6 crystals To Use for EMF Protection

6 crystals To Use for EMF Protection

Well, I'm here to tell you about a great way to protect yourself – crystals for EMF protection! Crystals are powerful tools that have been used in healing and spiritual practices for centuries. They come in many forms and carry their own unique energy and vibration. And when it comes to protecting ourselves from EMF radiation, they offer an additional layer of defense.

In this article, I'll be sharing six crystals that are perfect for shielding us against these invisible forces. From obsidian to shungite, each crystal has its own set of properties and benefits that make it ideal for providing effective protection from EMF radiation. So if you're looking for more ways to stay safe and healthy amidst all the technology around us, read on for my top picks!

What Is Emf?

It's estimated that 99% of Americans are exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation every day. So what is EMF? It refers to the invisible lines of energy created by electrical devices, power lines, and cell phone towers around us. This type of radiation carries significant amounts of energy which can negatively affect our health if we're exposed for too long.

When it comes to EMF protection, crystals are a great tool. They work by absorbing some of the negative frequencies from electronic devices and dispersing them into harmless particles in the air. Many people also believe that certain stones have healing properties when used together with intention or meditation practices.

In order to protect ourselves from excessive exposure to EMFs, it's important to take steps like limiting screen time and using protective cases on our phones and laptops. Additionally, keeping crystals nearby can help reduce the amount of dangerous radiation we come into contact with throughout the day.

Types Of Emf Protection

  • EMF Shielding:This type of protection uses physical barriers like walls and window treatments to block or absorb incoming EMFs. It is often used in areas with high levels of EMF exposure such as near electrical substations, cell towers, and Wi-Fi networks.
  • EMF Blocking:This method involves using materials such as aluminum foil, rubberized fabrics, special paints and coatings to reduce the strength of incoming fields by blocking their passage through your home or workplace environment.
  • Crystals & Stones:Certain crystals and stones have been known to help protect against negative energy and provide energetic shielding from harmful environmental factors such as EMFs. Examples include tourmaline, shungite, black obsidian, hematite, amethyst and jade.
  • Energy Protection Products:There are many products available that claim to offer protection from electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These products range from simple pendants worn around the neck to more complex devices designed to be plugged into wall outlets or mounted onto ceiling fixtures.
  • Homeopathic Remedies:A variety of herbal remedies may also be beneficial for reducing one’s sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Some popular examples include chamomile tea and St John's Wort capsules which are said to help balance out energies within the body while providing additional support during times of stress or fatigue. It is important when choosing any form of protection from EMFs that you do your research ahead of time and consider all potential risks before investing in any product or remedy.

Be sure to consult with a qualified health practitioner if necessary in order to ensure safety regarding any supplement or treatment plan involving EMFs.

How Do Crystals Work?

As we move from the discussion on types of EMF protection to exploring how crystals work, it's helpful to imagine a dazzling array of gemstones and minerals glittering in a magical setting. Crystals have been used for centuries as part of crystal healing, a practice that dates back thousands of years.

Today, people often use emf protection crystals as part of their overall wellness strategy. But what is it about these stones that makes them so powerful? Let’s explore how crystals work and why they’re such an effective form of EMF protection. Crystal energy has long been believed to heal physical and emotional ailments by balancing the body’s energetic pathways.

A single crystal can be programmed with specific intentions or affirmations that are thought to bring benefits over time. While some will place crystals around their home or workspace to create a positive atmosphere, others might carry certain stones with them throughout the day for additional protection against environmental pollutants like electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Crystals act as natural amplifiers; when placed next to electrical devices such as cell phones or laptops, they absorb EMR waves emitted from those items before dispersing the energy into its own subtle frequency field. This helps reduce exposure levels while also providing extra layers of crystal protection against other forms of harmful frequencies like microwaves, radio waves, and radar signals.

Furthermore, many believe that this process not only blocks out external sources but boosts internal strength too! By understanding how crystals interact with our environment and bodies, we can make informed decisions about which type best suits our needs - whether it's for spiritual support or shielding us from modern-day tech threats.

