22 Blue Crystals - An Introduction To Their Healing Properties, Uses & Benefits

22 Blue Crystals - An Introduction To Their Healing Properties, Uses & Benefits

Have you ever heard of '22 Blue Crystals'? If not, then get ready to be amazed! These mysterious crystals have been captivating people for centuries with their alluring beauty and enigmatic powers. Just what are these blue crystals? Where did they come from, and why do some believe they possess supernatural abilities? In this article, we'll explore the secrets behind 22 Blue Crystals and uncover the truth about their origins.

Definition Of Blue Crystals

"As the old adage goes, 'there is no blue without yellow and red', blue crystals are a part of nature that can help us find balance in our lives.Blue crystals bring peace and serenity into your life by helping you stay grounded while exploring higher realms.

They also encourage creativity and intuition while blocking out negativity from the outside world. By using these beautiful gems for their vibrational energies, we can tap into our inner power to manifest positive change in all areas of our lives."

Properties Of Blue Crystals

Metaphysical properties refer to the energies they possess that are beneficial for healing and spiritual guidance. Lastly, spiritual properties are related to calming effects on a person's mental state.Blue crystals also promote inner strength and resilience by encouraging us to look towards our future with optimism and hope.

Additionally, these stones inspire creativity and help bring clarity when faced with difficult decisions or problems. The healing energies found within blue crystals aid in restoring balance to both mind and body alike. By absorbing negative energy from its surroundings, it helps create an atmosphere of calmness and serenity which allows individuals to relax more deeply into meditation practice or other methods of self-care such as yoga or mindfulness activities.

Furthermore, people may find themselves drawn towards exploring higher realms of consciousness while using these powerful tools at hand. In terms of spirituality, blue crystals are believed to connect us directly with divine sources like angels and spirit guides who offer support through times of need or confusion.

It is said that wearing a piece of jewelry made up of these precious gems will open up channels between humans and the angelic realm enabling communication between worlds previously unseen before now possible! The soothing vibrations emitted by these stones allow us access deeper understanding about ourselves giving insight into life’s mysteries we never knew existed before today – allowing growth in all aspects of life not just spiritually but emotionally too!

Understanding how blue crystals work can lead to amazing discoveries about oneself as well as greater connection with those around you - potentially revolutionizing your existence completely! With this knowledge comes responsibility so use wisely what has been revealed for highest good available – ultimately leading back home where true enlightenment resides forever more!

Historical Significance

A deeper look into the historical significance of blue crystals reveals a long and varied history. Ancient Egyptians were among the first to recognize the power of these stones, using them in their religious practices as well as medical treatments.

In fact, many ancient cultures placed great importance on blue symbolism for its spiritual significance. For example, Native Americans often used them in rituals or ceremonies to bring about good fortune or protection from harm. Similarly, Buddhists believe that wearing certain types of blue crystal can help cleanse negative energy and attract positive vibes.

Even today, some people use blue crystals to create calmness during meditation or yoga practice sessions. No matter what your beliefs may be, there's no denying that blue crystals are steeped in an abundance of rich cultural meaning and mystical appeal.

From ancient times up until now they continue to inspire wonderment and awe in those who appreciate their beauty and potential power alike. It is clear that this special hue has held a place of honor throughout many different traditions around the world - something we should all take note of!

Healing Properties

Blue crystals have long been used for their healing benefits; they're said to promote energy healing and therapeutic effects. For centuries, healers have utilized blue crystals in physical and emotional therapies due to the following properties:

- Improved circulation

- Strengthened immune system

 - Reduced inflammation

- Enhanced mental clarity

The use of blue crystals is believed to bring balance into the body by clearing away any negative energy that may be causing pain or illness, as well as activating a person's natural ability to heal themselves from within. Through its vibrational energies, blue crystal helps one release old patterns and create new pathways.

In addition, this stone can help with stress relief and improved communication on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It encourages better overall health by aiding in detoxification processes while calming the mind and heart at the same time. Blue crystal also provides support during difficult times so individuals can move forward without fear or hesitation.

All these qualities make it an ideal choice for those seeking holistic healing solutions.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli's healing properties have long been recognized by many cultures around the world for its metaphysical uses and ability to bring about spiritual growth. The most common type of lapis lazuli is known as Blue Lapis and features vibrant shades of royal blue with golden pyrite inclusions.

