A Guide To The  20 Best Crystals For Good Fortune

A Guide To The 20 Best Crystals For Good Fortune

We all want to attract good fortune into our lives, but the question is: how? We can rely on luck or take matters into our own hands by seeking out the power of crystals. Crystals have been used throughout history to bring prosperity and relief from pain and illness.

From amethyst to jade, these 20 best crystals for good fortune will help you find balance in your life and open up new opportunities! When harnessing energy through crystal healing, it helps to know which stones are more powerful than others. Some may be more effective at attracting wealth while others can provide emotional support during times of turmoil.

Whether you’re looking for protection from negative influences or just a bit of extra luck, there’s a special gemstone that can give you what you need. Crystals work their magic when we put intention behind them – so get ready to start manifesting some serious abundance with this list of 20 best crystals for good fortune!

Definition Of Good Fortune

Good fortune is something that many people strive for.This means that when you experience good fortune, you are more likely to have desirable results from your actions or decisions. Good fortune also encompasses luck and chance; however, it goes beyond them by suggesting an element of control over one's destiny.

In simple terms, having good fortune implies that there are certain elements working in our favor - whether they're seen or unseen - which allows us to achieve our desired goals or objectives with relative ease.

Benefits Of Crystals

Crystal healing is an ancient practice that uses the vibrations of certain stones to promote health and wellbeing. Crystals can be used to create balance, protection, and even prosperity. By using crystal meditation and visualization techniques, we can connect with their energies to manifest our desires.

People often carry or wear crystals as pendants or bracelets for protection against negative energy. They can also be placed around the home or office as reminders of our intentions. Using crystals during mediation is one way to amplify the effects of intention setting.

When meditating with crystals, you will want to focus on its unique properties such as color, shape and texture - all which have an effect on how it resonates with us energetically. As you set your intentions while holding or wearing the crystal, allow yourself to feel the connection between your body and spirit - this is where the true magic happens!

You may also choose to place crystals near plants or animals since they too resonate well with these beautiful stones. Crystal power has been known throughout history for its ability to help people achieve good fortune by harnessing natural energies. Whether it's through physical contact with a crystal or visualizing its specific qualities within ourselves, there is no denying its mystical potential when used correctly.

Letting go of any expectations allows us to open up our hearts and minds so we can truly benefit from utilizing these incredible tools in our everyday lives.

How To Choose A Crystal For Good Fortune

Choosing a crystal for good fortune is an important decision. It’s essential to know the various properties and meanings of crystals in order to select one that will bring you luck. First, it's helpful to think about why you want a crystal - do you need protection or are you seeking love?

Once you've decided what type of energy your crystal should attract, investigate the properties and meanings associated with different stones. For example, rose quartz can be used to draw in loving relationships while black tourmaline offers protection from negative energies.

Next, consider how you'd like to use your crystal - as jewelry, for meditation purposes, or something else entirely? Different crystals have different shapes and sizes so take into account any physical limitations when selecting one. Some people like wearing their stone as jewelry but if this isn't practical then carrying them around in pockets or bags works just as well!

Additionally, some crystals work best when placed near sources of natural light such as windowsills or balconies; make sure to factor this into your selection process too! Lastly, stay open-minded during your search and don't limit yourself by what's popular at the moment - research until you find the perfect crystal for your own unique needs and intentions.

When it comes time to purchase a crystal make sure to shop responsibly from reputable dealers who guarantee authenticity of products. With these few tips in mind choosing a crystal for good fortune won’t be hard - start exploring today!

20 Crystals for Good Fortune

Blood Stone

People believe this stone brings good luck and fortune telling abilities when meditated upon or used for crystal healing. One way to use bloodstone for its magical properties is by wearing the gem close to your skin or carrying it around in a pouch on your person.

You can also place it in certain areas of your home where you'd like good luck to come into play. This could be anywhere from the entryway to the kitchen countertop!

Another popular method of using bloodstones involves placing several stones at different points around a room during meditation sessions. The idea here is that their energies will mix together and bring about positive results wherever they are placed.

This could range from improved communication between family members to more success in business endeavors - not only bringing you good luck but amplifying existing blessings too!


