A Guide To The 8 Best Crystals For Grief And How To Use Them To Heal Your Soul After A Loss

A Guide To The 8 Best Crystals For Grief And How To Use Them To Heal Your Soul After A Loss

Grieving is an essential part of life - however, sometimes we need extra support when it comes to dealing with intense emotions such as sadness or despair. That’s where these special stones come in; they provide gentle guidance along the path back to inner peace.

Each crystal has its own unique properties which make it particularly well-suited for aiding grief recovery. From calming amethyst to energizing carnelian – I’ll show you how each crystal works and give tips on how to get the most out of their energy during difficult times.

So let’s dive into this magical world together, shall we? You deserve a chance at finding solace after experiencing pain, and these beautiful stones may be just what you need!

Overview Of Crystals And Healing

Crystal healing is a form of alternative therapy used to help people recover from grief. This type of healing uses crystals and gemstones as tools for spiritual cleansing, emotional balance, and physical wellbeing. Crystals have been used to aid in the grieving process for centuries, with crystal healers assisting clients on their journey towards recovery.

Crystal therapy is an effective way to provide comfort during difficult times of loss. One stone often used for grief healing is lepidolite, which aids in calming turbulent emotions such as sadness or anger. It helps one let go of negative thoughts so that positive energy can be welcomed back into life after loss.

Lepidolite carries an immense amount of love that it shares with those who use it; its gentle vibrations encourage relaxation and peace. Other stones like amethyst, rose quartz, and carnelian are also excellent choices when experiencing feelings related to grief.

They support us in releasing our sorrows while encouraging us to keep growing through the pain we’re feeling.

So how do you choose which crystals are best for helping with grief?

8 Crystal for Grief and Heal Your Self:


It seemed to be glowing, and something inside me stirred. I had heard of crystals being used to help heal grief after a loss, but never really felt drawn to them—until that moment. Amethyst is one of the 8 best crystals for healing from grief and soul-loss due to its ability to bring clarity and perspective during times of grieving or bargaining with denial.

This violet quartz helps you move through feelings of sadness and despair so you can start on your journey towards recovery. By connecting with the energy and vibration of this crystal, it can help ground you into present moments and draw out inner wisdom as part of your grief process. It’s also believed that Amethyst can ease fear around facing difficult emotions such as anger or guilt which are common parts of grief recovery.

With its support, we can learn to accept our new reality while honoring our loved ones who have passed away. Its calming presence may even encourage us to choose joy again by embracing life fully in spite of our losses. By incorporating Amethyst into your daily routine, it could provide both emotional comfort and energetic protection throughout your entire healing journey.


Sodalite is a powerful crystal for grief recovery.This type of crystal healing is especially beneficial when it comes to dealing with intense emotions such as sadness, anxiety or anger that can arise from the death or other kind of loss.

Sodalite helps us to gain clarity by releasing mental fog and calming irrational thoughts, helping us make sense of our feelings so that we can take positive steps towards soul healing and emotional wellbeing.

When working with sodalite during times of grief, set an intention for your work with the stone. Affirm out loud what you want from this process: "I am ready to heal my soul after this great loss." You may also choose to visualize yourself being surrounded by peaceful blue light emanating from the stone - imagine this energy entering your body and bringing profound peace, comfort and understanding.

Take time each day over a period of weeks or months if necessary, holding the sodalite in both hands while repeating your affirmation until you feel its effects within your spirit. The use of crystals during grief recovery has been found to be incredibly helpful in finding solace and restoring hope in life again. As well as using sodalite specifically, there are many different kinds of stones which have their own unique benefits when it comes to aiding in one's journey back towards joyous living after bereavement or any other kind of heart-breaking experience.

With patience, dedication and self-care, these tools can help bring about deep transformation on all levels – spiritual, physical and mental – leading to lasting resolution and greater contentment in life once more.

Black Tourmaline

Now, we move to a powerful crystal - black tourmaline.Black tourmaline can help us release any bottled up emotions from our grief, allowing us to start the healing process. The strong vibrations emanating from the stone will create a spiritual grounding effect which helps reduce stress levels and aids relaxation.

Additionally, when placed around your home or office, this crystal will provide a protective shield against any unwanted energies coming into your space. It also works on multiple levels by providing physical protection as well as mental and emotional support during times of great loss.

