular practice working with stones we can open ourselves up to their energies so that they can promote deep levels of energy healing within us.

Using crystals for inner strength offers an effective way to bring peace and harmony into our lives while also allowing us to tap into a higher level of personal power, awareness, and growth. With consistent practice the powerful vibrations emanating from these precious gifts from nature will support you on your path towards achieving your highest potential!

Cleansing And Programming

Now that you know how to select the right crystal, it's time to learn about cleansing and programming crystals. Did you know that some cultures believe in cleansing a new crystal before using it for healing?

According to research, this type of practice is meant to purify the stone from any negative energies or influences it may have encountered on its journey to get into your possession.

Here are five key activities to consider when cleansing and programming:

- Cleansing Crystals: It's best practice to cleanse your crystals regularly through salt baths, sage smudging, sound vibrations, moonlight exposure or sunlight exposure.

- Crystal Programming: This involves setting an intention for what purpose you want the crystal to serve based on its unique properties.

Crystals for Inner Strength:


It's a deep green stone with flecks of red from iron oxide, which gives it its unique appearance. I like to use bloodstone in my crystal grids when focusing on developing inner strength or overcoming obstacles. When working with this type of crystal, you can feel an instant boost of energy that helps you rise above any challenges facing you.

This makes it great for people dealing with personal issues or difficult situations that require extra resilience and courage. Connecting with the power of bloodstone also opens up your intuition, helping you make decisions based on your true desires rather than fear-based reactions.

You may find yourself better able to trust yourself and be more confident about your choices as a result.


Transition from the previous section: Now, let's explore another crystal for inner strength - amethyst. Amethyst is one of the most powerful crystals around – it’s almost like a magical elixir!

It has been used throughout history as a symbol of spiritual healing and stress relief. This magnificent crystal works wonders when you need to cultivate your own inner strength. Amethyst can help us find peace in our thoughts and feelings by calming down any anxieties we may be feeling.

Its purifying properties also work to clear away blockages within ourselves so that we can embrace our true potential without fear or doubt holding us back. No matter where you are in life, amethyst provides gentle guidance towards accessing all that lies beneath - bringing forth new opportunities for growth and transformation that never seemed possible before!

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is an incredibly powerful crystal for healing on a spiritual level. It can be used to bring about inner peace, emotional balance and mental clarity. Those who use rose quartz have reported feeling more connected to their higher self and being able to better handle life’s challenges with grace.

This beautiful, pink stone has many benefits that make it ideal for those seeking spiritual protection and inner transformation.

Here are some of the ways in which Rose Quartz helps:

- Promotes self love

- Enhances compassion towards others

- Encourages forgiveness

- Supports emotional balance

The gentle energy of Rose Quartz gently encourages us to open our hearts and let go of limiting beliefs or patterns that no longer serve us. This allows us to access our deepest wisdom as we heal emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Experiencing greater joy and peace within ourselves can help us live a fuller, richer life filled with authentic expression.


Coincidentally, right after reading about rose quartz, I was immediately drawn to the crystal of citrine. It is a powerful gemstone that is said to bring inner strength and clarity. This yellow-orange stone often known as 'the merchant's stone' or 'success stone', has been used for centuries in crystal healing.

The power of this crystal is believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and success into one’s life. Citrine can be worn in jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets; it also looks beautiful when placed on display around your home or office. When held during meditation practices or energy work sessions, many people have experienced its empowering effects on their mental state.

One way to integrate citrine into everyday life is by carrying it with you while going through daily activities - the positive vibrations will seep out from the pocket where it resides! It’s important to remember that crystals are only part of the equation: together with other self-care habits like exercise and healthy eating they can amplify our personal growth journey.

Citrine encourages us to stay grounded even if we feel overwhelmed and helps us find our inner strength so that we can confidently take steps towards achieving our goals.


Fluorite is a powerful stone for developing inner strength and mental clarity. It encourages balance, clear thinking and enhances our mental stamina. This crystal helps to improve concentration, increase decision-making capabilities, and manage chaotic situations more easily.

Fluorite has the ability to ground and absorb excess energy from its environment while increasing positive energy within it. When used in energy healing or meditation practices, fluorite can bring stability and focus by helping us tap into our inner power.

In addition, this crystal also helps enhance intuition making it an invaluable tool when trying to make decisions with confidence. As part of your spiritual practice, using fluorite will help you stay grounded even during times of stress.

All these qualities make fluorite an ideal choice for anyone looking to boost their self-esteem and gain greater insight into themselves.

Japa Mala Beads

Now we will explore Japa Mala Beads, which are a powerful form of meditation and healing. These beads have been used for centuries in Hinduism and Buddhism to help practitioners focus their thoughts on mantras during prayer or yoga practice.

