Goldstone History, Healing Properties, and Benefits

Goldstone Meaning, Healing Properties, History, Uses & Benefits

I'm here to tell you all about goldstone - the mysterious gemstone with energy healing properties. Goldstone is said to contain mystical powers that can bring balance in our lives. It's believed to activate positive energy within us, helping us feel calmer and energized at the same time.

By wearing or carrying this special gemstone, we can reap its many benefits for ourselves.  So if you're curious about learning more about goldstone meaning and its healing powers, keep reading!


So what exactly is goldstone? Let’s take a closer look at its definition and meaning. The most basic definition of goldstone is a man-made glass containing flecks of copper suspended in the material. The sparkles are created when tiny grains of copper are heated and then cooled rapidly in molten glass. This gives off a reddish-brown hue which makes it incredibly eye-catching!

Goldstone also contains small amounts of quartz, feldspar, mica and other minerals which add even more power to its energy healing capabilities. When used properly, goldstone helps bring balance back into our bodies on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It encourages positive thinking while helping us focus better on manifesting our dreams into reality.

As such, many people use this gem as part of their meditation practice or during times when they need some extra guidance from within themselves.

History And Origin 

Anyway, let's move on to the history and origin of goldstone. As with many healing stones, there are a few theories surrounding its beginnings:

  1. Mythology -In some cultures, it is believed that goldstone was created by alchemists in an attempt to create gold from copper.
  2. Legends -Some legends suggest that goldstone came about when monks used molten glass and copper filings to make religious objects like crosses and medallions.
  3. Astrology -According to astrologers, goldstone has been associated with both Mars (energy) and Venus (love). It is said to have protective energies as well as being able to attract success and abundance into your life.

Finally, whatever its origins may be, many believe that this gemstone has energy-healing properties which can help soothe and enhance body functions as well as balance emotions for those who wear or use it correctly.

Visual Characteristics 

Golden stones were made to dazzle, and they sure do! With its deep gold color, encrusted with copper flecks that glimmer like a million stars, it's no wonder why this stone is held in such high regard. The patterns on the surface resemble precious jewels - little sparks of energy dancing across its hues.

Properties And Composition 

Moving on from the visual characteristics of goldstone, it's time to take a look at its properties and composition. Goldstone is more than just an attractive stone - it has strong energy healing properties that can soothe and enhance individuals.

Here are some facts about this special gem:

 -Goldstone is made up of quartz sand glass combined with small amounts of powdered metal such as copper or cobalt, giving it a sparkly appearance.

-The unique combination helps give goldstone its powerful energy properties which aid in healing and spiritual growth.

-It’s said to be one of the most energizing crystals due to its crystal composition being comprised of quartz, silicon dioxide, and other minerals like mica and hematite.

-Goldstone also carries the energies of abundance, success, courage and joy

– making it ideal for those looking for emotional stability during times of crisis. Overall, goldstone is not only beautiful but holds valuable properties beneficial for anyone seeking clarity in their life path.

Its ability to help individuals find balance through difficult situations makes it truly special. As such, many people have found solace in using goldstones to heal both physically and spiritually.

Where Can It Be Found?

I'm often asked where one can find goldstone. Well, there are a few sources available to purchase it. First of all, many online retailers carry their own supply of goldstone. These shops usually have the widest selection and most competitive prices for those looking to buy goldstone.

Additionally, local crystal stores may also stock the stone in various shapes and sizes. However, availability will depend on each individual store's inventory levels. Goldstone is also sometimes carried by some gift shops or jewellery stores. You might even spot them at flea markets or second-hand shops as well! It pays to be vigilant when shopping around for goldstone; always check whether you're getting real quality pieces from reputable sellers before making any purchase decisions.

In short, if you’re looking to get your hands on some goldstone then there are plenty of ways to do so. With its growing popularity amongst healers and energy practitioners alike, chances are that this mesmerizing mineral won't be hard to find!

How To Use Goldstone For Energy Healing? 

Using Goldstone for energy healing is a great way to sooth and enhance your overall wellbeing. Firstly, you should cleanse the stone before each use by placing it in sea salt or passing it through incense smoke. This helps to remove any stagnant energies from the crystal and allows it to work more effectively when used for healing purposes.

Once cleansed, hold the goldstone in both hands while focusing on what kind of energy you want to draw into yourself - whether it be calming or energizing. Visualize this energy entering your body until you feel its effects within yourself. You can also combine goldstone with other crystals like amethyst or quartz during meditation.