By amplifying feelings of self-love and inner strength, black tourmaline can be used to restore balance and peace both externally and internally. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to heal their souls after a significant loss they have experienced.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal for those looking to heal their hearts after experiencing grief. It's energy centers around love, compassion, and understanding, allowing us to open our hearts up to the healing process. Rose quartz helps bring forth emotional balance while also providing protection against further trauma or heartache.

Here are 3 ways you can use rose quartz in your grief recovery:

  1. Place a piece of rose quartz over your heart chakra when meditating to help calm emotions that may be stirred up due to intense grieving.
  2. Wear rose quartz jewelry like a necklace or bracelet so its healing vibrations stay with you throughout the day as you go about your life.
  3. Put several pieces of rose quartz around your home and light candles near them during times of feeling overwhelmed by grief - the crystals will give off calming energies and make it easier to get through difficult moments.

Using Rose Quartz in combination with other healing modalities such as therapy or journaling can prove incredibly beneficial for anyone dealing with grief or loss. It's important to remember there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to recovering from something so painful and personal; whether you choose to incorporate crystals into your practice or not, take comfort knowing that whatever path you decide on, it will eventually lead you towards healing and peace of mind once again.

Clear Quartz

I'm sure you've heard of clear quartz. It's one of the most popular crystals out there, and it has a lot to offer when it comes to healing grief. Clear quartz is known for its powerful properties that can help heal your soul after a loss. Its energy helps clear away negative emotions and bring clarity during times of distress. Plus, it provides protection from any further emotional pain or harm.

When using clear quartz for grief healing, I recommend meditating with it. This will allow you to channel the crystal’s energy into your body and mind so that you can benefit from its clear quartz meaning - clarity and focus in life, as well as inner peace and harmony. For this meditation, sit comfortably in a quiet space and hold the crystal in both hands while taking deep breaths until you feel yourself relax completely.

Focus on each breath and visualize the clear quartz healing energy entering your body with each inhalation. As you exhale, imagine all the sadness leaving your body through your breath until you feel peaceful within yourself again. This simple yet effective practice will help bring balance back into your life so that you can move forward without feeling weighed down by sorrow or heartache.

The power of clear quartz should not be underestimated! With regular use, it can make an incredible difference in how quickly we recover from our losses and start living life to its fullest once more.


Grief is a difficult emotion to process and can be hard to move past. However, crystal healing with lepidolite has been found to be helpful in grief recovery as it assists in the emotional healing of loss. Lepidolite is an important tool for those coming out of grief because it helps one cope with heavy emotions by providing soft, gentle support during the grieving process.

It encourages feelings of acceptance and optimism while helping create balance in the body's energy field. Here are some ways that lepidolite can help you work through your grief:

  • Connects you to inner peace and serenity
  • Eases stress and anxiety caused by intense emotions
  • Balances mood swings brought on by sadness or depression

As you use this stone, its calming vibrations will help you find solace from within, allowing you to heal emotionally and spiritually. With regular practice, lepidolite can provide immense relief from the pain associated with grief and give clarity into how best to move forward with life.


Kunzite is a gentle, loving crystal that can help those in grief find solace. It’s calming energy and soft pink hue makes it an ideal stone for healing the soul after a loss. Kunzite helps to open the heart chakra, allowing us to move forward with our lives while still honoring what we have lost.

This crystal also assists with denial healing and bargaining healing - both important steps when recovering from grief. When using kunzite during your healing journey, meditate with it placed over your heart or place one inside each shoe before going out into the world.

Holding this crystal will bring you peace and comfort as you go about your day. Additionally, wear some close to your body throughout recovery so its powerful vibration of love can remain with you always. Kunzite has many gifts to offer those who are grieving; use it wisely and allow yourself time to heal fully by embracing all emotions associated with grief along the way.

With its supportive energy surrounding you, no matter where life takes you next on your journey through grief, kunzite's loving embrace will follow close behind.


Next up is citrine, a vibrant yellow-orange crystal that radiates with positivity and joy. This stone supports your emotional balance during grief recovery by invigorating the solar plexus chakra. It's believed to be an excellent aid in clearing away negative emotions like anger or sadness while boosting creativity and mental clarity.