With careful selection and proper care, these beautiful gems can become powerful allies in our quest for total wellbeing!

Crytals for EMF Protection:


I'm sure you've heard of Shungite, commonly used for EMF protection. Shungite is said to have healing properties that can protect against EMFs and other harmful energies emitted by electronic devices and power lines. That makes it an ideal choice for those seeking natural ways to defend themselves from radiation exposure. Its dark black color gives it a mysterious look which adds to its overall appeal as well.

Aside from being naturally beautiful, shungite is also incredibly effective at shielding users from electrosmog and protecting them from any negative energies they may encounter in their environment.

So if you're looking for something special to help with your EMF protection needs, then consider giving shungite a try! You won't regret it!

Black Obsidian

Moving on from the properties of Amethyst, let's take a look at Black Obsidian. This is another great crystal for those looking to protect themselves against EMF radiation and other forms of electromagnetic smog. It can also be used in metaphysical healing practices as it works with a person’s energy field to help remove negativity, blockages, and any unwanted energies that may be present.

Black Obsidian is known for its ability to ground and protect users from negative influences. Its powerful grounding effect helps keep you centered while deflecting away negative energies or anything else that might be affecting your vibes in a negative way.

Furthermore, it's said to have some protective qualities when dealing with electromagnetic frequencies such as cell phone towers, computers, and Wi-Fi signals which are all sources of harmful EMF radiation. In addition to its physical protection abilities, Black Obsidian is believed to offer spiritual protection too.


Fluorite is like a shimmering shield, protecting us from electromagnetic radiation. It stands as a silent sentry between our fragile bodies and the harmful energy that can wreak havoc on our health if not blocked. We have been blessed with this extraordinary crystal to help protect us in today's world of ever-increasing EMFs.

Using fluorite for protection against EMFs makes perfect sense; its unique structure aligns it perfectly with the properties of shielding against these invisible waves. Its lattice structure helps absorb microwave radiation, providing an effective barrier against any potentially harmful frequencies we may be exposed to.

Not only does fluorite provide physical protection from external sources, but also absorbs negative energies within us as well - creating balance and harmony where there may have previously been chaos and disharmony. The beauty of fluorite lies not just in its visual appeal, but also in its power to create a safe environment for those who use it regularly for protection purposes.

Whether used at home or even carried around when going out into public spaces, this powerful stone works hard to keep you safe from EMFs while allowing other beneficial forms of energy to flow through unobstructed.

Clear Quartz

Moving on from Fluorite, let's take a look at Clear Quartz. This crystal is often used in crystal healing as it can help to amplify energy fields and focus intention. It is also said to be great for EMF protection.

When placed near electronic devices, the quartz absorbs electromagnetic radiation and deflects it away from you so that your body does not absorb any of those negative frequencies. The quartz will start to vibrate when exposed to these energies and this helps to neutralize their effects. There are many ways to use clear quartz for EMF protection.

You could place one near each of your electronics or keep several around the home as a protective shield against electromagnetic radiation. By creating an array of crystals, with different shapes and sizes, you can create an even stronger barrier against harmful frequencies. Additionally, if you have time, try meditating with the quartz between yourself and the source of EMF pollution - this will enhance its effectiveness!

Clear quartz is known for its powerful properties which make it ideal for using in crystal healing practices such as calming anxiety or connecting more deeply with divine guidance – but don't forget about its potential benefits in protecting us from environmental pollutants like EMFs!

Give this crystal a chance and see what kind of impact it has on your own energy field and environment.


Selenite is a powerful crystal for EMF protection and energy shielding. It has been used in crystal healing for centuries to create an aura of cleansing and peace.

Selenite can provide many amazing benefits when it comes to creating an EMF protection shield, such as:

 Clearing negative energies from the environment

* Acting as a filter that blocks out harmful frequencies

* Balancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

When using selenite crystals for EMF protection, it's important to use them correctly. Place the stones on your desk or near any electronic devices that emit radiation or other forms of electromagnetic fields.

