A Guide to Purple Crystals: Uses, Benefits, and Properties

A Guide to Purple Crystals: Uses, Benefits, and Properties

Purple crystals possess incredible healing powers, spiritual meanings, and practical applications.It's also linked to spirituality as well as creativity. The deep hue embodies wisdom, intuition, transformation, and connection with divine energies.

As such, it is no surprise that these qualities manifest in the powerful properties of purple crystals too. From promoting clarity to calming emotions to aiding meditation - there's something for everyone when it comes to working with them. So let's dive into all things related to purple crystals!

Learn about their energy vibrations and how they can help heal physical ailments or mental blocks. Discover which particular stones work best for different purposes and gain insight on how to use them properly. With this information at hand, you can unlock the full potential of your purple crystal collection!

History And Origin

Purple crystals have a long and fascinating history. Crystal origin stories, ancient crystal beliefs, and folklore all point to their use in times of old. From crystal mythology to modern-day practices, purple crystals have been seen as powerful tools for spiritual transformation since the earliest days of human culture.

The most popular story about the origin of purple crystals comes from Ancient Greece. According to legend, Amethyst was created when Dionysus, the god of wine and intoxication, spilled his cup of wine on a white quartz boulder while fleeing from an angry Artemis. In turn, she transformed it into amethyst – a stone that symbolizes strength against intoxication and is associated with moderation in behaviour.

Even today people still believe that certain types of purple crystals can bring good luck or even protection from harm! Throughout time there has been no shortage of tales about these precious gems – each one offering insight into how they've been used throughout history for both practicality and spirituality alike.

Their captivating beauty coupled with mysterious powers make them incredibly sought after even now; revered symbols that carry within them our collective hopes for harmony and wellbeing in this ever-changing world we inhabit.

Types of PurpleCrystals:


Amethyst properties include spiritual awareness, emotional balance, mental clarity, and connection to divine wisdom. The amethyst stone is often found in clusters or single points - perfect for meditating on its unique energy. The soft purple hue of an amethyst cluster can bring peace and calm to any space it occupies. Its beautiful color carries with it grounding energies from nature's elements such as wind, water, earth and fire.

With its gentle vibrations, this crystal brings about serenity during times of stress or worry. Additionally, some believe that amethysts help awaken communication between people who are feeling disconnected. Using an amethyst meaningfully also helps open up one’s intuition while increasing focus and creativity in various areas of life.

As a powerful healing tool, many use the power of the amethyst to provide physical relief from issues like headaches or exhaustion due to overwork or anxiety. Ultimately, when used judiciously and intentionally this wonderful crystal can be incredibly effective at empowering individuals along their spiritual journey.


Moving on from Amethyst, another type of purple crystal is Charoite. It's a rare gemstone that was discovered in Russia just four decades ago and its appearance features swirls of purple, cream and grey tones. Its name comes from the Chary River near where it was first located. Like other crystals, Charoite has metaphysical properties which are said to assist with spiritual growth as well as emotional healing.

Charoite can be used to help bring feelings of acceptance and unconditional love while also aiding in releasing fear and stress. Charoite is thought to have many healing powers too, both physical and psychological. Physically, it's believed that this purple crystal helps with sleep issues such as insomnia by calming the mind before bedtime so you can rest peacefully through the night.

Psychologically, charoite is thought to help give clarity for difficult decisions or situations when needed most. On a spiritual level, wearing or carrying charoite is meant to provide protection from negative energies around you while allowing you to open yourself up more deeply to others' feelings and emotions - giving an understanding of how they think while enhancing communication between two people. As such, it may aid in developing empathy towards those around us whilst creating deeper connections with them at the same time.

All in all, charoite could prove helpful if you want greater insight into your inner being or need extra strength during tough times; allowing for transformation without losing sight of who we truly are within ourselves.


Sugilite is a beautiful purple crystal that has been highly sought after since it was discovered in the early 1900s. It's also known by its scientific name, ludwigite. Some believe sugilite to have powerful healing properties and many people find solace in wearing jewelry or meditating with this stone. The meaning of sugilite is spiritual growth, which makes it an excellent choice for those looking to deepen their connection with the divine.

Sugilite benefits include providing comfort during times of grief and understanding when faced with difficult decisions. Its calming energy can be beneficial in helping one stay grounded amid life’s ups and downs. Physically, sugilite helps fight off infection and illness due to its detoxifying properties. It also possesses anti-inflammatory qualities that help ease joint pain and inflammation throughout the body.

