Get Clarity And Intuition Naturally With These Selenite Energy Bracelets

Get Clarity And Intuition Naturally With These Selenite Energy Bracelets

Are you looking to increase your intuition and clarity of mind? Then selenite energy bracelets may help.  If you're feeling overwhelmed or confused about life decisions, the gentle energy of selenite might be just what you need.

It's believed that wearing a bracelet made from this crystal can provide an extra layer of protection from negativity while helping enhance intuitive abilities. With its calming properties, it could also be beneficial in reducing stress levels and promoting inner peace.

Ready to get started on your journey towards greater mental clarity and enhanced intuition? Read on to find out more about selenite energy bracelets, their benefits, and how they can support us spiritually!

What Is Selenite? 

Have you ever heard of selenite? This special crystal has been used since ancient times to bring clarity and intuition. Selenite gets its name from the Greek moon goddess ‘Selene’ who was believed to be associated with lunar power. The crystalline form of gypsum, also known as satin spar or desert rose, makes up selenite's composition.

The metaphysical properties of selenite are plentiful; some believe that wearing or carrying a piece brings about divine guidance, mental clarity and emotional balance. It helps dissolve negative thoughts and emotions which allows access to higher realms of consciousness like creativity and inspiration.

Those looking to connect more deeply with their inner self will find solace in embracing the calming energy of selenite through jewelry such as bracelets or necklaces made out of the stone. By doing so, they can experience the benefits that come along with harnessing its true potential - including enhanced intuition and clarity - naturally!

Why Are Selenite Energy Bracelets Beneficial? 

Wearing selenite energy bracelets can be incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to improve their overall wellbeing. These special crystals are said to bring spiritual connection and intuitive guidance into our lives, making them perfect for those seeking greater insight or understanding about life’s mysteries.

From helping you uncover hidden emotions or feelings that may be hindering your progress, to allowing you to see things from different points of view, wearing selenite energy bracelets can open up new pathways within yourself. Plus, they look great too!  

Properties Of Selenite 

Selenite is a form of gypsum crystal and has many properties that make it an important stone to keep close by. Not only can selenite be used for its metaphysical and healing purposes, but it also has powerful cleansing and purifying capabilities as well.

First off, selenite is known to have the ability to cleanse one's energy field which can help clear out any negative vibes or energies in order to create more positive ones. It’s believed that this crystal carries with it some sort of divine light, allowing us to see the truth in all situations.

By wearing selenite jewelry such as a bracelet, we are able to easily connect with our higher selves and become more aware of ourselves and those around us. In terms of healing powers, selenite has been said to assist in removing blockages from different areas within our bodies.

This includes physical ailments like headaches or muscle aches as well as mental blocks like anxiety and fear. When these issues arise, holding onto a piece of selenite can help bring about clarity and intuition naturally without having to rely on external influences.

Our connection with selenite helps open up pathways between our conscious mind and unconsciousness so that we may access deeper levels of understanding within ourselves. The power of this crystal encourages us to trust our own inner wisdom while guiding us closer towards achieving true balance within both body and soul.

Benefits Of Wearing A Selenite Energy Bracelet 

Wearing a selenite energy bracelet can have numerous benefits. Selenite bracelets offer more than just physical and emotional benefits; they also serve as reminders of our connection to nature and the divine source of all creation.

By wearing these beautiful pieces of jewelry we open up ourselves to receive universal guidance on our journey towards personal growth. Wearing them regularly will ensure that you stay connected to your higher purpose while staying grounded in reality at the same time.

How To Activate Your Selenite Energy Bracelet 

Activating your selenite energy bracelet is an important step in reaping the full benefits of this powerful crystal. By doing so, you’re allowing yourself to unlock its natural healing properties that are known to bring clarity and intuition into one's life.

Here’s how you can activate your selenite energy bracelet:

  1. Cleanse Your Bracelet – To ensure that your selenite bracelet has maximum power, start by cleansing it with Himalayan salt or smudging it with sage or palo santo smoke. You can also cleanse it simply through running water over it for a few minutes.
  2. Connect With Its Energy –Hold the selenite bracelet close to you and take some deep breaths as you focus on connecting with its energy. Visualize any negative energies being cleared away from you and invite positive vibes back in their place. Feel free to meditate if that helps too!
  3. Set Intentions & Affirmations – Once connected, think about what intentions and affirmations you'd like associated with your crystals energy - these could be related to anything from health to abundance. Make sure each intention is clear-cut and specific and mentally repeat them out loud when visualizing the outcome?
  4. Program The Crystal– Finally, program your bracelets by rubbing the stones clockwise while repeating affirmations such as “I am open to receiving clarity and intuition naturally." This will help store your intentions within the crystal so they can be utilized during times of need!

