Best Healing Crystals and How to Use Them

The Best Healing Crystals and How to Use Them - Your Guide

Crystals are also great for spiritual growth and tuning in with yourself on a deeper level. Even if you’re new to crystal therapy, there’s no need to be intimidated. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of crystal properties or possess any special skills anyone can benefit from using these beautiful stones!


With some knowledge and experience, you'll soon find yourself connecting deeply with these beautiful gifts from nature!

A crystal is a solid material whose atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions. Crystals are said to "grow" in a process known as crystallization, which involves atoms, molecules, and ions forming ordered structures. Examples of crystalline materials include diamonds, quartz, and table salt.

 Types Of Crystals 

Now that we have a better understanding of the definition of healing crystals, it's time to dive into some of the different types. Did you know there are over 600 known varieties?

Here, I'll discuss five popular choices for crystal healing: citrine, tiger's eye, selenite, amethyst and fluorite. It works by opening up pathways in your solar plexus chakra which helps harness one’s personal power.

Tiger's Eye was originally discovered in South Africa but can now be found on every continent. Its unique combination of colors—brown with yellowish gold bands—makes this type quite sought after in jewelry making.

Besides its aesthetic qualities, Tiger's Eye is also thought to help promote clarity and focus while providing protection from negative energy directed at you.

Selenite is an incredibly soft mineral which makes them very fragile compared to other stones; something to keep in mind if using them for healing purposes! They tend to come in opaque white colorings and are often shaped like wands or fans due to their delicate nature. Selenite provides mental clarity, emotional balance and cleansing properties - perfect for those looking for a calming experience during meditation sessions.

Amethyst is a purple quartz gemstone most commonly mined from Brazil although it can also occur naturally all around the world. Amethysts can range from a deep violet hue - almost black -to pale lavender depending on where they're sourced from. It works well as both an energizing tool for creative pursuits or relaxation aid when meditating thanks to its vibrational energy frequency levels.

Finally, Fluorite comes in many vibrant colors such as blue, green, pink and even purple hues – just make sure not too expose these gems too much direct sunlight though otherwise they may fade away quickly! This crystal encourages inner peace amongst chaos; helping block out any distractions while boosting concentration levels so that bigger tasks become easier manageable ones instead!

 Properties Of Healing Crystals 

When using healing crystals, it's important to familiarize yourself with the properties of each crystal. Here I'll discuss some common stones and their associated qualities:      


  • Cleansing property: Absorbs energy from its environment and can be used to cleanse other crystals.
  • Amplifying property: Can amplify energy within a space or person when placed in an area.


  • Healing property: Promotes physical healing and is often used as a treatment for various ailments.
  • Protection property: Can help protect against negative energies, emotions, and thoughts.


  • Grounding property: Helps keep one grounded in stressful or overwhelming situations.
  • Clarity property : Enhances mental clarity by providing insight into different areas of life.

    Amethyst :

  • Balance Property : Balances the energies in your body and helps bring about emotional stability.
  • Intuition Property : Increases intuition and spiritual awareness by enhancing psychic abilities.
  • Purification Property : Acts as a purifier that cleanses negative energy from its environment.
  • Emotional Support Property : Provides comfort during times of stress or grief by soothing emotions Luckily, there are some simple tips to help guide your crystal selection process.

How to Choose A Crystal

When choosing crystals, start by connecting with them on an energetic level. Feel into your body and focus on what type of energy you need or desire from the stone at hand.

 Are you looking for protection? Healing? Love? Seek out stones that resonate with these energies and see how they make you feel when holding them in your hands. If a certain crystal feels right, then trust your intuition; this could be the one! Another way to choose the perfect healing crystal is to read up on its properties and uses before purchasing it.

 Some crystals may require special care or storage - remember to take this into consideration when making a final decision too. Careful selection now means having the perfect healing companion later!

Cleaning And Charging Crystals 

I'm sure you've heard that crystals need to be cleansed and charged so they can continue to be powerful tools for healing. It's true! Cleansing a crystal removes any built up negative energy, while charging it replenishes the stone with positive vibes. Here are the top three ways I recommend when cleaning and charging your crystals:

     1. Smudging: This is an ancient practice used by many cultures all over the             world to cleanse and purify sacred objects or spaces. To smudge your                 crystal, simply light a bundle of sage then pass it gently over your crystal             until it has been fully smoked.

  1. Moonlight Bathing: Placing your crystal on a windowsill where it will receive direct moonlight overnight is like giving your stones a refreshing bath! The moonlight helps clear away any stagnant energy and energizes them at the same time.
  2. Sound Therapy: You can use singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes or other instruments to create sound waves that help remove negativity from the crystals while infusing them with fresh vibrations of positive energy.

So there you have it - cleansing and charging crystals doesn't have to be complicated! With these simple steps you can easily keep your precious stones in tip-top shape so they can continue doing their job as healers for years to come!

 Meditation And Visualization Techniques 

Now that you have learned about cleaning and charging crystals, it's time to explore how to use them for healing. Meditation and visualization techniques are powerful tools when combined with crystal healing.

