Crystals Can Help Improve Your Intuition

Crystals Can Help Improve Your Intuition

In this article, I'll discuss 17 amazing crystals for boosting your intuition so that you can trust in the wisdom coming from within! We all have an innate ability to listen to our inner guidance but sometimes we need a little extra support.

Crystals are great tools for helping us access higher realms of knowledge and understanding. Whether its connecting with angels or simply getting more attuned with ourselves, these special stones can provide insight and clarity when we're feeling stuck or unsure of what direction our lives should take next.

From amethyst to lapis lazuli, each crystal carries unique energies that allow us to deepen our connection with spirit and activate our sixth sense - perfect if you're looking to build up your intuition muscles! So let's dive right into discovering which ones will best suit your needs...

Definition Of Intuition

Intuition is a powerful and natural way of knowing that comes from within. It's an intuitive understanding or insight we have about something without necessarily having to think it through. We can all access this inner power, but some of us are more naturally in tune with our intuition than others.

At its most basic level, the definition of intuition is one's ability to sense or know something instinctively, without conscious reasoning. It gives us an instinctive feeling or hunch about someone or something before being able to logically explain why.

Benefits Of Boosting Intuition

The benefits of boosting intuition are numerous. With a heightened sense of intuition comes greater spiritual insight, which can be helpful to us in many ways.

Having an intuitive power and understanding often helps us make decisions quickly, so that we don’t waste time or energy second-guessing ourselves. Intuition also serves as a safeguard against making bad choices or falling prey to negative influences. Intuitive development may even bring financial success.

Our inner wisdom and knowledge can guide us towards the right investments and opportunities that will get better results than relying solely on facts and figures. By listening to our internal guidance system, we may find luck more frequently when it comes to achieving goals like wealth and career growth. Using crystals for intuitive development is one way to tap into your natural powers.

Crystals such as lapis lazuli, citrine, selenite, and amethyst carry metaphysical properties that help boost intuition by connecting with higher consciousnesses. The vibrations emitted from these stones encourage greater spiritual awareness and self-reflection - both essential components of nurturing our own innate gifts for seeing beyond logic alone.

Understanding The Power Of Crystals

Crystals have a profound power within them which gives us access to higher levels of consciousness. When we work with crystal energy, we are able to open up our natural intuitive abilities and gain insight into new perspectives or ideas.

We can also use crystal grids as tools for personal growth by placing multiple stones in specific arrangements to amplify the energy of each stone. This process helps us access greater levels of spiritual understanding and connection with the Divine.

The practice of working with crystals can be incredibly beneficial when trying to develop your intuition—it allows you to reconnect with yourself on a deeper level, trust your inner guidance more fully, and take action on what feels right for you.

Using crystals in combination with other practices such as meditation and journaling can further empower you in your journey towards increased intuitive development and awareness.

Benefits Of Utilizing Crystals For Intuition

Using crystals to boost your intuition is an effective way of connecting with the spiritual world and tapping into a deeper level of awareness. Crystals are powerful tools that can be used for healing, psychic abilities, and intuitive guidance. They vibrate at different frequencies which help us align with our true self and gain clarity about our life path.

The benefits of utilizing crystals for intuition include: - Improved connection with divine energy: When we work with crystals, they send energetic vibrations that help open up one's sense of spiritual understanding. This allows us to receive messages from higher realms more easily and access information that would otherwise remain hidden.

- Accessing insight on current situations: By meditating with certain stones or placing them in specific areas around you, it can provide more understanding when faced with difficult decisions or challenging times. The power of these crystals will also aid in discerning between facts and illusions – helping you make wiser choices based on accurate information rather than assumptions.

- Enhancing psychic abilities: Utilizing intuitive crystals amplifies any existing natural gifts such as clairvoyance or empathy; allowing you to become even more sensitive to subtle energies around you and giving you greater control over how those energies affect your daily life.

