A Guide to Matrix Opal - A Guide for Beginners!

A Guide to Matrix Opal - A Guide for Beginners!

Matrix opal gemstone is a stunningly beautiful and unique type of precious stone.Unlike other types of stones like diamonds or rubies which often feature only one color at a time, matrix opals offer up a kaleidoscope of hues - from blues and purples to greens and oranges. They also often include hints of black or white for added contrast, creating a truly mesmerizing effect when light hits them from different angles.

Beyond its visual beauty, another reason why people are drawn to matrix opal is because it's found in several locations around the globe - including Australia, Ethiopia and Mexico. This means buyers can choose between various options based on their individual preferences without having to sacrifice quality or investment value.

Plus, since there isn't much mining involved with collecting these stones due to their natural occurrence in sedimentary rock formations, prices tend to remain fairly consistent even as demand rises worldwide. So if you're looking for an exquisite piece of jewelry with timeless style and appeal, then consider investing in some carefully selected matrix opal today!


I'm sure you've heard of opal gemstones, but have you ever come across a matrix opal? It's like no other precious stone out there! This unique mineral is found in several parts of the world and has been valued for its stunning beauty.

So what exactly is a matrix opal? Let me explain it to you. Matrix opals are gems that feature an abundance of tiny specks or veins within their host material – usually quartz – making up the 'matrix' structure. They can be either solid or filled with small pockets called 'vugs'. The term 'matrix', when used in regards to this type of gemstone, refers to the host material which houses the opal’s colorful speckles or streaks.

These colored patterns often appear as abstract shapes, resembling flowers, stars or pebbles throughout. Unlike traditional opals, which typically present one single color pattern all over the surface area, matrix opals have multiple shades existing together within their structure.

When held up against light, these stones display iridescent flashes from certain angles; giving them an interesting optical effect that captivates onlookers. Matrix opals are truly mesmerizing works of art created by nature herself!

Properties And Characteristics

Matrix opals are known for their unique combination of mineral inclusions within the stone itself. The presence of these minerals gives them an interesting color palette and often creates a distinctive pattern along the surface of the gemstone. It also helps give them an extra sparkle when they catch light.

Another important characteristic of matrix opals is their hardness rating on the Mohs scale, which measures the scratch resistance of materials. Matrix opals tend to be quite hard with ratings ranging between 5-6 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. This makes them more durable than softer stones like pearls or turquoise, so you can wear your matrix opal jewelry with confidence knowing it won't get scratched easily!

No matter how you choose to use this beautiful gemstone, one thing is certain: matrix opal will always bring beauty and elegance into any setting! Its stunning array of colors and intricate patterns will make sure your piece stands out among even the most exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Origin Of Matrix Opal

The origin of Matrix Opal can be traced back to ancient times when the mineral was first used in jewelry. The opal was formed from silica-rich solutions that deposited minerals on top of organic material like wood or bone. This process created a beautiful matrix pattern within the stone itself, giving it an almost magical appearance. When talking about gemstones, one cannot forget to mention matrix opals!

  1. Matrix Opal is made up of multiple minerals which create the unique patterns found inside the gemstone
  2. The formation process includes both organic and inorganic elements resulting in a truly special piece
  3. It is believed that these gems possess spiritual power due to their intricate designs
  4. They are believed to bring luck and harmony into one’s life if worn regularly

These rare gems remain highly sought after for their beauty alone, coupled with their ability to heal those who wear them - making them even more desirable amongst collectors and enthusiasts alike! With such a long history behind them, it's easy to see why Matrix Opals continue to fascinate us today.

Mining Locations

I'm going to tell you about opal mining locations. The most popular and commonly mined matrix opals come from the mines in Australia, located mainly in New South Wales (NSW). This is because NSW has several of the world's best sources for these precious stones.

Most of the opal-mining operations are found in Lightning Ridge, White Cliffs, Coober Pedy, Mintabie, Andamooka, Yowah, Quilpie and Weebubbie. Australia also produces a lot of boulder opals which are found mostly around Winton and Jundah in Queensland. These areas produce some beautiful specimens along with various gems such as sapphires, amethyst and topaz.

Additionally, there are other small scale opal-mining sites scattered across Western Australia that offer interesting finds not available anywhere else. Opal-mining can be an exciting experience; however it requires skill and knowledge of how to identify high quality material before investing money into them.

It is important to remember that all opal mines have different levels of potential value for their products so careful research should be done before deciding on where to mine or purchase your gemstones from.

Color Varieties

It's amazing how many different varieties of matrix opal exist! Just when you thought there couldn't be anymore, here comes a whole new selection of colors. From vibrant green to fiery orange, from icy blue to delicate pink, and even deep browns - the range is truly beautiful.

First up is the coveted green matrix opal. This gemstone is known for its striking emerald hues with subtle flecks of gold throughout. It looks especially stunning set in yellow or rose gold jewelry, allowing it to really pop against the metal.

