22 Crystals for Healing Depression

22 Crystals for Healing Depression

Are you feeling emotionally drained?Or maybe experienced periods of depression that seem never ending?

From calming amethyst to protective black tourmaline, these stones offer profound support during times of emotional stress. No matter what kind of emotional wound needs healing, there is sure to be a crystal that resonates strongly with your unique energy signature.

So if you're ready to take charge of your own well-being and journey towards inner peace, read on as we explore the top 22 best crystals for emotional healing!

Definition of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an ancient practice that uses the power of crystals to promote emotional and physical wellbeing. It involves placing specific crystals on or around a person's body in order to draw out negative energy and create a positive, supportive environment.

The first step when using crystals for emotional healing is selecting the right stone for you. Different stones have different properties so it’s important to research each one before making your decision. Certain stones are better suited for certain types of emotional healing; some may be better at calming nerves while others will help clear away blockages from past traumas.

Additionally, make sure you choose a stone with colors that resonate with you – this could mean choosing pink-hued rose quartz if you need unconditional love or deep blue sodalite if you're seeking inner peace and tranquility. Once you've chosen your crystal, there are several ways to use them for maximum benefit. You can keep them near you during meditations or visualization exercises or place them directly onto areas where they feel comfortable - such as over the heart chakra area (middle chest) or third eye chakra point (forehead).

You could also wear your stones throughout the day as jewelry or simply hold them in your hands while focusing on their healing energies. Whatever method you choose to use crystals for emotional healing, remember: trust in your intuition and allow yourself to open up to the experience!

Benefits Of Crystals For Emotional Healing

Crystals are believed to hold powerful vibrational energies that can be used to bring about emotional clarity and peace. For example, rose quartz is known as ‘the love stone’ and its properties can be used to invite self-love, calm anxiety and heal heartache. Similarly, amethyst helps connect us with our intuition while smoky quartz absorbs negative energy and protects us from external influences.

Other popular choices for promoting emotional balance include citrine, lapis lazuli and fluorite. Whichever type of crystal you choose it will come with its own unique set of healing crystal benefits. With the right practice and regular use these crystals can help support your journey towards inner growth, mental clarity and an improved sense of wellbeing.

Allowing yourself time to relax with your chosen crystals each day can really make a difference in how you approach challenges or difficult situations. As well as helping restore physical harmony they also provide insight into our unconscious thoughts so we can gain greater understanding around deeper issues in our lives.

Using crystals as part of your daily routine is an effective way to nurture your emotional state; giving you the tools needed to maintain a positive outlook on life even during tough times.

How To Use Crystals For Healing Purposes

I'm sure you've heard of crystal healing and how it can help with emotional healing. It's not just about crystals, but their usage for spiritual healing as well. When used correctly, crystals possess powerful healing properties that can transform your life!

Using a crystal for healing purposes is easier than you think. To get started, pick out the crystal that resonates most with you. Once you have chosen one, hold it in your hands while focusing on your intentions and breathing deeply. Visualize yourself surrounded by white light and ask that any blocks to your peace be removed.

Let go of all negativity and imagine yourself radiating love, joy, and calmness. Now its time to move onto placing the crystal around your body or space in order to work towards achieving your specific goal - like emotional balance or inner strength. Place the stone near areas where you feel drawn such as over the heart chakra or third eye area (forehead).

22 Crystal for Emotional Healing:

  1. Malachite

Malachite is another powerful crystal for emotional healing. It has the ability to help release deep-seated stress and anxiety that can be caused by any number of factors in life. Malachite helps bring relief by helping you work through difficult emotions, while also providing protection against negative energy and vibrations.

It encourages positive thoughts and feelings so that you can focus on your emotional healing journey with more clarity.By gently encouraging change, malachite assists in releasing stuck energy and creating space for new possibilities and opportunities in our lives. When using this crystal, it’s important to remember that its power lies in its ability to aid us in discovering our true self and uncovering hidden potential within ourselves.