The beauty of sugilite lies not only in its stunning color but also in its unique metaphysical properties. This powerful crystal works on all chakras, helping to open them up so we can receive more guidance from our higher power or intuition. In addition, it promotes unconditional love and inspires creativity and passion within us so we may bring about positive changes in our lives.

When using sugilite for meditation, visualization becomes easier as it amplifies imagination allowing us to tap into hidden potentials within ourselves. Overall, sugilite offers a multitude of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual advantages making it a great choice for anyone seeking balance or clarity in their life journey.

Its vibrant hue adds an extra layer of vibrancy while connecting deeply with the soul's highest wisdom – something no other gemstone can do quite like sugilite!


Take for example a piece of Fluorite, one of the most popular purple crystals. This amazing mineral is often referred to as ‘the genius stone’ due to its many benefits:

  • It aids in mental clarity and focus by helping us process information more quickly and accurately.
  • As an energy stone, it helps balance our energies while purifying them at the same time.
  • In addition, fluorite has healing properties that can help reduce stress levels, headaches and even physical pain.


Moving on from fluorite, let's take a look at lepidolite. Lepidolite is an attractive lilac-colored crystal that often has mica-bearing properties. It is also known to be lithium-rich and contains elements of magnesium and aluminum. This makes it a popular choice for those in search of healing crystals as the combination of these minerals produce soothing energy that can bring balance into their lives.

Lepidolite aids in emotional understanding so that its holder may reach enlightenment. The calming energies are perfect for those dealing with stress or anxiety as it helps them to move forward without fear. In addition, this type of purple crystal can help enhance communication skills by bringing clarity to conversations and reducing resentment towards others.

This powerful stone not only energizes its holders but also brings about a sense of peace within themselves. By working with lepidolite, one will feel more grounded and connected to the present moment; allowing them to view life through a more positive lens. Those looking for spiritual guidance should consider adding this enchanting crystal to their collection!

Spirit Quartz 

It is made up of several different quartz points growing outwards, creating an almost-fluffy texture and effect. The stone radiates a powerful energy which can be used to promote spiritual healing and vibrational energy balancing. Spirit Quartz works on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - providing clarity around issues in each area for yourself or someone else. It helps you create balance within your life by allowing you to see how everything connects with each other.

With this knowledge, you can make positive changes to better align with your true self and soul purpose. Additionally, this type of quartz amplifies whatever intentions are set into it, helping manifest them into reality much more quickly than without its assistance. Whether you’re looking to raise your vibration or bring about greater peace in your life, using Spirit Quartz can help get there faster and easier than ever before. Its ability to amplify energies makes it incredibly special amongst all the purple crystals available today!


As we transition from spirit quartz to selenite, it is as if the sun has just begun its rise on a new day. Selenite is one of the most remarkable purple crystals in existence and is known for its healing properties and energy-clearing abilities. When used in energy healing practices such as yoga, meditation or reiki, these beautiful stones can be harnessed as tools to bring spiritual clarity and balance into ones life.

Selenite's gentle yet powerful vibration helps to clear away negative energies that may have built up over time within our energetic field. This crystal works with the third eye chakra, helping us to access higher levels of wisdom, insight and intuition during our spiritual journeys. By connecting deeply with this gemstone’s unique frequency, we are able to align ourselves more closely with Source energy so that we can move forward in harmony with the Universe.

The power of selenite lies not only in its ability to cleanse but also in its capacity to heal past traumas which could otherwise hinder our progress towards emotional well-being. As we allow selenite's calming vibrations to wash over us like an ocean wave, we become empowered by its loving embrace; allowing us to stand firmly rooted in our truth while continuing along our path of self discovery and enlightenment.


Angelite is a type of purple crystal that has many healing and metaphysical properties. Angelite also helps people open up spiritually by connecting them to higher realms of consciousness. Here are some more specific uses for this beautiful stone:

* Healing Properties:

* Relieves pain

* Balances emotions

* Releases anger/resentment/grief

* Metaphysical Properties:

* Connects you to your angels

* Enhances spiritual communication

* Helps clear blocked energy

* Purple Healing:

* Represents wisdom & spirituality

* Aids intuition & psychic abilities

Angelite is not only useful for its various healing benefits; it also provides protection from negative energy and creates a strong connection between yourself and the divine forces around you. With its calming presence, this lovely crystal brings balance into any environment while promoting love and understanding.


