7  Chakras : What They Are & How To Unblock Them

7 Chakras : What They Are & How To Unblock Them

Unblocking stuck energy is essential for keeping balance within oneself. Blockages can arise due to stress, trauma and negative thinking patterns which can lead to physical symptoms such as fatigue and dis-ease. Clearing out blockages helps keep this vital life force flowing freely so we feel connected both spiritually and physically.

To do this there are plenty of techniques available including meditation visualization methods like breathwork and yoga practices as well as aromatherapy with essential oils. By unlocking your chakras you open yourself up to greater possibilities while connecting more deeply with your inner being - allowing yourself to be fully alive!

Connecting with your true essence provides access to deeper wisdom and knowingness that will guide you on your path towards self-discovery; creating harmony in all aspects of your life.

Definition Of Chakras

A chakra is an energy center located in the body. It’s a wheel of spiritual light that can be found in both humans and nature, from plants to animals. The ancient Vedic tradition explains these points as connecting individuals with their higher selves and the world around them. By properly aligning and opening one's chakras, we access different aspects of our being such as creativity, intuition, abundance, love, wisdom and clarity. The seven major chakras are aligned along the spinal column: root (base), sacral, solar plexus, heart , throat , third eye & crown . Each chakra resonates at its own frequency or vibration which corresponds to specific physical & mental functions associated with it. When a person has blocked energy centers due to negative emotions or experiences they may experience difficulty accessing certain parts of themselves or manifesting their true potential. It is possible for us to unblock these stagnant energies by connecting deeply with each individual point through practices such as meditation and yoga; allowing us to gain insight into our unique energetic patterns and live more fulfilling lives!

Causes Of Blockages in Chakra

Like a river clogged with debris, blockages in our chakras can be caused by many things. From physical and mental stress to negative thought patterns and unresolved emotions, the causes of these blockages are as varied as they are insidious. Physical stress is one culprit behind blocked chakras.

Poor posture, improper diet, lack of exercise or too much strenuous activity can all cause an imbalance that may manifest itself through blocked energy pathways. Also known as prana flow in traditional yoga philosophy, this energy needs to move freely throughout the body to keep us feeling balanced and energized. Any disruption to this flow will ultimately result in imbalances within the chakra system. Mental factors such as overthinking or worrying also have a direct effect on our energetic centers.

Negative thoughts like fear or self-doubt can quickly create stagnant areas which interfere with the natural movement of energy throughout the body. These feelings need to be identified and released for our chakras to remain open and receptive - otherwise we become weighed down by them and unable to access their true potential. Our unresolved emotional states can also contribute greatly towards blocking our channels of energy.

Trauma from past experiences or suppressed anger from current life situations affect how we interact with ourselves and others around us; if left unchecked these emotions will eventually lead to an obstruction within certain points along our subtle bodies causing us discomfort both mentally and physically.

It's important then that we take time out each day to practice some form of meditation or mindfulness so that we listen more closely to what is going on inside us rather than ignore it - only then can we begin clearing any obstructions that prevent us from living our best lives possible!

7 Chakra of our Body:

Root Chakra

It’s located at the base of the spine and represents our connection with security, safety, and feelings of belonging. When this chakra is open and balanced, we feel grounded and secure in who we are and where we come from - like a tall redwood rooted deeply into the ground.

We carry these feelings of safety through life no matter what storms may arise around us. On the other hand, when it’s blocked or imbalanced, fear takes over as we struggle to find solid footing in our lives. By taking time out for meditation or mindfulness practice on a regular basis – especially focusing on connecting with your breath – you’re able to bring balance back to this important energy center.

There's nothing quite like feeling connected to yourself and your environment; it brings about a sense of peace, joy, power, creativity, trust… all essential components for living a fulfilling life!

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra, or Svadisthana in Sanskrit, is located at the lower abdomen. It's symbolized by a six-petaled orange lotus and corresponds to the element of water. It governs creativity, sexuality, emotions, pleasure and relationships. When this chakra is balanced we are able to move with grace through life's changes and adapt quickly to new situations.

We're also comfortable expressing our feelings and desires openly without fear of judgement. We experience joy from life’s pleasures like music and art as well as sexual intimacy which can bring us closer to others if practiced responsibly.

Unfortunately when it’s blocked it may lead to difficulty forming strong emotional connections with others, feeling isolated or disconnected from people around you, indulging in unhealthy behaviours such as overspending or substance abuse, struggling to make decisions due to an inability to tap into your intuition and having difficulty letting go of past traumas or attachments that no longer serve you.