To get the most out of its properties, hold onto a piece during meditation or place it near your bed at night to promote restful sleep free of worry or fear. With regular use of malachite over time, we can find the courage needed to heal emotionally and open up a world of joy and abundance once again.

  1. Carnelian

Moving on from Amazonite, Carnelian is a powerful stone for emotional healing. It's an energizing and stabilizing crystal that can help to restore vitality and motivation. Carnelian also helps to stimulate creativity, courage and compassion. This vibrant orange-red crystal has been used since ancient times to protect against envy, fear and rage.

Carnelian works by removing negative energy or emotions like anger, depression, grief or anxiety. It's believed that the effects of this stone go beyond just physical healing - it can even help with mental clarity and spiritual wellbeing. The vibrations of carnelian work to balance the body’s energies so that we feel more grounded and in control of our lives.

The benefits of using carnelian for emotional healing are many; it promotes positivity, encourages self-expression, increases confidence and inner strength all while helping us stay focused on our goals. Like any other crystal, Carnelian should be cleansed regularly to ensure its effectiveness remains strong.

So if you're looking for a way to heal emotionally then consider adding some carnelian into your daily routine!

  1. Amethyst

Amethyst, the beautiful violet gemstone, has been known to be a powerful crystal for emotional healing. With its calming and comforting properties, this stone is often used as an aid in restoring balance to the body and spirit. It helps to clear away negative energy from our lives while also providing us with clarity.

 Those who are looking for spiritual guidance or insight often turn to amethyst when seeking answers. The uses of amethyst go far beyond just emotional healing; it has many other benefits as well. Its deep purple color symbolizes wisdom and courage, making it a popular choice among those wishing to increase their inner strength and knowledge.

Amethyst can help protect against psychic attacks, enhance creativity and intuition, reduce stress levels, improve communication skills, promote positive dreams and meditations, attract love into one's life, and more! The meaning behind the stone is that of transformation - by working with its energies we can achieve great personal growth and changes in our lives.

When carrying or wearing an amethyst piece close to your heart you will feel surrounded by protective energies which support your journey towards emotional stability and peace of mind. Let its tranquil vibration soothe any worries or anxieties you may have about yourself or your situation. Allow its gentle light to guide you on your path toward self-discovery and joy.

  1. Citrine

Moving on from Amethyst, Citrine is another great crystal for emotional healing. It's a powerful stone that carries the power of the sun and promotes joy, happiness and optimism. The positive energy it emits helps to break any negative cycles in your life - making it an effective tool for overcoming depression, stress or anxiety.

Citrine has several unique healing properties:

  1. It encourages self-expression – which can help you to find inner peace and clarity when dealing with emotions like anger or fear.
  2. It amplifies creativity – giving you the courage to explore new ideas and directions without being weighed down by doubts or worries.
  3. It boosts confidence – allowing you to tackle difficult situations head-on while feeling more capable of achieving success.

By working with this crystal regularly, its healing energies can be used to bring balance back into your life and give you a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Citrine not only brings lightness and ease into stressful situations but also strengthens your connection to yourself as well as providing mental clarity so that difficult choices may be made easier.

  1. Turquoise

It's believed to bring tranquility, harmony, and balance into one’s life when worn or held close to the body. The energy of this stone can help ease stress and anxiety as well as provide physical healing benefits.

Many people wear turquoise jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets to reap these powerful benefits. Healing turquoise is known to soothe negative emotions while enhancing positive energies like love and joy.When looking for crystals for emotional healing, turquoise should be at the top of your list!

Its unique properties make it ideal for helping you find emotional balance in difficult situations while providing physical healing along the way.

  1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the quintessential crystal for emotional healing. It has a gentle, soothing and calming energy that radiates from its soft pink hue. Its beauty alone can bring about a sense of peace in anyone who gazes upon it. This precious stone resonates with the heart chakra, which helps to open up one’s capacity to receive love energy into their being.

