How Crystals Can Change Your Aura and Help You Be Healthier

How Crystals Can Change Your Aura and Help You Be Healthier

Crystals can be a powerful tool in helping to restore the aura, and ultimately improve overall wellness. The use of crystals dates back centuries ago when people believed that they had healing properties and could help with physical ailments. While modern science has not yet proven this theory, there is still evidence of their positive effects.

What Is A Crystal?

Crystal healers believe that crystals create a subtle vibration which interacts with our body’s electromagnetic field and helps restore balance to it. This vibrational energy emitted from the crystal has the ability to unblock stagnant energies stored within us and thus bring about healing on both the mental and physical level.

The way a crystal's internal structure is arranged also plays a role in how they interact with our bodies. The molecules are arranged in such a way that they form patterns which emit waves of frequencies that resonate with our own natural energies.

Through this process, crystals are thought to aid in many aspects like stress relief, pain reduction as well as spiritual elevation. All these effects combined make them excellent tools for restoring overall wellbeing!

Benefits Of Crystals For Healing

By introducing crystal healing into your life, you are allowing yourself to benefit from their unique energies that can help with aura healing, emotional balance, spiritual growth and even physical issues. Here is a list of just some of the ways that crystals can help:

* Crystal healing helps bring positive energy into our lives by connecting us to higher consciousness.

* It aids in helping emotions become more balanced while also restoring harmony within ourselves.

* The use of certain stones during meditation can encourage spiritual growth and provide insight on how best to handle any given situation.

In essence, using crystals regularly allows one to tap into an unseen world full of potentials that might otherwise remain undiscovered. This form of natural medicine may feel intimidating at first but it does offer many tangible benefits that can improve overall well-being when done correctly.

From relieving stress and anxiety to providing clarity in times of uncertainty, embracing crystal healing has the potential to transform life in meaningful ways.

Connecting With Crystals

Connecting with crystals is an important step for harnessing their energy and benefiting from their healing properties. I’ve found that the best way to connect with a crystal is through attunement, which involves tuning in to its vibrations. We can do this by meditating on the crystal or holding it in our hands while focusing intently on its unique qualities.

This helps us to establish a connection with the stone and heighten our awareness of its power. Once we have established a connection, we can use communication techniques such as visualizing or speaking out loud to send messages to the crystal so that it understands what sort of healing you need. It's also possible to enhance your sense of connection with crystals by working with them regularly – even if it’s just for five minutes every day.

If you feel comfortable doing so, try talking aloud while you work, expressing any feelings or thoughts that come up during the process. As time goes on, your bond will deepen; creating a strong link between yourself and the crystal that allows for greater insight into its healing capabilities.

The more I practice connecting with crystals, the more I appreciate their ability to heal and balance my aura. Through careful observation and attention to details, I am able to open myself up further each time I interact with one; allowing me access not only to its physical benefits but also its spiritual energies as well.

Types Of Crystals And Their Uses

With their unique shapes and colors, they offer an array of healing properties to help balance your aura. Amethyst is known for its calming effects and protection from negative energy; it encourages inner strength and clarity.

Quartz is said to amplify energy and thought, while Rose Quartz promotes love and harmony within relationships. Selenite has been used for centuries as a tool for spiritual growth since it helps clear emotional blockages. When selecting crystals, it’s important to consider what purpose you want them to serve in your life.

You can use crystals in many ways: carrying them with you throughout the day or placing them strategically around your home are just two examples. It’s also helpful to take some time each day to meditate with the crystal on its meaning or symbolic properties—this will allow the stone to transmit its energies into your body more effectively.

No matter which type of crystal resonates with you most, all varieties provide powerful healing benefits that can shift your physical and mental wellbeing. From grounding root chakras, stimulating creativity, and providing support during difficult times – these natural stones have so much potential when used correctly!

Cleansing And Charging Your Crystals

Now that you know the types of crystals and their uses, it's important to understand how to keep them clean. Crystals need regular cleansing and charging in order to prevent any negative energies from lingering on them. This helps ensure that your crystals can continue providing positive energy for a longer period of time.

The first step in crystal care is proper cleaning. You should never use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials when cleaning your crystals as it may damage the natural properties of the stone. Instead, use gentle methods such as plain water, sea salt baths, sage smudging, sound healing with tuning forks or singing bowls, or Reiki techniques.

Each type of crystal will have specific directions regarding what method works best for its cleansing so make sure to do research before attempting any new technique. Some common methods include exposing the stones to sunlight or moonlight; placing them near other energetic items like plants; repeating mantras while holding/visualizing energy being sent into each piece; and using visualization techniques such as imagining white light flowing into the crystal through all sides until it illuminates brightly within itself.

Taking these steps regularly will help maintain the power and potency of your crystals while ensuring they stay healthy and balanced over time. By taking care of your crystals properly with regular cleansings and charges, you'll be able to reap the full benefits offered by their powerful energies!

Working With Your Aura

"As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons make lemonade.Crystals are powerful tools for healing and can help us cleanse our aura of any unhealthy energies or negative blocks inhibiting our progress. When used properly, crystals can actually help us activate and strengthen our aura's natural protection against external influences.

With this protective shield around us, we are better able to manage stressors from everyday life without having them affect us negatively. Additionally, using certain types of crystals during meditation can also help clear away stagnant energy while infusing new colors into your aura as a whole.

