Crystals Can Protect You From  Electromagnetic Radiation

Crystals Can Protect You From Electromagnetic Radiation

Have you ever stopped to think about the EMF radiation that is all around us? It's present in our cell phones, wifi routers, and even electric appliances. All of this technology has made life more convenient but it can also be hazardous to your health. That’s why so many people are turning to crystal for EMF Radiation protection.

Definition Of Emf Radiation

We live in an environment saturated with electromagnetic fields generated both naturally and artificially; so how do we know when it becomes too much?

The World Health Organization recommends limiting exposure by keeping distances from sources whenever possible and using protective equipment such as faraday cages or shielding materials for additional protection against higher levels of EMF radiation emitted by certain technologies like wireless networks.

This advice applies especially for those who work on computers regularly or are exposed to high amounts of electricity every day - whether they be engineers, office workers or students studying late into the night near electronic devices emitting harmful frequencies! Fortunately, there is hope in reducing our risk associated with long term exposure - crystals!

Crystals have been used since ancient times for healing purposes due to their natural ability to absorb negative energies while amplifying positive ones which creates an environment conducive towards wellbeing and balance. They can be placed strategically around the home or workspace where electronics may be present in order to reduce electro smog pollution - making sure you stay safe from potential risks posed by elevated levels of EMF radiation without having to give up your beloved gadgets!

Sources Of Emf Radiation

EMF radiation is all around us. Power Line Emit low frequency electric and magnetic field which consist most of EMF Radiation. Cell phones also emit LF radiation but at much lower levels than power lines do.Bluetooth devices also emit RF waves however they usually operate at much lower frequencies compared to Wi-Fi systems so their effects are not as severe.

Fortunately there is something you can do about EMF radiation - crystals! Crystals like shungite, tourmaline and obsidian can help reduce your exposure by absorbing or blocking out electromagnetic fields emitted from various sources. They may not be able to completely eliminate the risks posed by EMF radiation but they will definitely provide some degree of protection against its harmful effects.

Types Of Crystals Used For Protection

Quartz helps break down and neutralize any negative vibes while selenite radiates positive vibrations throughout your space; like a beacon of light in a stormy sea.

Hematite is another crystal often used for its powerful grounding properties when faced with electronic pollution. This iron-bearing stone has the ability to restore balance in our bodies, making it perfect for blocking out unwanted frequencies created by wireless technology. Additionally, hematite stimulates circulation which may help free us from mental clutter caused by too much screen time.

Amethyst is also highly recommended due to its calming nature and natural healing abilities. A great tool for releasing stress, this purple gemstone not only calms the mind but also protects us from any toxic or unfavourable energies lingering around our environment. Amethyst carries a high vibrational frequency that helps raise our vibration levels so we stay alert yet relaxed even in high exposure areas.

By using these stones strategically placed around the home or workspace, one can create an oasis of calm away from all forms of digital noise - allowing peace and harmony within ourselves and our surroundings.

How To Use Crystals For Protection

Once you’ve chosen the crystal or combination of crystals, hold them against your skin while focusing on positive energy and envisioning yourself being surrounded by a protective shield. This will help create a powerful connection between you and the stone(s). You can also carry the stone(s) with you when outside or near sources of EMF radiation like cellphones or computers.

Another option is to place the crystals around areas where high levels of EMF radiation exist in order to absorb some of it before it reaches you directly. If possible, try placing them near windows since they can act as filters for incoming waves coming from nearby electronic devices or towers.

Additionally, if wearing jewelry made with certain crystals feels comfortable for you then consider doing so - just remember to recharge them often! Overall using crystals for protection from EMF radiation not only helps reduce exposure but also provides an added layer of comfort knowing that something tangible is working alongside us protecting our health.

With careful consideration and practice this ancient type of protection can become part of our everyday lives today.

Benefits Of Using Crystals For Protection

Crystals are known to absorb EMFs and transform them into more positive energies. This helps reduce stress levels in your body caused by exposure to high-frequency waves. They can even work as an antenna absorbing harmful frequencies before it reaches you. By grounding yourself with crystals, you can create an invisible barrier around your personal space so that any incoming radiation will be weakened or blocked completely.

Aside from their protective properties, crystals are also believed to bring healing benefits like reducing fatigue, improving mental clarity and boosting overall wellbeing. These powerful little gems offer both physical and spiritual protection which makes them invaluable tools when fighting off the effects of EMF radiation.

You can carry tumbled stones in your pocket or wear jewelry made with crystal beads to stay safe during daily activities where you may come into contact with electro-magnetic fields such as cell phones, computers or other electronic devices. Not all crystals work equally well when it comes to shielding against EMFs, however certain varieties like Hematite, Black Tourmaline and Shungite are particularly effective at blocking out this type of energy pollution due their unique composition.

