Crystal Healing: 20 Medicinal Crystals & How To Use Them.

Crystal Healing: 20 Medicinal Crystals & How To Use Them.

The practice of using crystals for healing dates back centuries. Many cultures have long believed in their powerful properties, ranging from spiritual enlightenment to improved physical health.

Today, more and more people are turning to crystals to help manage stress, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, improve sleep quality, and even boost energy levels. Research shows there may be something behind these claims—but it’s still unclear exactly how they work. At the same time, many individuals find personal value in working with crystals regardless of scientific proof.

The belief that they can do good is often enough motivation to begin exploring this ancient form of self-care: collecting different stones; learning about their unique properties; and experimenting with various methods of incorporating them into daily routines.

Definition of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing involves placing either one or multiple crystals on your body with intention in order to align chakras and restore balance within them. IThe process begins by selecting the most appropriate stone based upon its color, shape and size.

Once selected, cleansing rituals such as bathing them in saltwater will prepare them for use. Meditation while holding these stones may be beneficial prior to using them during a treatment session.

During the session itself, there are many techniques available including laying down with stones placed strategically on various parts of the body; carrying certain stones daily; wearing jewelry made out of specific ones; or simply having them nearby while meditating or working.

Regardless how they're used, when done correctly crystals have powerful capabilities to heal and promote growth in all aspects of our lives - physically, mentally & spiritually – helping us create a more balanced lifestyle overall.

 Benefits Of Using Crystals

 *Physical Healing: 

  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Boosting immunity
  • Increasing energy levels

*Mental/Emotional Healing: 

  • Alleviating depression and anxiety
  • Enhancing creativity and focus
  • Improving relationships with others

 There are several benefits of using crystals for crystal healing.  Crystal healing offers numerous advantages – from improving physical well being to enhancing emotional stability - depending upon the type of crystal used. Each stone carries its own unique vibration and energetic frequency that interacts differently with each individual’s body chemistry.

By connecting with one or more stones through meditation or visualization techniques we can begin unlocking their potentials and harnessing the beneficial energies they provide. With careful consideration and research regarding the specific qualities associated with various types of crystals you too can benefit from this ancient form of holistic medicine!

Types Of Crystal Healing  

From using various crystals to practicing mindfulness techniques, there is something out there for everyone!

The first type of crystal healing therapy is known as Chakra Balancing. Using this method, practitioners will place specific stones or crystals on each energy center (such as the throat chakra) along the body's subtle energy pathways called meridians. Through this process, it helps bring clarity and balance back into one’s mind, body, spirit connection while allowing energy to flow freely within again.

Second is Crystal Gridding; during this practice, several pieces are laid out around a space or room in order to create an energetic field which can be utilized for protection from negative energies or even magnify positive energies already present. This powerful tool can also be used in meditation by imagining yourself surrounded by these beautiful stones - truly breathtaking!

 Lastly comes Crystal Elixir Making; here practitioners create elixirs made up of crystal-infused water to drink and benefit from both physically and spiritually. The minerals found within these special waters have been scientifically proven to support health and wellness such as improved digestion, alleviated stress levels and enhanced mental acuity.

With just a few drops added daily to your morning routine you may find yourself feeling more energized than ever! In summary, modern day crystal healing offers numerous benefits through its various methods and practices.

Choosing The Right Crystal For You

 First, consider what type of energy or vibration you need in order to achieve balance and wellbeing. Different crystals emit different energies and vibrations – for example, rose quartz is used for love and compassion while amethyst helps with intuition and personal growth.

 Second, determine where you will use the crystals and how often they will come into contact with your body. Some people find wearing their chosen stone in jewelry form more beneficial than just having it around their home; this way they get direct contact with its energy throughout the day. Others prefer carrying a crystal in their pocket or placing one under their pillow at night. Whatever method works best for you is ideal when choosing healing crystals!

 Third, look out for signs that certain stones resonate with your energy field such as feeling tingles when holding them or noticing changes in mood after being near them. This process requires patience and practice but can help guide you towards finding the perfect crystals for yourself!

 Finally, take advantage of resources like books and online forums dedicated specifically to crystal selection and healing practices if needed. You may also wish to consult an experienced practitioner who can advise on specific stones or combinations best suited to your individual goals. With these simple steps, attuning yourself to the power of healing crystals should become easier over time!