- Aligning oneself with truth: Crystals have the capacity to bring forth healing by restoring balance within yourself so that all actions taken come from a place of pure intention instead of fear or pressure from outside influences. As each crystal has its own unique properties, selecting ones that resonate most deeply helps guide us closer towards discovering our soul’s purpose and uncovering our personal truths.

By working closely with these special stones, we can trust ourselves more deeply while trusting the universe further along this journey known as life - ultimately leading us down the right path according to what serves both our highest good and the collective well being of humanity!

17 Best Crystals for Intuition:


Now, with the power of crystals to boost our intuition and aid in its development, let's look at one crystal specifically. Agate is an ancient stone that has been used for centuries to strengthen mental capabilities and improve intuitive powers. It has a deep connection to the spiritual realm as well as being capable of providing a powerful emotional cleansing.

With agate’s unique healing energy, it helps us access higher levels of consciousness and clarity so we can better understand our inner workings. Agate has many properties that make it beneficial for enhancing intuition. One such property is the ability to help increase self-awareness by clearing blockages from within ourselves; this allows us to be more open to channeling divine guidance and seeing things from different perspectives than before.

Additionally, agate also provides protection against negative energies which can cloud our minds and prevent us from making clear decisions or trusting our own instincts in life situations. This makes it an ideal crystal for boosting your intuition when you need extra insight into something or have difficulty trusting yourself.

Connecting with agate will bring you closer to understanding who you are spiritually and emotionally on a deeper level. You'll find yourself gaining clarity in regards to those areas while opening up pathways towards personal growth through tapping into your intuition more freely without interference from outside forces.

Through this partnership between you and agate, your trust in yourself will become stronger allowing greater confidence in decision-making because now you know where your true sense of knowing lies - within!

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz meaning is associated with unconditional love and compassion, which helps us open our hearts so that we can access our intuitive wisdom more easily. On top of that, its metaphysical properties are said to activate both the heart chakra and crown chakra – two major centers in the body responsible for connecting us to higher realms of consciousness where true guidance lies.

This makes rose quartz crystal an ideal tool for accessing deeper knowledge about yourself, your life path and your purpose here on earth. Using rose quartz healing crystals during meditation or visualization practices allows us to tap into our inner knowing without any interference from outside influences.

Its gentle vibration also encourages self-forgiveness and understanding, allowing us to be kinder towards ourselves while becoming more aware of how we interact with others around us. All these qualities make rose quartz a powerful ally on the journey towards personal growth and enlightenment!


Citrine is a powerful gemstone for those looking to develop their intuition. It's properties enhance your natural intuitive powers, helping you open up the pathways to deeper connection and understanding when it comes to self-healing and intuitive development.

Citrine helps bridge the gap between spiritual energies and physical reality, making it an ideal stone for improving communication with higher realms of being. When working with citrine, many experience enhanced creativity, clarity in decision making, improved problem solving abilities, as well as stronger connections with one’s inner guidance system.

This crystal can help provide protection against negative energy while simultaneously boosting positive vibrations throughout your aura. Additionally, its bright yellow hue symbolizes joy and abundance which may be experienced through heightened levels of awareness and insight into both yourself and situations around you.

Overall, citrine is known as an excellent tool for enhancing all forms of healing - from emotional traumas or imbalances to mental blocks that prevent us from reaching our full potential on our spiritual journeys. When utilizing this beautiful crystal regularly, you will find yourself becoming increasingly attuned to your own unique gifts and intuitions.

You'll also notice increased happiness in all areas of life due to these newfound tools of self-reflection and personal growth. Allowing ourselves to work consciously with citrine can bring about profound changes in how we perceive ourselves and others - unlocking incredible possibilities that have been hidden away waiting just beneath the surface!


Here are three reasons why I love using Selenite: It helps clear away energetic blocks that can prevent us from having an open intuitive connection. It encourages us to become more aware of our own inner wisdom and guidance. *It enhances our ability to receive prophetic messages from our higher selves or other divine beings.

