21 Pain Relief Crystals

21 Pain Relief Crystals

Do you suffer from chronic pain? If so, you’ve likely tried many different remedies and treatments to manage it. But what if there was a natural solution that could help reduce your pain without any side effects or risk of addiction? Crystals for pain provide just such an option!

Crystals have long been used in healing circles due to their energy-giving properties. They can be placed on the body or held during meditation, allowing them to interact with the user's own energy field. For those seeking relief from physical ailments such as headaches and joint pains, crystals might offer some much needed respite.

Whether you're dealing with muscle tension or arthritis, there is likely a crystal that can offer some degree of comfort. Read on to learn about 21 amazing crystals that can help reduce pain and promote overall wellbeing - no prescription required!


I never believed in the power of crystals for pain relief until recently. When I was suffering from a bad back, my doctor suggested I try crystal healing and to my surprise, it worked! Now I'm a believer that these mysterious stones can offer natural pain relief. So what exactly is crystal healing?

Crystal therapy (or crystal healing) is based on holistic healing principles which recognize our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as interrelated parts of one whole being. It views illness or imbalance as an indication of disharmony within this greater system.

Crystal therapy works with subtle energies and vibrations to restore balance on all levels – physical, mental and spiritual – thereby creating an environment conducive to self-healing. The idea behind crystal healing is simple: different crystals possess unique properties that can interact with the body’s energy fields to bring about positive changes in health and well-being.

Each type of stone has its own set of benefits related to their individual compositions; some are known for their calming effects while others are thought to be energizing or even stimulating. By placing them strategically around your home or office space, you're able to create an atmosphere more suited to relaxation and focus - essential factors when looking for pain relief naturally!

How Crystals Work For Pain Relief

There are various types of pain relief crystals such as:

  • Quartz Crystals: These crystals amplify energy, increase focus and clarity while providing protection from negative energies. They also help restore balance to physical body systems and aid in overall well-being.
  • Amethyst: This crystal helps reduce inflammation and stress levels, improve circulation, promote relaxation and sleep, and offer pain relief for headaches or migraines.
  • Aventurine: This crystal relieves anxiety and depression symptoms, boosts self-esteem, combats fatigue and has calming effects that reduce tension headaches or neck pains.

Not only do these crystals provide physical benefits but they also tap into your spiritual side by helping you access deeper states of consciousness. Crystal therapy is said to encourage emotional growth by allowing you to work through unresolved issues on an energetic level.

By connecting with the powerful vibrations found within crystal healing stones, we open ourselves up to positive transformation that allow us to move forward with greater ease.

Benefits Of Using Crystals For Pain Relief

Reduced Anxiety & Stress - Regular use of crystals helps reduce anxiety levels, which can lead to less physical discomfort from any existing conditions or pains.

Increased Relaxation - Crystal healing can support relaxation by opening up blocked energetic pathways within your body, thus providing a sense of calmness and peace while addressing any underlying issues causing pain.

However, if used correctly and safely under supervision, crystal healing could be an excellent way to complement modern medicine to promote long term health and wellness goals!

21 Best Crystals For Pain Relief:


The majestic amethyst, the purple stone of royalty and mystique.Its energies can also be used in aura cleansing and meditation practices that help promote emotional well-being. Its beauty lies not only in its royal hue but also in the way it vibrates with the body’s own energy frequencies.

When placed on areas of soreness or tension, an amethyst will absorb negative energies from the body and replace them with soothing vibrations that bring peace and harmony within oneself. The calming effects experienced through this practice may lead to long term relief from physical and emotional suffering.

Amethyst is undoubtedly one of the most popular crystals when it comes to seeking out natural sources of pain relief, due to its potency in both physical aid and spiritual connection. Using crystals like amethyst can provide much needed comfort during times of distress while creating balance between mind, body, and soul.


Moving on from amethyst, we now explore aquamarine and its effects for pain relief. Aquamarine is a blue-green gemstone that has been used to treat physical ailments since ancient times. It’s well known for its ability to heal pain, reduce anxiety, relieve stress and balance moods. Here are four ways you can use aquamarine for pain relief:

  1. Use it as elixir - make a elixir by adding the stone in water overnight and drinking this concoction throughout the day.
  2. Place it near affected areas - place stones around any area of your body that is experiencing pain or discomfort. The energy released from the crystals will help soothe and relax those areas as they emit healing vibrations into your aura.
  3. Wear it close to your skin - wearing jewelry made with aquamarine directly against your skin helps absorb some of the crystal’s healing properties which encourages healing on both emotional and physical levels.
  4. Meditate with it - hold one or more pieces of aquamarine while meditating and focus on letting go of any tension or worries associated with the physical pain you're feeling; be open to receiving energy from the stone that will aid in relieving your suffering.

