An Unakite's Heart: Healing Properties and Uses

An Unakite's Heart: Healing Properties and Uses

Have you ever heard of an unakite's heart? If not, don't worry - until recently, I hadn't either. But when a friend told me about the healing properties and uses for this unique stone, my curiosity was immediately piqued!

In this article, I'm going to explore the history behind unakite’s heart as well as its potential health benefits. So if you're curious like me and want to find out more about this mysterious (yet fascinating!) on!

Definition And Origin 

I'm sure many of you have heard about unakite, but what is it exactly? Unakite is a form of granite composed mainly of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote and clear quartz. It's mostly found in the USA and South Africa. The name “unakite” comes from the Unaka Range mountains where this type of stone was first discovered.

Now that we know what unakite is, let's look at its meaning and properties. This gorgeous gemstone offers a unique combination of healing energies which work together to bring balance into your life. Its color symbolizes renewal, growth and fertility while its energy helps us become more grounded spiritually as well as emotionally.

In terms of physical health benefits, wearing or carrying an unakite can help reduce stress levels and aid in releasing any built up tension in our bodies. Unakite also has some amazing metaphysical properties such as providing insight into past lives and helping us access memories from childhood experiences that may be blocking us from living our best lives now.

Additionally, it encourages unconditional love by inviting feelings of compassion towards ourselves and those around us. The beautiful colors present within the unakite make them perfect for use in crystal grids or jewelry pieces like necklaces, rings or earrings!

Not only will these items add a unique touch to your wardrobe but they'll also help keep you balanced and connected to higher vibrations throughout the day.

Characteristics And Composition 

Fast forwarding from the origin of unakite, it's time to take a closer look at its characteristics and composition. Unakite is a metamorphic rock composed of three minerals: green epidote, pink feldspar and quartz. It can appear in various colors ranging from light green to dark red or brown due to its unique blend of elements.

With an intriguingly ancient appearance, these colorful stones have a distinct visual beauty that has been captivating mineral enthusiasts for centuries. The main components comprising unakite are quartz and feldspar - both silicates composed primarily of silicon dioxide (SiO2).

Feldspar is responsible for the stone’s pink hue while quartz gives off a clear white color with occasional green specks. The third component, epidote, adds more depth to the mixture by providing shades of yellow-green which results in the rather striking marbled pattern seen on this type of rock. Epidote is made up mostly of calcium aluminum iron silicate hydroxide (Ca2Al3(Fe,Si)3O12OH), making it just as important to unakite’s makeup as feldspar and quartz. Unakite’s jagged texture creates a fascinating contrast against its smooth surface when viewed closely under magnification.

When polished properly these features become even more apparent giving this interesting stone even greater appeal among lapidary hobbyists all over the world. The unique combination of materials also makes unakite highly sought after since they act like natural filters helping people regain emotional balance through their healing properties and ability to create harmony between physical and mental states.

This rare gemstone carries with it powerful energies that soothe one’s soul and foster spiritual growth; aiding those who seek inner peace on their journey towards enlightenment. Through its calming effects and positive vibrations, it helps restore balance within oneself enabling personal transformation leading ultimately to self-discovery and renewal – something that would surely benefit anyone looking for clarity amidst life’s ever-changing complexities!

Physical Benefits 

I believe the physical benefits of unakite are one of its most important qualities. It is known for aiding in inflammation relief and other healing ailments, providing a sense of comfort to those seeking better physical health. Unakite has been used as an aid to improve circulation throughout the body, which helps with detoxification and strengthens the immune system.

Furthermore, it can be beneficial in balancing hormones due to its stabilizing properties. It can also help reduce stress-related conditions that have manifested physically by calming the emotions and allowing us to stay grounded when going through difficult times or feeling overwhelmed.

By increasing our energy flow, unakite allows us to become more focused on restoring balance within our bodies. Additionally, if we seek inner peace and harmony while dealing with physical issues, unakite may offer a reprieve from mental fatigue and anxiety associated with negative feelings like depression.

Unakite's healing energies can also work on an emotional level by helping us release any blocks that prevent us from being connected spiritually with ourselves and others around us. As well as having a cleansing effect on any energetic blockages in our aura, I find unakite particularly good at encouraging positivity both mentally and emotionally; this then radiates outwardly into positive experiences overall.

In short, unakite offers many amazing physical benefits that support overall health and wellness - not just physically but psychologically too! Its ability to promote relaxation provides much needed respite during these challenging times whilst improving wellbeing all round.

Emotional And Mental Benefits 

Much like the properties of a lighthouse, an unakite's heart can guide us through emotional storms and mental turbulences. With its calming energy, it helps to bring about emotional balance, mental clarity and inner peace. For those seeking relief from stress or trauma, this stone offers the promise of healing on both physical and spiritual levels.

In addition to providing grounding and balance for emotions that may be in chaos or turmoil, an unakite’s heart also provides insight into patterns of behavior. When used as part of meditation practice, it can help gain access to our subconscious mind and reveal truths that we have been avoiding or denying. This allows us to make changes necessary for growth without fear of being overwhelmed by emotion.