This allows for greater clarity and vibrancy in how we perceive situations and connect with others energetically. Achieving mental balance requires active effort on our behalf; however, utilizing the power of crystal healing helps give us an extra boost in achieving greater harmony in all areas of life - physical health, emotional wellbeing, relationships etcetera!

A holistic approach to self-healing involving both inner work (meditation/journaling) along with outer support such as crystal therapy will ultimately offer more sustainable results."

Meditation With Crystals

Here are some ways you can use crystals to bring balance into your life:

* Use them as part of a meditation practice - Place a crystal or two around you during meditation. This will help keep your energy focused on what you want to achieve from your practice.

* Make sure they’re cleansed - Clear out any negative or stagnant energies by cleansing the stones with salt water or sage smoke before using them for meditation.

* Keep them close to you throughout the day – Wear jewelry made of crystals like amethyst or rose quartz to benefit from their calming vibrations all day long.

Using crystals is one way to connect more deeply with your aura and create balance within yourself, allowing you to feel healthier each day. Allowing these beautiful minerals into our lives opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to self-care and spiritual growth!

How To Use Crystals To Balance Chakras

"As the saying goes, 'We are what we eat.' This is also true for our energy bodies. Our chakras interact with the crystals around us and can be balanced using them. Crystal balancing involves placing a crystal on each of your seven main chakras to restore balance in your body's energy field.

The key to successful crystal chakra balancing is being mindful of where each crystal should be placed and how it affects you. When choosing which crystals to use, consider their properties and energies they bring - such as calming or energizing effects - that will help align and open your chakras.

You may find certain stones naturally attract you, making them ideal choices when doing a crystal healing session. To begin, hold a stone or gemstone in one hand while focusing on its color, shape, texture and any other qualities that draw you to it.

Feel free to lay down if possible during this process so that the fullness of its power can penetrate deep into your body as you place it onto each chakra point. Chakra healing through crystals helps clear stagnant energy from within the body allowing for new positive energy to flow more freely throughout the entire system.

It’s important to take your time with this practice and really tune into yourself in order to gain maximum benefit from these powerful tools. Allow yourself to feel the soothing sensation fill up every corner of your existence."

Programing Your Crystals

Programing your crystals is an important part of crystal healing. It helps to create a special bond between you and the stone, allowing it to focus its energy on whatever intentions you set for it. There are several techniques used when programming your crystals, depending on what type of energy work you want to do.

The first technique is called intentional programming. This involves setting clear intentions for the crystal before using it in your healing practice or rituals. You can choose how long the intention should last and what energies you would like the crystal to help with.

For example, if you wanted to use a quartz crystal for protection from negative energy, you could set that intention before utilizing the stone's properties. Another way of programming your crystals is through visualization meditation. This requires focusing your attention on the particular crystal while visualizing its power and purpose within yourself and others around you.

With this technique, you can imagine different scenes related to what kind of healing work you wish to accomplish with the crystal’s assistance. Visualization meditation also allows for further personal connection with the chosen stones by creating a deeper understanding of their potential benefits in relation to specific needs or desires.

Once programmed correctly, crystals can be powerful tools in helping us reach our desired outcomes and manifest positive changes in our lives - physically, mentally and spiritually!

Crystal Grids

Having programmed your crystals for a specific purpose, the next step is to take them one leap further and create crystal grids. Like stepping stones across a river, these grid patterns are powerful tools in energy healing and can help you reach higher levels of spiritual awakening.

Creating a crystal grid involves placing particular crystals into intentional layouts that serve as visual reminders for positive affirmations or manifestation purposes.

Here's a list of three important considerations when constructing your very own grid:

* Understand the personal intention behind creating it

* Research on different grid layouts to find out which works best for you

* Choose compatible crystals that correspond with the intended goal

Organizing the arrangement of crystals within each grid helps activate their energies while amplifying its potency depending on certain factors such as size, type, shape and color. These varying combinations form unique vibrations that can be used to heal physical ailments or cleanse negative emotions from our aura.

While every crystal has its own healing properties, combining several together creates beneficial effects beyond our expectations. Simply by focusing on where we place each stone, we begin to see how the power of crystal grids influences us both physically and spiritually.

Protection With Crystals

Whether it be spiritual protection, physical protection or emotional protection, using crystal protection is an excellent way to stay safe. Crystal shielding involves setting up boundaries with powerful crystals like black tourmaline or obsidian around yourself in order to create a protective barrier against energetic harm.

This type of crystal protection helps build resilience and strength while blocking out any intrusive energies that could otherwise cause harm. Additionally, if there are certain areas of your life where you feel vulnerable or exposed, these same crystals may be used to strengthen those weak spots and give you more confidence and comfort.

For even further defense, consider grounding crystals such as hematite which will help connect you back down into mother earth’s energy for maximum safety. Grounding works by bringing all your extra energy away from your body so nothing detrimental sticks around too long before being released back into nature’s flow.

Allowing this natural source of healing will bring balance back into your life and spirit when things start to feel overwhelming or chaotic. Crystals are often thought of as magical stones but their true value lies within each individual’s unique connection with them and what they need on their journey through life – whether that be greater manifestation opportunities or enhanced protection shields.

With the right understanding and knowledge about the properties of different crystals, anyone can tap into their own inner power and use these tools as part of their daily practice towards health and well-being!


In conclusion, crystals are wonderful tools for self-healing and transformation. Crystals are great way to cleanse your body and aura. They have been used for thousands of year by different Cultures.


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