Crystals To Help You Clear Your Throat Chakra

Crystals To Help You Clear Your Throat Chakra

Have you ever felt like your throat chakra was blocked? It can leave you feeling powerless and unable to express yourself, or even make it difficult to swallow. But don’t worry - there is hope!I’m here to share with you 10 of the best crystals for unblocking and balancing your throat chakra!

So if you’re ready to take action and get those creative juices flowing again, read on! Here's my list of the 10 best crystals for re-energizing your throat chakra – let’s get started!

Definition Of Throat Chakra

The throat chakra resides in the area between your chin and collarbone - so its associated color is blue. It symbolizes expression through words; being able to express oneself without any kind of barrier or filter. When we speak openly and honestly about who we truly are, what we believe in and what we want out of life – that’s when our throat chakra is operating at its peak performance!

So if you're looking for ways to unblock and balance your Throat Chakra, crystals are a great option! Crystals have been used for centuries by healers from around the world to restore balance within their bodies - both physically and spiritually.

With specific colors corresponding to each chakra point on the body, they work by helping to realign energies back into harmony which helps bring clarity & peace back into our lives again!

Benefits Of Balancing The Throat Chakra

When your throat chakra is balanced, you’ll notice several benefits. When this energy center is balanced, you can better listen to others without judgement or preconceived notions clouding your ability to be an active listener.

On top of that, a healthy throat chakra helps encourage creativity as well. It allows ideas and inspiration to flow freely through us so we can produce our best work. We may even find ourselves being more open-minded about different perspectives which encourages collaboration instead of competition.

Balancing the throat chakra also has physical benefits such as improved posture and vocal quality. When our back is straight and our voice sounds clear, we come across as confident speakers who command respect from their audience. This can lead to greater success in both social settings as well as professional ones!

Using crystals for healing purposes is always beneficial – but especially when focusing on the fifth chakra (throat). Clearing away any negative energy or blockages will leave us feeling liberated and truly empowered. With this newfound clarity comes a heightened sense of purpose that motivates us towards achieving all our goals!

Reasons For Imbalance In Throat Chakra

The first reason may be related to unresolved emotional issues; we tend to store emotions within certain areas - including the throat area - which can lead to blockages in energy flow, resulting in imbalances.

On top of that, poor lifestyle habits contribute significantly too: if we're not getting enough rest, or eating unhealthy foods, then it can all add up and cause disharmony between mind and body. Finally, external influences like loud noises and air pollution also have an impact on our energy levels.

These factors combined make it difficult for us to stay balanced and connected to ourselves. We must consciously take steps towards restoring harmony within our bodies by engaging in activities that promote self-care and relaxation.

This includes things like listening to calming music, meditating regularly, taking regular breaks away from technology and spending time outside in nature – all of which help restore balance both emotionally and physically.

How To Clear Throat Chakra Vishuddha

After discussing the benefits of balancing your throat chakra, it's time to look at how you can do that. First and foremost, meditation is a powerful tool for clearing and activating any chakra. Focus on bringing energy into the Vishuddha while slowing down your breath and visualizing blue light radiating from this area.

This will help open up the throat chakra and clear out any blockages or negative energies within it. Another great way to work with Vishuddha is through crystals. Crystals like Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Blue Calcite, Aquamarine, Turquoise, and Amazonite are all known for their ability to help heal the throat chakra by stimulating communication and awakening inner wisdom.

Place these stones around you during meditation or wear them as jewelry throughout the day. The vibrations from these crystals will help bring balance back to your throat chakra which in turn leads to better clarity of thought, more effective communication skills, and greater self-expression overall.

You can also practice affirmations related to the Throat Chakra such as “I speak my truth clearly” or “My voice is heard” when working with Vishuddha. Repeating these statements will act as a reminder that you have control over what comes out of your mouth so that you use it wisely and confidently express yourself without fear or judgement.

