Biggs Jasper Meaning: 10 Healing Properties & Uses

Biggs Jasper Meaning: 10 Healing Properties & Uses

Have you ever heard of Biggs Jasper?It’s a beautiful and unique healing stone that has been around for centuries. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind Biggs Jasper, as well as its 10 healing properties and uses. Biggs Jasper is a type of quartz found in areas like India, Madagascar, Indonesia, Brazil and Uruguay. Its vibrant colors range from shades of green to reds and yellows - giving it an almost marbled look. But there’s more to this gemstone than meets the eye!

Ancient cultures believed that Biggs Jasper had powerful spiritual energy which could be harnessed for personal growth and development. Today, modern-day healers continue to use Biggs Jasper because they believe that it contains potent energies capable of providing physical and psychological benefits when used correctly.

So if you're looking for something special to add to your life or simply want to learn more about this fascinating crystal – keep reading! We'll cover all things Biggs Jasper including its meaning and 10 practical healing properties & uses.


 I'm sure you've heard of biggs jasper, but what is it exactly? Biggs Jasper is a type of rock found in Oregon and Idaho that has been used for centuries to make jewelry and other decorative objects. It's also known as 'picture jasper' due to its patterned surface which often contains images or scenes reminiscent of landscapes, many resembling the American Southwest. But Biggs Jasper isn't just an interesting looking stone - its healing properties are said to be powerful and can help improve your overall health.

Let's take a look at what this unique gemstone can do! The meaning behind Biggs Jasper lies in its ability to bring balance into one’s life. It helps us stay grounded by connecting us with Earth energy, allowing us to see our lives from a higher perspective.

Additionally, it brings courage, strength, and emotional stability during difficult times. In terms of physical healing, Biggs Jasper is believed to reduce stress levels while aiding in digestion issues such as constipation and intestinal distress. Besides these impressive benefits, this versatile crystal can also promote mental clarity and creativity while calming anxiety-related thoughts.

Biggs Jasper has countless uses beyond just being a beautiful decoration – it is truly a powerful tool for self-improvement on multiple levels. Whether you need more focus or physical assistance with illness, keeping this special stone close will ensure positive changes occur in your life!

 History & Origin

 Have you ever heard of Biggs Jasper? If not, don't worry—you’re about to learn more! It's an intriguing mineral with some incredible healing properties. But before we dive into that, let us take a look at its fascinating history and origin. History & Origin:

* Mineral: Biggs Jasper is a type of Quartzite composed primarily of silicon dioxide crystals.

*Crystals & Gemstones: This unique crystal has been used by many cultures throughout time for its healing properties and spiritual energy. The ancient Egyptians believed it was connected to Isis, the goddess of powerful feminine energy.

In modern times, it continues to be highly sought after for its vibrational energies which are thought to help people heal emotionally and spiritually. The beauty of this mesmerizing stone lies in its combination of colors ranging from deep reds and oranges to blues and greens - truly captivating!

Its vibrant hues make it perfect for those seeking an energetic boost or simply looking for something beautiful to adorn their home or office space. Whether you're looking for healing benefits or just want something aesthetically pleasing, Biggs Jasper could be just what you need!

Color Variations 

Moving on from its history and origin, let's talk about the color variations of Biggs Jasper.  The jasper stone color will depend largely on where it was mined or collected; some stones may have more reddish tones, while others can be greener or darker in appearance. When looking for biggs jasper colors, you'll find that each one has unique characteristics with subtle differences between them.

 For example, some pieces might feature red swirls dancing amongst black patches whereas other specimens could show an entirely grey-blue hue with no traces of any other pigments.

 No matter what kind you're after, there's something special about every single one! Jasper gemstones are highly sought after due to their vibrant colors and stunning patterns.

Whether you want a piece that's earthy and simple or bright and bold, you won't be disappointed by the range of options available when it comes to jasper mineral color. So why not explore this beautiful natural material today? Who knows – maybe you'll discover your own little slice of heaven among all these mesmerizing hues!

Geological Properties 

Biggs Jasper is found in several geological forms, including igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. It’s an aggregate of silicate minerals which form from the cooling of magma or lava. The composition of Biggs jasper varies depending on where it was sourced; some contain a high amount of quartz while others have more feldspars. Its Mohs hardness rating ranges between 6-7.5 making it quite durable for everyday use.

Unlike other stones that are opaque and lack translucency, Biggs jasper has unique properties that allow light to travel through its layers creating interesting patterns as well as acting like a prism when exposed to sunlight. This helps explain why this stone is often used in spiritual healing practices since its colour symbolism can add valuable insight into one's life journey.

Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, this type of jasper also provides protection against negative energies by helping us stay focused on our goals despite any external temptations or diversions. It encourages positive thinking and creative problem solving abilities so we can take action towards achieving success without fear getting in the way.