This type of lapis carries strong energies related to communication, intuition, courage, self-expression, honesty, and clarity of intention. Its properties are believed to aid in improving relationships and calming emotions during difficult situations.

By connecting oneself with this powerful crystal energy, they can gain insight into the truth behind any situation while learning how best to move forward without fear or doubt holding them back.


The transition from Lapis Lazuli to Aquamarine is natural and fluid, as both stones have a range of healing properties. Aquamarine is particularly known for its spiritual healing capabilities. Consider the case study of an individual who was struggling with her mental health; she wore an aquamarine necklace for three months and reported feeling peace and clarity in her life during this time.

Aquamarine jewelry has become increasingly popular due to their appearance and metaphysical power attributed to them. It is believed that when worn close to the heart, it can help people better connect with themselves emotionally and spiritually. Different colors of aquamarine stones each carry different meanings. For example, light blue stones are associated with youthfulness while darker ones can represent inner strength.

Ultimately, anyone wearing aquamarine should find out what resonates most deeply within them before selecting a piece of jewelry or crystal. Aside from using it for healing purposes, many believe that carrying or wearing an aquamarine stone helps protect against negative energy by providing spiritual shielding powers.

This crystal can also be used in meditation practices to bring about tranquility and calmness into one’s life, helping individuals access higher levels of awareness and consciousness while finding balance between body and mind.

All in all, Aquamarine proves itself valuable as a source of physical and emotional comfort through its numerous spiritual benefits as well as being aesthetically pleasing piece of jewelry

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is one of the most beautiful and powerful crystals for healing. It has many properties that make it an ideal choice for those looking to explore their spiritual side or balance their energies.

No matter how it's worn or used, this beautiful crystal will help support positive energy flow throughout your life while keeping your emotions balanced. Whether you're just beginning on your journey towards a more mindful life or have been studying metaphysical subjects for years, adding kyanite healing into your practice could prove invaluable.

Not only does it bring clarity and insight along with emotional stability, but it can also open up pathways between different realms of awareness so that you may access higher levels of consciousness easier than ever before!


We thought we had seen the last of blue crystals, but there is one more: sodalite. It has been known for its healing and metaphysical properties since ancient times, yet it remains a mystery to many. This precious stone is so unique that it deserves its own special section!

Sodalite’s name comes from “soda”, which refers to its high sodium content. Its deep royal blue color gives this mineral an edge over other stones. Sodalite carries within itself a strong vibration of truth and can help one find inner peace and clarity in difficult situations. It's also believed to bring good luck and protect against negative energies.

In addition, sodalite helps build relationships by enhancing communication between people. When used as jewelry or part of a ritual practice, sodalite amplifies whatever kind of energy you are trying to create or attract into your life - whether it be prosperity, love or something else entirely.

Wearing pieces made with this beautiful crystal will help keep you connected to the spiritual realm while promoting balance and harmony on all levels – physical, emotional and mental. The possibilities are truly endless when harnessing the power of sodalite!

From boosting confidence and creativity to providing protection from bad vibes, there’s no denying that sodalite is a powerful crystal with plenty of potential uses.


The benefits of Larimar include:

- Enhancing spiritual awareness

- Encouraging inner strength & courage

- Increasing overall wellbeing

It is believed that Larimar assists with deep personal transformation, allowing you to move forward in life and open up new possibilities for growth and success.

In addition, this exquisite gemstone can be used as part of your daily meditation practice to help bring clarity and focus. With its vibrant blue color and soothing energies, Larimar truly makes an ideal choice for anyone seeking a powerful healing crystal.


It's also known as Chessylite, after the village of Chessy-les-Mines in France where this mineral was first discovered.This attractive stone has long been prized by collectors for its beauty and metaphysical properties.

Azurite helps clear mental blocks so that insights may come forward more easily when meditating or doing spiritual work. It encourages creativity and self awareness while amplifying intuition and helping one stay connected to their higher wisdom.

Overall it brings balance between your physical body, heart and soul allowing you to move forward in life with greater clarity. A versatile gemstone offering plenty of aesthetic appeal combined with powerful healing properties – no wonder why this precious stone has continued to capture people’s imaginations throughout the ages!