Moving on from Angelite, let's take a look at Azurite - one of the most beautiful and vibrant purple crystals. This healing crystal is found all over the world in various shades of deep blue to light green. It’s known to stimulate intuition, creativity and spiritual guidance as it helps you connect with your divine purpose.

The power of these gorgeous blue crystals has been used for hundreds of years by healers who believe that azurite can help people tap into their inner wisdom and gain clarity about their life path. Azurite is also believed to be an excellent tool for meditation and connecting with higher realms due to its ability to bring calming energy.

Plus, this stone is said to strengthen the bond between mind and body while helping to restore balance within oneself. Not surprisingly, many practitioners use azurite during chakra balancing sessions or when performing crystal healing work. And if you're looking for a way to activate your third eye chakra or enhance psychic abilities like clairvoyance, then azurite could be just what you need!

Purple crystals such as azurite are amazing tools for personal growth because they offer us insight into our true nature and provide us with clarity. So why not add some azurite stones to your collection today and enjoy the powerful energies they've got to offer?


Howlite is a type of purple crystal that has become increasingly popular in the spiritual and healing communities. It carries a meaning of patience, inner peace, and balance. This stone resonates with calming energy which makes it great for those looking to reduce stress or anxious feelings.

Howlite properties are also known to promote self-awareness, creativity, and communication. The howlite meaning also extends into its spiritual applications; this gemstone can be used to access higher realms of consciousness during meditation as well as connecting one’s physical form to their spirit guides and angels.

Additionally, many believe that wearing this stone on your body helps bring about clarity when making decisions from a place of wisdom rather than fear. The ability to see both sides of an argument while staying true to oneself is said to be enhanced by howlite's presence.

Benefits such as increased intuition, better control over emotions, improved decision making skills make howlite highly sought after among healers and practitioners alike. Those who feel overwhelmed or unfocused may find solace in this stone too due to its ability to offer grounding energies and promote seeing situations clearly with no emotional bias attached.


Sodalite is a type of purple crystal that has many healing, jewelry and spiritual properties.  In terms of healing properties, Sodalite can help boost intuition and mental clarity, while promoting peace of mind and emotional balance. In terms of jewelry use, Sodalite often comes in pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings.

The spiritual properties associated with Sodalite include increased insight into yourself by connecting both body and spirit together. It helps you access deep truths within yourself so you're able to learn lessons along life’s journey.

All in all, this type of purple crystal brings strength to anyone who chooses to work with it – whether physically, mentally or spiritually – allowing us all the opportunity for growth and transformation.


Iolite can be used to help with detoxification, as well as helping one to access higher states of consciousness. This makes it an ideal crystal for spiritual seekers looking to go deeper into their practice and explore the realms beyond what we know here on earth. The meaning behind iolite is also quite powerful and resonates strongly with those who work with it. In addition to being an excellent stone for purifying energies, iolite also represents freedom, courage and inspiration - all important qualities when embarking on any kind of journey or exploration.

Working with iolite can be particularly helpful if you're feeling stuck or blocked in some way, allowing you to break through mental barriers and move forward in life with renewed vigour. Iolite jewelry is becoming increasingly popular due to its beauty and power and this type of purple crystal is now widely available online and in stores around the world.

Whether you choose a single piece or create your own unique combination from multiple stones, wearing iolite can be incredibly beneficial not just aesthetically but spiritually as well. Its calming energy will keep you grounded while providing necessary protection during times of transformation or difficult circumstances.


Kunzite is a beautiful purple crystal that can range from light pinkish-purple to dark violet. It’s also known as the “evening stone,” because it glows in low lighting conditions. Kunzite is formed from lithium aluminum silicate minerals called spodumene and exhibits an impressive level of transparency with few impurities. Since this crystal is relatively soft, it must be handled carefully and not exposed to sharp objects or abrasives.

Its energy helps us find balance between our personal needs and desires while providing a soothing presence during stressful times. When using kunzite for healing purposes, you should hold it close to your heart so its gentle vibration can clear away any negative feelings you may have. It's believed that meditating with a piece of this gemstone will help open up your intuition and allow you to receive divine messages more easily.