Aquamarine is a powerful tool when trying to manage chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, migraines and arthritis; its calming properties can work wonders for reducing inflammation caused by these conditions too! So if you struggle with frequent bouts of pain, consider giving aquamarine a try; who knows, maybe it could provide much needed relief!

Rose Quartz

I have always been drawn to the beauty of rose quartz. It's a stunning crystal with its soft pink color and smooth texture that brings an instant feeling of calmness. Rose quartz has long been believed to possess healing properties, both in metaphysical and spiritual healing.

This gemstone is often associated with unconditional love, warmth, comfort, emotional well-being and balance. It is said that when worn or held close, rose quartz can help one connect more deeply with their feelings and emotions allowing for greater self-awareness as well as inner peace. If placed around the home it can bring harmony among family members and create a space of positive energy.

Even just looking at this stone can evoke powerful emotions of joy, compassion, forgiveness and understanding which are essential components in any type of emotional healing journey. In addition to its physical beauty, rose quartz offers many benefits on all levels - mental, spiritual and physical - making it a wonderful choice if you’re seeking relief from pain or suffering in any form.


Amber is a fossilized tree resin that has been used for centuries as an aid in physical, mental and spiritual healing. It contains within it an energy that carries with it strong grounding and calming effects which are beneficial to those who use it. Amber can be worn as jewelry or held during meditation to help relieve stress and anxiety.

The warmth of the amber against your skin will also work to bring balance and harmony into your life. This stone helps you ground yourself and find inner peace while promoting creativity and self-confidence. Furthermore, wearing amber jewelry can act as a reminder throughout the day to stay mindful and focused.

The energies contained within this gemstone have many benefits including increased vitality, improved circulation, pain relief, faster recovery time after surgery or illness, enhanced communication skills, better sleep patterns, boosted immune system functionality and improved digestion. All these properties make amber extremely useful when trying to heal various ailments either physically or emotionally.

Its golden hue adds beauty to any ensemble and its positive energy makes it perfect for anyone looking for a gentle way to boost their moods and well-being!


Fluorite is a popular choice for those seeking pain relief through crystal healing. Fluorite is thought to have protective properties that shield us from negative influences like stress or anxiety. Placing fluorite in different areas of your home could help protect you from any unwanted energies while promoting feelings of clarity and peace.

Furthermore, this crystal can aid in purifying the aura by removing toxic energy buildup and restoring harmony within yourself. In addition to using it for pain relief purposes, many people use fluorite as a tool for meditation due to its ability to heighten focus and clear away mental blocks.

Using fluorite crystals can be incredibly uplifting when dealing with difficult emotions related to physical ailments or life circumstances. Simply having one around your person may open up new pathways towards self-discovery while allowing you to get back into alignment with your highest truth.

Working with this particular crystal will leave you feeling recharged and ready to tackle whatever comes your way!


Leaping from the last section about Fluorite, we will now explore hematite and its potential for pain relief. Hematite is a dark-colored metallic crystal that shines when polished, like liquid silver.

Hematite is believed to have special properties regarding pain relief. When placed around the area of discomfort or over pulse points on the body, it may help reduce inflammation and provide calming sensations throughout your system. Additionally, many practitioners of crystal healing suggest using hematite during meditation as a way to draw away any lingering negativity while allowing positive energy to come through.

It’s important to note that although crystals are often associated with certain benefits such as stress reduction or improved wellbeing, they should not replace professional healthcare advice or treatments prescribed by medical professionals. However, if you feel drawn towards implementing this form of energetic medicine into your life - whether for enhanced self-care or in pursuit of personal growth - consider exploring how hematite could work for you!