Doing this will amplify their combined power and create a stronger healing effect. For instance, combining goldstone with amethyst may promote feelings of relaxation as well as mental clarity; whereas using quartz alongside goldstone could increase emotional stability and strengthen intuition.

Goldstone is an incredible tool that can bring joy and harmony into our lives if we take advantage of its unique properties! With consistent practice, these powerful stones can open up new worlds of spiritual growth, allowing us to experience inner peace and freedom from all forms of negativity.

Benefits Of Goldstone  

The sparkle associated with goldstone also makes it visually attractive, making it perfect for jewelry or decorative pieces. But more than just aesthetics, goldstone has energy healing properties that can help provide soothing effects and enhance wellbeing.

One of the main advantages of using goldstone is its ability to aid crystal healing. This form of alternative therapy involves placing crystals on or around the body to promote balance and harmony within the mind and spirit. Goldstone is especially helpful as it brings about positive energy vibrations which can help bring relief from stress, anxiety and depression.

Additionally, these vibrations can also be used to energize other stones during crystal healing sessions so they are able to work more effectively. Goldstone is easy to find at most metaphysical shops and online retailers, making it very accessible for anyone looking for natural ways to improve their physical and mental health.

Whether you’re looking for a way to relax your mind or just add some sparkle into your life, goldstone offers plenty of unique benefits that make it worth trying out!

Balancing The Chakras With Goldstone

I'm a firm believer that balancing your chakras can positively affect both physical and mental wellbeing. I have found that goldstone is an ideal tool for energy healing to soothe and enhance the body's natural flow of energy.

Goldstone has many healing properties, which make it perfect for rituals to balance the seven main chakra points, as well as other minor ones. Goldstone works by allowing us to focus on each individual point in our body through visualization, while also providing emotional support during this process. It helps open up blocked pathways and create a more balanced state of being.

The calming effects of its glimmering sparkles allow a deeper connection with oneself and one’s innermost feelings. As we move down from the crown chakra to the root chakra with goldstone, we can feel ourselves letting go of any negative or stagnant energies within; creating space for new growth and forward movement.

 Using goldstone is an easy way to tap into deep levels of self-awareness without much effort – just hold it close to your heart whilst focusing on what needs attention most at that moment in time. This simple act enables powerful transformation where you will start feeling lighter, brighter and clearer than before - ready for whatever life throws your way!

Caring For Goldstone Jewellery 

Caring for goldstone jewellery is an important task that should not be overlooked. Taking the proper steps to preserve and maintain your goldstone pieces will ensure their beauty for years to come.

Here are some basic care instructions to help keep your goldstone looking its best:

Polishing Tips - Goldstone jewellery should occasionally be polished with a soft, lint-free cloth or chamois leather cloth. To bring out the sparkle of the stone, you can use a polishing compound specifically made for gems and stones. Avoid using any kind of abrasive or harsh chemicals as these may damage your precious stone.

Storing Goldstone - Store goldstone in individual compartments away from other gemstones so they won’t get scratched by one another. It's also recommended to store them in a pouch or box lined with fabric that won't trap dirt and moisture which could cause permanent discoloration over time.

Cleaning Goldstone - Cleaning goldstone doesn’t have to be difficult; just use warm water and soap then rinse it off thoroughly before storing it again. For tougher stains, you can use mild dishwashing liquid but avoid soaking it too long as this may harm the integrity of the stone itself.

Lastly, never clean goldstone with any type of chemical cleaner since this could damage or discolor the piece permanently. With these simple tips, you can make sure that your beautiful goldstone jewellery remains intact and looking great for many years!

Meditation With Goldstone 

Now that you know how to care for your goldstone jewellery, it's time to explore the many ways in which this amazing crystal can be used. Goldstone is a powerful crystal used in energy healing and meditation. It has been known to help with spiritual growth and ritual work, as well as promoting creativity.

When using goldstone during a meditation session, its unique energy helps to promote clarity of thought and peace of mind.  Visualize yourself being lifted higher by each breath until you feel completely relaxed and at ease. The beauty of working with goldstone is that it serves as a bridge between physical reality and metaphysical realms beyond our everyday understanding - allowing us to tap into ancient wisdom stored within the crystals themselves!

With regular practice, we can open ourselves up to deeper levels of self-awareness and inner knowing, helping us create positive shifts in all areas of our lives.