Blue Calcite

Ah, blue calcite. What a magnificent and mysterious gemstone! It's no wonder it has been used for centuries as a healing aid and to impart its metaphysical meaning into the lives of many. From its calming effects on emotions to its spiritual energy that stimulates psychic awareness, this crystal is truly one-of-a-kind.

Blue calcite serves as an incredibly powerful healing stone due to its ability to clear out negative energies while soothing stress and anxiety. Its tranquil vibrations can bring deep peace during meditation or any other relaxation exercise. Not only does it help with physical ailments but also provides psychological balance in order to facilitate emotional stability and clarity of thought.

It’s no surprise that blue calcite is so popular among healers, meditators, and spiritual seekers alike. This beautiful crystal encourages us to look within ourselves for guidance when faced with difficult decisions or life changes.

With its calming properties, this gemstone helps us stay grounded in our faith and trust that things will work out for the best if we take the necessary steps forward - even if those seem uncertain at first. Its vibrant hue has captivated people from all walks of life since ancient times; so much so that it remains a fixture in modern culture today!

Whether you're looking for some extra support during challenging times or just want to enjoy its unique beauty, blue calcite never fails to give off comforting vibes that are sure to be appreciated by all who come across it.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a beautiful and calming stone, perfect for those seeking to promote peace in their lives. It's one of the most popular types of agate and has been used in lapidary art since ancient times. This stunning blue crystal works as both a spiritual and metaphysical stone, making it ideal for healing crystals.

The energy of Blue Lace Agate is gentle yet powerful, allowing users to access its calming effects quickly. The soft color helps to soothe anxiety while also providing insight into difficult life situations. Its properties are believed to help with communication issues by encouraging clear thinking and speaking from the heart.

Additionally, this crystal can be used to connect with other realms or dimensions beyond our own understanding. Using Blue Lace Agate during meditation promotes feelings of security, helping one feel more centered and grounded throughout their day.

As an additional bonus, this crystal makes a great addition to any collection due to its exquisite beauty and healing powers. With proper care and respect, Blue Lace Agate can provide years of guidance on your journey towards inner peace and growth!

Blue Apatite

  • Apatite Properties:Blue Apatite has a strong vibration, which helps it stimulate creativity and intuition. It also aids communication with Higher Beings and promotes self-expression.
  • Apatite Healing: This type of apatite can be used for physical healing on the throat chakra, where it will assist in speaking one's truth more easily. On an emotional level, this stone can help bring inner peace and balance during times of stress or anxiety.
  • Apatite Metaphysical:In metaphysical terms, Blue Apatite encourages learning new things and expanding knowledge beyond what we think we know. As such, it's considered quite beneficial for those who need guidance in any area of their life journey.
  • Apatite History:Blue Apatite has been around since ancient times and was discovered by the Greeks. The name comes from the Greek word "apate" meaning “deceit” because they believed that these stones could make them appear invisible when held close enough to their body!

This crystal is truly amazing - not only does it possess powerful healing qualities but its history is fascinating too! Whether you use it for spiritual growth or just want something beautiful to add to your collection, Blue Apatite won't disappoint!

Blue Quartz

What a coincidence! You've been searching for blue crystals and you stumble across blue quartz. It's the perfect crystal to add to your collection! Blue quartz is unique because of its brilliant color, which ranges from light sky blue to deep sapphire blue. This stunning variety of crystal quartz can be used in many ways, such as healing or metaphysics.

The metaphysical properties of blue quartz can help with communication, peace, and calmness. It is also believed that this type of quartz amplifies energy levels and helps promote positive thinking. Quartz healing has long been considered an important part of holistic health care due to its ability to absorb and transmit energy.

By wearing or carrying this stone close to you, it will bring clarity and focus into all aspects of life. Blue quartz is a powerful tool for connecting with higher spiritual realms and accessing divine guidance. Its vibration can assist in manifesting dreams and goals by helping one stay connected to their innate power within themselves.

Not only does it have the power to heal on physical level but it also provides emotional balance too. Whether worn regularly or placed around the home, this beautiful crystal offers protection while strengthening relationships at all levels – mental, emotional, physical & spiritual.


Celestite is a beautiful blue crystal that has been used for centuries in healing and spiritual practices. It's known as the ‘Stone of Heaven’, due to its mesmerising colour.

Celestite is often cut into cabochons, faceted stones, or tumbled beads and polished into gemstone jewelry.