 Visualize yourself surrounded by the energy of the crystal or stones, allowing its vibrations to wash over you. You may find that after meditating with your stone(s) they become more “alive” as you continue to work together.

Visualization is another powerful technique used alongside crystal healing. In this practice, imagine each of your crystals radiating light throughout your body while concentrating on the area of concern.

 If desired, create a crystal grid around yourself or an affected part of the body; place a crystal at each corner and one in the center to amplify the positive energies being released from each stone.

 Visualizing during meditation can further increase their effectiveness in helping release blocked emotions or pain associated with physical ailments such as headaches or muscle strain.

 Crystal healing has been practiced since ancient times and is still popular today due to its ability to help promote relaxation and balance within our bodies on all levels - mental, emotional and physical - ultimately leading us back to ourselves so we can heal holistically from within.

 Chakras And Crystal Healing

 Chakras and crystal healing are like two pieces of a puzzle, coming together to create a beautiful, holistic image. Crystal healing is based on the idea that each type of gemstone has its own unique vibration frequency which helps to restore balance within the body's energy system.

 Using crystals during meditation or yoga practice can open up energetic pathways and activate dormant chakras. As you work with the stones and focus your attention onto them, they will absorb any negative energies from your aura while stimulating those areas where there may be blockages in your chakra system.

This process promotes overall wellness as it clears away obstacles so that your vital force can flow freely once again. Crystal healing works best when combined with other forms of holistic healing such as Reiki or acupuncture.

By combining different modalities, you will receive an even more powerful boost towards your personal wellness journey. With this multi-dimensional approach to health, you will soon find yourself feeling more balanced and energized than ever before!

Placement Of Crystals 

This means that the orientation and point of focus of the crystal can affect how much energy it emits. Different directions have different effects on the energies being sent out by the crystal.

For example, pointing a citrine towards something will bring about abundance whereas pointing it away brings about protection. Knowing this information allows one to choose where and how to properly use each crystal for its desired outcome. Using more than one crystal at once can help amplify their combined power even further!

 By arranging multiple crystals together into patterns like grids or mandalas, one can create powerful energetic arrangements that promote specific outcomes such as peace, love and harmony. It’s also possible to direct these energies outward from yourself towards someone else who could benefit from healing; simply set up a grid around them while meditating upon your wish for their wellbeing.

With proper knowledge and planning, anyone can make effective use of healing crystals through careful placement and arrangement of them according to their needs!

Wearing Healing Crystals As Jewelry 

We all love jewelry, but did you know that wearing healing crystals can be just as beautiful and meaningful? Healing crystal jewelry is a great way to bring the power of gemstones into your life. Not only are these pieces visually stunning, they also offer powerful energetic benefits.

 Here's some ideas for how to incorporate healing crystals in your wardrobe:

  • Wear a small pendant featuring your favorite stone around your neck.
  • A bracelet with several different stones strung together makes an eye-catching accessory.
  • Make a statement by wearing big earrings or brooches adorned with large crystals.

 When wearing crystal energy jewelry it’s important to choose pieces made with genuine therapeutic grade gems - this ensures that the wearer will benefit from their properties. You'll want to cleanse them regularly too so they remain free of negative energies collected during daily wear. It's recommended to use smudging herbs such as sage or incense sticks when doing so.

The last step is then setting an intention for yourself and the crystal which helps direct its healing properties right where you need it most! Crystals are versatile tools for personal growth and transformation, and incorporating them into our everyday lives through crystal healing jewelry is a great way to work on self-care while looking stylish at the same time. So why not try out some new bling today?

 Creating Crystal Grids

 Now that you know about wearing healing crystals as jewelry, let's explore another way to use them - creating crystal grids. Crystal grids are made up of different crystals and stones arranged in certain patterns.

 By combining the energy of several crystals into a single grid, this can create powerful healing energy that is much greater than each individual stone alone. When creating your own crystal grid, it’s important to choose which kind of pattern you want for your layout before selecting the type of stones or crystals to use.

Popular crystal grid patterns include mandalas, spirals, circles, ovals, squares and triangles. Each shape has different meanings associated with it and can be used to target specific energies depending on what goal you want to achieve from using the grid.

 Once you have chosen the pattern and selected your stones or crystals for the grid, place them carefully in their respective positions around the center point where all energies will converge.

Once complete, activate your grid by saying an intention out loud over it – such as “I call upon the power of this sacred space to bring me peace and balance” – then visualize how its healing energy will flow throughout your body and spirit. With regular practice and visualization techniques, soon enough you'll begin to feel the positive effects these crystal grids bring!

 Practising Crystal Reiki 

Have you ever wondered how to use crystals for healing? Crystal Reiki is a powerful practice that combines the energy of reiki and the properties of different healing crystals. It allows practitioners to access higher levels of energy, inviting more spiritual awareness and connection with their environment.