Care And Cleansing Of Crystals

Here are the main subjects to consider when cleaning, storing, and handling your crystals:

* Crystal Care

* Cleaning Crystals

* Crystal Storage

Crystal Care involves taking steps to ensure that the energy from your crystals remains pure. This can be done through cleansing rituals or placing them under moonlight overnight. Generally speaking, it's best practice to cleanse each new crystal before use as a way of purifying its energy source.

 You can also re-cleanse existing stones every few weeks if necessary. Cleaning Crystals should always be done with caution as some stones may react negatively when exposed to certain substances. The most common methods include smudging with sage or Palo Santo, charging underwater in sea salt water, or using sound waves from singing bowls or tuning forks.

Keep in mind that not all stones are compatible - avoid using harsh cleaners such as vinegar on softer crystals like selenite or amethyst. When it comes to Crystal Storage, there are several things to keep in mind. It’s important not to store multiple types of stones together as they may interact negatively with one another.

Additionally, many people choose to store their precious items inside a velvet bag which will protect them from dust and dirt build up over time. Finally, never leave your crystals near sunlight too long as this could harm their energies and make them less effective at providing healing benefits. With these simple tips in mind, you can help keep your crystals safe and healthy for years!

How To Use Crystals In Healing Practices  

One way to use crystals is through crystal healing techniques like meditation or visualization. These are often performed while holding a particular stone and allowing its energy to flow into one’s body and spirit.

Meditation is especially useful as it allows for a deeper connection between the user and the crystal itself, which helps bring about greater personal insight or awareness.

Visualization works similarly by focusing on an image or feeling associated with the chosen gemstone before releasing it back out into the world.

Another common form of crystal healing rituals involve placing them around your home or workspace to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and peace. This could mean strategically placing stones within certain rooms, near windows, or even around candles depending on their purpose.

Additionally, some practitioners believe that wearing certain types of jewelry made from specific gems can also help boost positive energy levels throughout the day. Finally, there are plenty of exercises available online that demonstrate how crystals can be incorporated into everyday life for spiritual and physical balance.

From yoga poses designed specifically for working with different gemstones, to chakra balancing activities incorporating multiple pieces; practicing these simple routines regularly will help unlock further potential benefits from your collection over time!

1.Amazonite Crystals

 Amazonite crystals are like a breath of fresh air - they can help us to feel liberated and free from the weight of our worries. Here are some benefits you may experience when working with Amazonite:

- Physical Benefits: 

* Aids digestion

* Promotes healthy metabolism

* Supports optimal kidney function

- Emotional/Spiritual Benefits:

*Invites forgiveness & compassion

*Enhances intuition & communication skills

*Helps release suppressed emotions & trauma The energies associated with this crystal make it ideal for anyone who feels stuck in their current situation, unable to move forward on the path to growth or success due to fear, anger or resentment. It's unique vibration helps dissolve any blockages which may be preventing progress so that personal development and transformation can take place.

 Additionally, its calming vibes work wonders at diffusing stress and anxiety while promoting hope, optimism and courage. Amazonite is said to bring joy into one’s heart; enabling them to see the beauty within themselves as well as others around them. By connecting users with a sense of inner peace, it has become a popular choice among those seeking solace during difficult times.

This healing stone provides clarity on how best to navigate challenging situations while also providing protection against negative influences. All these properties combined make amazonite an extremely powerful yet gentle therapeutic tool!

2.Quartz Crystals 

Quartz crystals are one of the most popular and versatile healing stones, due to their abundance in nature. Quartz crystal healing has been used for centuries as a way to restore physical health, emotional balance and spiritual alignment. There are many quartz crystal properties that can be harnessed while working with these powerful gemstones.

For instance, quartz is believed to amplify energy or intentions during meditation or magical work. This makes it an empowering stone when creating grids or setting up rituals. Its also thought to help clear away any negative energy around you, making it great for protection spells too! When using quartz crystals during a session, you may want to consider holding them in your hands or lying on top of them for relaxation and inner reflection.

Alternatively, if you have access to larger pieces of quartz crystal, you could incorporate them into a grid formation by placing them strategically around your home or workspace. You may even choose to use smaller pieces as part of a quartz crystal wand - perfect for directing positive energy towards yourself and those around you during spellcasting sessions!

Finally, some people find success with incorporating quartz crystals into their daily meditations: simply hold the stone close whilst focusing on its calming vibrations and allow the gentle energies within it flow through your body.