Here are some notable features of this special crystal:

  • Celestite has powerful healing properties that can help balance mental and emotional energies within your body.
  • The deep blue color of celestite helps bring inner peace and tranquility while amplifying creativity, intuition, communication with higher realms and insight.
  • This stone also works great when placed on the third eye chakra - it opens up access to divine knowledge, helping you gain clarity in understanding yourself better. It's no wonder why celestite is so popular!

Its calming energy makes it an ideal companion for meditation, relaxation, balancing emotions and connecting with spirit guides or angels. With its many healing benefits and heavenly aesthetics, celestite is sure to be one of your favorite crystals!


Celestite was a great stone, sure. But if you really want to make an impression, Chalcedony is where it's at! A semi-precious gemstone with the most beautiful range of blues and grays, this one will have people turning heads for sure.

Chalcedony is believed to be a healing crystal that brings about emotional balance in its wearer. It helps bring mental clarity and increases your capacity for acceptance and understanding. This soothing blue crystal also has properties that are said to help open up communication from the heart chakra which can go a long way in helping us express our emotions more freely.

In terms of symbolism, blue chalcedony stands for calming energy, peace and tranquility. Its meaning extends even further as it’s known to promote joyousness and kindness within oneself - perfect for those wanting to cultivate inner happiness!

Wearing or meditating with chalcedony can often give rise to feelings of being connected with others on a spiritual level too. All in all, these benefits sound like they’re worth giving it a try!


Dumortierite is a blue crystal that has been used in jewelry, and for healing purposes. Its meaning and properties are varied, but it is often associated with power and strength. It can also help to reduce stress levels, aid communication and foster teamwork. The dumortierite stone has an intense shade of electric blue.

This unique color comes from the presence of aluminum in its composition. Not only does this make it stand out among other gemstones, but it gives off powerful energy when worn as jewelry or placed on the body during meditation or healing sessions. This beautiful crystal offers many benefits for those who use it.

For example, it can be helpful for calming feelings of anger and frustration by allowing negative emotions to flow away from you more easily. Additionally, wearing dumortierite can provide protection against psychic attacks and strengthen mental focus during spiritual practices such as visualization exercises or prayer rituals. Furthermore, its energizing vibrations can inspire creativity and stimulate new ideas which can lead to greater success in both personal endeavors and business projects.

In addition to these physical benefits, dumortierite carries deep metaphysical meanings related to the divine feminine energies within each person's spirit. Through awareness of these sacred powers we can learn how to better express our innermost desires while still honoring our part in nature’s bigger plan.

With regular practice using this crystal one may gain clarity on their purpose in life while gaining access to unlimited potential possibilities along their journey.


Allegorically speaking, it symbolizes transformation in one's life; allowing us to confront any challenge that may be holding us back with grace and resilience. This remarkable stone works on both the mental and physical bodies to restore harmony between them.

With its gentle yet powerful energies, Chrysocolla can help soothe negative emotions like sadness or anger while providing clarity and understanding in difficult situations. Chrysocolla encourages creativity, self-expression, communication, and compassion - making it perfect for those looking to enhance their interpersonal relationships.

Here are some ways you can use this gemstone:

  • Wear chrysocolla jewelry such as rings or necklaces
  • Place tumble stones around your home to absorb negativity
  • Make a bracelet out of tumbled chips
  • Use it during meditation sessions to open up your heart chakra
  • Carry pieces of chrysocolla in your pocket to promote peacefulness

This beautiful blue crystal is an effective aid when processing soulful matters such as grief or forgiveness. Whether worn in jewelry form or placed strategically around the house, you're sure to feel centered after connecting with Chrysocolla's calming presence.


Spinel is a beautiful blue crystal that comes in various shades. The spinel stone has been used for centuries to create jewelry, but it’s also known for its metaphysical properties and healing powers. Blue spinel is said to help with communication and can bring forth feelings of joy.

It may be helpful in relieving stress, anxiety and depression; as well as providing emotional support during difficult times. The energy from this crystal helps remove blockages that may prevent the wearer from living their best life.

In particular, blue spinel encourages self-expression so one can live fearlessly and unapologetically. Additionally, it works to reduce external influences or distractions which could impede on personal growth or goals.

