How to Grow Your Hair with Crystals

How to Grow Your Hair with Crystals

Have you ever wished for long, luscious hair? If so, crystals might just be the answer to your prayers. Crystals offer a simple and natural way of growing your hair without breaking the bank or going through lengthy treatments at the salon. In this article, we'll explore how to grow your hair with crystals - from what types of stones work best to how they can help nourish your mane.

If you’re looking for an easy and effective solution to getting longer locks, then consider using crystal healing as part of your daily beauty routine.The thought of having beautiful and shiny locks is exciting enough – let alone being able to do it with crystals!

Let’s dive into exactly how these magical stones could give you the luscious tresses you desire. Read on to find out more about why crystals are great for hair growth and which ones will give you maximum results!

Definition Of Crystal Therapy

The use of crystal therapy can be traced back thousands of years ago when ancient civilizations believed in its ability to heal all ailments.Not only does it provide relief from various ailments but also encourages relaxation and stress reduction while promoting overall wellbeing. With this holistic approach towards health care comes improved mental clarity and increased self-awareness – something that we could all benefit from!

How To Choose The Right Crystals For Hair Growth

Are you looking for a magical solution to your hair growth woes? Look no further than Crystal Therapy! With the right selection of crystals, you can unlock your locks and be well on your way to achieving thicker, healthier, shinier tresses.

First and foremost, trust your intuition when selecting a crystal—after all, that’s what makes crystal therapy so powerful in the first place. If something feels off or wrong about one particular stone, don’t hesitate to move onto another option. When it comes to crystal selection for hair growth purposes, look for stones with properties that promote balance and harmony within the body such as Clear Quartz or Amethyst.

High-energy stones like Citrine and Carnelian can also help stimulate new cell growth in damaged follicles. Finally, take time to meditate with any chosen crystals before use. This helps open up energy channels between yourself and the crystal itself, allowing the healing energies of both elements to merge together harmoniously.

With this special connection formed, you can then begin utilizing these amazing tools to their fullest potential!

Crystal for Hair Growth:


Amethyst is a powerful crystal that can be used to help grow your hair. Not only does it provide energy and spiritual healing, but its many amethyst benefits make it an ideal choice for those looking to increase their hair growth. Amethyst has properties that are known to stimulate the scalp and encourage healthy hair production.

This makes amethyst one of the most widely-used crystals in crystal therapy when trying to promote hair growth. When using amethyst for this purpose, you should place individual pieces on the areas of your head where you wish to see more hair growth or keep them close by while meditating or doing yoga.

You may also choose to incorporate them into aromatherapy treatments, such as making an oil blend with essential oils like rosemary or cedarwood - both being known for promoting healthy hair growth! Additionally, wearing jewelry made from amethyst stones will ensure a certain level of exposure and benefit from the crystal's special properties. No matter how you decide integrate amethyst into your routine, it’s sure to bring positive results if done consistently over time.

Whether it’s through meditation or direct contact with the stone itself, utilizing these natural healing powers of the crystal will surely manifest some beautiful results in terms of growing out your locks!

Black Onyx

Moving on from Amethyst, let's talk about Black Onyx. This crystal is known for its power to increase protection and strength. It can also help you with hair growth when used correctly. To use it, try combining black onyx with crystal therapy and scalp massage.

You could do this by placing the black onyx around your head or under a moonstone in order to stimulate good energy flow throughout the scalp area. When using black onxy for hair growth, some people may find that massaging their scalp with warm oil combined with the gemstone helps to open up pathways of hair growth while stimulating blood circulation at the same time.

Additionally, meditating while holding a piece of black onyx close to your heart will allow you to connect more easily with its healing energies so they can be directed towards your desired outcome - healthy hair growth! So if you're looking for an easy way to achieve long and luscious locks then give Black Onyx a go today!

With regular practice and dedication, you'll soon begin to see positive results in no time!

Citrine Quartz

Citrine Quartz is one of the most popular crystals for hair growth. It's known as a powerful stimulator of energy and healing, making it perfect for crystal therapy. Citrine quartz can be used in several ways to help promote hair growth.

One way is to massage the scalp with its healing powers. This will help encourage blood flow to the head, stimulating hair follicles and promoting healthy hair growth. Another effective method is to place citrine quartz on your bedside table or nightstand while you sleep, allowing its energies to work their magic during restful slumber.

Lastly, pair your citrine quartz with moonstone for an added boost of metaphysical power that helps accelerate hair growth even further. Moonstone has long been associated with beauty and fertility, so it’s no surprise that this combination works wonders when trying to grow out your tresses!

Lapis Lazuli

It has been used in crystal therapy to promote hair growth and can be just as beneficial as Citrine Quartz. When using lapis lazuli for crystal therapy, it is important to place it directly on the scalp while massaging. This will help increase blood circulation within the scalp and encourage healthy hair follicles. Additionally, placing moonstones around the crown chakra will create an energy shield that helps trap positive vibes and encourages spiritual enlightenment.

With this combination of stones, you can expect your hair to become thicker, healthier, and even shinier over time. Using these crystals together is a great way to provide yourself with natural and gentle healing.


