A Guide to Finding a Good Quality Feldspar Ruby!

A Guide to Finding a Good Quality Feldspar Ruby!

Hey there friends! Have you ever heard of Feldspar Ruby?

Feldspar Ruby: Meaning This unique gemstone comes from the family of minerals known as feldspars. It typically ranges in color from light pink to deep red and can sometimes shimmer depending on how its cut and polished.

The name "Ruby" is derived from the Latin word 'ruber', which means red, so when combined with feldspar, we get an interesting mix between these two elements that creates a beautiful stone unlike any other.

Healing Properties & Uses It is believed that Feldspar Ruby helps one stay grounded while also encouraging spiritual growth at the same time. It's thought to provide strength during times of stress or difficulty by helping us access our inner wisdom and boost self confidence.

Additionally, this special gemstone has powerful energy cleansing capabilities that make it ideal for use in crystal healing practices such as Reiki or meditation. Finally, many believe wearing jewelry made out of this type of stone will bring luck and good fortune into your life!


I'm passionate about feldspar ruby, and I want to give you a great overview of this beautiful gem. Feldspar ruby is an incredibly unique stone with a meaning that has been cherished for centuries.The name "feldspar" comes from the German word "Felder", which means field or rock - something quite fitting considering how common this type of mineral is in nature!

Its nickname, "ruby," refers to its color; while not actually related to rubies at all, they do share similar colors. People often use these terms interchangeably when discussing the stone. This gorgeous gem holds plenty of symbolism and historical significance behind it as well. It is believed by some cultures to bring luck in love and money matters, while others see it as a symbol of strength and courage during difficult times.

There are also those who view feldspar ruby as a reminder that beauty can come from within - no matter what life throws your way. In spite of its small size, feldspar ruby packs quite a punch when it comes to emotionality and spiritual healing properties.


When we consider the properties of feldspar ruby, several stand out. First is its luster – it has a glassy and vitreous appearance which gives off a red sheen and sparkles in direct light.

Secondly, it's quite hard on the Mohs scale at 6 to 6.5; this means that even with everyday wear-and-tear, you don't have to worry about scratching or shattering your gemstone jewellery.

Thirdly, there are crystal cleavage planes present which makes cutting and polishing easier than some other stones.

Finally, depending on where the stone originates from, additional minerals may be present making each one unique in terms of colouring and features. This could include quartz, mica or hornblende for example. All these characteristics make feldspar ruby an excellent choice for jewellery pieces!

Origin And Formation

I'm fascinated by the origin and formation of feldspar rubies.Feldspar ruby is actually formed in either sedimentary or igneous rocks. When exposed to extreme pressure and temperature over time, these stones are formed in deposits deep within the earth's surface.

The crystal structure of this unique stone makes it resistant to erosion and other environmental damage caused by natural phenomena such as earthquakes or storms. Where can you find feldspar rubies today? They are most commonly found in certain countries like Russia, India, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Madagascar.

Additionally some regions with ancient volcanic activity have also yielded lower quality specimens of this precious gemstone. In sum, feldspar rubies originate from various sites within the earth’s crust due to intense pressures and temperatures combined with specific geological conditions present at their origin sites.

These rare stones are usually found near sources of magma or sedimentary rock formations which provide ideal circumstances for them to form naturally over millions of years.

Types Of Feldspar Rubies

Now we'll explore the various types of feldspar rubies that exist. From their different origins to the varieties available, knowing what type you have can help you better appreciate its unique power and beauty.

First off, let's look at some of the most common types:

  1. Cuprite-Manganoan Rubies - found in Madagascar and derived from Cuprite Feldspar and Manganoan Calcite Mixtures;
  2. Sodalite Rubies - these are a mixture of Sodalite Feldspar, Spinal Feldspar and Quartz Crystals;
  3. Lapis Lazuli Rubies - developed from Lapis Lazuli Feldspars mixed with Diopside Gems like Oligoclase or Albite;
  4. Hemimorphic Rubies - made up of Hemimorphite containing Orthoclase Feldspar as well as other minerals such as Gypsum or Dolomites.

In addition to these more widely known types, there are also rarer varieties such as Tourmaline and Garnet feldspar rubies which come in many vibrant colors including pinks, blues, greens, purples and reds depending on where they were sourced from. They are all associated with powerful healing properties due to their special combination of elements.