Like a beacon of light in the darkest night, amethyst is considered to be one of the best crystals for bringing good fortune into your life. Its deep purple hue and many unique properties make it an ideal choice when looking for spiritual healing or protection spells. Not only does its energy bring good luck and abundance, but it can also help awaken your psychic abilities as well.

Amethyst has long been used by shamans and healers to cleanse negative energies from their environment and attract positive ones. This crystal resonates with calming vibes that are sure to fill you with feelings of peace, joy and contentment. It's often recommended by psychics as a tool for manifesting dreams while helping one stay in tune with their intuition.

Amethyst helps promote emotional balance, clarity of mind and greater self-awareness; all essential components to achieving success in any endeavor. The power of amethyst doesn't stop at just luck though – it has medicinal benefits too! Many cultures believe this crystal can treat physical ailments such as headaches, insomnia, digestive issues and even addiction problems.

By harnessing the vibrations within this stone, wearers can experience a renewed sense of wellbeing on both physical and mental levels simultaneously - no wonder why so many have come to rely on it over time!


Citrine is an amazing crystal when it comes to good luck and abundance. It's a powerful stone that vibrates with the energy of prosperity and fertility. Citrine is thought to draw in positive energies, helping us manifest our dreams into reality.

This gemstone has been used for centuries to bring positivity and joy into people’s lives. When working with citrine we can focus its energies on particular areas in our life where we need more light or help. Whether it be in career or relationships, citrine will help you find clarity and understanding while promoting inner peace and harmony.

It helps us open up our minds to new possibilities so we can make decisions based on wisdom rather than fear or doubt. If you want to attract wealth, success, creativity and passion then having a piece of citrine nearby is recommended. Not only does this crystal provide protection against negative influences but it also heightens intuition too!

Keep a piece of citrine close by so you can always enjoy its uplifting vibrations whenever needed – especially during difficult times.


Did you know that emerald is the most expensive gemstone in the beryl family? This beautiful green crystal has been used to promote good fortune and healing properties for centuries. It's a popular gemstone choice among jewelry makers, as it adds an elegant touch to any type of piece.

Emeralds are also used in meditation practices due to their calming energy and ability to help one connect with their intuition. Believed to represent eternal life, this powerful crystal can bring prosperity and abundance into your life when worn or carried on your person.

Some believe that placing them near windows will attract positive energies from outside sources. When meditating with an emerald stone, its natural frequency helps us stay grounded in our spiritual practice by bringing forth clarity of thought and balance within ourselves. The healing powers of emerald have been known since ancient times; it was once believed to be able to cure physical ailments such as digestive issues, headaches, and fever.

In modern day use, its metaphysical qualities remain strong – symbolizing strength, growth and renewal through wisdom gained from experience. The color green holds special meaning too – representing hope, faithfulness and contentment in love relationships.

Whatever purpose you seek out this precious stone for - whether it’s luck or self-discovery - no doubt there’ll be something magical about owning an emerald!

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most popular good fortune crystals available. It has a deep, rich blue color and it's said to bring joy and positive energy into your life. Lapis Lazuli also has many other benefits when used as a luck crystal, such as protection from bad luck or negative energies.

When selecting crystals for good fortune, lapis lazuli should always be taken into consideration due to its powerful properties. This stunning crystal helps open up pathways for new opportunities to come your way by helping remove any obstacles blocking them out.

Not only does this crystal offer protection against misfortune, but it also promotes inner peace and harmony within yourself. In addition to these benefits, using lapis lazuli as part of your regular spiritual practice can help develop intuition and creativity while increasing mental clarity and focus.

All these qualities make this incredible crystal one of the best choices when looking for something special to add some extra luck in your life!


  1. Moonstones promote clarity and understanding - This can help direct your focus on what’s important in life so that you can make better decisions.
  2. Moonstones provide calmness and peace - Feelings such as fear often keep us from achieving our goals due to lack of confidence. Moonstones give off soothing vibes, helping ease worry and stress which allows one to take action with more conviction.
  3. Moonstones aid physical and emotional well-being - Positive energy helps us stay healthy both physically and mentally, enabling us to feel confident about taking risks when needed in order to succeed.

The energies emitted by moonstones also enable us to remain open minded, allowing new ideas into our lives which may lead to better opportunities. In short, if you're looking for something special that promotes good luck while providing physical and mental health benefits then look no further than moonstone! It is known as a powerful stone that brings joy, harmony, vitality and balance while protecting its user against negativity.