Japa mala beads work by providing an object to focus on while repeating the mantra over and over again until you reach a meditative state. These crystal mala beads come in many forms, including traditional 108-bead strands as well as power mala beads with gemstones that correspond with certain intentions or desires.

Each stone has its own unique properties depending upon the type of energy it radiates, such as protection from negative energies or promoting inner peace. Using japa mala beads is a great way to cultivate mental clarity and spiritual awareness within yourself through meditation. They can also be worn around your neck or wrist like jewelry, reminding you to stay connected with your highest self throughout the day.

Here are some benefits of using japa malas:

  • Promotes mental clarity & mindfulness during meditation
  • Increases vibrational energy levels & releases stress
  • Enhances concentration & stillness of mind during yoga practice

In short, japa mala beads provide an effective tool for practicing spiritual practices such as yoga or meditation, allowing us to access our higher states of consciousness more quickly and easily than ever before!

Black Tourmaline

It has powerful metaphysical properties associated with it, including grounding out any kind of negative vibes in the environment or even within one's own self. This makes it an ideal crystal for inner strength.

The healing benefits of black tourmaline are quite numerous.What's more, black tourmaline resonates deeply with the root chakra which gives it additional power when used during meditation or other spiritual practices. Its meaning also includes a sense of safety and security in times of distress and confusion; allowing us to trust ourselves and find the courage to move forward through difficult situations while still feeling safe.

Black tourmaline crystals can provide incredible protection both externally and internally; making them highly sought after stones for those looking to strengthen their inner fortitude and build resilience against adversity.


Obsidian is an incredibly powerful stone that can help to promote inner power, emotional stability and spiritual balance. The dark glass-like quality of Obsidian makes it highly effective at shielding the wearer from negative energy and cultivating mental clarity.

It's believed to be a strong protective force against witchery, evil intentions and malicious spirits. When I'm in need of extra strength or courage, I love using obsidian for its ability to help me stay centered and balanced during challenging times. The energies associated with this crystal are known to stimulate awareness on all levels—physical, intellectual and spiritual—which helps foster greater connection to self-knowledge.

This kind of growth brings about deep changes over time as we come into alignment with our true nature. With these shifts comes increased confidence and deeper understanding of who we are as individuals and how we fit within the greater whole.

When harnessed correctly, obsidian has the potential to do wondrous things: helping us become more mindful in our thoughts, feelings and actions; uncovering hidden talents; connecting us more deeply with our intuition; fortifying our spirit so that we may walk through life knowing ourselves better than ever before.

Smoky Quartz

Do you ever feel like life is weighing heavily upon your shoulders? If so, smoky quartz crystals could be the answer to finding inner strength. This unique crystal has a calming energy that can bring grounding and balance during difficult times.

Here are four ways in which smoky quartz can help you cultivate more inner strength:

  1. Crystals for Healing - Smoky quartz has been used throughout history as part of many healing rituals. It's believed that this stone can help purify negative energies within us and promote physical & emotional well-being.
  2. Grounding Energy - By connecting with the earth’s vibrations, it helps to reduce stress levels and promotes feelings of calmness. Additionally, this crystal encourages focus and clarity when making decisions or facing challenges.
  3. Meditation Practice - Meditating with smoky quartz can help open up our chakras while providing protection from outside influences. This powerful combination provides great support when trying to access inner strength reserves.
  4. Crystal Grids - Placing multiple pieces of smoky quartz together creates an energy grid which amplifies its power exponentially! Set up grids around your home or workspace to create positive vibes whenever needed – even if it’s just taking five minutes out of the day to check in with yourself mentally and emotionally before tackling further tasks at hand.

The use of smoky quartz for increasing one's inner strength is both ancient and modern, proving its timeless effectiveness over generations past and present alike! With regular practice, these powerful stones will make sure that no matter what life throws at us, we have all the tools necessary to stay balanced and centered on our paths towards success, peace & prosperity.


Peridot is a powerful crystal that's been used to bring inner strength and healing properties, both physical and spiritual. It has the power to boost confidence, protect against negativity and attract positive energies. Its metaphysical properties are believed to help those seeking peace of mind or looking for emotional balance.

Peridot can provide protection from negative influences while still allowing us to remain open to potential change. This crystal also provides clarity when making decisions by helping us find our true path in life and stay focused on it despite any obstacles we may face. It encourages self-acceptance, courage and motivation so we feel empowered enough to go after what we want without fear of failure.

The energy from peridot helps with mental clarity as well as understanding people better which makes communication easier. Peridot brings an overall feeling of joy by lifting our spirits and keeping us in alignment with our higher self. Whenever you need a little extra support or strength during difficult times, carry your peridot closeby for its calming effects and ability to remove blockages that keep you stuck in cycles of worry or doubt.