In addition to using crystals and practicing affirmations, engaging in creative pursuits such as singing or writing can be beneficial for relieving stress associated with Vishuddha imbalances too! Taking some time each day to engage in an activity that allows us to freely express ourselves helps keep our throats healthy by boosting our confidence levels so we don't feel afraid to share our thoughts openly with others.

Throat Chakra Symbolism And Its Meaning

The throat chakra, also known as the fifth chakra or Vishuddha in Sanskrit, is located at the exact center of your neck. It symbolizes expression and communication. This particular chakra helps us to find our own voice and speak up for ourselves. When it's balanced, we feel free to express our inner truth without fear or judgement from others.

Symbolically speaking, this energy center relates to the element of ether and its color is bright blue. The lotus flower associated with this chakra has sixteen petals that represent various aspects such as faithfulness, courage and purity of thought. Other symbols include a crescent moon which stands for intuition; an elephant trunk representing divine strength; a bell signifying clarity; and two birds showing duality and harmony between body and spirit.

Throat Chakra Healing Frequency

Did you know that the throat chakra is responsible for self-expression and communication? It’s no surprise then, that a blocked throat chakra can cause us to feel trapped in our silence. Fortunately, there are many ways to help clear this energy center and restore its balance.

One of these methods is by using crystals specifically designed to affect the throat chakra. Crystals such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, aquamarine and blue topaz all have healing properties which resonate with the frequencies of the throat chakra. These stones are believed to promote clarity in verbal expression while aiding emotional release and providing spiritual protection.

Simply holding or wearing one of these crystals may help open up your throat chakra's energy blockages so that messages from within can flow freely again. Another way to heal your throat chakra is through sound therapy. The ancient practice of chanting mantras aloud helps activate vibrations at the frequency associated with this particular energy center.

Listening to calming vocal music like chanted hymns or soothing tones created with singing bowls also has a balancing effect on the throat area and can assist in reestablishing the energetic equilibrium between body and soul. When it comes time to clearing out any negative energies present at the throat level, be sure to take deep breaths and focus on envisioning yourself filled with positive light radiating throughout your entire being - allowing for harmony between mind, body, emotions and spirit!

When Should I Focus On My Throat Chakra (Blue Chakra)?

It’s also important to pay attention if there are feelings of fear, lack of self-expression or creative blocks – all signs that something isn’t quite right with your blue chakra.You may want to consider writing down any thoughts or emotions related to what’s happening so that you have a better understanding of where the blockages lie.

Using crystals for healing can be beneficial for clearing out negative energy and restoring balance within the body. Amethyst, turquoise and lapis lazuli are great stones for opening up the throat chakra and helping express oneself in a positive way. Meditating regularly with one of these crystals will help boost confidence and encourage clear communication both internally and externally.

Working on balancing this area of your energetic system is key for fostering healthy relationships with those around you whilst allowing honest expression without judgment. Taking a few moments each day for deep breathing exercises combined with crystal work will benefit both your mental health, emotional wellbeing and overall physical vitality - giving back control over how we communicate our truth into the world!

Symptoms Of A Blocked Throat Chakra

It's time to take a look at the symptoms of a blocked throat chakra. As we journey through this sacred energy center, it's important to be aware of any signs that indicate an imbalance. Like an ancient lighthouse guiding us on our way, these clues can help keep us mindful and attuned to what our body is telling us.

The first symptom often experienced with a blocked throat chakra is difficulty expressing yourself honestly. You may feel like your words are falling flat or coming out in jumbled sentences that don’t make sense. Another symptoms is feeling loneliness or isolated.

It can also manifest as fear or insecurity around speaking up for yourself and having your opinion valued or respected. Physical symptoms connected with a blocked throat chakra include sore throats, neck pain, vocal fatigue after talking too much, tension headaches, earaches and jaw pain from clenching teeth.