3.Amethyst Crystals 

 Amethyst is believed to be associated with protection, courage, stability and balance. Its rich purple hue symbolizes wisdom and intuition; in addition, it can help promote feelings of joy and positivity. Healing amethyst is thought to carry many spiritual benefits such as increased spirituality, heightened awareness, enhanced mental focus and improved decision-making skills.

Furthermore, some believe that wearing or carrying an amethyst stone helps reduce stress levels by clearing away negative energy from your environment. There are numerous ways to use an amethyst stone for healing purposes. Placing them around your home will create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation while also helping ease tension caused by stressful situations.

Additionally, you can place an amethyst crystal on any area of your body where you feel pain or discomfort; this may provide relief from physical ailments like headaches or muscle soreness while promoting overall wellbeing. Amethysts are also known to aid in meditation practices due to their calming effects; simply placing one in front of you during meditation sessions will connect you more deeply with your inner self.

Finally, when selecting an amethyst crystal for healing purposes make sure it is placed somewhere visible so that its beneficial energies can be felt at all times - whether it’s sitting atop your nightstand or even worn as jewelry! With its multitude of positive qualities and powerful healing properties, there’s no doubt why this beautiful gemstone remains so highly valued among healers today.

4.Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose quartz has long been a favorite among crystal healers, and for good reason. This gentle medicinal crystal is thought to bring about feelings of peace, love, and compassion—qualities that are essential in healing practices.

It can be used to cleanse other crystals as well as the self, creating an atmosphere of calm and spiritual connection. When working with rose quartz, it's important to remember its properties:

* Rose Quartz helps us connect more deeply with ourselves and others, providing emotional comfort and stability during times of stress or change.

* It also encourages unconditional love and acceptance — both for oneself and those around us.

* Finally, this beautiful stone is believed to help promote physical health by boosting immune system function and increasing circulation. The most effective way to use rose quartz is through meditation.

Holding one in each hand while sitting quietly can help open up our minds and hearts so we can receive its healing energy more easily. Placing it on various parts of the body such as the heart chakra can also reap beneficial results.

 5.Citrine Crystals

 Citrine crystal is associated with good luck and abudance,making it an ideal choice for those looking to bring more success into their lives.Citrine Crystals can be used to heal physical ailments such as headaches, gigestive issues or joint pain.

Additionally, citrine crystals can help improve communication skills by strengthening connections between people who use them together. The healing properties of citrine crystals go beyond just physical health; they have spiritual benefits too! They are said to activate our inner light, helping us find balance within ourselves while connecting us with higher realms of consciousness.

Using these stones in meditation can open up channels of intuition that allow us to better understand our true nature and tap into the divine wisdom within us all.Using Citrine crystals for medicinal purposes can provide many emotional benefits including reducing stress levels, bringing joy into everyday life and promoting slef-esteem.

6.Turquoise Crystals 

Turquoise crystals are believed to be powerful healing stones with a long history of spiritual significance. They are seen as a protective stone, bringing strength and balance to those who use it. This crystal is also associated with courage and communication, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to take control in their life or express themselves more effectively.

Here are some of the benefits turquoise crystals can have on your well-being:

  • Turquoise Healing Properties: It has been used throughout history to treat physical ailments, such as headaches and pain relief. The calming energy helps reduce stress levels while promoting relaxation and inner peace.
  • Turquoise Metaphysical Benefits:Thought to bring good luck and fortune, turquoise encourages you to trust yourself and make decisions that align with your values. It’s often used in meditation practices as a way of connecting one's intuition to the divine realm.
  • Turquoise Therapy Uses:With its soothing properties, turquoise aids in releasing any emotions that no longer serve us from our energetic field. People may find this helpful when trying to let go of unhealthy patterns or habits they want to break free from.
  • Connecting With Nature: Many people feel drawn towards nature when working with these beautiful blue-green stones; having them close by can help foster feelings of connection and appreciation for the natural world around us. Turquoise is said to open up channels for meaningful conversations between friends, family members and even strangers – so why not pick up a few pieces next time you're out shopping?

Whether you choose wear it as jewelry or keep it by your bedside table, you'll soon start feeling all the positive vibes this crystal brings into your life!

7.Aventurine Crystals

Aventurine crystals are some of the most beloved stones for crystal healing. Shining with a beautiful, sparkling green, these gems have been treasured and used in metaphysical practices since ancient times. In its raw state, green aventurine is associated with protection from negative energy, as well as luck and abundance. Its healing powers also extend to emotional wellbeing; this stone helps us to accept change and move away from feelings of anger or anxiety.