Next on the list is orange matrix opal; this stone has an intense fire-like quality that simply cannot be ignored. Its bright oranges are mixed with hints of red and yellows that can often resemble flames burning within the stone itself.

Orange matrix opal makes a great statement piece when worn as a pendant or earrings. Blue matrix opal offers a cooler tone altogether; its electric blues offer an almost ethereal effect when seen close up. The addition of silver flashes add another layer to this already gorgeous gemstone which works perfectly alongside other lighter colored stones such as diamonds or citrine quartz.

Pink matrix opal also adds some lightness but combines it with more muted tones than blue does offering shades from soft blush all the way through to bubblegum pink depending on where it was mined from.

Last but not least we have brown matrix opal. This underrated hue provides depth and warmth with its chestnut coloring that pairs beautifully with white metals like sterling silver for example – creating an unforgettable look each time!

Matrix Opals come in so many unique color combinations – no two pieces will ever be exactly alike making them highly sought after by collectors around the world! With their eye-catching palettes they bring any outfit alive and make anyone wearing them feel special too!

Classification And Grading System

When it comes to matrix opal gemstone grading, there are a few factors that come into play. The first factor is the jewelry grading system which assigns quality levels of A, B and C to each stone based on its color, clarity and carat weight. This helps buyers determine the value of their purchase before making a bid or purchasing from a seller.

The second factor used in matrix opal classification is the gemstone grading scale. This scale measures cut, symmetry, polish and other visual characteristics of an individual stone's shape and size. It also considers whether any enhancements have been made to improve the appearance of the gemstone.

All these qualities affect how rare a particular piece is considered by collectors and jewelers alike. Finally, gemstone classification takes into account rarity as well as current market demand for certain colors and shapes when assigning values to pieces of matrix opal jewelry.

Prices can range anywhere from $10-$1000 depending on all these criteria combined with personal preference and sentimentality attached to each unique piece.

Benefits Of Wearing Matrix Opal Gemstone

It's no surprise that wearing matrix opal gemstone has many benefits. The benefits of wearing matrix opal gemstone include reducing stress and anxiety levels, improving sleep patterns and moods, boosting confidence, increasing creativity and intuition powers, providing spiritual guidance, aiding in communication skills development and helping with detoxification processes.

It also has powerful metaphysical properties such as balancing energies in one’s aura, grounding oneself spiritually and enhancing psychic abilities. Additionally, this beautiful stone offers protection against negative energy and provides clarity when facing difficult decisions or situations.

Opal gemstone healing is an ancient practice believed to be able to heal both body and soul by connecting people to their innermost selves. When worn correctly, these stones are said to provide peace of mind while filling the wearer with hope and optimism about their future prospects.

The combination of all these factors makes matrix opal gemstones a great choice not only for those seeking physical relief from ailments but also those looking for emotional comfort during challenging times.

Care And Cleaning Instructions

Taking care of your matrix opal gemstone is essential to its preservation. To ensure the longevity and beauty of your opal, follow these simple steps for proper cleaning instructions and care tips. Firstly, when cleaning a matrix opal gemstone you want to make sure that no harsh chemicals are used. Use only mild soap and lukewarm water when washing an opal gemstone.

Do not use any type of jewelry cleaner or other abrasive material on the stone itself as this may cause damage or discoloration. You also need to be careful with ultrasonic cleaners because they can crack the stone if it’s too delicate or brittle. It is important to store your opal properly so that it does not become damaged over time; Avoid storing them in areas exposed to direct sunlight or heat as this could cause cracking and fading of color in the stone.

If possible, wrap the gemstones in tissue paper before putting them away, as this will help protect them from scratches and dirt build up which can dull their appearance over time. Additionally, keep your opals separate from harder materials like diamonds that might scratch them while they move around together.

By following these easy steps for caring for and cleaning your matrix opal gemstones you can guarantee that they remain safe and beautiful far into the future!

How To Select The Right Matrix Opal Piece?

When it comes to selecting the right matrix opal piece, there are a few things you should consider. First and foremost, make sure you’re looking at gemstone quality. The highest-grade pieces will feature bright flashes of color in different shapes and sizes.

Look for even distribution of these colors as well as vibrant hues that pop out from the stone. It’s best to look at multiple stones before making your purchase so you can get an idea of what you like best. The next thing to think about is shape and size.

Matrix opals come in all kinds of shapes including oval, round, pear or rectangle. Consider how you plan to wear the stone when choosing a particular shape or size - if it’s going into jewelry then go with something small enough to be set easily; however, if it's just for display purposes then larger may be better! You also want to take note of any cracks or flaws within the gemstone itself - this could affect its durability over time.