Selenite is an incredible crystal that offers us inner strength and emotional healing. As the moonlight of crystals, selenite has been used for centuries to represent spiritual growth and physical healing. It's no surprise why many people turn to this luminescent stone in times of need. Its powerful light can bring about profound transformation on both a mental and spiritual level.

Here are some ways to harness its energy:

* Emotional Healing

* Letting go of fear and anxiety

* Releasing negative emotions

* Connecting with your higher self

* Spiritual Growth

* Enhancing intuition

* Opening up new pathways for communication with spirit guides

* Clearing energetic blockages from chakras or aura

* Physical Healing

* Strengthening bones, teeth, nails, hair, and skin

* Balancing hormones & digestion issues

Selenite is capable of infusing us with inner strength while cleansing our mind-body connection. Its soft yet radiant light helps provide clarity during difficult moments and encourages us to explore our own personal power within. With patience and time, it allows us to embrace our authentic selves so we may live life fully present and content!


Next up in the crystal healing journey is Carnelian. This orange-hued stone brings with it a fiery energy that will help bring passion and creativity into your life. It can be used to boost courage, confidence, and inner strength. The carnelian gemstone has been known for its healing properties since ancient times.

People believe that this vibrant crystal offers protection against negative energies and helps promote self-confidence. When worn as jewelry, carnelian is said to increase physical stamina and mental clarity while promoting good luck and fortune.

Carnelian also works on an emotional level, bringing joy to those who are feeling down or overwhelmed by negativity. Its uplifting vibrations help us connect more deeply with our passions, allowing us to express ourselves fully without fear of judgment from others. Additionally, the carnelian benefits include helping us break through blocks that keep us from achieving our goals and manifesting our dreams into reality.

Whether you're looking for increased motivation or just want to feel inspired again, incorporating carnelian into your daily routine could be exactly what you need! With its powerful healing capabilities and beautiful coloration, this precious gemstone is sure to fill your life with positive vibes.


I am a big fan of using crystals for inner strength and one crystal I particularly love is Aventurine. It’s known as the ‘stone of opportunity’ because it helps bring luck, abundance, and success into your life. This stone has healing properties too; it can help to clear away blockages and balance emotions.

When you look at Aventurine, you usually see beautiful green stones with flecks of gold which sparkle in the light. Green Aventurine is often used when working on matters related to heart chakra energy or money issues due to its powerful connection to manifesting our desires. Wearing jewelry made from this crystal also amplifies its benefits - making it easier to reap the rewards of this incredible gemstone!

The meaning behind Aventurine reflects its appearance: It symbolizes vitality and growth, encouraging us to continue striving towards our goals even during challenging times. Its calming energy brings emotional stability so we can take action without fear or worry holding us back.

So if you're looking for a crystal that will bring good fortune while helping maintain inner peace, then Aventurine should be your go-to choice!

Lapis Lazuli

The next crystal for inner strength is Lapis Lazuli. This crystal has long been used as a symbol of royalty and power, with its deep royal blue coloring that resembles the night sky. Its calming peaceful energy can help to balance emotions and increase courage and focus- perfect when dealing with stress or anxiety.

Lapis Lazuli also contains flecks of pyrite which are said to bring out its healing properties even further; it helps amplify any intentions set while using this stone in meditation. It's believed that wearing lapis lazuli will protect you from negative energies, making it an ideal stone for anyone looking to strengthen their mental well-being.

One way to use Lapis Lazuli is by combining it with Chalcedony stones; together they create a powerful combination for emotional balance and clarity. Setting your intention before meditating with both stones can be incredibly beneficial in helping achieve inner peace and true self confidence.

Whether worn on the body or kept close by, this pairing is great for providing emotional comfort during difficult times.


Hematite is a powerful crystal that can help provide inner strength, spiritual protection and grounding energy. It helps to balance emotions by promoting courage and confidence within oneself. By helping to bring stability in life, it can also help protect against external influences while encouraging us to remain focused on our own intentions.

It is believed that Hematite absorbs negative energies from the environment and provides emotional strength when facing difficult situations or decisions. The stone has been used for centuries as an aid in meditation due to its ability to ground and protect the spirit during deep contemplation.

This quality helps one stay connected with their true purpose without being distracted by outside forces.

Tigers Eye

Have you ever wanted to feel a sense of inner strength and protection? Tigers Eye is a powerful crystal that can bring these feelings into your life. Here's what you need to know about tigers eye benefits, healing properties, metaphysical qualities, and meaning.

Tigers Eye has been used for centuries as an intentional tool for manifesting personal power in the physical world. It is believed to have strong energy vibrations that can be accessed when placed on the body or held close during meditation. The stone itself is usually composed of quartz, gold-colored iron oxide, and other minerals which give it its unique striped pattern - resembling the eyes of a tiger!