Additionally, kunzite has been used in jewelry making since ancient times due to its gorgeous coloration and clarity when cut into shapes like ovals or round cabochons. The powerful effects of kunzite make it a great tool for spiritual development on many levels. Whether you choose to wear it as jewelry or keep it nearby for meditation sessions, this wonderful purple crystal will bring peace, love and joy into your life!


To sum up, Kunzite is a type of purple crystal with healing benefits. Moving on from there, Jasper is another well-known purple stone that has been used for centuries to bring about balance and harmony in the body. As the old adage goes - ‘The beauty of nature reveals itself in many forms’ – this can be seen no more clearly than when looking at jasper.

Jasper's energy properties are said to help calm anxieties, cleanse away negative thoughts and enhance mental clarity. In terms of its physical powers, it is believed to aid digestion, stimulate circulation and provide relief from pain associated with arthritis and other joint conditions. People often use these stones during meditation sessions due their ability to open channels between them and higher realms of consciousness.

When combined with other crystals like amethyst or selenite, Jasper amplifies its healing power even further - making it perfect for anyone who wants to experience enhanced emotional stability, improved intuition or spiritual enlightenment. All in all, this semi precious gemstone offers many wonderful benefits when incorporated into one’s daily life routine!


I'm sure you’ve heard of tourmaline before. It's a crystal that is most commonly found in purple, and it has some amazing healing properties. Tourmalines come in many different colors like pink, green, black, and blue too. The meaning behind the stone is incredibly powerful and meaningful. It symbolizes balance, understanding, faithfulness, compassion, strength, hope and courage.

All these qualities make this crystal an invaluable asset to anyone looking for guidance or help with emotional issues. Tourmaline also has some great physical benefits such as relieving stress and tension in the body by balancing energy levels within the body. Its electromagnetic force field helps protect against radiation from cell phones and other electronic devices as well as shielding your aura from negative energies around you.

Additionally, their far-infrared rays have been proven to have excellent therapeutic effects on skin cells due to their ability to absorb heat quickly which can result in increased circulation throughout the body and relief from pain or discomfort. This incredible crystal not only offers spiritual guidance but its range of uses makes it an ideal tool for personal growth and development!

Metaphysical Properties

Now, let's explore the metaphysical properties of purple crystals. Purple is a powerful color that resonates with spiritual qualities and helps to bring harmony and emotional balance into one's life. This hue has been associated with psychic abilities and intuition since ancient times.

Here are three ways in which purple crystals can be used to enhance your intuitive power:

  1. Meditate or carry them with you throughout the day for enhanced clarity on any issue.
  2. Place them around your home or workspace to create an atmosphere of tranquility.
  3. Wear them as jewelry for increased mental focus and creativity. Purple crystals also have healing properties, such as providing relief from pain and stress, aiding in digestion, improving circulation, and boosting immunity levels.

They can help to clear negative energy from the environment while bringing positive vibes into your space. Additionally, they can open up channels of communication between individuals by helping to break down barriers of fear and mistrust.Enjoy its calming effects and get ready to experience newfound spiritual growth through its magical powers.

Chakras And Connection

Purple crystals are known for their connection to the chakras, which makes them excellent tools for energy balancing. They can be used to open and balance each chakra in turn, helping you align your energies with that of the universe. By doing so, they can help unblock any stagnant energy and restore balance in your life.

This is why purple crystals are often used in crystal healing practices such as aura cleansing and chakra balancing. When using a purple crystal during a meditation or other spiritual practice, it’s important to keep an open mind. Connecting with its energy will allow you to tap into its power more deeply and create a stronger bond between yourself and the crystal.

You may even find that when working with purple crystals, you start to feel an increased sense of inner peace.In this way, they act as guides along our spiritual journey – providing direction whenever we need it most. By working with these powerful stones, we can open up pathways within ourselves that lead towards greater understanding and healing.

Purple crystals offer many benefits on both physical and emotional levels – from reducing stress levels to improving intuition and creativity – making them invaluable allies on our path towards self-discovery and growth.

Astrological Associations

Purple crystals have been associated with astrological signs for centuries, but it’s only in recent years that they’ve become so popular. Of all the zodiac signs, purple is most closely aligned with Libra and Gemini — both of which are air signs known for their creativity and imaginative thinking. In addition to being connected to these two star signs, purple stones are also seen as a birthstone for Scorpio and Pisces.