With its powerful connection with nature, an unakite’s heart brings harmony between body, mind and spirit while still allowing one to stay connected with the outside world. It provides support during times when negative thoughts cloud our vision and encourages self-love which is often needed after periods of intense sorrow or pain.

By accepting responsibility for your actions and decisions you are able to move forward with greater confidence knowing that each step taken will lead you closer towards achieving inner peace.

Spiritual Benefits 

The spiritual benefits of an unakite's heart is undeniable - it carries a powerful healing energy that can be used to rejuvenate the spirit. It has been known to provide strength and courage for those going through difficult times, as well as helping to draw out any negative energies from within.

With its unique combination of pink and green colors, this stone encourages one to connect with their higher self and seek guidance from the divine. This crystal also helps us tap into our cosmic vibrations and feel connected to the Universe at large. Unakite's heart amplifies our awareness so we can better understand ourselves on a deeper level; it guides us towards finding balance between mind, body, and soul.

Its gentle yet potent vibration gently pushes away feelings of worry or doubt, replacing them with hope and trust in ourselves. Unakite’s heart reminds us that all experiences are part of life’s journey – both good and bad – which ultimately lead us down the path of enlightenment. For many people, using this crystal during meditation helps bring clarity to situations where they may have felt stuck before.

By connecting with its soothing energy, we can gain insight into what lies ahead on our journey of personal growth. An unakite's heart offers much more than just physical healing – it brings strong emotional support while aiding in one’s spiritual development too! Whether you choose to carry your crystal around or keep it close by when meditating, this mineral will enhance your connection to the Divine Source allowing for greater understanding of yourself and others around you.

Chakra Connection 

I'm fascinated by the chakra connection of unakite. It's an amazing stone that can help us to connect with our higher self and tap into its healing properties. Unakite is linked to the root, sacral, solar plexus and crown chakras in particular. When it comes to the root chakra, unakite helps to ground us so that we feel secure and connected with Mother Earth. This allows us to be more aware of our physical body, as well as giving us a sense of belonging and security.

The sacral chakra is all about creativity, emotions, relationships and pleasure - which is something that unakite can really help with! The calming energy of this crystal encourages us to open up emotionally while also providing emotional balance. It can also help us find inner peace when dealing with difficult situations or feelings. Moving onto the solar plexus chakra; this is all about personal power, confidence and freedom from fear. With its ability to bring clarity to chaotic situations, unakite helps you realise your true potential - boosting your self-esteem and helping you stand on your own two feet!

Finally for the crown chakra; this occurs at the top of our head where we are spiritually connected with ourselves and the universe around us. By connecting with its energies through meditation or laying down stones on each side of our forehead (third eye), unakite can help deepen spiritual connections for heightened awareness and insight into life’s mysteries.

Unakite truly is an incredible healing stone that has been used throughout time for many different purposes – from aiding emotional wellbeing to enhancing intuition & spirituality. Its powerful vibrations remind us that we have control over how we react in certain situations – allowing us take back control of our lives and journey towards a brighter future!

How To Use It 

The healing properties of unakite provide an abundance of uses for this powerful crystal. Its vibrant green and pink hues are a sign that it is a perfect stone to use in order to help heal the heart, both emotionally and physically. When worn as jewelry or placed around your home, unakite can be used to bring about balance and harmony, while also providing spiritual guidance.  

* Waring Unakite Jewelry: One of the easiest way to get benefits from unakite is by wearing its as a jewelry in form of earrings, bracelets, necklaces,rings.The combination of its beautiful colors will look great with any outfit!

* Incorporating Healing Crystals: If you’re looking for more specific healing energies, adding other crystals like rose quartz or fluorite alongside your unakite piece can promote balance within all seven chakra points.

* Implementing Metaphysical Properties: As previously mentioned, one of unakites main metaphysical properties is emotional healing. By meditating with your unakite and focusing on these positive feelings, you may find yourself feeling much lighter and happier afterwards!

* Connecting With Your Spiritual Guides: Last but not least, connecting with your spiritual guides through meditation whilst holding onto your gemstone can invite them closer into helping guide you on whatever path lies ahead. So if you haven't already done so, why not try out incorporating these gorgeous crystals into your daily routine?

Whether it's just carrying one in your pocket throughout the day or trying out some new jewelry styles – there's no limit to what kind of energy this incredible gemstone holds!

Jewelry Making 

Jewelry making with unakite is a great way to add healing properties and beauty into your life. When crafting jewelry with unakite, the most important thing is to let its natural beauty be the main feature of your design. You can use wire wrapping techniques to highlight specific colors in the stone, or even incorporate other stones such as jasper or quartz crystals into the piece. As long as it brings out the best of what makes unakite so special, anything goes!

No matter if you’re making a necklace, bracelet, earrings or another type of accessory, working with unakite gives you lots of freedom when it comes to expressing your own personal style. So go ahead and get creative – who knows what kind of beautiful creations await!