This special crystal holds the power to heal the wounds of the past, providing comfort and an overall feeling of contentment within oneself. Rose quartz awakens compassion and unconditional love within us all; it encourages forgiveness and understanding between ourselves and those we share our lives with.

As such, this crystal aids in creating strong connections - both with ourselves and others - by allowing us to tap into our own hearts more deeply. Through rose quartz’s ability to help us recognize our own value as well as respect for others, it enables us to nurture relationships that are based on trust and harmony rather than fear or resentment.

Working with this crystal allows us to develop healthier coping mechanisms when facing difficult emotions so we may move forward in life without holding onto pain or anger from our experiences. Thus, we may live fully present while surrounded by increased feelings of inner peace, self-love and acceptance.

  1. Clear Quartz

Moving on from rose quartz, let's discuss the power of clear quartz. Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal for emotional healing and spiritual growth. It can help to bring clarity and understanding into our lives. This crystal carries an energy that helps us to better access our own inner wisdom and intuition.

Using clear quartz can help to balance your emotions, allowing you to feel more centered and grounded while dealing with difficult situations or times of intense stress. The crystal carries a high vibration which can help raise your personal frequency, leading to greater mental clarity and improved decision making skills.

These same qualities make clear quartz great for use in any type of energy work such as Reiki, meditation or even dream work. By bringing harmony between body, mind and spirit, we are able to tap into higher states of consciousness which allow us to experience deeper levels of self-awareness and ultimately gain insight into how best to heal ourselves emotionally.

Working with this stone during these practices can lead not only to enhanced emotional wellbeing but also spiritual growth on all levels too!

  1. Moonstone

Moonstone is one of the best crystals for emotional healing. It has long been considered a magical stone that brings balance and harmony to those who use it in their spiritual practice or crystal healing rituals. Moonstone helps to promote feelings of calmness, peace and inner strength.

This crystal can be used to restore mental clarity while providing a sense of comfort during times of stress and anxiety. The energy of moonstone also works on an emotional level by helping to bring about deeper understanding and acceptance of our own emotions. By connecting with our highest self, this beautiful crystal can help us find balance within ourselves so we can move forward in life without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.

Additionally, moonstone is believed to work as a protector against negative energies and influences, making it a powerful tool for anyone looking for greater emotional balance. It’s no wonder why many people turn to moonstone when they are trying to heal emotionally - its calming vibrations provide much-needed solace in dark moments, allowing us to feel supported even when we don’t understand what we are going through.

Whether you choose to carry it around with you or place it near your bed at night, there’s no doubt that this healing stone will give you the support needed on your journey towards emotional well-being.

  1. Aquamarine

As we turn our gaze from the gentle moonlight of Moonstone, to the azure depths of Aquamarine, we find a crystal that's perfect for emotional healing. Aquamarine is an incredibly powerful crystal and has been used in crystal healing for centuries. Its beautiful hues of blues and greens symbolize hope and renewal- exactly what you need when dealing with emotional issues.

Aquamarine can be used to bring calmness and balance into your life. It helps us stay grounded while also encouraging inner strength. This stone brings clarity of thought, allowing us to let go of blocked emotions such as anger or sadness which might be holding us back.

The soothing energies it provides help to heal traumas on both physical and emotional levels. The healing power of aquamarine strengthens communication between the body and mind, helping us work through deep-seated fears or resentment more easily than before.

By connecting with its energy, we are able to tap into our intuition; this connection gives us courage to move forward despite any doubts or worries that may arise during our journey towards emotional wellbeing.

Aquamarine is an amazing crystal for anyone struggling emotionally, giving us insight into how best to reawaken our spirit so that we can live happier lives full of joy and peace.

  1. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of the best crystals for emotional healing. This beautiful gemstone has a long history in crystal healing, and it's been used to promote spiritual and emotional healing since ancient times. Its deep blue hue is said to be connected with calming emotions and helping people find inner peace.