To get back on track its important for us to take time for self care activities like gentle yoga poses, journaling our thoughts and connecting with nature by going for walks in nature or swimming in lakes/oceans etc. Taking these steps consistently will help restore balance within the sacral chakra so one can start living their life more freely again.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Whereas the Sacral Chakra was all about pleasure, sensuality and creativity expressed through our emotions, the Solar Plexus Chakra is much more mental. It's associated with personal power, ambition, confidence and self-control. The colour of this chakra is yellow, representing warm energy that radiates from within us when we're balanced in this area. This type of energy gives us a sense of certainty and comfort in any situation - it can also infuse us with courage to take risks. A strong solar plexus allows for clear thinking and good decision-making capabilities.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, or anahata in Sanskrit, is the fourth primary energy center of our body. It's located at the chest area and its main focus is on love, forgiveness and compassion. This chakra helps us to be loving towards ourselves as well as others.Spend time meditating each day focusing on the breath going into your heart space and allowing yourself to feel connected with all that exists around you.

Connecting with nature can help too; take a walk in a park or spend some time near flowing water like a river or waterfall. Doing yoga poses such as cobra pose can also help to open up this energy center within your body. On a mental level try to work on releasing any limiting beliefs or fears that are blocking your ability to express love freely in your life.

Working through these issues will create more peace and harmony within yourself and allow for greater connection with others. As we connect more deeply with our own hearts we become able to experience true unconditional love which allows us to spread it outwards into the world around us, creating unity rather than separation between us all.

Throat Chakra

Have you ever felt so strongly about something that your voice quivers and shakes, but still you manage to get the words out? This is how it feels when we access our Throat Chakra. It's the fifth chakra in the body located at the base of the neck, and its element is ether or space.

The Throat Chakra allows us to communicate clearly and truthfully with confidence. When balanced, we can express ourselves easily without fear of judgement. We are able to be honest while also being kind and respectful towards others. Our communication becomes open and direct which helps build trust within relationships. It encourages healthy self-expression as well as helping us listen more carefully.

If this chakra is blocked then it can lead to difficulties expressing oneself such as feeling unheard or misunderstood by others. We may feel timid when speaking up for ourselves or experience a lack of motivation towards creative projects due to feelings of insecurity or doubt. By learning ways to balance this chakra through yoga postures, breath work, chanting mantras or crystal healing meditations, we can restore harmony within our throat area allowing us to speak from an authentic place inside our heart once again.

Third Eye Chakra

Moving on from the Throat Chakra, we now come to the Third Eye Chakra. This energy center is located in between both eyebrows and it's associated with our ability to think clearly and make informed decisions. The Third Eye Chakra is represented by an indigo color and its element is light.

To open this chakra, one must practice rituals such as meditation or yoga that involve focusing on harmony within oneself and connecting to their inner wisdom. Visualizing images in your mind’s eye helps activate the third eye so that you can view things through a more spiritual lens.

Feeding our imagination with creative activities like writing, drawing or music-making also stimulates this energy center so that we may explore different perspectives and gain insight into areas which have been previously unexplored. Additionally, using crystals such as sapphire, lapis lazuli, sodalite or amethyst help balance out any blockages preventing the flow of energy in this region of the body.

With all these practices combined together, one can restore harmony within themselves as well as expand their consciousness for greater learning opportunities ahead.

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is located at the very top of our head, and it is associated with spiritual connection and enlightenment. It's color is usually violet or white. When this chakra is balanced, we tend to feel a sense of peace and connectedness.

We can access higher realms of consciousness, allowing us to understand our soul’s purpose more clearly. If this chakra becomes blocked, however, we may experience feelings of disconnection from ourselves and others. Our ability to make wise decisions can be hindered by an imbalance in the crown chakra as well. Physical symptoms might include headaches, insomnia or depression. It is important that we work to balance out this energy center on a regular basis.

This could mean meditating or visualizing light entering your crown chakra while reciting affirmations like “I am open to divine wisdom” or “I am totally aligned with my highest truth”. Taking time for yourself each day will help keep you spiritually grounded so you can live life authentically and joyfully.

How to Unblock Each Chakra?

Root Chakra Unblocking Techniques

Now that we've gone over the definition of chakras, let's move on to some techniques for unblocking them. First up is the root or base chakra. This chakra lies at the base of our spine and is associated with safety, security, and grounding in life.

  • Exercise - Regular physical activity helps stimulate circulation throughout your body, including the root chakra. Activities such as yoga, running, cycling, weight training, and brisk walking can all be beneficial when it comes to releasing blocked energy in this area.
  • Aromatherapy - Certain oils can also be used to encourage a healthy flow of energy through the root chakra. Frankincense oil is particularly useful here; its calming scent can help clear away energetic blockages while promoting feelings of inner peace and contentment. Other helpful scents include cedarwood and sandalwood oil.
  • Meditation - Finally, meditating near crystals like red jasper or black tourmaline can help open up any stuck energies within the root chakra. Spend a few minutes each day focusing on bringing awareness into this area of your body so that you can feel deeply rooted in yourself and your environment.