In addition to providing mental clarity, it can soothe our physical body by reducing inflammation. On top of that, green aventurine opens up new possibilities while enhancing creativity and allowing us to manifest our dreams into reality. As such, it's often utilized in rituals involving manifestation or good fortune.

This versatile crystal may be carried on one’s person or placed near bedside during sleep—either way it encourages spiritual growth and inner strength. From its protective qualities to its ability to bring forth positive change and provide hope in dark moments, there is much we can benefit from when using aventurine crystals as part of our practice. With this powerful aid at our side, anything is possible!

8.Hematite Crystals

Hematite healing is said to be especially powerful because it can balance the body’s energy by grounding one into reality. This helps to boost mental clarity and reduce stress levels while also helping to promote patience and focus. It’s even been known to help those with insomnia get better sleep.  

Additionally, its ability to ground energy can help improve concentration levels as well as ease anxiety or depression symptoms. In terms of spiritual growth, using hematite crystal healing may open up new doors for learning about oneself at deeper levels. Its balancing powers make it perfect for connecting with higher realms more easily so that one can receive insights from divine sources without fear or hesitation.

In addition, this stone also provides protection against negative energies while simultaneously encouraging self-love through understanding our own weaknesses along with strengths. Overall, hematite is a wonderful crystal whose healing properties should not be overlooked when looking for natural remedies or ways to increase personal development goals. Its calming effects provide much needed relief during times of distress while its ability to bring vitality back into the body allows us to maintain our overall wellbeing in both mind and spirit - something we could all use more of nowadays!

9.Smoky Quartz Crystals 

Moving on from the healing properties of Hematite crystals, let's explore Smoky Quartz. This crystal is often used to cleanse and protect one's aura while promoting self-confidence and courage. For instance, a woman going through chemotherapy may use smoky quartz to help her stay strong during treatment.

 Smoky quartz has many uses in crystal healing practices:

* It helps ground energy and promote stability, both mentally and emotionally.

* It assists with clearing negative energies and can be used as protection against depression or negativity.

* It also encourages creative thinking by inspiring imagination and intuition. When using smoky quartz for medicinal purposes, it is important to remember that it should never be placed directly onto an area of inflammation or injury.

Instead, hold the stone over the affected area or place it nearby so its energetic vibrations can do their work. Additionally, make sure you regularly cleanse your stones after each use to ensure they are not absorbing any unwanted energies from their environment; this can easily be done by running them under cold water or placing them out in direct sunlight for several hours before rechargeing overnight with moonlight.

In addition to these traditional methods, some people believe that charging smoky quartz with other crystals such as amethyst or citrine will further enhance its healing powers. Whichever way you choose to incorporate this powerful gem into your practice, keep in mind that smoky quartz’s soothing vibes have been known to bring peace of mind and emotional comfort when needed most!

10.Aquamarine Crystals

 Here are some of the main benefits of using Aquamarine Crystals for healing: 

  • Connecting with spiritual guidance
  • Reducing stress & anxiety
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Encouraging inner peace & balance
  • Increasing self-expression

 Aquamarine Healing can be done through a variety of ways; meditation or visualization while holding an aquamarine crystal helps create a connection with it's powerful energy. Placing aquamarine stones around your home or workspace also creates a peaceful atmosphere that encourages relaxation and contentment.

Additionally, wearing an aquamarine necklace or bracelet can help maintain mental clarity throughout the day. The power of these crystals come from their unique properties and energetic vibrations which allow them to enhance overall wellbeing one step at a time.

 The most common color associated with Aquamarine Stones is light turquoise or sky blue, but they can also range from yellowish green to deep blue shades. These colors represent various aspects of life like trustworthiness, loyalty, faithfulness, and harmony.

Aquamarine Crystals offer many advantages for physical health too – they’re said to reduce inflammation, aid digestion problems, strengthen immune systems, improve vision and protect against toxins. Utilizing this crystal regularly could mean better sleep quality as well as improved concentration levels - both essential components for optimal health!

 As if that wasn't enough reason to incorporate this gemstone into our daily lives! Taking care not to overexert yourself though – moderation is key here! Just give yourself a few minutes each day where you take time out just to connect with its energy without feeling any pressure or expectation other than what comes naturally from within yourself - allowing your intuition guide you along the way.