The energy of Selenite works deeply on the emotional and spiritual level, helping us to stay centered in the present moment while connecting with our true nature. With regular use, we can gain greater insight into ourselves and develop a more meaningful relationship with the Universe around us.


The selenite crystal radiates with clarity and purity, just like the amethyst crystal. Amethyst is a powerful stone that has been used for centuries to promote spiritual healing and intuition boost. Considered as one of the most popular crystals in the world, it is known to be an excellent stress reliever and energy center.

Amethyst can help to open up psychic abilities, clear away negative energies and unlock inner wisdom. It has a soothing quality that resonates well with meditation practices, helping us connect more deeply with our own creative power. This crystal encourages creativity, enhances courage and aids in making wise decisions. Its calming properties also make it beneficial for relieving anxiety and calming racing thoughts.

When using amethyst for its intuitive powers, hold it close while you meditate or keep it near your bed at night so its vibrations are absorbed into your dreams. Allow yourself to become still when working with this beautiful crystal - take time to reflect on any questions you may have about life’s mysteries – then trust what comes from within.


I've found that Fluorite is a great crystal to use when I'm looking to boost my intuition. It can be used in crystal healing and spiritual guidance, helping me gain mental clarity on matters of the heart. The magical properties of this stone help open up the third eye chakra, allowing for clarity and insight into difficult situations.

Fluorite also has a positive influence on focus and concentration. When I need to tap into my creative side or think through complex issues, having some fluorite nearby helps me stay grounded while exploring different ideas. And because it aids in clearing away any mental blocks, I find myself feeling more confident about decisions and objectives after using it.

Overall, this crystal has been an invaluable part of my journey towards understanding my own intuition better. Whenever I feel lost or confused about the direction I should take next, keeping some fluorite close by helps me realign with what feels best for me at the moment!

Clear Quartz

After discussing the metaphysical properties of Lapis Lazuli, we'll now move on to another powerful crystal – Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz is one of the most popular intuition crystals out there and it's often used in energy healing work. This stone is well known for its spiritual power and connection with the divine realms.

Clear Quartz has a variety of metaphysical properties that help us tap into our inner knowing or higher self. It can amplify your vibration and increase spiritual awareness, helping you access deeper levels of consciousness. By connecting with this crystal, you may be able to open yourself up to greater understanding, insight and knowledge from beyond the physical realm.

This crystal also helps balance all seven major chakras in your body, which allows for more free flow of energy throughout your entire being. With an increased amount of energy flowing through your system, you can begin to experience greater clarity when making decisions or accessing information about different topics.

Ultimately, clear quartz will give you more access to Divine guidance so that you can make decisions based on what resonates best with your soul’s highest good!


Labradorite is like a sparkling portal to the spirit world, offering up crystal power and intuitive guidance. Its iridescent hues of blues, greens and purples are said to illuminate our intuition when we need it most - making labradorite one of the best crystals for boosting your inner wisdom.

With its healing energy, this stone can help us trust our intuition more fully and recognize any patterns or signs that arise in life. The beauty of labradorite lies within its ability to build our connection with ourselves while also allowing us to open up to divine sources of inspiration.

It's perfect for those seeking insight into their purpose in life or simply looking for greater clarity on how best to move forward. Whether used during meditation or as part of an altar display, this stone will always be there to support you along your journey.

From providing spiritual protection from negative energies to helping uncover hidden talents and abilities - labradorite allows us access deeper levels of understanding about who we are and what matters most in life. If ever feeling lost, confused or unsure about which path leads towards true fulfillment then seek out the power of labradorite!

Tiger's Eye

Moving on from Labradorite, let's take a look at Tiger's Eye. This is an intuitive crystal that can boost your intuition and help you tap into its power. It encourages clarity of thought and helps to bring out your natural gifts while amplifying your intuition benefits.

With this stone in hand, you'll be able to better understand the messages that are coming through during meditation and other spiritual practices. Tiger's Eye is known for providing insight and adding depth to complex decisions. In addition to boosting intuition, it also works as a protective talisman against negative energies.