Obsidian is a type of natural glass formed from volcanic lava. It's typically black in color but can range from brown to green as well. This stone has many variations, including snowflake obsidian which contains white markings within the dark-colored stone and rainbow obsidian that features iridescent colors when exposed to light.

Although it’s often used for crystal healing, it can also be employed to attract good luck and fortune. Black Obsidian is particularly powerful at protecting its user against negative energy while simultaneously helping them to make positive change in their life.

By carrying or wearing this gemstone, you may find yourself feeling more grounded and less affected by outside influences like stress or anxiety. Its ability to absorb negativity makes it an excellent choice for those who want some extra luck on their side!

Additionally, Snowflake Obsidian helps bring balance and harmony into your life by encouraging both physical and emotional stability. Carrying this type of obsidian with you not only brings about specific intentions related to prosperity, but also opens up opportunities for self-reflection so that you can create meaningful changes in your life too.

And finally Rainbow Obsidian acts as an uplifting influence because it contains all the colors of the spectrum — allowing one to tap into multiple energies for greater abundance and joy in whatever they do.


The gem of good luck and prosperity, Peridot is often referred to as the “stone of happiness”. Its beautiful green hue holds a special kind of energy that can bring good fortune into your life.

As such, it is no wonder that this crystal has become increasingly popular among those looking for spiritual guidance and protection from bad luck charms. When used in metaphysical practice, peridot is believed to be incredibly effective at bringing about peace and harmony into one's life.

It purportedly helps to increase concentration levels while also facilitating personal growth and transformation by connecting you to higher realms of consciousness. Additionally, its calming properties are said to help soothe feelings of anxiety or stress which may be preventing you from reaching your full potential.

As an ally in abundance and success, Peridot is truly invaluable when trying to manifest desires related to wealth and joyous occasions. By wearing or carrying this stone close to your heart, you will undoubtedly experience greater clarity on matters pertaining to financial stability and career advancement.

With perseverance and faith in the Universe's divine order, anything is possible - especially if accompanied with the right stones!


Quartz is one of the most popular crystals used for good fortune and healing. It's properties make it an ideal choice for many different uses.

Here are some of its amazing benefits:

  • Quartz crystal helps to amplify intentions and purify energy, making it useful in both spiritual rituals as well as everyday life.
  • Quartz healing can help with physical and emotional issues such as improving mental clarity, reducing stress, promoting relaxation and balancing emotions.
  • Quartz properties also include aiding concentration, increasing creativity, stimulating the immune system and restoring harmony to all aspects of your life.

Using quartz for good fortune has been around for thousands of years and its popularity continues today due to its beneficial qualities. Whether you’re looking for a boost of positive energy or need assistance with personal growth, quartz crystals provide numerous possibilities.

They can be incorporated into various forms of meditation, yoga sessions or simply carried on you throughout the day to bring forth protection and balance your energies. With so many versatile uses, quartz provides great potential when seeking out good fortune.

Rose Quartz

Moving from the clarity and brilliance of Quartz, we come to Rose Quartz. This gentle pink stone is known for its calming properties in crystal healing and spiritual healing, providing a comforting embrace that has long been associated with good fortune.

As one of the most powerful crystals for love, it helps bring about harmony along with emotional wellbeing. The energy of rose quartz goes beyond self-love and supports those seeking relationships – both romantic and platonic. Rose quartz offers more than just soothing vibrations; its healing powers can help to create balance between mind and body while promoting inner peace.

Its ability to encourage compassion, forgiveness, understanding, unconditional love, and kindness make this an ideal stone when attempting to find closure after tragedy or trauma. Additionally, rose quartz aids in connecting us deeper within ourselves as well as others by opening up our heart chakras so that we can experience greater depths of emotions safely.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a powerful crystal that can bring good fortune and prosperity to anyone who wears it. It helps promote courage, strength of will, stamina, and protection from negative energies. This crystal has some amazing healing powers as well.

Here are three reasons why you should consider wearing Tiger's Eye jewelry:

* Healing Properties:

* Tigers eye has the power to heal physical ailments such as headaches and backaches, as well as spiritual issues like depression and anxiety.

* Wearing tiger’s eye jewelry can help reduce stress levels and offer emotional support during difficult times.