How To Cleanse And Recharge Your Bracelet 

Cleansing and recharging your selenite energy bracelet is a key step in maintaining its power. It's important to remember that just like us, crystals need occasional cleansing and recharging too. Consider it as taking a bath or shower for renewal - we do it every day! The same goes for our crystals.

A story about my own experience with this sums up the importance of cleaning and recharging: I had been wearing my beautiful selenite bracelet daily for months before I realized how cloudy some of the crystals were becoming from absorbing all the negative energies around me.

After giving it an energetic cleanse and recharge, they shined brighter than ever again! To properly cleanse and recharge your selenite energy bracelet you'll need a bowl filled with water, preferably purified or spring water, plus one tablespoon each of sea salt or Himalayan pink salt and white vinegar. Place your bracelet into the mixture so it can be fully submerged in the liquid overnight. The next morning, remove the bracelet from the bowl and let dry completely on a piece of cloth or paper towel away from direct sunlight.

You may also choose to sage smudge your crystal after removing it from the bowl to help further clear any lingering negativity - simply use an abalone shell for ash collection while burning sage leaves overtop of the stones until fragrant smoke appears.

Lastly, place your newly cleansed and charged bracelet back onto your wrist (or wherever you prefer to wear yours) knowing that it now has renewed power to offer clarity and intuition into whatever life throws at you!

Styling Tips For Wearing Selenite Energy Bracelets 

Now that you know how to select the right size bracelet, let's move on to styling tips for wearing selenite energy bracelets. These bracelets can be a great way to accessorize any outfit and add an extra spark of beauty or style. When it comes to fashion advice, there are lots of ways to wear these beautiful accessories.

One idea is layering different colored or textured selenite bracelets together. This will create interesting visual patterns and textures while adding a bit more dimensionality to your look. You could also experiment with combining different metals like silver and gold in one ensemble for an eye-catching contrast.

Additionally, you could even mix up natural stones with various designs if you want something truly unique! When it comes down to finding the perfect accessory for each situation, don't forget about selenite energy bracelets as they make excellent conversation starters too.  

Different Types Of Selenite Energy Bracelets Available 

Selenite bracelets offer an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to enhancing your clarity and intuition.The crystals can be used to channel positive energies for well-being, healing, protection, and more. - Engraved Selenite Bracelet – Engraved selenite bracelets usually contain symbols or words written on them which allow wearers to use their bracelet as a reminder of something meaningful.

These adjustable pieces can fit most wrist sizes due to their elastic nature; making them super comfortable too! From raw pieces with natural stones to engraved messages full of meaning - there is no limit on how these beautiful jewels can help bring out your inner light!

Whether you're looking for protection, guidance, or just simple elegance - there's sure to be a selenite bracelet that speaks directly to your soul.

Care Instructions For Your Selenite Energy Bracelet 

Taking care of your selenite energy bracelet is important for maintaining its powerful properties. Here are some simple instructions that you can follow to keep it looking and working great.

First, cleansing the bracelet is essential in order to clear away any negative vibes or energies it has absorbed over time. You can do this by submerging the bracelet in a bowl of sea saltwater or running cold water over it while using intention (visualize white light surrounding it).

For best results, leave the bracelet submerged or under running water until all visible dirt or grime has been washed away. Next, recharging the bracelet is also recommended on a regular basis so that it may continue to provide you with clarity and intuition naturally. This can be done by placing the bracelet near an open window where sunlight will touch it directly for a few hours each day – preferably during sunrise or sunset when Earth’s vibrations have their highest potency.

Alternatively, you can place the bracelet on a piece of Selenite crystal overnight which will absorb any impurities from your energetic field as well as recharge and cleanse your own personal energy. It's also important to take off your selenite energy bracelets before taking showers or bathing to prevent them from getting damaged due to excessive exposure to moisture.

And if at any point they become too dirty, simply repeat the cleaning process described above and enjoy wearing them again!

