Lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Meaning: The Healing Properties & 7 Ways To Use It In Daily Life

Have you ever wondered what the lapis lazuli stone is all about? It’s a deep blue colored rock that has an interesting history and many healing properties.Lapis Lazuli stands out amongst other stones because of its intense color. The hue ranges from light baby blues to dark navy blues and speckles of white calcite throughout each piece give it a unique appearance. But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to understanding the power of this stone.

Ancient civilizations believed that wearing or carrying lapis would protect them from ill spirits while also providing wisdom and spiritual insight into their lives. This gives us insight on why this rare gemstone has been highly valued throughout history: its beauty lies beyond the physical realm and into the metaphysical world.

Lapis lazuli has long been associated with royalty due to its stunning color, believed to represent wisdom, truth, enlightenment and peace. Historically speaking, it was thought to help enhance psychic abilities while providing protection against negative energies. For these reasons, lapis lazuli remains a powerful symbol today, representing strength as well as inner power.

History & Origin

It's a popular gemstone today, but what is the meaning of lapis lazuli? Lapis lazuli was mined in various locations throughout Europe, Asia, and North Africa as early as 7000 BC! Ancient Egyptians also made use of this precious stone in jewelry, cosmetics, and even to create their famous deep blue pigment known as "Egyptian Blue".

 In Mesopotamia and Persia lapis lazuli was treasured for its beauty and healing powers. Throughout art history you can find many examples of lapis lazuli being featured in paintings and sculptures from these ancient civilisations.

Today we still treasure the beauty of lapis lazuli with its mesmerizing dark blue color. Its unique properties make it perfect for creating stunning pieces of jewellery or spiritual talismans that are believed to have great power.

 Color & Appearance 

The color of the lapis lazuli stone is a deep and beautiful blue, reminiscent of a starry night sky. Gold flecks run through it like tiny stars glimmering in the heavens above. It contains dark pigment that creates an intense contrast to its vivid color, giving it remarkable depth and dimension. Its crystal formations are often striking; some pieces will have large chunks veined with golden hues, while others may be polished smooth so that only the azure hue remains visible. When held up to light, lapis lazuli shimmers almost imperceptibly as if its depths are illuminated from within.

The effect is captivating enough to make even those who normally shy away from bright colors take notice and appreciate its beauty. Here are 4 ways you can use this amazing stone in your daily life:

  • Wearing jewelry made with lapis lazuli promotes inner peace and tranquility while protecting against negative energy.
  • Place healing crystals around your home or office for protection and spiritual growth.
  • Meditate with a piece of lapis lazuli placed on your chest or forehead for mental clarity and emotional balance.
  • Use lapis lazuli powder mixed with water as an eye wash to reduce inflammation or as a face mask to help draw out toxins from skin cells.

 Chemical Composition

I'm going to discuss the chemical composition of lapis lazuli. It is a rock composed primarily of sodium, aluminum, and silicate minerals such as plagioclase and augite. The most important mineral component in lapis lazuli is Lazurite, which contains sulfur and trace elements like cobalt and iron. Its distinct hue derives from this high sulfur content.

In addition to these main components, other minerals may be present in smaller amounts including diopside, hornblende, mica, pyrite and calcite. Depending on where it's found, different combinations of these minerals are likely to occur in varying concentrations.

For example, some deposits contain more cobalt than others due to its presence within the host rocks containing lapis lazuli crystals. No matter the combination or concentration of its many mineral components, lapis lazuli remains one of the most coveted stones for its stunning blue coloration and healing properties.

 Metaphysical Properties 

Soaring to spiritual heights, the Lapis Lazuli gemstone is a powerhouse of metaphysical properties. It's no wonder that throughout history it has been used for energy healing and spiritual benefits - its vibrant royal blue color representing an endlessly deep pool of knowledge and wisdom. With its captivating beauty, this stone can be used in daily life to help us reach greater emotional healing, mental clarity and inner peace.

The power of Lapis Lazuli lies within its ability to open up our crown chakra which links us with higher realms and divine guidance. When we are connected to our highest self, we feel more at ease as we release any worries or doubts. This connection brings forth increased understanding of ourselves and those around us while allowing us to find deeper meaning in every situation. Furthermore, by amplifying psychic abilities such as clairsentience (clear feeling) and intuition, this crystal helps bring insight into difficult situations so that they may be solved faster than before.

 In addition to connecting with the divine energies, Lapis Lazuli also works on the physical level by purging negative thoughts and emotions from our mind-body system so that only positive vibrations remain. By bringing harmony between body and soul, this gem grants us mental clarity for problem-solving purposes as well as improved communication skills when dealing with others.

Through all these amazing qualities, this powerful stone offers soothing comfort whenever needed – making it essential for anyone who desires balance in their lives!

Healing Qualities

 It's said to give its wearer courage during times of difficulty and provide strength in moments of sorrow or fear. From a spiritual perspective, lapis lazuli acts as a bridge between one’s conscious mind and higher self by allowing access to divine guidance from our spiritual guides.

 By wearing it close by or placing it on your altar or meditation space while focusing on your intentions, you may experience greater clarity when making decisions or manifesting what you desire in life.