Lapis Lazuli

Unlike other stones, though, it's not just physical ailments that can benefit from lapis lazuli – this crystal also helps with emotional and spiritual healing too. Here are some key points about how lapis lazuli can help in relieving pain:

  1. Lapis Lazuli promotes relaxation which in turn reduces stress levels – reducing the severity of aches and pains caused by tension or anxiety.
  2. It encourages self-awareness and supports clear communication making it easier to express feelings of discomfort so they can be better understood and treated more effectively.
  3. The high vibration associated with lapis lazuli also works to open up blocked energy pathways allowing for deeper healing on an energetic level. As well as aiding physical pain relief, lapis lazuli is said to have many additional benefits when used for mental and spiritual wellbeing—it facilitates inner peace and stimulates creativity, insight, intuition, courage, compassion and wisdom.

It’s even thought to encourage positive thinking which can bring further comfort during times of difficulty or distress. For those looking for a holistic approach to managing their chronic pain issues then adding lapis lazuli into any crystal healing regimen could prove very beneficial indeed!


Moonstone is a powerful crystal for pain relief. It has been used for centuries as a stone of healing and stress relief, and it can be especially beneficial for physical ailments related to anxiety or emotional pains.

Moonstone encourages the release of pent-up energy that can cause pain and discomfort in the body. When placed on an affected area, moonstone brings about feelings of comfort and relaxation by helping to balance hormones and reduce inflammation.

This beautiful gemstone is not only known for its healing powers but also its ability to bring luck into one’s life. Wearing this crystal during times of difficulty can promote courage and clarity while allowing us the opportunity to take control over our own destiny.

With all these benefits combined, it’s no wonder why so many people have turned towards moonstone for their needs in pain healing, stress relief and more!


The power of Obsidian is like a black diamond - beautiful and mysterious. Its shimmering surface can breach the darkness, allowing us to cast away our fears and worries. The ancient stone has long been used for its spiritual healing properties, providing pain relief and stress relief in times of emotional trauma.

This majestic crystal is said to open up pathways that lead to greater self-awareness and personal growth.

Let’s explore how this powerful gemstone can help you find solace:

* Physical Healing: It helps relieve physical pain, as well as inflammation, headaches and migraines.

* Emotional Relief: This stone provides protection from negative energies and brings balance into your life. It also helps clear out any blockages in your system so that energy may flow freely throughout your body.

* Spiritual Awakening: Obsidian stimulates spiritual awakening by creating an environment conducive for insight and clarity of thought.

Obsidian encourages reflection on oneself without judgment or fear, helping one move through difficult feelings with grace and ease. With regular use of this magical crystal during meditation or daily activities, it’s possible to unlock hidden potential within yourself that will bring about profound transformation in all aspects of life.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is like a miracle for those who suffer from chronic pain. It has been used for centuries in energy healing and crystal healing, helping to reduce the intensity of physical discomfort. This powerful gemstone works quickly and efficiently on any kind of ache or pain, providing almost instant relief!

Its dark earthy tone resonates with your body’s natural energies, allowing them to flow freely throughout while relieving tension and soreness. The smoky quartz also holds protective properties that can help keep negative influences away and shield you against further harm.

When worn as jewelry or placed near where one sleeps, it creates an aura of safety around you so that your energy field remains intact despite being exposed to hostile environments. Utilizing these qualities makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to experience lasting pain-relief without having to rely totally on medication. This magnificent stone helps realign your mind, body and soul - all three components are necessary if you want true comfort from suffering due to illness or injury.

Smoky Quartz will work in tandem with other crystals too; using both in combination allows for more effective results when dealing with severe conditions such as cancer or arthritis. Allowing this magical stone into your life may just be what you need to finally get some much needed restful sleep and find respite from long term agony once again!

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a popular crystal for pain relief.The golden-brown hue of Tiger’s Eye gives off positive vibrations that can assist in relieving any discomforts caused by stress or anxiety. Its energies are thought to focus on grounding our emotions so we can make clear decisions instead of acting out from fear or frustration.

When we use this particular crystal in combination with other stones during a session of crystal healing, its effects will be amplified greatly due to its ability to absorb negative energies and transform them into something more beneficial.

In addition to providing comfort from numerous kinds of discomfort, Tiger’s Eye also helps us remain focused and motivated towards achieving our goals – no matter how difficult they may seem at times!


Agate healing is renowned for its ability to bring balance and harmony, soothe anxieties, reduce stress and tension, as well as bringing physical strength and emotional security. Due to its powerful properties and meaning, agate can be used in many ways when it comes to relieving pain.

Agate’s healing powers come from several different sources - firstly because of its beautiful appearance; secondly due to its qualities which absorb negative energy; thirdly there are also metaphysical properties that make it a great stone for manifesting health.