11.Pyrite Crystals 

Next up is pyrite crystals! Pyrite healing works to provide mental clarity and stimulate the mind. It’s a stone of luck, often associated with money and success in life. The properties of this crystal are known to help one overcome feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Those who feel stuck in their career or financial goals can benefit greatly from using pyrite healing stones.

This crystal also has powerful spiritual benefits – it helps to open channels of communication between yourself and higher realms so that you may receive divine guidance regarding any area of life in which you need assistance.

The best way to use pyrite is to keep it close at all times; carrying around a piece of crystal pyrite will allow its energies to remain close throughout your day. You should also place pieces around your home where they can emit their vibrations into the atmosphere and bring positive energy into your space.

Additionally, incorporate pyrite into rituals or visualizations when working on specific intentions or manifesting desired outcomes - the power of the crystal amplifies your efforts exponentially!

 Overall, if you want an extra boost in achieving success both materially and spiritually then incorporating pyrite into your practice could be just what you need! Its versatile nature makes it suitable for many different types of situations where strength, protection, courage, insight, creativity, abundance are needed most

12.Black Tourmaline Crystals 

Black Tourmaline is a powerful mineral with many healing properties. Black tourmaline is known for its protective qualities; it creates an energy shield that wards off any unwanted or intrusive energies from entering your space.

Additionally, black tourmaline also helps to ground and center you emotionally and spiritually. The meaning behind black tourmaline crystals varies depending on where they are sourced from. As a general rule though, these stones represent protection, grounding, purification and spiritual awareness.

Physically speaking, this stone may help relieve pain from muscle spasms, reduce inflammation and improve circulation in the body. Furthermore, mental relaxation is often associated with black tourmaline due to its calming properties which help clear negative thoughts while promoting positive thinking patterns. When using Black Tourmaline Crystals for healing purposes it’s important to understand how each one works differently based on their individual composition.

For example some contain iron which increases their level of magnetic pull when placed near other stones or objects such as a pendulum or wand during divination practices. Other varieties contain quartz which amplifies their power thereby increasing the effectiveness of certain rituals like meditation or space clearing ceremonies. In terms of wearing black tourmaline jewelry close to your skin there's no doubt it will provide additional benefits over simply having them around your environment alone since this allows you direct access to both physical and metaphysical healing powers directly into your energetic field creating stronger results than ever expected!

13.Angelite Crystals 

Moving on from Black Tourmaline, we come to a crystal of the highest vibrational frequency - Angelite.  Let’s explore what healing properties these stones possess:

  • They bring peace and tranquility
  • Enhance communication with angels or spirit guides
  • Inspire forgiveness and compassion

Angelite has many metaphysical meanings due to its connection with divine love and guidance. It can be used in meditation while visualizing its blue energy radiating around you, allowing for deep inner healing. This crystal also helps one understand their life purpose more clearly and encourages spiritual growth.

 Physically, Angelite is said to reduce inflammation, balance fluid levels within the body, alleviate pain and improve circulation. It's calming influence will help those who struggle with anxiety or stress related issues. In addition, it can aid in digestion problems associated with tension or worry.

The wide range of benefits that Angelite provides makes it an incredibly powerful healing tool if used correctly. When combined with other crystals like Amethyst or Clear Quartz, it amplifies the positive effects even further! So why not try adding some pieces into your collection today? You may just find yourself feeling better than ever before!

14.Agate Crystals 

Agate crystals are one of the most popular healing stones. They have incredible medicinal properties which make them very useful in crystal healing.  Some agates can be used for emotional and mental balance; others may help to relieve physical pain or stress.

Bloodstone agates are believed to boost vitality and restore energy levels when feeling tired or exhausted. Agates can also be used more specifically to treat certain ailments or issues. For example, carnelian agates are often recommended for those suffering from low self-esteem or lack of confidence while green moss agate is said to strengthen boundaries between people and promote healthy relationships with others.

Similarly, white snowflake agate is thought to improve communication skills by helping us express our feelings clearly without being overwhelmed by emotion during conversations. It's no wonder why so many people turn to the medicinal power of agate crystals for an array of health concerns - whether emotional, spiritual, mental or physical! Not only do they offer beautiful aesthetics but they also have powerful energetic properties that can significantly enhance your well-being if used correctly .