* Meaningful Symbolism:

* The distinctive striped pattern on the stone symbolizes balance between light and dark forces in life -- reminding us that we need both good luck and bad luck in order to grow spiritually.

* Additionally, this gemstone encourages patience and perseverance while providing guidance when making important decisions.

* Versatile Uses:

* Not only does tigers eye look beautiful in rings or necklaces, but it can also be used for meditation or placed around your house/workplace for its protective energy field benefits.

* You may even choose to carry a piece of tigers eye with you at all times if you feel like you need an extra boost of positive vibes throughout your day!


This crystal is said to offer spiritual protection and provide grounding energy. Its blue-green color symbolizes both calmness and growth at the same time. To use turquoise for its healing powers, you can carry it with you or wear jewelry made from the stone.

You can also meditate while holding a piece of turquoise in your hands or place one on your altar during rituals or ceremonies. When used in this way, turquoise helps to open up communication channels between yourself and Spirit Guides.

This powerful crystal has strong metaphysical properties which make it an excellent choice for those seeking guidance through life’s challenges and making positive changes in their lives.


Sunstone is a beautiful, yellow-orange crystal that has been used for centuries to bring good luck and healing properties. It’s believed to enhance intuition and insight, making it an ideal stone for those looking for spiritual guidance or inner peace.

Sunstone also has many metaphysical properties associated with it, such as bringing joy and passion into your life. Crystal healers often use sunstone to help clear away negative energies and promote positive thinking. It can help you focus on the present moment instead of worrying about the future or dwelling in the past.

This calming energy makes sunstone perfect for meditation or other spiritual practices where clarity of mind is essential. In addition to its physical healing qualities, sunstone also helps balance emotions by providing emotional support during difficult times.

By connecting us to our true selves, sunstone encourages self-esteem and confidence while allowing us to see ourselves through a more loving lens. Overall, this gorgeous crystal offers so much potential when it comes to improving mental well-being and promoting good luck in all aspects of life!

Clear Quartz

The next crystal for good fortune is Clear Quartz. It's an excellent choice to help bring in wealth luck and attract positive energy into your life. A great example of this is what happened to Sally, who had been struggling with her finances for years before she found out about the power of clear quartz.

After she started using it in her daily meditation ritual, she noticed that her financial situation began improving almost immediately! Clear quartz can also be used for crystal healing purposes.In addition to being able to draw in wealth luck, clear quartz is believed to promote clarity within oneself as well as their environment so that they can move forward confidently towards their goals.

This makes it an ideal stone for manifesting abundance, whether through job opportunities or investments – all while maintaining a sense of peace and balance throughout the process. With regular use combined with a sincere intention, anyone will surely benefit from the powers of this special crystal!


Carnelian is a beautiful and powerful crystal that has been used for centuries to attract good fortune. It's often associated with healing, creativity, protection, courage and strength.

Carnelian is known to have many properties that make it an effective tool in manifesting good luck:

  • Its fiery orange hue symbolizes passion, vitality and joy
  • It helps one to stay focused on their goals while being able to adapt and flow with the changes of life
  • Carnelian can help open up your intuition by connecting you more deeply with yourself and your environment
  • It encourages assertiveness and creative expression, making it easier to take risks when needed
  • It can instill feelings of security and safety which makes it easier to face obstacles head-on

Carnelian also has a special meaning in dreams - its symbolism can represent potential, progress or new beginnings. People who use this stone may find themselves feeling more confident about taking chances in order to achieve their goals.

Whether it be for career growth or personal development, carnelian can provide clarity so that decisions are made from within instead of being swayed externally. All these qualities make carnelian an ideal choice for those seeking increased abundance and prosperity.

Green Jade

Green Jade is a magnificent stone, radiating its beautiful shades of green that inspire us to look within ourselves. It’s like an old friend who comes around whenever we need it most; offering solace and comfort. Holding the jade in your hand can be an incredibly calming experience as it carries with it many benefits, healing properties and powerful meanings.

The first thing one notices when holding this incredible gemstone is its smoothness - the way it feels cool against the skin gives you a sense of tranquillity and peace. This effect is heightened by the range of greens found in jade, from light pastels to deeper emerald hues – each adding their own unique vibrancy and energy to your life.