The unique combination of these three aspects makes agate an incredibly effective crystal for dealing with all types of pains, both physical and psychological. It's possible to use agate in various forms such as wearing jewelry or carrying a piece around in your pocket or purse. Additionally, placing agate stones near the area where you experience pain or discomfort can often provide immediate relief.

However, regardless of how you choose to work with this incredible crystal one thing remains certain – if done right, agate can have profound effects on our wellbeing!


The deep red hue of this gemstone symbolizes its power - which is why it's sometimes referred to as 'the warrior’s stone'. This makes it ideal for anyone facing difficult challenges in life who need extra inner strength.

In fact, its calming effect can even reduce stress levels while helping with clarity of thought. Furthermore, bloodstone has strong grounding properties which promote connection with the Earth element thus enabling one to access higher wisdom within.

In summary, bloodstone is incredibly versatile due to its ability to provide both physical and spiritual healing benefits. Not only does it offer natural pain relief but it can also help restore harmony on all levels by protecting against negative energies and promoting positive energy instead.

Additionally, its powerful vibration works wonders for restoring equilibrium between mind, body and spirit making bloodstone one of the most popular healing stones among crystal healers today!


Turquoise is a beautiful healing crystal with powerful abilities to bring pain relief and spiritual healing. It's often thought of as the master healer, aiding in physical ailments such as headaches, sore throats, and even stomachaches.

In addition to its physical healing properties, turquoise has been used for centuries for its metaphysical qualities. Its calming energy helps reduce stress and anxiety while providing emotional stability. The soothing blue color of turquoise can be incredibly helpful when it comes to releasing negative emotions like anger or fear that may be causing us discomfort or pain.

This crystal encourages self-reflection and assists in connecting one’s intuition with their higher power. Turquoise brings about clarity in our thoughts and ideas which allows for better decision making. When using this crystal for pain relief, it’s important to set an intention before beginning your practice so that you establish what type of healing benefits you are looking to receive from the crystal.

Wear jewelry containing turquoise close to your skin throughout the day, hold a piece during meditation sessions or place pieces around your home - all these methods will allow you to experience the full potential of this wonderful crystal!

Black Tourmaline

Well, it seems that Turquoise isn't the only crystal out there for pain relief. There is another powerful healing crystal called Black Tourmaline. It has been used by many people in various cultures over time to bring balance and harmony back into their lives.

When using black tourmaline for healing crystals and pain relief, be sure to take some quiet moments alone with the stone before beginning the process of clearing away any blockages and allowing positive vibrations to flow through you.

With that said, if you are feeling overwhelmed due to physical ailments or emotional stressors then this particular crystal could certainly help provide solace amidst all that chaos. It promotes inner strength and peace within its owner which makes them able to tackle anything without fear or doubt - even chronic pains!

So if turquoise doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, why not give black tourmaline a try? This unique gemstone may just be what you need to reduce those annoying aches and pains while promoting an overall sense of calmness throughout your day-to-day activities.

Give it a shot – who knows what wonders await beyond its mysterious depths?

Green Aventurine

When using this green stone for healing purposes, I find that it works best when held or placed directly on my skin where I'm feeling the pain. The sensation is like having a cool tingle running through your body - very comforting!

Additionally, if you have trouble sleeping due to physical or emotional stress associated with pain, then placing some green aventurine near your bedside might just do the trick. Green aventurines are incredibly versatile crystals; they can be worn as jewelry or incorporated into meditations and other forms of spiritual practice.

However you choose to use them in your life, their soothing energy will bring much comfort and peace in times of discomfort and distress.


Selenite is a type of healing crystal that can be used to bring about pain relief and emotional balance.

  1. It helps to clear energy blockages - The high vibration of this crystal helps to remove any energetic blocks between the mind and body which could be causing pain or discomfort.
  2. It promotes relaxation – By restoring a sense of peace within the body, selenite can help relieve tension from muscle spasms and other chronic pains.
  3. It encourages positive emotions – This mineral also works as an effective mood stabilizer by promoting feelings of joy and hope, thus allowing us to better cope with difficult situations such as physical pain.

The use of selenite in conjunction with other healing crystals can provide additional benefits for those suffering from chronic pain or emotional distress. With its calming vibrations and subtle yet powerful energies, this pale white stone is an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their levels of physical or psychological discomfort.