Different Forms Of Goldstone

I'm amazed by all the different forms of goldstone available for purchase.  Plus, its healing properties make it even more desirable. Whether you choose a simple bead bracelet or an elaborate goldstone pendant, I think you'll find that wearing one of these pieces will bring peace and balance into your life.

Creating Rituals With Goldstone 

I love working with goldstone to create energy healing rituals. These rituals have the power to sooth and enhance our lives in many ways, from helping us relax after a long day to boosting our creativity. It’s easy to create your own ritual using this powerful stone - all you need is some goldstone, an open heart and mind, and a few simple steps.

The first step is to set your intention for the ritual. What are you hoping to gain or experience? Make sure it’s something positive that will bring joy into your life. Once you have chosen your intention, hold the goldstone in both hands while visualizing the outcome of achieving it.  

Place the goldstone on either side of you as symbols of protection and support then close your eyes and begin meditating on your desire for around 10-20 minutes (or longer if desired). When finished, thank yourself for taking this time out and express gratitude for being able to manifest any blessings which may come from working with this beautiful crystal.

Combining Crystals With Goldstone 

When it comes to healing and enhancing the body, mind, and spirit, combining crystals with goldstone can be a powerful tool. Whether you want to create jewellery or bring balance to your chakras, this stone has energy healing properties that are sure to soothe and enhance any ritual.

 Using goldstone in combination with other stones is a great way to reap maximum benefits from both types of crystal energies. For instance, pairing rose quartz with goldstone will provide calming vibes while simultaneously amplifying emotional stability.

Similarly, adding tigers eye to the mix can help open up blockages around the solar plexus area of the body and allow for positive transformation within oneself. Jewellery is another popular way of incorporating goldstone into one’s life.

By wearing bracelets infused with these semi-precious gemstones on their wrists or necklaces adorned with them close to their hearts, people have reported feeling an increase in optimism and joy throughout their day-to-day activities. Whatever form of ritual you decide to use Goldstone for, its special energetic properties are bound to make it both useful and rewarding!

Magical Uses Of Goldstone

 I have always been fascinated by the magical properties of goldstone. It has the power to heal and soothe in ways that no other stone can replicate. Goldstone is often used in magical rituals or spells, as it holds a special energy within its sparkles. Its healing powers are said to be stronger when combined with another crystal for an even more powerful spell or ritual.

Goldstone also has many magical properties which can help improve your life. It's believed to bring luck and success, as well as promoting courage and ambition. In addition, it helps open up pathways of communication and encourages you to take control of situations around you rather than being passive.

These qualities make goldstone a great choice for anyone looking to manifest their desires into reality. The magical healing properties of goldstone cannot be denied - it's something I've experienced firsthand! Whether using it during a spiritual ceremony or simply wearing it as jewelry, this beautiful stone offers numerous benefits for those who choose to work with its energies.

With just one glance at its sparkling surface, I'm instantly filled with hope and optimism about what my future could hold!

A Note On Safety 

  1. Always be aware -Take care not to strain yourself or overextend your capabilities.
  2. Do research -Be sure to do some research on goldstone's properties before working with it so that you know what kind of benefits and side effects may arise from its use.
  3. Listen to your body -Pay attention to the signals your body is sending during the healing process and if any discomfort arises, stop immediately and consult a qualified professional.
  4. Be mindful –Lastly, always remember to remain conscious of how much energy you’re expending while utilizing this stone as too much could potentially cause harm rather than benefit your health overall. It is essential that we respect and acknowledge these safety measures when dealing with any form of energy work involving goldstone or other stones designed for healing purposes.

Taking proper precautions will ensure that everyone involved stays safe and healthy throughout the entire process while also yielding greater results in regards to energetic balance within ourselves and our environment at large.


In conclusion, goldstone is an amazing crystal with a unique history and many uses. From its shimmering flecks of copper to its powerful healing properties, it’s easy to see why so many people turn to this stone for help in their spiritual journeys. Whether you are looking for protection, luck or energetic cleansing, goldstone can be the perfect addition to your ritual practice.

As we have seen, there are several ways that one can use goldstone in magical practices. Its energies work on all levels - physical, mental and emotional - making it ideal for those seeking balance in life. The combination of different crystals with goldstone can create powerful effects as well.

Finally, while using any type of crystal comes with risks if used improperly; please remember that safety should always come first when practicing magic or working with energy healers. Do your research before beginning any rituals involving crystals and never force yourself into uncomfortable situations. With the right knowledge and respect for these sacred stones, anyone can benefit from the wonderful gifts that goldstone has to offer!

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