Overproduction of saliva could be another indication of an imbalanced blue chakra; just as hoarseness and chronic coughing might arise due to frequent throat clearing throughout the day. Additionally, thyroid issues have been known to appear due to prolonged blockages within this area of the body-mind connection.

To open up this powerful energetic hub again, crystals can be highly beneficial tools for restoring balance here. Turquoise clears negative thoughts while encouraging positive communication; angelite provides emotional healing along with mental clarity; lapis lazuli strengthens intuition when seeking creative expression & celestite helps clear confusion so wisdom can shine through!

Crystals used for Open The Throat Chakra:


I bet you didn't expect this, but Apatite is one of the best crystals for throat chakra healing! It's an excellent stone to use when it comes to issues related to communication and self-expression. This crystal helps us discover our own truth and speak it out loud with confidence.

Apatite activates the energy needed to heal any blockages in your throat chakra. It can help you overcome fear associated with public speaking or talking about difficult topics.With its powerful vibrations, it promotes clarity so we are able to communicate effectively while staying true to ourselves. So why not give Apatite a try? You won’t regret it!


Amethyst provides balance in communication, helping us to listen as well as speak with honesty and respect. The spiritual energy of this beautiful purple gemstone brings peace and tranquility into any space, creating an atmosphere where it’s easy to communicate from the heart.

Additionally, amethyst can be used to ease mental stress and physical tension when speaking up about something important or difficult. Its calming nature makes it easier to stay focused on the conversation without getting overwhelmed by emotions.

When we use amethyst regularly, our ability to express ourselves truthfully increases exponentially, allowing us to get our message across more clearly while still being kind and courteous towards others. With its healing vibrations, this crystal works wonders on blocked energies at the throat chakra level that prevent us from voicing our authentic self-expression.


Moving away from Amethyst, the next best crystal for throat chakra is Aquamarine. This stone has been used since ancient times to promote courage and mental clarity. Interestingly, it was believed by some cultures that aquamarine would protect sailors while they were at sea!

Today, this light blue-green stone continues to be a symbol of hope and trustworthiness. Aquamarine works on both physical and emotional levels to enhance communication abilities and open up creative expression.Using aquamarine regularly can help bring balance into your life - whether it’s finding harmony between work and other aspects of life, or simply having the confidence to speak up when needed.

Not only will its soothing vibration relax your mind and body but it will also remind you that whatever challenges come your way, there’s always something positive waiting just around the corner.

Blue Calcite

Blue calcite is a crystal that offers powerful healing properties for the throat chakra. It's an excellent choice if you're looking to open, cleanse and balance this energy center in your body. Blue calcite has been known to reduce stress and anxiety, while also helping with communication issues. This stone can assist in both verbal and written expression of yourself as well as help provide clarity when speaking or writing.

Blue calcite can aid in developing one’s intuition by stimulating awareness on all levels and encouraging deep inner peace through its calming energies. Plus, it helps create better understanding between others as it encourages clear dialogue between people and reduces misunderstandings during conversations.

When meditating with blue calcite, envisioning it filling up your throat chakra area with light will help activate the higher energetic vibrations from within. You may even find yourself being able to access greater self-awareness and knowledge afterwards, allowing you to make more conscious choices about things going forward in life.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is one of the best crystals to use for throat chakra healing. It's soothing and calming energy helps to open up communication, allowing us to express our true selves without fear or judgement. The blue color radiates a cool vibration that can help to clear away any blocks in the throat area so that we can speak our truth with clarity and confidence.

This crystal also helps us to stay grounded while communicating, which allows us to remain calm and balanced even when faced with difficult conversations or situations. In addition, Blue Lace Agate encourages honesty and integrity by helping us see both sides of an issue before making decisions based on what’s right rather than what’s popular.

Using Blue Lace Agate regularly can bring more balance into your life as it helps you communicate with grace and ease. You'll be able to tap into your inner wisdom and trust yourself enough to take positive action no matter how challenging the situation may be. With this crystal by your side, you will feel empowered to speak your truth without hesitation!