Furthermore, each one is believed to hold distinct energetic qualities that may benefit those who use them appropriately for spiritual development or emotional growth. So now that we understand both the origin and formation of feldspar rubies along with the various types available, it's clear why so many people feel connected to this beautiful gemstone! With its wide range of looks and potential uses it truly is an amazing mineral find!

Color Variations

Feldspar ruby can appear in a variety of colors.

The various shades of this gemstone are determined by the mineral content within them. Depending on where they are mined from and how much trace elements they contain will determine their overall hue. For example, if there is more iron present then the stone could take on an orange or yellow tone; whereas a greater amount of manganese would give off a redder shade.

Ruby Feldspar gets its name due to its similarity in appearance to real rubies. They both have hexagonal shapes that sparkle when light shines upon them, however only one contains traces of corundum—the actual component in rubies that gives them their hardness and durability. This makes feldspar ruby less expensive than traditional rubies which tend to cost more because of their rarity and quality craftsmanship needed to make jewelry out of them.

No matter what color variation you choose for your feldspar ruby accessory piece, it still provides many beneficial qualities like emotional balance and clarity of thought. Plus, these delightful stones add character to any outfit!

Distinguishing Features

Nowadays, feldspar ruby is an increasingly popular gemstone due to its unique properties. It contains alluring distinguishing features that can help you identify it from other stones. Let's take a look at some of the most notable traits and identifying marks of this precious stone.

  1. Color: Feldspar ruby has a beautiful reddish-pink shade, often mixed with yellow or orange colors as well.
  2. Clarity: This type of gem usually comes in two varieties - transparent and opaque - making it fairly easy to distinguish between them.
  3. Shape: Feldspar rubies typically have smooth surfaces that are rounded or oval in shape, but may also be found in cubed shapes for jewelry purposes.
  4. Transparency: As mentioned before, this type of stone can either be completely transparent or partially opaque depending on the amount of impurities present inside the crystal structure.

When looking for feldspar ruby, make sure to inspect closely any potential piece for these unique characteristics; color variations, clarity levels, shape and transparency are all important factors when deciding whether it suits your needs or not.

Furthermore, if possible always ask for certificates confirming that the material originates from reliable sources such as mines located in India or Sri Lanka – trustworthiness is key! To sum up, recognizing genuine feldspar rubies isn't difficult once you become familiar with its identifying characteristics; so don't hesitate to start researching today and add one (or many) gorgeous pieces to your collection soon!

Spiritual Significance

Feldspar ruby is a powerful mineral that has been used for centuries in spiritual healing and metaphysical energy. It is known to symbolize courage, strength, love and passion - which makes it an ideal stone for those who are seeking to develop these qualities within them selves.

The spiritual symbolism of this gemstone also extends to its ability to bring good luck and success into one's life. Its energy can help manifest the best possible outcomes in any given situation.

In terms of its spiritual significance, feldspar ruby brings with it transformative energies that can assist in emotional healing as well as personal growth. By wearing or carrying this crystal near you, you will be able to access its metaphysical meaning and use it to enhance your overall wellbeing.

On top of all this, feldspar ruby is said to open up pathways for higher consciousness and enlightenment. Those who work with this crystal often experience increased intuition, knowledge about the wider universe around them and understanding of the deeper mysteries within themselves.

Whether used during meditation sessions or simply worn as jewellery, it serves as a reminder of how connected we truly are with each other and nature around us. By embracing its spiritual properties, anyone can harness the power of feldspar ruby in order to create their own destiny through self-love and positivity.

With that being said, there’s no better way than using this stone when striving towards greater mental clarity while connecting more deeply with your own spirituality!

Healing Properties

Oh, the healing properties of feldspar ruby!Feldspar ruby helps balance emotions and ease tension from stress. When placed on an area of pain or discomfort, it helps release the pain by clearing blockages within the chakras. These blockages are believed to prevent us from achieving true balance within our lives.

Through energetic healing with this crystal, one can gain clarity on how to move forward in their life journey. It's also known for providing guidance about relationships, both romantic and platonic. Feldspar ruby encourages honesty so that each individual can truly understand themselves and others around them better.

As a result, relationships become more meaningful when communication is open and clear. The beauty of this crystal lies not just in its shimmering hues but also in its ability to foster inner peace while aiding physical well-being too.