Citrine also helps to restore feelings of optimism after loss, so you can focus on healing from within. Citrine encourages us to see our own inner beauty and strength, even when we feel brokenhearted or overwhelmed. Because this crystal has such powerful energy for transmuting darkness into light, it makes a great choice for anyone struggling with deep grief that feels hard to process.

Hold it in both hands while taking some slow breaths and ask yourself what kind of help you need right now: courage? Strength? Healing? Allow yourself to sit quietly until whatever answers come through begin revealing themselves - they may not always make sense but trust that they are there to guide you forward towards emotional balance once again.

Cleansing And Programing Your Crystals

It's time to bring the healing power of crystals into your life! To get started, you'll need to cleanse and program your chosen crystals. This process will help ensure that they are ready for use in crystal healing. Cleansing rituals can vary depending on the type of crystal you have.

Common ways to cleanse them include through smoke cleansing, water immersion, and placing them under a full moon or sunlight. Once your crystal is cleansed it can be programmed with intentions specific to what kind of healing vibes you’re looking for.

Visualizations or affirmations can help focus the programming energy onto desired outcomes such as relief from grief or emotional pain. You may also want to consider using mantras during this stage if it resonates with you.

Once your crystals are cleansed and programmed, their powerful energies should be harnessed by wearing them around your neck or placing them near where you rest at night so that their beneficial influence stays with you throughout the day and night. With consistent practice, these techniques will enable us to find solace and peace within our hearts after a loss.

Benefits Of Using Crystals In Grief Recovery

Each crystal has unique properties which can help ease feelings of sadness or despair while providing comfort and reassurance from a higher power. Black tourmaline helps to protect against negativity, while amethyst is known for its calming effects on the mind and spirit.

Selenite promotes clarity and peace within the soul; rose quartz encourages unconditional love; smoky quartz aids in releasing blocked emotions; citrine brings joy and optimism; aquamarine helps with communication between self and others; finally carnelian provides courage and strength during difficult times.

Using these crystals can help you heal emotionally from your loss by tapping into their individual energies. You could carry one around with you throughout the day or keep it close at night as you rest--just trust your intuition when deciding how best to incorporate them into your life.

Taking time out each day to sit quietly with a chosen crystal can offer tremendous relief if you just take some deep breaths and clear your thoughts before focusing on its vibration and energy within yourself.

Help Heal Your Soul After A Loss By Crystal

Crystal healing has been used for centuries as an effective method to help heal grief and soothe the soul after a loss. Crystals are powerful tools in helping to restore balance and rebuild energy that was lost during the grieving process.

By utilizing crystal healing techniques such as meditation, visualization, sound therapy or massage, you can use crystals to support your journey of recovery from intense emotions like sadness and despair. Crystals act as conduits of calming energy which will surround you while also bringing clarity and peace of mind. When faced with immense pain due to the death of someone close to you or any form of significant life change, crystals provide solace and comfort by aiding in releasing negative energies associated with grief.

The best way to begin using crystals for grief recovery is by selecting one that resonates most with your current state of being. Amethysts are known for their tranquilizing effects on anxiety, fear and stress; rose quartz brings unconditional love; tiger’s eye helps open up blockages caused by emotional trauma; carnelian supports courage and positivity; black tourmaline stimulates transformation through protection; and clear quartz amplifies positive vibrations in its environment.

With these helpful stones nearby, rest assured knowing that they are working together to bring about healing within your body, mind, heart & soul - easing the pain out bit by bit until eventually things start feeling better again.


The healing power of crystals can be a great tool in helping us to work through the grief and pain that accompany loss. My favorite crystal for grief is Rose Quartz because it helps open up your heart chakra and allows love energy to flow freely again.

Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed by sorrow or regret about a lost loved one, I hold this crystal in my hands and visualize all the loving memories we shared together until I start to feel comforted instead of sad. This simple ritual has helped me heal from deep wounds on an emotional level. Using crystals for healing can provide powerful support during any type of loss.

Every person will find their own unique way of connecting with these healing energies but exploring the 8 best crystals for grief listed above can help you discover which ones are right for you. Whether you choose Amethyst, Sodalite, Black Tourmaline or another stone – remember that there is hope in the midst of hardship and that you can use the power of crystals to assist with your journey back towards joy.

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