This makes sense since these water-based zodiac signs are often thought of as emotionally sensitive and intuitively aware. Not only do purple crystals connect us to our personal horoscope sign, but they can help us tap into celestial bodies too. When used in meditation or divination rituals, Purple Crystals can open up pathways between ourselves and the stars above.

 They allow us to better understand how we interact with energy from galaxies far away — an insight that may lead to some powerful epiphanies! The power of purple goes beyond astrology though; it's believed that this type of crystal has healing properties too. It's said to be great at reducing stress levels while balancing out any negative emotions lingering within your aura.

As such, many people use purple in spiritual practices like Reiki or chakra clearing sessions. The result? A greater sense of inner peace and harmony within one’s self. So why not try harnessing the potential benefits of Purple Crystal today? Who knows what kind of cosmic insights you might gain!

With its beautiful hue and calming effects, there's no reason why you shouldn't give it a go – after all, sometimes taking risks leads to wonderful rewards!

Protection And Purification

I have found that purple crystals are ideal for protection and purification. They can be used to create a powerful shield of energetic defense against negative thoughts, energies, or entities. The beautiful hue of the crystal helps raise our vibrations, so we feel more in tune with ourselves and connected to Spirit. It also has strong cleansing properties which help to rid us of any residual energy from past experiences.

One way I like to use purple crystals is by performing purification rituals with them. This could involve setting an intention for what you’d like to clear away before placing a few pieces around your sacred space or body as you meditate. If done correctly, this ritual will promote physical and spiritual health and protect from any potential harm coming your way. Another useful property of the purple crystal is its ability to protect one's aura from external influences – both positive and negative ones.

For instance, when placed on key parts of the body such as the heart chakra, it acts like a guard against unwanted energies entering into the person’s life force field. On top of that, it strengthens our own inner power making us more resilient and less vulnerable to outside forces. The combination of protection and purification makes the purple crystal an incredibly versatile tool for self-care.

Not only does it keep out negativity but also cleanses away anything lingering inside us that might be preventing growth or progress in our lives. Whether we are looking for extra security or just some spiritual renewal, using a purple crystal is always beneficial!

Meditation With Purple Crystals

Meditating with purple crystals can be absolutely magical! As soon as you hold them in your hands and close your eyes, it's like a doorway to the spiritual realm opens up for you. Connecting to these powerful healing stones is an incredible experience that helps promote intuitive development and spiritual growth on every level.

When meditating with purple crystals, start by taking some deep breaths until you are in a relaxed state of mind. Then concentrate on the energy radiating from the crystal and allow yourself to get lost within its beauty. Focus on any images or feelings that come through while envisioning light and love radiating outwards from the stone into all areas of your life. This will help create balance and harmony within your body, mind, and spirit.

To enhance your meditation session even further, try pairing several different types of purple crystals together such as amethyst, fluorite, lepidolite, sugilite, charoite and iolite. Combining their energies can create a more powerful vibration that can assist in releasing blockages or old patterns so you can move forward in life with confidence. Plus layering multiple pieces allows for greater protection against negative energies so you remain grounded during your practice.

 At the end of each meditation session make sure to give thanks for all the new insights gained and set intentions for how this newfound knowledge may help guide decisions made throughout the day ahead. Through regular use of purple crystals during meditation sessions you'll find emotional stress melts away quickly leaving behind only peace and serenity - plus all sorts of exciting opportunities await those willing to explore deeper realms of consciousness!

Healing Energies

When using purple crystals for energy healing it is important to set an intention first; this helps ensure that you receive the best results possible from your session. You should also take some time before beginning to connect with the crystal itself, tuning into its unique energy and connecting on a deeper level.

This connection often allows us to gain insight into how we may use the crystal’s energy more effectively during our session. During a healing session, you can either hold the crystal in your hand or place it directly onto any area of the body needing attention. The vibrations emitted by the stone will then work their way through your energetic system helping clear out any stagnant energy while bringing balance back into your life force.

Depending on what type of issue you’re dealing with, certain stones may be better suited than others so it’s always helpful to do research beforehand if you can! Finally, using purple crystals for healing is not only beneficial but incredibly empowering too! Working with these powerful tools gives us the opportunity to access deep levels of ourselves and make meaningful changes within our lives and relationships – something which no one else can do for us!

Rituals And Ceremonies

The purple crystal is like a key to unlocking the power of rituals and ceremonies. Like a lighthouse guiding ships across stormy seas, it can provide guidance when exploring spiritual realms. Even though we are separated by time and space, the energy of this precious stone can bring us together in powerful ways.