While it may take time depending on what needs releasing, feeling the effects of this gemstone is like no other; allowing us to feel connected yet empowered at the same time - it really is quite something special!

Astrological Associations

Feldspar ruby is a unique stone that has many healing properties. It’s associated with several astrological signs, making it an important part of many people's lives. Let’s take a look at the different astrological associations for feldspar ruby.

The first and most common association is as a birthstone or lucky stone. Feldspar ruby is often linked to both Taurus and Sagittarius zodiac signs due to its earthy tones and spiritual energy. Individuals born under these two signs are believed to benefit from the powerful vibrations of this gemstone. People also associate feldspar ruby with Leo and Virgo because of its calming effects on those who wear it. This makes sense since they are known for their strong personalities.

Another way in which feldspar ruby can be beneficial to individuals is through its connection to chakras. Its energetic vibration resonates strongly with the root chakra, allowing for more balanced energy flow throughout your body.

Additionally, it stimulates creativity, passion, and ambition - all traits associated with Leos and Libras! Finally, when worn near one’s heart center, feldspar ruby encourages feelings of self-love and confidence in oneself – something especially useful during times of emotional turmoil or stress.

Overall, regardless of what astrological sign you belong to or where you get your inspiration from; there is no denying that this beautiful gemstone offers many benefits when used correctly!

Care And Maintenance

Caring for your feldspar ruby is important if you want to preserve its beauty.You may also choose to use a jewelry cleaner specifically designed for gems like feldspar rubies. When storing your feldspar ruby, try not to keep them together with other gems that could scratch each other.

The best thing would be to wrap it in tissue paper and place it inside an individual plastic bag or box away from direct sunlight - this will help protect it from getting damaged over time. Lastly, avoid wearing the stone while doing housework or any activity that involves contact with abrasive surfaces such as sandpaper or gravel; this could cause scratches on the gem’s surface.

To really maintain its shine, consider having an expert jeweler inspect your feldspar ruby periodically to check for potential damage or wear and tear caused by everyday use of the gemstone. If required, they can polish and reset your stone back into its original condition without compromising its value or quality. Keeping up with regular maintenance is essential if you want your precious gemstone to last through generations!

Where To Buy Authentic Pieces

When shopping for feldspar ruby, it is important to source genuine pieces from trusted dealers. With that in mind, here are some tips that may help guide you towards a successful purchase:

* Research each dealer’s credentials – Make sure they have an established presence online through reviews or testimonials.

* Look out for certifications – Genuine gemstones often come with certification documents such as GIA certificates which should also provide information about its origin and other details.

* Consider pricing – While there isn't necessarily one set price for any given stone, prices should still remain consistent across different sources.

By following these steps, you can be more confident when sourcing genuine feldspar rubies and make sure your purchase goes smoothly!

Potential Side Effects

Transitioning from the previous section about where to buy authentic pieces, it's important to also be aware of potential side effects associated with feldspar ruby. While this crystal is often used for its healing properties and positive mental benefits, there can be some adverse reactions that one should be aware of before using or purchasing it.

First off, overuse of any type of gemstone has been known to cause negative physical responses in certain individuals. These may include headaches or dizziness due to the electromagnetic energy being released by the stone. It’s best to take breaks throughout the day if you plan on wearing your feldspar ruby jewelry for extended periods of time.

In addition, possible harmful effects could arise when someone is sensitive to crystals and stones as a whole. Those who are more in-tune with their own spiritual energy might experience overwhelming sensations when they come into contact with a new stone like feldspar ruby. To avoid these intense feelings, start slowly by carrying just a small piece around until you become more comfortable working with the crystal energies.

Finally, those who have allergies should take extra caution when handling feldspar ruby jewelry since direct contact with skin can cause rashes or other irritations depending on an individual's reaction to the material. If you suspect that you may be allergic to this particular gemstone, test out a small sample first before fully committing yourself to owning and using it regularly.

It's important to consider all aspects before engaging with any type of gemstone so that no unexpected reactions occur down the line. By taking care while interacting with feldspar ruby, we can ensure our safety while still enjoying its many beneficial qualities!


In conclusion, feldspar ruby is an incredibly beautiful stone with many wonderful healing properties that make it a great addition to anyone’s collection!

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