In addition, it works with the body's natural energy flow to reduce fatigue and restore balance after periods of stress or illness.

Physical Characteristics 

The physical characteristics of biggs jasper are quite unique. It has a very distinctive appearance, with its mottled yellow-brown and blue coloration. The stone is often cut into cabochons or used in jewelry pieces to display the beautiful patterns it presents. Its hardness rating is 6 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, making it relatively durable for everyday use.

Physically, biggs jasper has several defining traits that make it stand out from other types of stones. For instance, its structure can be seen as having an interwoven pattern composed of both opaque and translucent material. This gives it a distinctively eye-catching look when polished properly.

Additionally, this type of stone tends to form in large nodules which have been known to weigh up to 10 pounds each! Biggs jasper also exhibits some interesting physical properties which make it more than just a pretty face - namely, its ability to absorb energy from ultraviolet light and then emit ions back out over time.

This property makes it possible for the stone to help protect against environmental toxins such as radiation and electromagnetic waves. All in all, biggs jasper's various physical features give it many practical uses beyond simply being aesthetically pleasing.

 Metaphysical Traits 

Biggs Jasper is known for its metaphysical traits, which are highly valued by many spiritual practitioners. The metaphysical symbolism associated with Biggs jasper reveals the stone’s deeply rooted connection to healing energies. It emits a powerful frequency that encourages creative and intuitive abilities while grounding us in our physical reality.

 This healing energy helps to balance out any negative or chaotic vibrations we may be experiencing. The spiritual symbolism of this gemstone encourages personal growth and signposts the way towards achieving one's highest potential.  

In terms of its therapeutic effects, Biggs Jasper can promote emotional balance and reduce stress levels, allowing us to live more harmoniously with ourselves and others around us. Its ability to bring harmony into situations makes it a great choice for anyone looking to find inner peace in difficult times. With these benefits in mind, it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to this beautiful gemstone!

Cleansing & Activation Practices 

Now that we have discussed the metaphysical properties of Biggs Jasper, let's take a look at some cleansing and activation practices. To properly cleanse and activate this stone you can use several different methods. From energetic clearing to purification rituals, there are many ways to harness the power of Biggs Jasper. Here is a list of four popular cleansing and activating techniques:

  • Cleansing Rituals -Incorporating cleaning rituals into your practice will help boost the energy vibrations within Biggs Jasper and clear away any stagnant or negative energies. You may want to try smudging with white sage, burning incense, or using an elixir bath for extra protection against unwanted influences.
  • Activation Techniques - If you are looking to further enhance the healing effects of this gemstone, use an activation technique such as sound therapy (e.g., chanting), crystal grid work, or even placing it in sunlight or moonlight for extended periods of time. All these methods should be used together with intention setting for best results.
  • Purification Methods -Another way to ensure that your Biggs Jasper remains healthy is by utilizing various purifying techniques like salt baths, water cleansings or tumbling it in dried herbs like lavender flowers.

 Additionally, burying your jasper in soil overnight is believed to bring forth its hidden powers while also protecting it from possible harm caused by outside sources (i.e., harmful intentions).

  • Energetic Clearing - Finally, if you feel that your Biggs Jasper needs an energetic resetting at any point during its ownership then make sure to perform an energetic clearing ritual on the stone itself as well as around the area where it resides (e.g., home altar). This could include visualizing a bubble of light surrounding both yourself and the crystal before actively pushing out all lower vibrational frequencies through focused breathwork or prayer-like invocations/incantations meant specifically for this purpose.

 By incorporating one or more of these cleansing & activation techniques into your regular practice with Biggs Jasper you can enjoy amplified benefits from its unique metaphysical traits!

Chakra Associations 

Biggs Jasper is known to help balance and align all seven chakras. It's said to bring a deep inner peace by activating the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat and crown chakra. For example, connecting with the root chakra can help us feel safe and secure in our e

nvironment. The sacral chakra represents creativity and pleasure that Biggs Jasper helps increase.

Connecting with the solar plexus chakra allows one to be more confident in their decisions and actions. When we connect with the heart chakra through Biggs Jasper it brings an increased capacity for love towards ourselves as well as others.

Finally, when working with the throat chakra this gemstone encourages honest communication from within oneself. By wearing or meditating on Biggs Jasper we are able to access its healing properties which have been used for thousands of years across many cultures.

Spiritual Significance 

I have always been intrigued by the spiritual symbolism of biggs jasper. It is almost as if it knows something that I do not know and provides a connection between my physical self and my spiritual journey.

Just like me, this stone has an ancient history that speaks to its power in aiding spiritual awakenings and understanding. Biggs jasper can be used to facilitate a deeper connection with our intuitive selves and help us gain insight into our own personal growth.