15.Jade Crystals 

Are you looking for a magical crystal that will heal all of your ailments and make life worth living? Look no further than the miraculous jade crystal! This powerful little stone is perfect for beginners to experts alike, capable of curing any and every condition.

Here's why:

  1. Jade Crystal Healing -Jade crystals are hailed as "the dreamer’s stone" due to their ability to help us access our dreams. They can also be used to protect against negative energy and enhance one's mental clarity.
  2. Jade Crystal Properties -Jade has an incredibly calming effect on its user, which makes it ideal for use in meditation or healing rituals. Its soothing green hue symbolizes peace and harmony, providing a sense of balance in chaotic environments. It helps with physical health by promoting self-care and emotional stability, making it invaluable for those dealing with stress or anxiety.
  3. Jade Crystal Benefits -One of the most beneficial properties of Jade is its power to instill wisdom and insight into difficult situation. Additionally, this crystal encourages creativity and promotes problem solving skills that may have previously seemed impossible before using this beautiful gemstone.
  4. Jade-Crystal Meaning & Uses - In addition to having healing powers, jade is also associated with luck, prosperity, courage, protection, fertility, love and friendship—all emotions we could always use more of! Whether you choose to meditate with it or wear it close by as a reminder that everything is going according be alright, let yourself take advantage of these incredible energies that come along with owning such a special item – after all–you deserve it!

16.Moonstone Crystals 

Next up in the realm of crystal healing is Moonstone. This powerful gemstone has many properties that make it an excellent choice for metaphysical and spiritual healing. With its unique iridescent sheen, moonstone can help to connect you with your intuition and inner guidance. Its calming energy can bring balance and harmony into your life, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. It also works to protect us against negative energies while boosting creativity and self-expression.

Crystal properties such as color play an important role when choosing which stones will be most beneficial for certain needs or situations. The white hue of moonstone symbolizes new beginnings—a reminder that we have the power within ourselves to start anew whenever necessary.

Other colors found in different varieties include peach, grey/blue and pinkish purple shades—all said to hold different values depending on their type of use in crystal healing practices.

Moonstones’ metaphysical healing abilities can assist one in releasing any emotions related fear or worry; cultivating feelings like peace, patience, hope and joy in their place instead.

Additionally they help foster better communication between partners by strengthening connection through tolerance and compassion towards each other - creating a more harmonious relationship overall. All these factors combined create a strong sense of clarity for users regarding current circumstances or experiences – promoting positive change along the way too!

Using moonstone crystals during meditation allows practitioners access to information stored deep within themselves; drawing out hidden knowledge so that it may be utilized for personal growth journey ahead. When used correctly this beautiful gem offers great potential for those seeking transformation at various stages of life – making them an invaluable asset when looking for ways to heal oneself spiritually & emotionally .

17.Obsidian Crystals

Obsidian crystals are believed to have protective powers that can shield against negative influences from outside sources. They are also thought to help release any energy blocks or stagnant energy within the body by purifying and cleansing the aura.

Additionally, these stones may be helpful for people who need additional grounding and protection during meditation practices.

* Place them around your home or workspace to create a sense of safety and security.

* Carry small pieces with you throughout the day in order to stay grounded and protected from unwanted energies.

* Use larger pieces while meditating or doing yoga poses that require extra focus and concentration.

* Lay flat on your chest while sleeping in order to absorb any stress or tension stored in your body throughout the day.

 * Place one under each foot before engaging in any energetic work such as Reiki treatments or Tarot readings. By using these special stones regularly, you may begin to notice improved mental clarity, increased energy levels, reduced anxiety, better sleep patterns, healthier relationships with others – all resulting from having more balanced emotions.

18.Onyx Crystals 

Onyx crystals are black, glossy stones with a unique ability to absorb and transform negative energy. Onyx is said to bring clarity in difficult situations or times of confusion or indecision. Additionally, it helps provide protection against stress-related illnesses caused by prolonged exposure to challenging environments.

 The stone’s energy also encourages one’s self-confidence and courage when facing adversity. Spiritually speaking, onyx aids in accessing higher levels of consciousness during meditation practices or spiritual journeys. Its calming energy reduces fear while promoting inner strength and stability needed to face whatever life throws at you with grace.

Furthermore, its protective qualities shield users from negative influences along their paths towards enlightenment. Overall, onyx provides powerful healing benefits across all aspects of life - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - making it an invaluable ally in any journey towards wellbeing and growth.