Its color ranges from deep golden browns to lighter shades of yellowish orange. When working with this crystal, one should tap into its grounding energies through visualizations or affirmations. This can help you focus on your desired outcome while also providing additional clarity regarding any difficult decisions or thoughts.

Additionally, its protective powers are said to ward off negative energy and promote emotional stability by allowing us to remain focused on our goals without fear or doubt clouding our judgement. In addition, many people believe that tigers eye provides insight into ourselves and others by helping us recognize patterns in behavior that may not be obvious at first glance.


I have always been drawn to the beautiful and deep red color of Garnet. This powerful crystal has a variety of healing properties, which makes it one of my favorites when I need some inner strength. Garnet is known for its strong connections with spiritual energies that can help align our chakras and support us through times of stress or difficulty.

It has a reputation as a stone of protection, helping to keep negative energy away from us while providing stability during challenging moments in life. The various metaphysical meanings associated with garnet are believed to be very beneficial for anyone looking for emotional balance in their lives.

The ability of Garnet to restore harmony and peace within ourselves gives me hope and comfort when I am feeling overwhelmed by anxiety or fear. Its healing properties provide an immense sense of security and courage, allowing me to face any challenge that comes my way without hesitation.

By connecting with this stunning crystal, we can find the internal resources necessary to succeed in anything we set out to do.


Onyx has been used in crystal healing practices since ancient times. In some cultures, it was even believed that this crystal could protect its wearer from negative energies or evil spirits.

Today, many people still use Onyx as part of their own personal healing journey. By wearing or carrying Onyx, one can benefit from its grounding energy and protection from negativity, leading to greater inner strength overall.

The dark black color of Onyx helps to bring feelings of calmness and peace within oneself, which in turn fosters better mental clarity and focus. When facing tough decisions or life transitions, having access to our inner strength allows us to make more informed decisions and choose what’s best for ourselves in any given situation.

Through using Onyx crystals we can discover our true potential and achieve greater emotional balance in all aspects of our lives.


Ametrine is a special type of crystal that combines amethyst and citrine in one. It has healing properties which are particularly effective when it comes to inner strength. Its grounding energy helps you feel secure, and its calming vibrations reduce stress so that you can focus on your goals.

Its presence also increases mental clarity, allowing for more positive thinking about yourself and the world around you. The more grounded and connected you become with this stone's empowering energy, the easier it will be to access your own internal power source.

When placed near any area of discomfort or struggle, Ametrine brings forth a sense of balance and courage. This gemstone gives us an opportunity to take control over our lives by providing stability through its powerful energies.

In doing so, we can create a greater understanding within ourselves which allows us to make better decisions while feeling empowered and strong from within. As we grow closer with this crystal’s soothing vibes, we are able to unlock our full potential towards finding true inner strength.


Moving on from the power of lepidolite, amber is another crystal that can bring inner strength and peace. It has many healing properties and helps to clear negative energy within a person. Amber works by protecting its user while giving them clarity and balance in their life.

When you focus your intentions with this beautiful stone, it will help provide an emotional grounding for any situation or circumstance. Amber contains fossilized tree resins which makes it one of the oldest stones known to man. Its warm yellow tones are thought to be associated with the sun’s energy, making it very powerful when used correctly.

Holding onto amber during meditation can create a powerful connection between yourself and nature, providing gentle yet effective support for personal growth. When working with amber, try wearing it as jewelry or carrying small pieces around in your pocket throughout the day so you can benefit from its protective qualities whenever needed.

This gemstone also encourages creative problem solving abilities and brings balance into your thoughts - perfect if you need some guidance on how to stay centered through difficult times.

How To Use Crystals In Everyday Life?

First, try crystal meditation. This is a great way to find inner peace and relax the mind. Place a piece of raw or tumbled crystal on your abdomen while sitting comfortably with eyes closed. Focus all your attention on the stone and allow its energy to flow through you as you meditate.You may also choose to light candles or diffuse essential oils during this time for added relaxation benefits.

Second, consider using crystals for healing purposes. Many believe that certain stones possess special properties that help restore balance within the body's natural energies. You can lay down with one placed over each chakra point or simply hold it close while focusing on what area needs healing most.

Alternatively, you could make a crystal grid if you'd like to target multiple areas at once. Finally, keep protective crystals nearby when needed. Stones such as black tourmaline are believed to block out negative influences from entering our space while encouraging positive vibes instead.

As an extra layer of defense against any kind of harm (mental or physical), place these rocks near windowsills or doorways throughout your home where they'll be able to provide their shield-like effects even when not directly held by hand!


In conclusion, crystals can be a powerful tool for inner strength. Using them to cultivate greater self-awareness and embody divine energy can help you reach your highest potential in life. When selecting the right crystal for your needs, it’s important to trust your intuition and pick one that resonates with you the most. Don’t forget to cleanse and program each crystal before using it!

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