This gemstone will assist in manifesting positive energy into your life by balancing both creative and logical thinking processes. By using Tiger’s Eye crystals within our everyday lives, we're tapping into the powerful insights they offer us all - whether it's uncovering valuable lessons or gaining wisdom about ourselves and those around us.

By working with these stones regularly, we can open up new paths to explore our inner depths more deeply than ever before!


When seeking to boost our intuition, we can look to crystals like Sodalite. This crystal is known for its ability to enhance and develop one's intuition power. Its properties are said to open up the mind in ways that can make us more receptive of new ideas and possibilities.

Sodalite offers a variety of potential benefits when it comes to boosting your intuition:

* Allows you to connect with inner wisdom

* Enhances clarity during meditation

* Supports deeper understanding of oneself on an emotional level

* Develops awareness of subconscious beliefs and patterns

Using this stone can be helpful when trying to sharpen your intuitive skills as well as facilitating communication between the conscious and unconscious minds. It works by allowing access into areas that may have been blocked off due to fear or other psychological barriers.

Additionally, Sodalite creates harmony within the body which helps create balance which then leads towards trusting ones intuition even more deeply. All these aspects combined help us develop greater self-awareness so that we can hone our natural intuitions.

With regular use and practice, we can gain insight into our true selves while learning how best to trust ourselves going forward—all thanks to the incredible power of this crystal!


Moving on from Sodalite, let's talk about Moonstone. This is one of the most powerful crystals for boosting intuition and spiritual development. It has been used in crystal work since ancient times to bring its calming energy into those seeking guidance.

With this crystal’s healing properties, it can be a great aid for anyone looking to increase their awareness or heal emotional trauma. Moonstone also works well with other crystals, as it helps them amplify their energies and allow us to tap into our own intuitive power more easily.

It amplifies your inner knowing and strengthens your connection with the divine so you are better able to access higher wisdom and receive answers from within yourself. By carrying a piece of moonstone close by, you'll start noticing all kinds of revelations coming through that will help guide you along your path.

When working with Moonstone, remember that the best way to connect with its powers is by taking time out each day to meditate and practice energy healing techniques like Reiki or chakra balancing.


As the previous section discussed, boosting your intuition can be incredibly beneficial. One crystal in particular which has been known to help amplify intuitive powers is kyanite. This stunning blue crystal works hard to open up communication with the spiritual world around us and provides a powerful link between our physical bodies and higher consciousness.

Kyanite brings forth an unparalleled balance within the aura and promotes clear energetic pathways for both energy reception and transmission. It helps create strong connections between ourselves and beyond - making it easier to recognize any messages from spirit guides or angels that may come through.

In addition, this calming crystal works well to stimulate psychic abilities, dream recall, deep meditation and even astral travel. Due its ability to quickly align all chakras as well as cut through confusion, kyanite is an ideal stone for those looking to increase their capacity for intuitive healing power. As many practitioners of crystal healing will attest, meditating with kyanite can greatly enhance one’s connection with their own inner wisdom while also providing access to hidden knowledge held by ancient civilizations such as Atlantis or Lemuria.

If you are interested in finding ways to boost your intuition power, consider investing in a piece of kyanite today! Invoke its magical energies during meditation sessions, carry it on your person throughout the day or simply keep it near you while sleeping – no matter how you choose to utilize this beautiful crystal, there is no doubt that the benefits will soon become apparent.


I'm a huge fan of malachite when it comes to crystals for boosting intuition. It's one of the most powerful stones in terms of its ability to help us access our intuitive powers and tap into higher spiritual realms. Whenever I feel like my intuition is blocked, or that I need some clarity about an issue, malachite always seems to be the go-to stone for me.

Malachite has been used throughout history as a tool for divination, helping people get answers from their spirit guides or angels. Its energy also helps us clear away any mental blocks we may have that are preventing us from trusting our own inner guidance.