  • It helps release negative energy from trauma, such as childhood experiences or past relationships.
  • Its powerful healing properties encourage self-care by instilling feelings of worthiness, acceptance and love within its user.
  • It brings balance to both the physical body and spirit by providing an energetic connection between the two realms.
  • It serves as a reminder for us to take time out for ourselves when needed - allowing us the space we need to heal emotionally.

The power of Lapis Lazuli lies in its ability to bring clarity, calmness and understanding into our lives – all essential components in any successful emotional healing journey. By connecting deeply with this stone’s unique energies, you may just find yourself feeling restored and more balanced than ever before!

  1. Black Tourmaline

Moving on from Lapis Lazuli, the next crystal for emotional healing is Black Tourmaline. This powerful stone offers spiritual protection and grounding energy that helps to keep one centered in difficult times of emotion. It has calming vibrations which will help soothe your spirit as you go through a challenging situation.

The unique properties of this gem have been known to bring courage and strength, while also providing an energetic shield against negative forces. With its dark hue, it can be used to dispel fear and anxiety; helping you stay balanced even when faced with uncomfortable emotions.

Additionally, it can provide clarity of mind during moments of distress or confusion. Black Tourmaline is a wonderful tool for those looking to connect deeply with their inner self and gain insight into their own emotional state.

It encourages us to take responsibility for our feelings and aids in releasing any stored tension within our body. When we use this crystal for emotional healing, we open ourselves up to receive comfort, guidance, and understanding from Spirit.

  1. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz also has the ability to gently coax buried or repressed emotions back into consciousness, helping us confront those issues which have been left unresolved. Through this process, we can begin to heal from whatever trauma or hurtful experience that may be causing difficulty with our emotional wellbeing.

With its comforting vibration, smoky quartz invites us on a journey towards self-discovery and personal growth - something that is essential for living a full life with joy and purpose.

  1. Rhodochrosite

One of the best crystals for doing this is Rhodochrosite. This beautiful pinkish stone has been used for centuries to promote feelings of love and compassion within ourselves, as well as giving us courage and strength when feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

Rhodochrosite can assist in:

* Emotional Healing:

* Releasing negative emotions like anger, guilt or sadness;

* Replacing these with positive emotions such as joy, self-love and contentment;

* Mental Healing :

* Enhancing concentration and focus;

* Increasing creativity and problem solving skills.

* Spiritual Healing :

* Connecting more deeply with one's intuition;

* Aiding deeper meditation sessions ;

When working with Rhodochrosite it should be held gently against the heart chakra while visualizing any pain that you may be carrying being released into the light. As this takes place envision yourself enveloped in unconditional love from both yourself and the Universe - allowing true transformation to occur. It may also be beneficial to place a piece near your bed at night so its energy can continue to work on an energetic level whilst we sleep .

For those who feel particularly drawn towards it , having a Rhodochrosite necklace can provide continuous support throughout the day . It truly is a wonderful crystal which helps us find balance within all aspects of our lives - emotionally , mentally and spiritually.

  1. Obsidian

Obsidian is a powerful healing crystal that has been used for centuries to bring emotional balance. It's known as the 'protector' of one's spirit and works by grounding them in reality while calming any chaotic emotions they may be experiencing.

Obsidian helps clear negative energy and brings clarity to your thoughts, making it an excellent choice for emotional healing. The benefits of obsidian are numerous. Its dark hue can act like a shield against unwanted energies, protecting you from being overwhelmed or influenced by outside influences.

On top of this, its unique properties also give it the ability to absorb pain and sorrows which make it great for those going through tough times emotionally. Additionally, its grounding qualities allow us to stay present and aware during difficult moments so we can better process our feelings without getting lost in them.

Using an obsidian stone to do some emotional healing work is easy; simply keep it close when needed and practice meditation with it regularly. Visualize the darkness fading away as light fills up within you, allowing yourself to feel more connected with your inner self and releasing any deep-seated trauma you may have experienced previously.