 When used in conjunction with traditional reiki techniques such as hand positions or mantras, these stones can help increase one’s life force energy (chi) flow through the body and create balance within oneself.

Once you've chosen the right stones for you, cleanse them using methods such as sound vibration or smudging before beginning your session. Then incorporate them into your usual reiki practice in whatever ways feel right - whether that be placing them directly onto areas of discomfort during meditation or holding them while visualizing positive affirmations - allowing yourself time to relax deeply into each movement until they no longer need your attention.

 With patience and dedication, this beautiful practice will quickly become second nature!

Safety Precautions To Consider 

  • Be mindful - Respect the power of the crystals and use them only with intention and clear purpose. Make sure you know why you're using the particular stone or combination of stones for your session.
  • Cleanse regularly – Once used, cleanse each stone by placing it outdoors under moonlight or running water from a stream or tap. This helps remove any built-up energy from previous sessions so that the stones can be used again with fresh energy.
  • Use caution - Handle all crystals carefully as they can be fragile and break easily if dropped on hard surfaces. Additionally, try not to expose them too much as their color may fade over time due to environmental conditions such as sunlight and heat.

Using crystals safely is an important step towards getting the most out of your crystal Reiki experience. Taking these precautionary steps will ensure that your practice yields positive results while keeping both yourself and your stones safe at all times!

Benefits Of Using Crystals 

Did you know that over 90% of Americans believe in the power of crystals and energy healing? It's no wonder why crystal healing has become so popular these days.

Crystals have been around since ancient times, used as powerful tools for spiritual growth and physical healing. From helping to reduce stress and anxiety to improving relationships, there are many benefits of using crystals.

 The properties of crystals make them ideal for use in healing. Each type of crystal holds its own unique set of energies which can be used to balance out our chakras or promote positive thinking.

 For example, rose quartz is known for its strong ability to bring peace and serenity into one’s life. Onyx is another crystal that helps ground us with its calming vibrations while clear quartz amplifies other stones’ healing powers.

When it comes to harnessing their power, there are several ways we can integrate crystals into our lives. Carrying a few pieces in your pocket or wearing jewelry made from specific types of crystals can help protect you from negative energy and enhance personal intuition. Placing certain stones near where you sleep or meditate may also amplify their effects on your body and mind.

Additionally, simply holding a stone during moments of distress can offer instant comfort and relief due to the vibration each crystal emits when touched or held close by. It's evident that crystals possess an innate power capable of aiding us on our path towards wellness – both mentally and physically!

Whether worn as jewelry or placed strategically around the home, investing in quality gemstones can provide long-lasting benefits if used correctly with intentionality–so don't hesitate to explore all that they have to offer!

Common Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions about healing crystals and their power. However, this is not true; there is no scientific evidence that such a thing exists. Another myth is that all healing crystals possess special “powers” that can help one heal physically or emotionally.

 While some may believe this, it's important to remember that these stones cannot cure any illness or magically make our lives better. What they do offer is an opportunity for us to focus on our intention for self-healing and create a more balanced life by using them as tools for personal development.

It's also important to note that while some may think you need lots of expensive crystals to perform rituals or invoke crystal energy, this isn't necessarily true either. All you really need are simple pieces of quartz, agates, tigers eye or amethyst which cost very little but still offer powerful effects when used correctly.

 Ultimately, we must remember that each individual should determine what works best for them based on their own experience and intuition rather than relying solely on myths or superstitions surrounding crystal power.

Experiences With Crystal Healing 

Having heard about the misconceptions and common beliefs about crystal healing, it's now time to discuss some of the actual experiences people have had with crystal healing. Many people swear by the power of crystals and how they've helped them heal emotionally or physically. Here are four stories that share a glimpse into their personal crystal healing journeys:

  1. A person struggling with depression used rose quartz on her forehead during meditation and felt calmer after each session. After just two weeks, she noticed an increase in self-love and compassion which allowed her to create healthier relationships with others.
  2. Another person was able to use clear quartz for physical healing as he suffered from chronic pain due to an accident years ago. He placed the stone directly over his body areas where he experienced discomfort and found relief from his symptoms within minutes every day.
  3. When a mother needed energy while caring for her sick child, she used amethyst stones around her neck and back area which provided her with calming effects whenever she was feeling overwhelmed. She also claimed that these stones gave her greater clarity when dealing with difficult situations at home or work related stressors.
  4. Finally, a woman suffering from fatigue turned to citrine stones which energized her throughout the day without having any caffeine or sugar crashes afterwards. She also testified that using this particular crystal helped improve digestion problems which were caused by eating processed foods regularly beforehand.

 These testimonials showcase how powerful crystals can be in aiding our overall wellbeing - even if we don't necessarily understand why it works! While there is still much research being done on how exactly crystals help us heal, one thing is certain: They offer immense benefits for both mental health and physical well-being when used correctly and intentionally for transformation purposes.


So, why should you use healing crystals?  But do healing crystals really work? That’s a question only you can answer based on your own experiences – so why not give them a try yourself and see what happens!

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