When you work with this crystal, you can expect both physical and emotional healing benefits too. If you're looking for a crystal to amplify your intuition then malachite should definitely be at the top of your list! You'll find it easily available in many different forms such as jewellery pieces or tumbled stones.

Keep it close by and use it regularly so that you can unlock all the potentials of your intuitive gifts!


Just as Malachite opened our eyes to the power of using crystals for spiritual healing, Amazonite is another crystal that can help us boost our intuition. Did you know that Amazonite has been used in jewelry since ancient times?

It's believed to be a powerful source of energy, and many people use it in their crystal grids or as an individual stone for its ability to increase intuitive awareness. When working with Amazonite, visualization plays a key role in helping us tap into this crystal’s power.

By picturing ourselves surrounded by its calming blue-green energies, we can effectively open up the energetic pathways within our bodies so they are more receptive to receiving information from higher realms. Additionally, meditating while holding an Amazonite piece can provide clarity and insight into any areas where we may feel blocked or stuck.

Amazonite also helps promote self-love and acceptance by clearing out negative thoughts that prevent us from being able to trust our own inner wisdom. Whether we place it directly on the body during meditation or keep it close at hand throughout our day-to-day life, this beautiful intuition crystal will always be there to give us gentle guidance when needed.


Celestite is a crystal that has been used for centuries to aid in intuitive development, psychic awareness and spiritual healing. It’s an ideal stone for those seeking higher consciousness.

Here are four ways Celestite can help boost your intuition:

  1. Connect with the Angelic Realm - Celestite helps us connect to angelic realms, allowing us to receive messages from our guides and angels.
  2. Develop Psychic Awareness - The vibrations of this crystal act as a bridge between lower and higher frequencies, helping open up psychic abilities like clairvoyance, telepathy, and precognition.
  3. Practice Spiritual Healing - When we work with celestite, it encourages emotional balance and harmony through its powerful healing energy. This makes it perfect for addressing emotional issues or physical pain associated with past traumas.
  4. Expand Consciousness - Working with celestite not only expands our conscious awareness but also opens our minds to new possibilities and insights into ourselves on a deeper level than ever before possible.

By incorporating celestite into your daily practice you may find yourself feeling more connected to spirit and ready to take on any challenge life throws at you!


Obsidian is a powerful crystal that has many uses. It can be used for healing, protection, emotional grounding and meditation purposes. Healing with obsidian helps to unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energies from the body.

The stone also works to help balance your emotions, allowing you to focus on positive responses instead of reacting in anger or fear. The protective properties of obsidian are especially helpful when dealing with stressful situations. It shields the user from external influences by creating a wall of energetic protection around them.

This allows individuals to stay grounded and focused during times of challenge. In addition, meditating with this black gemstone brings about deep spiritual awareness and connection with one’s inner wisdom and truth.

By connecting with the higher realms through meditation, we open up our intuition and gain insight into our lives as well as any situation that needs clarity or direction.

Smoky Quartz

  1. It helps me focus my clarity and intent on a particular goal that I have set for myself;
  2. Its energy works great for grounding and connecting spiritually with the universe;
  3. Smoky quartz can help protect from negative energies by creating an energetic shield around me;
  4. And lastly, this stone helps increase psychic awareness and clear blockages in order to open up new pathways of intuitive insight.

Overall, using smoky quartz as part of my regular practice has allowed me to unlock deeper truths within myself and access inner guidance more easily than ever before - making it one of the most effective stones available when it comes to bringing forth intuitive gifts!


Working with these special crystals has helped me grow personally in ways I never thought possible. Connecting with their energy is like opening up a portal into my subconscious - allowing me to access information from within myself that I might not have been able to reach without them. It’s truly remarkable how much these beautiful rocks can help us tap into our inner wisdom!

I find working with crystals on my journey towards better understanding intuitively enriching; it’s like having a wise friend by my side who encourages me to listen closely and follow what feels true in my heart. If you're looking for a way to deepen your connection to yourself and expand upon your own intuition, consider trying out some of these amazing crystals!

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