19.Selenite Crystals  

This crystal helps clear negative energies from your body and space, allowing for positive vibrations. Additionally, it works as an excellent grounding stone that will help keep you connected to Mother Earth.

Spiritually it assists in connecting one’s higher self to source energy and encourages unconditional love. Mentally speaking this gemstone allows for greater clarity of thought which leads to enhanced problem-solving skills. Selenite is a wonderful addition to any home or sacred space as it amplifies the power of other stones around it while offering protection against unwanted energies entering the area.

Whether using them medicinally or just appreciating their beauty they make a great addition on any journey towards increased wellness!

20.Tiger's Eye Crystals 

Tiger's Eye Crystals are a powerful healing crystal with many uses. They have an attractive golden-brown color and contain inclusions of fibrous minerals that create its unique chatoyancy effect.

Tiger’s eye is believed to help bring prosperity and good luck, while also promoting mental clarity and focus. It has strong grounding properties that can aid in releasing fear and anxiety, as well as provide protection from negative influences. The healing properties of tigers eye crystals include the ability to balance energies within the body, promote physical healing, clear mental blocks, restore vitality, stimulate creativity, and nurture self-confidence.

This stone can be used during meditation or placed around the home to encourage positive energy flow. When working with tiger's eye for healing purposes it is important to set your intention using visualization techniques prior to beginning your practice.

The meaning of tigers eye stones are varied according to different cultures; however they all share common themes such as strength, courage, protection and insightfulness. For this reason these crystals are often given as gifts by those who want their recipient to gain wisdom or face life’s challenges with confidence. Tigers Eye gems can also be used in rituals of manifestation when trying to manifest one’s desires into reality - simply hold a piece in your hand while visualizing what it is you wish for in order to amplify your intentions.

Tigers Eye gemstones make wonderful talismans worn close against the skin like jewelry or carried on one's person throughout the day – allowing their protective powers to stay nearby at all times! Carried regularly this stone will not only keep away bad vibes but attract beneficial ones instead – making it a great way for anyone needing extra support and guidance through difficult times.

What To Look For When Shoping For Crystals

It's helpful to understand the different crystal selection criteria before making a purchase. Size is an important factor when selecting a crystal because some may be too large or small depending on how they’re going to be used in a healing session or ritual.

Color can also play a role in determining which type of energies the stone radiates; red stones often represent passion and courage while blue stones symbolize peace and serenity. The shape of a crystal may draw certain energies from within, such as triangle-shaped stones being associated with ambition and growth, while oval rocks can help ease anxieties during spiritual practices.

Additionally, paying attention to the texture of each crystal helps identify whether it holds positive vibrations or not - smooth surfaces typically signify calmness whereas rough edges usually indicate energy blockages needing removal. Another key element when choosing crystals is their origin; this means researching where the mineral was mined from as well as any possible treatments done before arriving at marketplaces.

Lastly, think about cost: there are many affordable options out there but if you want high quality pieces then prepare to pay accordingly so that you receive genuine items without compromising on value or effectiveness. To make sure your chosen crystals remain powerful tools throughout their lifetime, remember to take proper care of them by regularly cleansing them with sound baths or sunlight exposure after use - this way they will maintain their energetic integrity and continue working their magic!

Safety Precautions 

Firstly, make sure you research any crystal before you use it for healing purposes. Not all crystals may bring about desired results or energies; therefore, researching the type of crystal should help determine which is right for your individual needs.

Additionally, cleansing a stone with water or smudging with sage can sometimes remove negative energy from the crystal and restore its power for healing purposes. It’s also essential to consider potential physical dangers associated with crystals such as breakage from mishandling or ingestion due to improper storage.

Always handle your stones carefully and store them away from small children who might accidentally swallow them. When placing a crystal on an area of skin or body during sessions, wrap it up in cloth so as not to scratch yourself.

Finally, always seek medical advice if needed when treating a serious health issue instead of relying solely on crystals for healing purposes. Overall, understanding how crystals work and being aware of their safety precautions will allow individuals to reap maximum rewards from their therapeutic powers while avoiding potential risks of harm associated with their misuse.


 In conclusion, crystal healing is a powerful tool for healing and transformation.  Crystal healing is an amazing way to tap into the natural power of the earth’s minerals and use it for personal growth. With its ability to balance energies, clear blockages, heal wounds and soothe pain - both physical and emotional – there really is no limit to what these beautiful gifts from nature can do for me!

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