In addition to aiding in mental clarity and focus, the energetic vibration of this crystal helps protect against negative energies or harmful intentions from others. Allowing you to stay true to yourself while navigating through any situation with ease.

Blue Moonstone

Did you know that moonstones are considered one of the most popular gemstones in the world? Blue moonstone is a beautiful and mysterious crystal with many healing properties. It has been used for centuries to bring luck, balance, and clarity into its wearer’s life.

Let's take a closer look at what makes blue moonstone so special:

Moonstone Healing: Moonstone works with the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) to open up intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance and psychic vision.Moonstone

Meaning & Properties: The meaning behind blue moonstone is associated with intuition, inner strength, creativity, and spirituality. Its calming energy helps us connect more deeply with our true selves while providing protection against negative energies.

Moonstone Uses: This powerful crystal can help clear away mental fog and inspire insight when used during meditation sessions or rituals.


Leaving the mysticism of blue moonstone behind, we move onto turquoise - a gemstone beloved by civilizations since ancient times. Turquoise healing properties include calming and balancing energy, soothing stress and worry, and providing protection on ones journey through life. It can also help heal pain associated with physical ailments like arthritis or headaches.

Additionally, some believe that turquoise will connect them to their spiritual self while others rely on its strength as a talisman against misfortune. Whatever your belief system may be, there’s no denying its beauty and power.

The meaning of turquoise varies depending on who you ask but generally speaking it symbolizes courage, friendship, luck, and good fortune. Many view it as an emblem of love which makes sense when you consider how often it’s used in engagement rings or bridal sets.

In addition to being worn as jewelry or placed strategically in homes & offices for positive vibes & feng shui purposes, it is said that placing a piece under your pillow increases creativity during dreams!

A truly remarkable stone with plentiful benefits for those lucky enough to keep it close-by. Whether gifted or found naturally, turquoise provides a special connection between humans and nature – one worth cherishing forever more.

Blue Diamond

A blue diamond engagement ring is especially popular as it symbolizes love and commitment. The price for a blue diamond depends on various factors such as carat weight, size, cut, clarity, and overall quality.

Furthermore, different shades of blue will have their own individual pricing structures. For instance, lighter shades are typically less expensive whereas darker blues require more investment. When considering purchasing a piece of blue diamond jewelry it’s important to research what type you want based on your budget as well as any other requirements you may have such as size or shape preference.

When shopping for a piece of blue diamond jewelry make sure you understand all potential costs involved before making any decisions.


Continuing on the topic of blue gemstones, jeremejevite is a rare mineral that has a delicate blue hue and is often referred to as an 'ice crystal' due to its appearance. It was discovered in 1883 by Pavel Vladimirovich Eremeev and named after him.

This stone has spiritual properties which are said to bring calming effects as well as healing powers. Jeremejevite can be used in meditation or prayer and can bring balance and clarity with its metaphysical properties. Its calming energy helps those who may experience anxiety or stress, allowing one's mind to stay focused without feeling overwhelmed.

In addition, it aids in releasing negative emotions such as anger and fear, so that we can move forward from them more easily. This beautiful blue gemstone brings about gentle vibrations which bring inner peace and harmony within oneself.

Wearing or carrying jeremejevite around allows us to connect with our higher self while providing insight into situations that require clarity. Overall, this powerful yet subtle stone will help us open up spiritually while creating positive energies throughout our lives.


Did you know that dumortierite is a rare variety of quartz found in only two places on earth? This blue crystal has been around since the 1800s and has become popular with those who believe in its healing and metaphysical properties.

Dumortierite is known for having calming effects due to its vibration frequency, which helps to reduce stress levels and anxiety. It also activates inner strength and promotes spiritual growth, making it an excellent stone for personal transformation. The most common way to use this crystal is through meditation or visualization, allowing one's thoughts and feelings to be balanced by its energy.

In addition, some people like to carry it as an amulet for protection from negative energies. This gemstone can be used in various other ways such as jewelry-making or using chips of the stone in potpourri blends or incense burners. Dumortierite can also be used during rituals or placed near objects associated with intention setting or manifestation practices.

No matter how it’s utilized, this beautiful crystal will bring forth positivity into your life when incorporated into daily practice. Overall, dumortierite carries many powerful qualities which make it a valuable tool for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

With so much potential benefit within its unique hue of blue light radiating from the depths of these stones - why not give them a try?