With these simple steps you'll soon find yourself feeling more balanced than ever before!

Sacral Chakra Unblocking Techniques

Did you know that around 60% of us experience an imbalance in our sacral chakra? This is why it’s important to take a look at some effective methods for unblocking this energy center. The first technique we can use to open up the sacral chakra is through visualization.

Yoga poses are another great way to unblock the sacral chakra. Poses such as Baddha Konasana (bound angle pose) and Upavistha Konasana (wide-angle seated forward bend) work wonders when trying to restore balance within this area of the body. Be sure to listen closely to your body during these postures and make any adjustments necessary so that you can remain comfortable while doing them. Taking things slowly and gently is key here!

Take breaks between each posture if needed, drink plenty of water, and remember that there's no rush – just enjoy being present in the moment as much as possible. With regular practice, you should soon start feeling more balanced and connected than ever before!

Solar Plexus Chakra Unblocking Techniques

Now that we've discussed some sacral chakra unblocking techniques, let's move on to the solar plexus chakra. This is the third primary energy center in our bodies, located just above the navel. It's said to be connected with personal power, self-esteem and a sense of control over our lives.

Here are some effective ways for unlocking this important area:

First up is mindful meditation.The second technique involves using positive affirmations. Many people don’t realize how powerful words can be when it comes to healing mind and body. Start each day by repeating simple mantras such as “I am strong” or “My inner power grows everyday” while focusing on the solar plexus region during each utterance.

Doing so will help to break through any blockages that may exist there. Finally, consider adding yoga poses into your daily routine which target the stomach muscles associated with this chakra - things like boat pose (navasana) or cobra pose (bhujangasana).

Practicing these regularly will not only strengthen those particular areas but also lead to an overall improved state of well being!

Heart Chakra Unblocking Techniques

Unblocking the heart chakra is essential to healing and restoring balance in our lives. First technique is visualization. Second is Yoga poses.Cobra pose or child’s pose can help open up the chest area while also promoting relaxation. Deep breathing exercises such as pranayama can be beneficial as well.

Focus on taking long, slow breaths into your abdomen as you hold each posture for at least five minutes per day for best results. Finally, meditating regularly helps us tap into our intuition which plays an important role in unlocking the heart chakra.

Take some time each day to focus on quieting the mind and allowing any thoughts or emotions to arise without judgement or attachment. This practice encourages self-acceptance and understanding which are key components of opening up this powerful energy center within us all.

Throat Chakra Unblocking Techniques

First technique is self-honesty. We must take responsibility to our words and actions. Another way of unblocking the throat chakra is through meditation and breathwork exercises.Finally, developing creative outlets like art, music or writing can also aid in opening up the throat chakra.

Expressing one’s thoughts through these mediums allows us to explore new ideas without feeling judged or censored by anyone else around us. As we give voice to our innermost feelings in a safe space free from fear or judgement, true healing begins from within.

Third Eye Chakra Unblocking Techniques

There are a few simple techniques to unblock your Third Eye Chakra and get back in balance. One way is through meditation. Sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and focusing on your breath can help open the flow of energy within this chakra.

You can also try visualizing a white light flowing into the area between your eyebrows, while repeating affirmations such as “My intuition is strengthened” or “I am connected to my inner wisdom”. Another helpful practice for unlocking your Third Eye Chakra is journaling. Writing down thoughts and feelings related to any emotional blocks can help bring clarity and awareness around what needs healing.

Additionally, writing out negative beliefs surrounding intuition or spirituality can be extremely cathartic - allowing us to let go of old patterns that no longer serve our highest good.

Crown Chakra Unblocking Techniques

The Crown Chakra is the final chakra in the body and it is located at the top of the head. Its color is violet, and its element is thought.

Visualize a bright light coming down from above you into your crown chakra as you inhale deeply. As you exhale, imagine any negative energy being released out through the top of your head. Do this for up to 15 minutes or until you feel connected to yourself again. Another way to open up your crown chakra is through yoga postures like Salamba Sirsasana (Headstand) and Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose).

These poses encourage bloodflow to the brain which helps stimulate creativity and mental clarity while promoting a sense of balance in the body and mind. Additionally, connecting with nature and looking up at the stars or spending time near bodies of water can help shift stagnant energy within us.


With these powerful tools at our disposal we truly have limitless potential for growth and improved wellbeing. Unlocking your chakras will bring an almost indescribable joy into your life; it's like stepping out into a bright sunny day after being stuck inside forever!

It's as if everything has suddenly come alive around you with new depths of understanding opening up before you. The journey to unlock each individual Chakra may take time but it’s worth every effort – like taking off seven layers of clothing until finally you reach what lies beneath: true serenity, peace and inner harmony.


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