Jade also has some remarkable properties that make it so attractive for those looking for spiritual guidance or emotional well-being: it aids communication, encourages serenity and brings luck into our lives.

Its power lies in its ability to help bring balance back into our lives after times of stress or uncertainty. It's no surprise then why people have cherished this precious stone throughout history!


Moving on from green jade, let's talk about another type of crystal that can bring good luck: sodalite. This stone has a deep blue color and is packed with spiritual healing properties. Sodalite also helps to create feelings of peace and calmness in its surroundings.

It encourages us to look within ourselves for guidance and wisdom when facing tough decisions or life challenges. Sodalite works especially well during meditation as it brings clarity and insight into any situation you may be struggling with. Its calming energy gives the courage to make difficult choices while remaining true to yourself.

By connecting our physical body with our spiritual side, this powerful gemstone allows us to find inner balance and harmony. In addition to its positive spiritual effects, sodalite also has strong healing powers which many believe help reduce stress and anxiety.

Whether used in jewelry form or placed around your home, this beautiful crystal will surely provide protection and prosperity wherever it goes!


Agate is believed to be connected with protection, courage, strength, power and harmony. It can also help balance yin & yang energies and promote emotional stability within us.Aside from being used in jewelry pieces, you can use agate around your house too!

Place it near entrances to ward off negative energy or hang pieces near windows to attract positive vibes into your home. You can even incorporate small tumbled stones or large geodes into your living space as a decorative element – either way they’re sure to add an eye-catching touch to any room!

All in all I think that agate is a truly wonderful crystal which offers so much potential when it comes to bringing positivity into our daily lives.


Sweeping away from the agate, we come to a gemstone of intense energy -- garnet. This fortune-enhancing stone is said to be an ancient warrior's talisman for energetic protection during battle.

Symbolizing stability and security, it can attract good luck in all aspects of our lives, providing emotional healing when needed. The history of this deep red crystal dates back long before recorded time, with its name derived from Latin granatum (meaning seed) due to its resemblance to pomegranate seeds.

Garnet has remained popular throughout the centuries because of its many metaphysical properties that are believed to bring joy, health, longevity and success when kept close by. Garnet encourages us to take action on our dreams as well as work through difficult times with strength and courage. Its rich color radiates passion and love, reminding us that life should be enjoyed fully!

All in all, this magical stone holds great power for anyone seeking balance and fulfillment - so why not give your life a boost by adding some glittering garnets into your collection?


Transitioning from the last section, we now come to a powerful crystal - Pyrite. It is sometimes called 'Fool's Gold' due to its yellow-gold hue. In terms of healing and protection, no other stone compares to Pyrite when it comes to promoting physical wellbeing and emotional well-being.

Pyrite has long been known for its protective properties, which are especially useful in shielding one’s energy field against negative influences. The crystal also helps us to recognize our own strength by boosting self-confidence and allowing us to rise above any challenges that may be presented.

Furthermore, this crystal assists with manifesting wealth and abundance into our lives. Its reflective surface can help us gain insight on how best to move forward with regards to achieving success in life. When using pyrite for crystal healing, practitioners often use its unique characteristics such as grounding energy, clearing of mental blocks, increased creativity, tension relief and stress reduction.

Additionally, pyrite stimulates positive thinking and provides support during difficult times while offering protection from harmful energies around us. As such, this crystal is highly recommended if you are looking for peace of mind or reassurance in uncertain situations - making it an invaluable tool in your spiritual journey!

How To Use Crystals For Good Fortune

Using crystals for good fortune is a powerful and ancient practice. Crystals have been used for centuries to attract positive energy, manifest what we desire, and bring luck in the form of good fortune.

There are several ways that one can use crystals to draw more success into their lives. The first way is through meditation.When meditating with a crystal, focus on visualizing your desired outcome or goal while holding the crystal in your hand. This allows you to create an energetic connection between yourself and the crystal which will help manifest your intentions into reality.

Another great way to use crystals for attracting good fortune is by wearing them as jewelry or keeping them close to our bodies at all times in order to benefit from their healing energies throughout our day.

Place the stone either directly onto your skin or inside a pocket where it won't be disturbed - this will ensure that you benefit most from its properties!


Overall, it’s up to you to decide what kind of good fortune crystals work best for you, but no matter what stones you choose, they will provide powerful spiritual benefits and protection from negative energy.

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