With regular use, this crystal will help restore harmony within yourself and give you strength on your journey towards emotional healing. Allowing positive energy into your life while reflecting back all negativity will lead you down a path of healthy living!

  1. Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is an incredible crystal for emotional healing. It works to balance the emotions and bring a sense of calmness, while also providing spiritual growth and clarity. With its dazzling beauty and powerful energy, it's no wonder Tiger's Eye has become one of the most sought-after crystals for emotional healing!

The energies within Tiger’s Eye can help us find our true power and courage – even when we feel overwhelmed by life. Using Tiger's Eye during times of emotional distress can be incredibly beneficial - it soothes your soul and aids in finding inner peace and harmony.

Crystals like these are great tools for those looking to restore emotional balance in their lives. So if you’re seeking some comfort from the stressors of everyday life, consider adding Tiger's Eye into your crystal collection!

  1. Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is an amazing crystal for emotional and spiritual healing. It has a calming energy that can be used in many forms of crystal therapy to help bring balance and peace into one's life. One great way to benefit from Blue Calcite is its ability to help clear out negative emotions, providing clarity and direction with difficult situations.

By brushing away the heaviness of past experiences, it opens up the heart space making room for more positive vibrations. Additionally, this crystal helps us process our feelings so we may gain insight on how to move forward in our lives.

The properties of Blue Calcite make it beneficial for:

- Clearing energetic blocks

- Enhancing communication skills

- Reducing stress and anxiety

- Stimulating creativity

Using Blue Calcite as part of your daily practice can create a sense of harmony between mind and spirit while aiding you on your journey towards emotional healing. With this supportive stone by your side, surrendering yourself to the present moment allows new ways of understanding thought patterns, allowing you to open up freely and connect deeply with yourself once again.

  1. Howlite

I'm sure you've heard of the howlite stone, which is a beautiful and powerful crystal that's perfect for emotional healing. It's one of my favorites because it helps to calm emotions and reduce stress levels. Howlite also has properties that encourage communication and help with understanding difficult concepts.

As such, it can be really helpful in resolving conflicts or working through issues together. The healing qualities of howlite are said to absorb negative energy from your environment, as well as any anger or fear you may have stored inside yourself. This makes it particularly useful for those who struggle with anxiety or depression - its calming powers can provide relief from overwhelming emotions.

Additionally, if you need more focus and clarity when making decisions, this crystal could prove to be very beneficial! In terms of its physical benefits, using howlite regularly can help promote healthy sleep patterns by reducing restlessness throughout the night.

Plus, due to its positive vibration, this crystal can bring overall wellness into your life while improving self-awareness too! So why not give it a try?

  1. Sodalite

Moving on from Howlite, one of the most beloved crystals for emotional healing is Sodalite. This beautiful blue stone has a special place in many crystal healers' arsenals and with good reason - it's properties are known to bring forth balance and harmony within.

Here are some of its incredible features that make it an excellent choice when looking for calming energy:

  1. Sodalite Healing: Sodalite is often associated with aiding in issues related to communication, as well as helping people gain clarity about their own emotions and thought patterns. It helps us stay centered during periods of stress or chaos and can help us better understand ourselves, our relationships, and any conflicts we may be facing.
  2. Sodalite Properties: Its calming nature promotes inner peace which allows the mind to release negative thoughts and beliefs while encouraging creativity, intuition and understanding. The soothing energies of sodalite also supports deeper levels of meditation by clearing away mental fog so that you can explore your subconscious more easily.
  3. Sodalite Meaning & Benefits: In addition to being used for emotional healing, this powerful stone brings luck in all areas of life including career success and wealth accumulation as well as physical health benefits such as improved digestion, immune system strength and blood pressure regulation.

Lastly, it encourages self-expression through both verbalization and creative outlets like art or music. It's clear why sodalite has become such a popular gemstone among those seeking spiritual growth; its ability to create balance between heart and mind allow us to live authentically without fear or judgment from others. With its unique blend of supportive vibes, this healing crystal truly embodies the power of transformation!