Malachite is a beautiful crystal known for its ability to aid with pain relief and emotional healing. It's often used in crystal healing practices to help relieve stress, emotional trauma and physical pain. Malachite has the power to absorb negative energy, protect against radiation and even purify water!

The rich green coloring of malachite is associated with both money and health. This stone can be helpful when dealing with financial issues, as it may encourage abundance and prosperity. It also carries strong spiritual powers that can bring about balance within one’s life.

The calming vibration of this stone encourages restful sleep, which can then lead to an overall feeling of well-being. When using malachite for pain relief or emotional healing, keep it close by your body so its vibrations are easily absorbed into your aura. You might want to place it on the affected area directly or use it during meditation sessions.

Whatever method you choose, remember that crystals work best when combined with positive affirmations and other forms of holistic healing such as yoga or aromatherapy.


It's as if the stars have aligned and sent us a gift from heaven - Kyanite. This beautiful crystal is like a soothing balm for our pain, literally radiating its calming energy to relieve physical discomfort.

Kyanite provides many benefits when it comes to relieving pain:

- It helps reduce inflammation

- It can aid in alleviating physical stress such as muscle tension

- It helps balance energies in the body for better overall health

Crystal healing has been used throughout history to treat various ailments, including chronic pain. The elemental force of kyanite is particularly powerful when it comes to reducing symptoms associated with pain. Its high vibration encourages the user to take deep breaths and relax into the moment rather than clinging onto their suffering.

By shifting one’s perspective on their condition, they are able to release any negative emotions that could be exacerbating the issue. In addition, this stone offers protection against outside influence or interference so one can focus solely on their healing journey without being distracted by external factors.

This gemstone promotes clarity of thought which further enhances its ability to provide relief from physical distress while also allowing us access to higher realms of consciousness where we may receive spiritual guidance and deeper insight into what needs to be healed.

As such, kyanite serves as an excellent ally in helping us move through periods of intense pain and back towards a place of greater wellbeing and peace.


This crystal helps to clear negative energies from your body as well as providing an uplifting feeling when worn or placed on the body.It also helps to balance the chakras which may lead to improved overall health over time.

When it comes to crystal healing, sugilite is thought to have powerful properties that can help reduce stress levels and improve clarity of mind. Additionally, its soothing vibrations are believed to bring peace and harmony into one's life – all while aiding in any type of spiritual journey they may be taking part in.

All these benefits taken together make sugilite a great choice if you're looking for crystals for pain relief or energy healing. So why not explore what sugilite has in store for you? With its calming vibrations and energizing properties it could just be the perfect fit!


Chrysocolla is a powerful crystal for pain relief that offers some of the most extraordinary healing properties. It's no exaggeration to say it can be nothing short of miraculous when used correctly and consistently! Often referred to as “the Stone of Communication”, chrysocolla has been used in crystal healing practices since ancient times to help those suffering from physical or emotional distress.

Its energy works on both the mental and spiritual levels, helping one to clear away negativity while opening up paths for communication with others. Physically speaking, its analgesic effects have been known to greatly reduce inflammation, soothe muscle tension, improve circulation and stimulate cell regeneration—all contributing factors in providing lasting pain relief.

Not only does it work through traditional methods such as massage therapy or aromatherapy but also through energy-based healing modalities like Reiki or meditation. When applied directly over an affected area (preferably with a gemstone wand), chrysocolla can penetrate deep into the tissue layers and disperse any blockages that may be causing dis-ease or discomfort.

The sheer beauty of this stone alone will bring about feelings of peace and joy—a reminder that we are surrounded by life force energy whenever we need it! Whether you're seeking physical comfort from chronic aches and pains or just looking for a little extra support during challenging times, chrysocolla is an excellent tool for restoring balance within your body, mind, heart and spirit.


Like choosing the right tool out of a box full of options, it takes time to find the perfect fit when selecting crystals for healing purposes. Once you identify which one works best for you, its power is similar to a key unlocking an old door - it will open up possibilities for greater health and well-being.

At the end of the day, no matter which type of crystal you choose, remember that these stones are not miracle workers; they simply act as powerful facilitators in our journey towards bettering ourselves and overcoming any struggles we might face along the way.

Just like a faithful companion walking alongside us during tough times, these crystals offer gentle guidance so that we can continue growing spiritually and emotionally - one step at a time.

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