Moonstone is a magical crystal that can be used for hair growth. When it comes to crystal therapy, moonstone has many benefits and is one of the best crystals you can use for growing your hair. It helps promote healthy scalp and stimulates circulation which will help with faster hair growth. To get the most out of moonstone’s properties, try using it as part of a scalp massage.

You can rub the stone directly onto your scalp or use an oil like lavender or rosemary infused with moonstone while massaging your head. This will not only stimulate blood flow but also release any stress or tension in your mind and body.

In addition to this, lapis lazuli is another great crystal to use when trying to achieve longer locks since it promotes overall balance within the body and strengthens our connection with higher realms. With regular practice and focus on these two stones, anyone can experience fuller, healthier looking hair in no time!

Preparing Crystals For Use

Preparing crystals for use involves various steps in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. First and foremost comes crystal cleansing. This process removes any negative energy from the stone and helps restore its natural healing properties. It can be done through several methods like smudging with sage smoke or water immersion.

Alternatively, you may also place your stones in a bowl of salt overnight to achieve the same effect. Once cleaning is done, the next step is charging the crystal. This refers to infusing it with positive energy so as to increase its potency when used on our body. There are many ways of doing this too such as leaving them out under direct moonlight or exposing them to sunlight during daytime hours.

You could even program your stones by setting an intention while holding them close against your heart chakra before using them. Finally, after these preparatory processes have been completed, one should proceed with activating their newly charged stones before applying onto their scalp area each night prior sleeping.

Doing so will help amplify the effects of energized crystals and promote healthy growth of hair over time!

Applying Crystals To The Scalp

When applying crystals to your own scalp, start by preparing your skin with an oil or lotion so it’s soft enough for the crystals to stay put during treatment. Next, choose some appropriate crystals - like quartz or amethyst - depending on your needs. You may also want to consider adding essential oils or herbs into the mix for added benefits.

Once everything is ready, apply each crystal one at a time around the affected areas of your head and massage gently until you feel satisfied. The effects of this type of crystal application will vary from person to person, but most people report feeling energized after their sessions.

Additionally, regular use of these treatments has been linked with increased follicle health over time - leading to thicker, fuller locks! So why not give it a try today?

Scalp Massage With Crystals

Hair growth can be a slow process, but crystal scalp massage is here to speed things up! Like a gentle river of energy flowing through your body, the calming sensation of crystals on the scalp helps stimulate hair follicles and increase circulation. It’s like taking an internal power nap for your hair. When you apply pressure with crystals it creates a type of vibration that increases blood flow to the area, which leads to stronger and healthier strands.

The key to unlocking optimal results from this crystal therapy massage is consistency. The more often you do it, the better your chances are at achieving those long-desired locks.

To begin, choose either rose quartz or amethyst stones—both excellent choices for promoting healthy hair growth—and start by lightly massaging them in circles around your head environment. You should feel relaxed as you transition into different zones along your scalp; use small motions and avoid applying too much pressure during this stage of the massage.

When done right, crystal therapy hair treatments have been known to yield amazing results. Combining regular sessions with other nourishing habits such as proper nutrition and hydration will help ensure that all that hard work pays off!

So take time out of each day to treat yourself with some well-earned TLC - enjoy a soothing session of crystal scalp massage today!

How Crystals Work For Hair?

Here's how crystals work for hair:

  1. Crystal Therapy Benefits - Crystals are believed to purify your aura by absorbing negative energies that may be blocking healthy hair growth. When you place a crystal on your head during a scalp massage, it will help draw out any stagnant or blocked energies so new life force energy can flow freely throughout your body.
  2. Scalp Massage Techniques – Scalp massages with crystals stimulate circulation around the follicles and increase blood flow to promote healthy hair growth. It is important to use gentle strokes while massaging the areas of concern, such as thinning edges or bald patches, as this encourages proper nutrition delivery to those areas.
  3. Crystal Energy Healing – The healing power of crystals has long been recognized in ancient cultures, and their ability to balance energy is being studied more closely today than ever before. By using specific crystals on specific parts of your scalp, you can target particular ailments related directly to your hair loss issues.
  4. Hair Growth Remedies – Crystals are often used in conjunction with other natural remedies like essential oils, herbal tinctures and vitamin supplements because of their ability to amplify existing treatments’ benefits.

For example, if you combine rosemary essential oil with jade crystal stones placed along the scalp line during a massage session, it could result in improved circulation and increased collagen production for stronger healthier strands over time!

Crystal energy offers many unique benefits for people looking to improve their overall health including better sleep patterns and stress reduction but its impact on improving physical features such as hair growth should not go unnoticed either!

With regular use of both traditional techniques plus crystal-infused therapies tailored specifically towards individual needs—everyone can experience lasting results that lead towards fuller thicker locks!


Crystal therapy can be an effective way to promote healthy hair growth when used correctly. All it takes is choosing the right crystals, preparing them properly before use and massaging your scalp with them during each application. With patience and dedication, you too could see beautiful, long-lasting results like Sarah did!

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