Cost Of Matrix Opal Gemstone

The cost of matrix opal gemstone can vary significantly. On average, a single piece of matrix opal will range anywhere from $30 to $150 per carat depending on its size and the quality of the stone. However, some rare pieces have been known to fetch thousands! When it comes to buying matrix opal gemstones, here are few things you should consider:

- The cut or shape of the stone

- Its clarity rating

- The color intensity

- Its origin/source

Physical Healing Properties

I have personally experienced the physical healing benefits of matrix opal gemstone. It has some restorative powers that are quite remarkable. The therapeutic effects it can produce on a person's body and mind is truly incredible!

Matrix opal holds many therapeutic properties, all of which I've been able to benefit from.Its regenerative properties help protect against any sort of negative energy coming my way too, enabling me to stay positive even during tough times.

Matrix opal gemstone has given me so much more than just physical healing benefits; it's changed how I look at life for the better! From its soothing vibes to its protective nature, this precious stone really does wonders for anyone who wears it - both physically and spiritually.

Emotional Healing Properties

Moving on from the physical healing benefits of matrix opal gemstone, we take a look at its emotional healing properties. Matrix opal gemstone also helps us tap into positive energies from the universe, which can open up new perspectives for dealing with certain life issues and stimulating creativity.

On an even deeper level, it’s said to be able to unlock repressed feelings and emotions so they are no longer held within the body – allowing one to truly move forward in their life journey. This powerful crystal brings forth unconditional love - helping one to release negative patterns, forgive those who have wronged them in the past and ultimately find inner peace and harmony.

Matrix opal gemstone is a great tool for anyone looking for a little extra boost when facing challenging moments emotionally - providing hope and guidance along the way.

Spiritual Healing Properties

I'm sure you've heard the phrase 'A diamond in the rough' before. Well, that same sentiment can be used to describe matrix opal gemstones! This is because they possess hidden spiritual healing benefits and powers that are often overlooked by those who don't understand their value and beauty.

When it comes to spiritual properties, no other stone offers quite what matrix opal does.

* It helps promote self-reflection and introspection

* Enhances intuition and psychic abilities

* Supports emotional wellbeing through calming vibrations

* Stimulates creativity and helps open up our minds

The spiritual symbolism behind matrix opals has been revered for centuries. For example, many cultures believe this gemstone encourages us to look within ourselves for answers instead of relying on external sources. Additionally, it reminds us of our connection with nature and how we're all connected as one big collective consciousness. Its vibrational energy also works to balance out any negative energies or patterns present in our lives.

Matrix Opal gemstones are truly special gifts from Mother Nature – offering powerful spiritual healing effects when you take time to appreciate them fully. Whether worn as jewelry or simply kept close by, they will help bring peace and harmony into your life!

Associated Myths & Legends

Myths and legends have been associated with the matrix opal gemstone for centuries. It is believed that these myths were created to give cultural significance to this beautiful stone, based on its unique patterns of color. The most common myth about matrix opal is that it provides protection from evil spirits and brings good luck to its owner.

In many cultures, the sight of a rainbow was seen as an omen or sign from the gods. This same belief has been attached to matrix opal due to its dynamic range of colors which often mimic rainbows. Many people believe wearing a piece of jewelry with matrix opal will bring them peace and happiness because they are connected to something divine.

The power behind these myths makes matrix opal one of the more sought after gemstones today. With its elegant combination of sparkling color, its association with ancient mythology, and its powerful symbolism, it's no surprise so many admirers seek out this remarkable gemstone for their own collections.

Zoadic Birthstone

Moving on from myths and legends, let's talk about matrix opal gemstone in relation to the zodiac. Matrix opals are believed by some to have a powerful impact when it comes to astrology and their connection with the zodiac. They are thought to be especially beneficial for those born under certain signs of the zodiac.

Matrix opals can be used as a birthstone according to the sign you were born under. It is said that these stones hold special energies which correspond to each one of the 12 astrological signs. For example, Aries may benefit from carrying an orange matrix opal while Sagittarius should opt for white or blue-green stones.

Matrix opals are also associated with spiritual guidance and healing depending on your zodiac sign. Whether you’re looking for insight into yourself or advice regarding life decisions, wearing this stone could prove useful.

 All in all, if you believe in its powers then using them along with astrology can help you make better informed choices about important matters.


With its wide range of colors and varied mining locations, there’s sure to be the perfect matrix opal out there for everyone. The mythology surrounding this gemstone is fascinating and mysterious - stories of strength, courage and protection provide people with an extra boost when they wear it.

Additionally, having the zodiac birthstone associated with your sign makes owning a piece of this amazing gem all the more special.

Ultimately, no matter what type or color you choose, wearing a piece of matrix opal will bring beauty and peace into your life. Its calming energy provides balance while its visual appeal adds a sparkle to any outfit. A symbol of hope and good fortune, matrix opal is truly one-of-a-kind!

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