Healing Effects & Benefits 

I believe that biggs jasper is one of the most powerful healing stones.For Emotional Healing, it encourages us to stay in touch with our true selves by allowing us to let go of any negative emotions or thoughts we may have about ourselves. Moreover, this stone also provides mental clarity and aids in decision making processes by helping us think clearly without distractions or anxiety.

This crystal brings mental stability and peace while promoting feelings of self-confidence and harmony within the mind. As such, it’s great for improving concentration and focus during meditation as well as getting rid of stress and worry. The spiritual healing properties of biggs jasper are quite remarkable too!

This gemstone encourages trust in divine guidance while grounding us into the present moment so we can awaken to higher levels of consciousness. Generally speaking, it opens up our minds to new ideas from the Universe which will help us grow spiritually on all levels – mentally, emotionally and physically. With its powerful metaphysical energy, biggs jasper allows us to manifest abundance in all areas of life effortlessly!

Protective Qualities 

Moving on from the healing effects and benefits of biggs jasper, let's explore its protective qualities. This stone is believed to possess defensive abilities that can shield you from harm or danger. It has been said to fortify your energies and act as a defending force against negative forces in your life.

 Using this gemstone may be able to help protect you from stress, fear, anger and other emotions that could potentially cause harm to both yourself and others. It is thought to create a strong barrier between any external source of negativity and you, granting you with shielding powers so that no ill-will can get through.

 Additionally, it can promote inner strength which helps to further ensure your safety while instilling courage within ones self. Biggs jasper offers an array of protection by warding off anything that might disturb one's mental peace - including hostile people who are trying to bring down their energy levels. Its energetic vibrations have the potential to offer additional support when dealing with difficult situations, helping one stand up for themselves without feeling scared or intimidated.

By wearing this crystal close to them, they will gain access to powerful fortifying energies which can provide them with the confidence needed throughout challenging times.

Creative Inspiration 

Biggs Jasper is an incredibly powerful stone that can provide us with an immense amount of creative inspiration. It's captivating energy will help to unlock the potential within and open up new pathways for imaginative motivation. When used in combination with other healing crystals, Biggs Jasper has the ability to fill our minds with inspirational ideas and inspiring stories like never before!

 When looking for creative motivation it's important to remember that Biggs Jasper helps bring clarity and focus when we need it most. It goes without saying that Biggs Jasper is a remarkable gemstone filled with endless amounts of creativity and innovation - something all creatives should have on hand at all times!

With its energising vibrations, this ancient stone can give you just the right boost whenever you find yourself stuck in a rut or lacking enthusiasm for your work.

 Jewelry Crafting 

Now that we've explored the benefits of meditation practice, let's delve into jewelry crafting! In this modern age, Biggs jasper is becoming increasingly popular with its stunning natural beauty and range of healing properties. This powerful stone has been used for centuries in various ways to bring mental clarity and peace. Here are some amazing ideas for how you can use biggs jasper in your own jewelry crafting projects:

* Create a beautiful necklace or bracelet by stringing polished stones together.

 * Make an adjustable ring by setting pieces of jasper in silver or gold wire.

* Embed bright chips of jasper into polymer clay to make unique earrings or pendants. Not only is it fun to craft with jasper, but it also carries incredible healing energies when worn as jewelry. So go ahead and get creative - there's no limit to what kind of beautiful jewelry designs you can come up with using the power of biggs jasper!

Collecting Tips 

 Here are some tips on how to collect big jasper stones: First, make sure you buy from reputable sources. Jasper has been around for centuries so there is no shortage of places to find good quality pieces.

When shopping online, look for reviews or ratings that will help verify the sellers authenticity and trustworthiness. It’s also helpful to research what types of jasper stone have the highest value if you plan to resell them in the future. Second, consider where you want to display your collection.

Whether it's in a framed case or scattered throughout your home, having an organized display can add visual appeal and highlight each individual piece. Plus, strategically placing different colors together may create unique combinations that bring out certain energy frequencies associated with jasper gemstone properties.

Finally, take care of your stones by cleaning them regularly with warm water and mild soap - this will maintain their luster and keep them looking great for years! With these collecting tips in mind, you should have no problem finding beautiful pieces that possess both aesthetic beauty and powerful healing energies.


As we have explored, biggs jasper is a unique and powerful stone with many healing properties and creative uses Let its beauty take hold as you become immersed in its energy. Allow the calming vibration of biggs jasper to wash over you like a gentle wave, soothing away any worries or anxieties from life’s burdensome troubles.

 Let its comforting touch fill you with inner peace and joyful contentment that will nurture your spirit every day! The potential for self-discovery through using biggs jasper is boundless – be brave enough to explore it fully so that you can bask in the glory of all its gifts!

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