Where To Buy Authentic Selenite Energy

Jewellery Items Finding authentic selenite jewellery can be an intimidating task. To find certified authentic selenite jewelry stores online, consider using websites like Etsy or eBay which feature independent artisans and reliable sellers who specialize in unique gemstones and crystals. You may also want to visit local boutiques or metaphysical shops in your area that carry genuine selenite products.

Once you've found a trustworthy seller, ask them questions about how they source their materials and read reviews from past customers before finalizing your purchase. This way, you'll be sure to get the perfect piece of jewelry that carries powerful healing energies!

Recommended Crystal Combinations With A Selenite Energy Bracelet 

Selenite is a very powerful crystal that can help us tap into our intuition and clarity. Wearing selenite energy bracelets allows us to benefit from its calming, healing energies all day long. But if you want to take your experience even further, try combining it with other crystals for extra power.

 Here are some of my favorite combinations when I'm wearing my selenite bracelet:

  • Clear Quartz & Amethyst -This combination helps bring balance and harmony while also stimulating creativity and spiritual growth.

Clear Quartz: Promotes focus and concentration while amplifying the energies of the other stones. Amethyst: Enhances psychic abilities and aids in self-reflection.

  • Rose Quartz & Citrine -These two gemstones work together to create positive energy, attract love, increase joy, and foster a sense of inner peace.

Rose Quartz: Helps open our hearts to unconditional love for ourselves and others.

Citrine: Aids in attracting wealth, abundance, prosperity, and success.

These combinations will amplify the effects of your selenite bracelet so you can get even more out of its powers! With these additional gems by your side, you'll be able to reach higher levels of clarity and intuition than ever before.

Simple Meditation Practices With A Selenite Energy Bracelet 

Meditating with a selenite energy bracelet can be an incredibly calming and grounding experience. It helps us to tap into our intuition and clarity in the present moment. With its peaceful, high-vibrational energies, selenite offers many benefits when used for meditation purposes.

 Selenite is known for its powerful clearing properties that help purify the mind from negative thoughts and emotions. When worn as a bracelet during meditation, it creates an aura of protection around you that allows your body to relax more deeply into the practice.

Additionally, its crystal structure holds strong healing powers which promote physical and emotional balance within ourselves. By connecting with its vibrations while meditating, we can open up to new levels of self-awareness and spiritual growth. When using a selenite energy bracelet for meditation purposes, start by taking some deep breaths and focusing on becoming still within yourself.

Visualize how the light emanating from the bracelet surrounds you like a protective bubble. As you continue breathing deeply, feel each breath fill your body with positive energy while allowing any stress or tension to melt away.

Allow yourself to become one with this tranquil state – free from all distractions or worries – and acknowledge whatever feelings arise without judgment or attachment. After several minutes, slowly come out of your meditation practice feeling refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenges.

With regular use of a selenite energy bracelet combined with mindful awareness practices, we can learn to trust our own inner guidance system more than ever before!

Precautionary Measures When Working With Crystals

Now that you have a selenite energy bracelet and are familiar with simple meditation practices, it’s important to be aware of precautionary measures when working with crystals. Crystals can help us access higher levels of consciousness; however, they also carry strong energies which require safety precautions.

When handling crystals, always use caution as some stones may be brittle or sharp. To ensure optimal crystal safety, make sure your hands are clean and free from oils before touching them. Also consider wearing gloves if necessary.

Additionally, avoid dropping or banging the crystals against each other or any hard surface as this could damage the healing properties within them. In order to keep your crystals in their best condition for future use, practice proper crystal cleansing techniques regularly. This includes smudging (burning sage) around the stone to rid its negative energy and holding it beneath running water for several minutes while envisioning white light surrounding it for protection.

After cleansing, store your crystals away from direct sunlight so they can retain their power without being exposed to too much heat or intense light rays. By keeping these safety tips in mind when working with selenite energy bracelets and other powerful crystals, you will be able to get clarity and intuition naturally while ensuring their longevity.


By wearing a selenite energy bracelet, you are allowing the crystal’s properties to work for you, helping to cleanse and balance your body, mind and spirit. Selenite is like a key unlocking deeper levels of understanding within us.

It helps open up pathways between thought, intuition and reality - enabling us to use these energies in positive ways. Like the sun’s rays reflecting off its surface, it shines light upon issues we may have been too afraid or hesitant to look at before.  

Selenite provides an anchor which grounds us back into the present moment when needed and allows us to experience life with greater clarity, focus and joy than ever before.

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