Blue Jadeite

Blue jadeite is a rare form of blue jade, known for its vibrant color and special properties. It's the most valuable type of jade because it has the highest content of nephrite; this makes it more resistant to chemicals and wear.

 This stone was believed by ancient cultures to have healing powers and many people today continue to believe that wearing or meditating with blue jadeite can bring about positive changes in their lives. The chemical formula for blue jadeite is NaAlSi2O6, which contains calcium, aluminum silicate, and other minerals such as iron oxide.

Its hardness rating falls between 6-7 on the Mohs scale which classifies this gemstone as relatively strong compared to softer stones like turquoise and opal. When made into jewelry, blue jadeite often appears plain or combined with different gems such as sapphire and diamonds.

No matter what setting it’s used in, its beautiful hue will always be eye-catching. People are drawn to its calming energy that radiates from within each piece making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for something truly unique and powerful.

Blue Sapphire

Sapphires have long been associated with healing properties, believed to bring wisdom, strength, and joy into one’s life. They are also known to help promote mental clarity while relieving stress, depression, and anxiety.

The hue of the stone itself can vary in shades anywhere between light blue to deep navy blue; this is determined by the trace elements that make up each individual sapphire crystal. The unique coloration makes them perfect for use as accent pieces or even statement necklaces. Plus they come in many different shapes and sizes too!

Sapphires rank nine out of ten on the Mohs scale – meaning it is extremely durable making it an excellent option for everyday wear without fear of scratching or other damage.

All these factors contribute to why so many people choose blue sapphires when designing their own custom jewelry designs.

How To Use Blue Crystals

Ah, blue crystals - the latest craze among those looking for a way to achieve inner peace and spiritual healing. Whether you’re an experienced crystal healer or just starting out, these dreamy semi-precious stones offer a range of possible benefits that many find useful in their self-care journey. But how does one use them? Let's explore!

You can also place several pieces on a “blue crystal grid” if you feel drawn towards this practice. This involves arranging the stones into patterns while infusing the grid with positive energy by visualizing what you wish will come true within its boundaries.

When utilizing your blue crystals, meditation is key. During meditation, hold each stone in turn as you focus on any issues that need resolving inside yourself such as emotional pain or physical ailments like headaches and fatigue.

Visualize how these negative feelings dissipate from your body as the healing power of the crystal washes over you and replaces them with more peaceful emotions instead. Doing this regularly will help bring balance back into your life and even provide clarity regarding certain situations that may be confusing you lately.

For those who want to take their connection to blue crystals further, why not try wearing jewelry made from these beauties? There are countless styles available ranging from necklaces featuring raw gemstones set in silver settings all the way through to full rings crafted with stunning sapphires surrounded by diamonds accents – perfect for special occasions!

Wearing such pieces allows usarers to tap into their energies throughout the day as well as make quite an impressive fashion statement too! So there we have it: some tips and tricks on how best utilize blue crystals for purposes of personal growth and transformation.

With regular practice, soon enough anyone can become an expert in harnessing the powerful properties these lovely gems possess so why not give it a go today?

The Benefits Of Blue Crystals

Blue crystals have a distinctive energy that can bring many benefits to those who use them. It involves using blue gemstones or crystals as tools of transformation to achieve specific outcomes such as greater inner peace and balance.

The properties of blue crystals vary depending on the type you choose. For example, some stones may help with communication, while others could enhance intuition or creativity. These metaphysical qualities make blue crystals powerful allies when it comes to spiritual growth and self-development.

Additionally, the calming nature of these stones makes them ideal for managing stress and anxiety levels. No matter what your goals are, utilizing blue crystals can help open up your path to achieving them.

From promoting feelings of joy and contentment to helping manifest positive intentions into reality—blue gems offer a wide range of potential benefits that can transform your life in profound ways.


Each one carries special meanings and uses in the metaphysical world. From calming effects to aid in communication skills, they can be very helpful when it comes to personal growth and development. If we take a closer look at each stone individually, we discover their true potentials even more deeply.

For example, with blue calcite you may find yourself feeling relaxed and peaceful; while working with blue apatite could help open up your psychic gifts or stimulate creativity and intuition.

I believe if we tap into the energy of these beautiful stones, we will uncover further understanding about ourselves and our relationship to the Universe around us.

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