Now, let's transition to the next crystal that can help balance your throat chakra - Celestite. This stunning blue gemstone has been used for centuries in many cultures and is believed to be a powerful aid in communication. You may have seen it as part of jewelry or as various figurines. It comes from the mineral family strontianite and typically forms in natural geodes containing hundreds of tiny crystals!

Celestite encourages us to speak our truths with clarity and confidence. It helps us express ourselves openly without fear so we can be heard, understood, and appreciated by others. Additionally, Celestite stimulates creativity and inspires divine insight. A great way to incorporate this crystal into your life is through meditation – just hold one in your hand while visualizing its calming energy flowing through you.

For those who feel out of touch with their own intuition, using Celestite can help open up channels within yourself that allow you to better access your inner wisdom. Connecting with this stone will give you new strength when speaking your truth—the kind of power that comes from feeling secure in knowing what lies deep inside your heart and soul.


Fluorite is like a cosmic conductor, bringing balance and harmony to one's throat chakra.Fluorite helps support truthfulness when speaking or communicating with others. The bright green hue of this crystal makes it easy to spot amongst other stones. Its translucent nature allows light to pass through which gives off an ethereal glow that is both calming and uplifting.

Additionally, Fluorite aids in creative expression by encouraging original ideas and insights while helping one access their higher wisdom. Overall, Fluorite works wonders in aiding communication between individuals as well as with oneself.

When placed near the throat area, it creates a shield against negative energies so that only positive vibrations are able to enter. Through its healing abilities, this beautiful stone brings about peace within and encourages self-expression without fear or judgement.

Lapis Lazuli

Moving on from fluorite, lapis lazuli is another crystal that can be used to balance the throat chakra. This beautiful blue stone resonates with the fifth chakra and promotes communication, spiritual awareness, and truth. It also helps one to connect with their inner wisdom and deeper understanding of oneself.

Lapis Lazuli has been used for centuries in jewelry and art due to its deep blues, purples, and golds. Its beauty alone speaks volumes about how this powerful crystal can help us open our throats spiritually as well as physically. By wearing or meditating with it we are able to tap into our intuition and express ourselves more openly.

Furthermore, working with Lapis Lazuli allows us to accept criticism without fear while staying true to who we really are. The healing energy of this crystal encourages us to speak up when necessary without feeling afraid of judgement or repercussions.

Additionally, it gives us strength when faced with lies or dishonesty so that we can confidently stand by what is right even if there is opposition present. All in all, Lapis Lazuli invites us to find a healthy balance between speaking our minds yet remaining respectful of others at the same time.


Sodalite is a beautiful crystal that promotes peace and clarity of mind. It's often used to strengthen the throat chakra, allowing us to express ourselves more freely and without fear. Sodalite helps us make decisions from our heart instead of relying on external validation or opinion. This can help bring about greater emotional balance in life.

The blue color of sodalite resonates strongly with the throat chakra, as it encourages communication and self-expression. It also works to promote calmness and inner strength, helping us remain centered while speaking up for what we believe in. With its strong energy field, this crystal encourages deep reflection which allows us to connect with our soul’s purpose.

Holding or wearing sodalite during meditation helps clear any blockages or stuck energy within the throat chakra so we can be open to receiving higher guidance from spirit guides or other sources of wisdom. Additionally, meditating with sodalite helps boost confidence when communicating thoughts and ideas publicly, making it an ideal choice for those who need a little extra support in this area.


Turquoise is a powerful crystal for the throat chakra. It helps to open and align this energy center, allowing us to better express ourselves openly and honestly. This stone encourages communication that is true to our feelings and emotions without fear of judgment or repercussion.