Home Decorating 

Unakite is a beautiful and unique stone that can be used to add a special touch of healing energy to any home decor. It has several applications in home decorating, ranging from decorative accents to furniture pieces. Here are three ways you can incorporate unakite into your home:

  1. Use Unakite Accents - Unakite makes for stunning home accessories such as vases, candle holders and bookends. Its eye-catching swirls of pink, green and brown will instantly draw attention and create an atmosphere of calmness in the room.
  2. Mix Unakite with Other Stones -You don't have to use only unakite when it comes to incorporating this precious stone into your home decor ideas. Consider mixing different stones on shelves or tabletops, such as pairing unakite with rose quartz or amethyst for even more powerful healing vibes!
  3. Unakite Home Furniture - For those looking for something extra special, consider adding unakite to some of your furniture pieces! You could find a side table made out of natural wood with an inset top made from raw unakite for added beauty and peaceful energy throughout your living space.

No matter how you choose to utilize this gorgeous gemstone around your house, it's sure to bring positive energy and calming vibes wherever it goes! With its vibrant colors and unique patterning, unakite creates an inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation while infusing each space with its healing properties at the same time.

Rituals And Prayers 

Now that the home decorating is done, let's explore how to use unakite in spiritual rituals and prayers. Unakite is thought to possess great healing properties and can be used in various ways for personal transformation. There are many different types of rituals one can undertake with unakite.

For example, it may be placed around a room or on your altar while you meditate and visualize specific intentions related to relationships, health issues, career goals etc. It can also be worn as jewelry during times of transition or stress. Prayers involving unakite should reflect the intention of sending out positive vibrations into the world through its energies.

This could include asking for guidance from higher powers, expressing gratitude for blessings received, praying for peace and harmony among all living things, and inviting divine love into your life. Prayers can also engage other stones such as quartz crystal and rose quartz which amplify the power of unakite’s energy fields even further.

Unakite has been known to bring forth powerful changes when included in ritualistic practices focused on self-healing, growth and renewal. When working with this stone’s vibration it is important to stay open minded and allow yourself to experience whatever comes up without judgement or fear so that true transformation takes place within mind body and soul.

With consistent practice we can learn how to tune into our own inner wisdom more deeply allowing us access to deeper levels of understanding about who we truly are at our core essence!

Scrying With Unakite 

Scrying with unakite is an ancient art that has been practiced for centuries. It involves using a crystal ball or other tool to gaze into the future and interpret spiritual messages from the universe. Unakite, in particular, can be used as a powerful healing stone during scrying sessions due to its unique energy properties.

When working with unakite for scrying purposes, it is important to ensure that you are completely comfortable and relaxed before beginning your session. This will allow you to experience maximum focus and clarity while engaging in this type of divination work. Additionally, it's also helpful to set an intention beforehand - such as asking for guidance on a specific problem or seeking advice about what direction your life should take next - so that you know exactly what information you wish from the universe.

Once you have made yourself comfortable and established an intention, begin by holding the unakite crystal close to your heart chakra and allowing its warm energies to flow through your body. As you do this, visualize any worries or concerns melting away until all that remains is calmness and clarity - then ask whatever questions arise naturally within you.

Gaze deeply into the stone's mottled green surface as if looking through a window into another realm, trusting whatever images appear as they come up organically rather than forcing them out of your mind. At first glance it may seem like nothing is happening but rest assured that even if no visions or words appear immediately, trust that something meaningful will eventually emerge given enough time and patience!

Once finished scrying with unakite, thank the spirit world for their assistance before closing down your session by grounding yourself back in reality once more.

Caring For Unakite 

Caring for unakite is an important part of using it in its healing properties. When properly cared for, this stone can provide many years of spiritual and emotional support. To start with, the stone must be cleansed before use or when transferring it to a new home. It's best to do this by placing it on a windowsill overnight so that the moonlight can purify it.

You may also choose to cleanse your unakite through smudging with sage or other herbs. When storing your unakite, you should keep it away from direct sunlight as too much exposure will damage its color over time. Placing it near crystals such as citrine, amethyst, quartz or jasper will help amplify its energy and maximize its potential healing ability.

Also try keeping some tumbled stones nearby to increase their calming energies even further. To ensure that the crystal maintains its natural beauty and shine, polish your unakite every few months with a soft cloth dampened with warm water and dish soap (no harsh chemicals).

This should remove any dirt or dust build-up while protecting the surface of the stone from scratches and chips. Unakite can bring great comfort to those who take the time to connect with its energies – just make sure you show it love and respect by taking good care of it!


In conclusion, unakite is an incredibly powerful gemstone with many healing properties and uses. Despite its relatively unknown status in the modern world, it has been used for centuries by cultures all around the globe to aid physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It's stunning array of colors make it a particularly captivating stone to look at too! Unakite has become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to social media, with one interesting statistic revealing that searches on Pinterest increased by 712% between 2018-2019 alone1.

With this increasing popularity comes more awareness about its amazing benefits, so why not give it a chance today? Unakite can be found in several places both online and offline, such as crystal stores or metaphysical bookshops. Whether you're looking to take advantage of its calming energy or simply admire its mesmerizing beauty, unakite is definitely worth considering.

So go ahead and explore all the wonderful possibilities that unakite has to offer - your heart will thank you for it!

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