  1. Selenite

Selenite is one of the best crystals for emotional healing. It has a beautiful, calming energy that can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Selenite is also known as liquid light because it brings clarity of mind and clears away any negative or stagnant energy in its vicinity. This makes it an ideal crystal for aiding spiritual, mental and emotional healing.

When using selenite during healing sessions, it's important to remember that this powerful stone should be used with caution. The strong vibrations released by selenite can become too intense if not handled carefully, so make sure you use your intuition when working with this crystal.

Place selenite near your heart chakra to release any trapped emotions or worries from the past that are still affecting you today. You may even want to lay down on top of a piece of selenite to absorb its healing properties more deeply into your body.

Selenite works quickly and effectively in releasing blocked energies within our bodies - helping us let go of unhealthy patterns, thoughts and behaviours which no longer serve us. Its gentle vibration will leave you feeling balanced, grounded and relaxed after each session.

With regular use, you’ll start noticing positive changes in yourself; allowing you to move forward in life without being weighed down by the past.

  1. Fluorite

Moving on from selenite, let's talk about fluorite. This crystal is a powerful ally in emotional healing and can be used to promote calming energy and positive vibes. It helps bring spiritual balance by clearing away confusion, aiding concentration and helping you make better decisions.

Fluorite has many benefits for emotional healing:

- Its high frequency purifies negative energies from the environment or body, making it an ideal choice for working through difficult emotions;

- The stone stimulates creativity and encourages fresh perspectives;

- And its unique structure makes it great at absorbing excess energy while radiating positivity.

Using fluorite during meditation can help us move beyond our own limitations, opening up new possibilities for growth and transformation. By connecting with this beautiful crystal we can access inner peace as well as wisdom that will guide us towards greater self understanding.

Allowing ourselves to come into alignment with our higher selves is key to unlocking true emotional healing.

  1. Aventurine

Aventurine is a type of quartz that has been used for emotional healing since ancient times. This crystal comes in many shades, but the most popular variant is green aventurine. It’s also known as green quartz or venturine stone and has strong associations with nature and spiritual growth.

Using aventurine stones during meditation or prayer can help open up blocked pathways so we can access deeper levels of understanding about ourselves and our purpose on Earth. The gentle vibrations from these crystals are said to bring peace, harmony, balance and clarity into one’s life – helping us move forward without fear or anxiety.

Ultimately, Aventurine healing allows us to live fully in the present moment while still embracing our true potential.

  1. Hematite

Moving on from Aventurine, let's talk about Hematite. This crystal is a great choice for emotional healing because of its grounding and magnetic properties. It helps to absorb any negative energy that we may be feeling in our daily lives. By doing this it can help us find balance between the mind and body as well as restoring harmony within ourselves.

Hematite has powerful vibes when it comes to crystal healing. Its strong grounding energy helps bring out inner strength, courage and focus while helping you stay centered during tough times. With its ability to ground us, it allows us to face difficult emotions head-on instead of avoiding them or running away from them which can ultimately lead to better mental health outcomes overall.

Additionally, due to its magnetic properties it can also assist in creating more positive thoughts and feelings by connecting with your higher self and spirit guides. Hematite is an amazing ally for those looking to work through their emotions in order to heal themselves both physically and emotionally.

It’s a great stone for anyone seeking peace, calmness or stability in turbulent times - something many of us could use right now!


From the beautiful Rhodochrosite to the protective Hematite, there are an infinite number of stones that you can use for emotional well-being.

Allowing these healing gems to work their magic on your body is almost like having a superpower – my emotions have never been more in balance since I started using them! Crystals are also incredibly easy to obtain and integrate into daily life. Whether you choose to wear one as jewelry or carry it around with you, they act as gentle reminders of your power over any negative feelings that may arise.

Plus, just touching them feels absolutely incredible – like no other physical sensation I’ve ever experienced! Overall, if you’re looking for a natural way to help heal emotionally, crystal healing might be the perfect option for you.

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