Overall, Selenite is a wonderful crystal for those seeking extra protection against electromagnetic fields and other forms of energy pollution. Its ability to clear away negativity makes it ideal for anyone looking to bring more balance into their life while still maintaining an optimal level of health and well-being.


Moving on from Selenite, another type of crystal for EMF protection is Hematite. This powerful stone has a strong energy shielding ability that can naturally protect us from electromagnetic radiation. It’s also great for grounding and providing balance to our lives when it comes to energies like anger, stress or anxiety.

The magnetic properties in Hematite make it ideal for providing natural shielding against the harmful effects of electronics like cell phones and computers. Hematite offers more than just physical protection; its metaphysical healing powers help spiritually as well.

Ancient cultures recognized this crystal's power and used it to bring luck and prosperity into their lives by encouraging positive energy flow throughout the body and mind. Again, we can use Hematite to help protect ourselves emotionally by restoring any lost equilibrium due to exposure to too much technology.

This iron-rich mineral helps improve mental stability while offering a gentle calming effect at the same time, further heightening its appeal as an excellent EMF protection tool. Whether you're seeking spiritual growth through balancing your chakras or simply looking for something to shield yourself from environmental toxins, Hematite may be exactly what you need!

Caring For Your Crystals

When it comes to cleansing crystals, there are several methods available depending on the type of stone you have. Sunlight and moonlight energy are both great natural ways to cleanse your crystals from any negative energies or vibrations that may have gathered over time.

Smudging with sage or incense is another popular method, especially when dealing with heavier influences. It's also possible to use salt water or sound waves for this purpose. Crystal storage should not be overlooked either; how you store your crystals will affect their potency and longevity in protecting against harmful EMFs.

If possible, try to keep them away from electrical sources like televisions, computers, microwaves and cell phones - all of which emit potentially damaging EMFs. When programming a crystal for specific intentions, make sure the environment where it’s being stored is free from distractions so that its healing powers can work uninterruptedly.

Taking proper care of your crystals will ensure that they remain strong protectors against EMFs and continue providing beneficial effects long into the future!

Where To Buy Crystals For Emf Protection

With the crystal care tips from the previous section in mind, let's explore where to purchase crystals for optimal EMF protection. Like a precious gemstone unearthed from under layers of dirt and dust, you can find quality emf protection crystals online.

To make it easier for you to source these powerful stones, here is a sparkly list of four places that offer exceptional crystals:

* Healing Crystals – This website offers an extensive selection of healing stones with detailed descriptions about each one so you can get the perfect stone for your needs.

* Energy Muse – A trusted resource since 2001, Energy Muse provides guidance on how to choose and use individual stones or curated sets depending on what type of energy vibration you are looking for.

* The Crystal Council – This store has beautiful specimens sourced from all over the world as well as books and tools related to crystal work if you want to go deeper into understanding their magical powers.

* Satya Center – Satya Center specializes in high-quality metaphysical artifacts such as jewelry, pendulums, wands and other sacred objects that may be beneficial when working with EMF protection crystals.

If you're seeking out specific types of energy vibrations from certain kinds of crystals, then don't forget to check out local stores near you too! There could be hidden gems waiting just around the corner from your home that would give your collection some extra shine without having to order them online.

Whatever route you decide to take in sourcing these special stones, always remember why they were chosen - for their protective properties against electromagnetic radiation and their ability to help keep us safe and healthy in our digital age!


From shungite to hematite, these precious stones have been used for centuries by many cultures to protect against EMF radiation. Caring for your crystals properly ensures that you get the most out of their protective properties.

Clean them regularly with salt water or sage smoke, avoiding harsh detergents or chemicals as much as possible. Place them around your home strategically in order to maximize their benefits and keep yourself safe from any potential damage caused by EMFs.

Remember to stay safe when buying crystals online - always check the reputation of the seller before making any purchases. Be sure to research each crystal thoroughly so you know what its purpose is and how it should be cared for correctly.

With proper maintenance and placement, your crystals will not only make beautiful additions to your home decor but also offer vital protection from EMFs!

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