We can use Turquoise to help clear away any blockages in the throat chakra that are preventing us from speaking our truth. The vibrant blue-green color of Turquoise also connects with the vibration of water which symbolizes emotion, intuition, and peace. By wearing Turquoise jewelry or carrying it as a pocket stone, we can be reminded to stay connected with these qualities throughout the day.

Connecting with these energies increases our ability to articulate thoughts more effectively and make sure we're communicating what we really mean. Moreover, Turquoise works on both physical and spiritual levels by helping us accept change while encouraging growth along new paths; ultimately making us feel comfortable in our own skin so we can share who we truly are with those around us.

Where To Place Crystal For Throat Chakra?

Once you have chosen your crystal stone, you should locate your throat chakra at the base of your neck just above your collarbone. Hold the crystal over this area and allow its soothing vibrations to flow into your body as you take several deep breaths. You may also wish to press it directly against your skin if possible. This process helps ground any negative energy blocking the passage of communication within yourself and between others.

Chanting affirmations such as 'I am able to speak my truth' while holding the crystal can further enhance its power. Carrying it around with you throughout the day or keeping it near areas where conversations occur will ensure constant access to its cleansing energies.

How Crystals Healing Works?

Crystals healing works by channeling the energy of the crystal to help balance and align your chakras. It's believed that certain crystals have specific properties or energies associated with them, which can aid in healing various ailments. When placed on the body during a session, they are thought to absorb negative energy while also providing positive vibrations that promote emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Using crystals for throat chakra healing is one of the most popular methods as this chakra governs communication and expression. Crystals such as blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, sodalite, aquamarine, turquoise and angelite are all known to be good choices when trying to open up this area. The energy from these stones helps heal old wounds related to past situations involving communication and expression, allowing for better clarity and understanding when speaking about difficult topics.

How To Unblock My Throat Chakra

Unlocking your throat chakra can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance and crystals to help you along the way, it doesn't have to be. Like a lighthouse in murky waters, these healing stones will guide you on your journey toward enlightenment.

There are several different ways that crystals can help clear out any energetic blockages surrounding your throat chakra, including direct contact and meditation. For starters, if you find yourself feeling blocked or stuck within this energy center, holding a blue crystal such as Lapis Lazuli close to your neck for 10-15 minutes per day is an excellent way to start opening up communication pathways between yourself and others.

You could also try wearing or carrying Larimar or Turquoise with you throughout the day for added protection from negative energies. Finally, performing daily meditations utilizing Aquamarine or Blue Lace Agate can bring balance back into your life by reconnecting the body and mind.

Throat Chakra Affirmations

The first affirmation I like to use for my throat chakra is: "My voice is strong and clear." This reminds me that I have a right to speak up for myself, and that my words are powerful. It also encourages me to be mindful of how I'm expressing myself so as not to hurt anyone else's feelings or misunderstandings.

Another suggestion I find helpful is, "I am listened to and respected when I communicate".Finally, one more useful affirmation is: "My thoughts bring abundance into my life." This reminder keeps me focused on manifesting positive outcomes from every interaction by making sure every thought counts towards creating something better for myself.

Through practice and repetition these affirmations become part of my daily life helping me stay true to who I am and open up possibilities beyond what I imagine possible!


In conclusion, crystals provide a powerful tool to help you clear and balance your throat chakra. The Vishuddha or Throat Chakra is located at the base of the neck and helps us express our personal truth in an authentic way. By using crystal energy to unblock this chakra we can open ourselves up to better communication with others and more self-awareness in general.

Just one session of working with your throat chakra can have lasting positive effects on your life. In fact, studies show that 70% of participants reported feeling more confident after just one hour spent focusing on their voice’s power through affirmations and journaling exercises designed specifically for the throat chakra.

If you want to start balancing and clearing your own throat chakra today, take some time to research what crystals are best suited for it and how to use them properly. Once you understand which ones will work best for you, make sure to set aside some quiet time each day where you can focus solely on yourself and allowing those healing energies do their job!

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