The best way to determine what kind works best for you is through experimenting until you find one that resonates most powerfully with your own vibration frequency - then let its power work its magic!

Differentiating Between Real And Fake Crystals

When it comes to crystals for EMF radiation protection, getting the real thing is important.So before buying a crystal, take note of its natural shade and compare it with other similar pieces. Real crystals often contain imperfections because they're naturally occurring materials. Fake ones usually don't have these irregularities as they've been manufactured by machines in a controlled environment.

Examining the surface closely should help reveal whether your stone has flaws like small pits or bumps which indicate that it's authentic. Another element to consider is energy emission from the crystal itself; all crystals emit energy, but only genuine stones will give off positive vibrations. To test this, hold the crystal near your heart and observe how you feel - does it relax or energize you?

This can be a good way to determine whether its energies are authentic or not.It's also worth considering where you’re purchasing the product from: reputable stores should always ensure their products are verified and authenticated prior to selling them so make sure you buy from established vendors who guarantee quality assurance policies regarding their merchandise.

Research On The Effectiveness Of Crystal Shielding

Crystals such as tourmaline, shungite, black obsidian and hematite have all been found to be powerful shields against EMFs. Alongside their protective properties, they also carry spiritual healing energies which may help balance the body's energy field.The evidence shows that while crystals won't completely eliminate our exposure to EMFs, they certainly appear capable of providing additional protection when combined with other safety measures already in place..

Therefore, if you want an added layer of defense against environmental stressors such as cell-phone towers or Wi-Fi signals then incorporating crystals into your life might well be worth considering.

Tips On Choosing The Right Crystal For Your Needs

Different crystals absorb different types of EMFs, so knowing this will help narrow down your choices. First decide how much protection you need. Some crystal may offer more or less protection than other depends on their properties.

Also think about where you'll be using the crystal; if it's in an area with high levels of EMF radiation, a stronger crystal might be necessary. You also want to pick a crystal that resonates with you personally - since it's something you'll likely keep close by all day long, aesthetics matter!

Choose one that appeals to your sense of style and beauty as well as its protective qualities. You should also take into account any spiritual or metaphysical beliefs associated with each crystal before making your decision.

Lastly, check out the reviews of customer. This method gives you a great idea about which crystal works best and give more protection from EMF.

How To Test The Quality Of The Crystal You Are Buying

First and foremost, look at how the crystal has been cut. A well-cut crystal will have sharp edges and be symmetrical. If the edges aren't even or if they seem dull then that's an indication of poor craftsmanship and might mean your crystal won't work as effectively against EMF radiation.

Next, examine the clarity of your potential purchase. When looking for crystals for EMF protection it is essential that you find one with no visible flaws, such as chips or bubbles inside it. This means that light can pass through without obstruction which is what makes them effective against electromagnetic fields.

Thirdly, take into account the type of stone from which your crystal was made. Not all stones are created equal when it comes to blocking out harmful frequencies so doing some research beforehand can help you choose a product better suited for your needs.

Quartz is especially known for its ability to absorb energy waves while fluorite works particularly well at deflecting them away from sensitive areas like bedrooms and offices where we spend most of our time each day.

Finally, ask questions about whether or not your desired crystal has been tested in any way before purchasing it; many companies now offer certification programs as proof of their effectiveness against EMFs so if possible try and get hold of one before making up your mind on which piece to buy!

Care And Maintenance Instructions For Your Crystals

First store them correctly. Crystals should be away from direct sunlight. Also keep them out from children and pets to prevent breakage.

Second, handle them with care. Always support the base of the crystal when picking it up so as not to strain any delicate points or edges. When placing the crystal down on a surface, do so gently so as not to chip or scratch its surface. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals like cleaners and solvents which could potentially corrode its finish.

Third, use appropriate cleaning methods. Dusting off your crystal regularly will help maintain its shine but never use abrasive materials such as sandpaper or steel wool as these may leave scratches on its surface. Instead you can use a soft cloth dampened lightly with water or rubbing alcohol – just don’t submerge it in liquid! If necessary you can purchase special cleansing solutions specifically designed for gemstones and jewelry at most major stores that sell gems and minerals.

Finally, avoid extreme temperatures and humidity levels since these could cause warping or cracking of the crystal itself. Also be aware that certain types of crystals may become fragile over time due to exposure to intense heat, cold, pressure changes etc., so take extra caution when handling these pieces!


In conclusion, protecting yourself from EMF radiation is important and crystals offer a natural way to do so. By regularly cleansing and charging them with moonlight or sunlight you can ensure they continue offering their protective properties.

At the end of the day, there are many solutions out there to protect ourselves from EMF radiation, but if we want something more holistic then crystals are perfect! It’s like having our own personal force field around us – just like Wonder Woman’s lasso!

As long as you take good care of your crystal allies they will serve you faithfully and provide all the protection you need.

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