Here are five magical elements that make up the perfect purple ritual or ceremony:

* Incorporating special symbols such as candles or crystals into your practice

* Creating an intention for performing the ritual

* Connecting with others through meditation or chanting

* Calling on deities or spirits for assistance during the ritual

* Allowing plenty of time and space to move freely throughout the experience

Performing rituals and ceremonies with a purple crystal provides many benefits including creating positive vibrations and energies, manifesting desired outcomes, honoring ancestors, healing emotional trauma, connecting to nature’s spirit realm, discovering inner peace and so much more.

Each person’s experience will be unique depending on their intentions going into the ritual or ceremony but one thing remains true; using a purple crystal helps create meaningful connections between yourself and those around you. By allowing ourselves to open up to these experiences, we can gain insight into our own lives while gaining greater understanding of each other's perspectives.

So take some time today to explore what a beautiful purple crystal ritual can do for you!

Decorating With Purple Crystal Pieces

Decorating with purple crystal pieces can bring a unique and beautiful touch to any home decor.Smaller crystals tend to work better when incorporated into smaller items like accent pillows while larger ones may look nicer when framed and made into artworks.

The color should also be taken into account since different hues have their own special meanings and energies associated with them; some people prefer lighter shades while others might opt for darker tones depending on what they want their decor to convey.

Lastly, make sure that the crystal pieces chosen are clear as this helps maximize its healing energy properties and enhance its overall vibrancy. You can incorporate purple crystals in various ways throughout your house too by using them for decoration in places like bathrooms where they can help provide balance between masculine and feminine elements; placing them near windows brings natural light indoors thus creating a calming atmosphere; hanging single strands or clusters of stones over doorways serves as protection against negative energies entering the area; putting them around plants adds life force energy which boosts growth rates; lastly inserting large chunks inside water fountains would give off a gentle stream of positive vibrations in every room within the premises.

Purple crystals are quite versatile when it comes to being used as part of a home decor scheme so don’t hesitate to experiment with different combinations until you find something that looks good yet still resonates with you energetically! Whether you’re looking for simple accents or more elaborate displays - incorporating some purple gemstones into your surroundings will certainly bring about much joy and peacefulness whenever spent time at home.

Environmental Uses

As the sun sets and night falls, the dark sky is illuminated by a deep purple hue that glows from the halo of crystals. Purple crystal pieces are not just aesthetically pleasing decor items but can be used in various ways to benefit our environment.

Here are some tips for using purple crystals to reduce energy consumption and live green:

* Recycle old purple crystals into new designs - Reusing existing materials reduces the need for production of more material goods.

* Buy eco-friendly products such as soy candles instead of regular ones – Soy wax burns cleanly with no toxins or pollutants being released.

* Plant an herb garden and use lavender oil as an alternative bug repellant – Lavender essential oils have natural antiseptic properties as well as calming effects on humans and animals alike.

* Utilize natural light during daytime hours – By reducing electricity usage, you’re helping to conserve energy resources while also saving money!

Not only do they provide beauty and peace of mind through their unique healing properties, they can also promote environmental health if used creatively.

From making conscious purchases to harvesting solar power, we can use these simple yet effective practices to decrease our carbon footprints and positively impact our planet's future.

Jewelry Making With Purple Crystals

In terms of actual jewelry making techniques, there are plenty to choose from when working with purple crystals. Crystal healing jewelry involves placing individual stones on specific parts of the body for therapeutic purposes; this is a great option if you're looking for an easy way to incorporate your favorite crystal into your designs.

On the other hand, gemstone beading requires stringing together beads made from precious gems such as amethysts or rose quartz - perfect for those who want their pieces to look unique and one-of-a-kind! Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous then why not try out some crystal wire wrapping?

This technique involves winding copper wires around raw stones to form intricate patterns and shapes – sure to impress any onlookers! So whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced artist looking for something new, there’s no shortage of ways to work with purple crystals in order to create stunning pieces of handmade jewelry!


In conclusion, purple crystals have been used for centuries to bring balance and healing into the lives of many. Whether it is in jewelry form or incorporated as part of a home decor, these beautiful stones can be utilized in numerous ways to help us on our journey.

With their powerful metaphysical properties and connection with the chakras, we may find that using them helps us understand ourselves better and access deeper knowledge hidden within.

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