Additionally, if you have trouble sleeping at night due to nightmares or recurring thoughts, holding onto a piece of lapis lazuli before bedtime can act as a protective barrier against negative energy.

Lastly, using the crystal in daily rituals such as lighting candles or smudging sage around yourself could help deepen your connection to your highest potential.

 Chakra Association  

The deep blue shade of this stone is said to correspond to the sapphire-colored Throat Chakra, which enables us to express ourselves clearly and honestly through communication.

 This gemstone also works on the third eye chakra, bringing clarity and insight into our life choices. Lapis Lazuli helps us move beyond fear and doubt by opening up new realms of creativity and intuition. Through its calming energies it can help restore emotional harmony while encouraging self-reflection.

 On a physical level, lapis lazuli helps stimulate blood circulation as well as reduce inflammation associated with arthritis or headaches. By balancing out all seven chakras within the human body, this powerful crystal aids in overall health and wellness for every aspect of life - from relationships to finances!

 Jewelry Making

 Here are seven ways you can make and wear lapis lazuli jewelry:

  • Design Unique Pieces:With jewelry making supplies like stones, wires, beads and other materials, you can create one-of-a-kind designs that express your individual style.
  • Make Homemade Gifts:Crafting personalized pieces of lapis lazuli jewelry makes giving gifts even more special! Think earrings or necklaces with meaningful symbols or words inscribed in them.
  • Wear it Every Day: Whether you prefer something simple like a delicate bracelet or an eye-catching statement piece, wearing lapis lazuli jewelry on a regular basis will keep its powerful energies close to you.
  • Explore Different Settings:For example, try setting the stone in silver as opposed to gold for a different effect – each metal has its own unique energy associated with it. –Experiment with Colours & Shapes: There are so many options when it comes to experimenting with colours and shapes – from round cabochons to faceted gems set in modern geometric forms. –Enhance Your Outfit: Lapis Lazuli pairs beautifully with almost any outfit due to its deep blue hue - whether worn alone or combined with crystals and pearls for a truly luxurious look!
  • Try New Techniques:Once you’ve mastered some basic techniques such as wire wrapping and knotting, why not challenge yourself by trying out new styles? From macramé knots to enameling techniques, there’s always something new you can learn! Jewelry making is an enjoyable craft that allows us to get creative while connecting deeply with our inner selves through the power of Lapis Lazuli - all without leaving home!

So go ahead and explore the magical world of jewelry design using this beautiful semi-precious gemstone today!

Grinding Into Powder

 I'm sure you've heard about the healing properties of lapis lazuli, but did you know that it can be used to create a powerful powder? It's true! By grinding up lapis lazuli into a fine powder, you can take advantage of its healing properties in your everyday life. But how do we go about creating this magical powder? Here are seven steps for making and using lapis lazuli powder.

 First, let’s understand the process of grinding down lapis lazuli into a usable form. The grinding process begins with selecting high-grade stones or crystals which have no cracks or damage.

Once selected, the crystals need to be carefully cleaned and dried before they are ground into a fine dust like consistency. To ensure efficiency when grinding, use specialized tools such as mortar and pestle sets or electric grinders specifically designed for grinding gemstones.

 After all the stones have been successfully transformed into tiny pieces (or even sand like particles), these particles will then be sifted through mesh cloth screens in order to separate any leftover large chunks from the finer powders created by the initial grinding processes.

 The resulting product is what we call “lapis lazuli powder” - an incredibly potent yet versatile substance with numerous benefits and uses. This finely milled material is said to carry strong metaphysical properties that promote spiritual growth while providing physical healing on various levels including mental clarity and emotional balance.

On top of that, many cultures even suggest mixing this unique powder with other minerals to create customized remedies tailored specifically towards individual needs! So now that we understand how to make our own lapis lazuli powder at home, why don't we explore some fun ways to incorporate it into our daily lives?

 From adding small amounts into bathwater prior to taking a plunge sprinkling some over smudged sage bundles during rituals... there really isn't anything you couldn't do with this incredible mineral dust – just ask yourself: How can I benefit most from my freshly made lapis lazuli powder today?

Decorative Uses

1.Decorative plates – Lapis lazuli makes great tableware, with its unique coloring and shimmery gold accents. It's perfect for formal dinners or casual get-togethers!

2.Decorative pillows – Add a touch of luxury to your couch or bed by placing small decorative pillows made out of lapis lazuli fabric. The vibrant colors will bring life to any room in the house!

3.Decorative sculptures – From intricate figurines to modern abstract art, there are plenty of ways to show off this stunning stone as part of your collection of sculptures.

4.Decorative trays – Whether for breakfast in bed or snacks on the coffee table, these trays have a sophisticated look that is sure to impress guests.

 5.Decorative vases – Create a centerpiece for your dining table with elegant lapis lazuli vases filled with colorful flowers and foliage!

It's easy to see why so many people choose to use lapis lazuli when decorating their homes–it brings beauty and energy wherever it goes! With its gorgeous hues, this semi-precious stone adds charm and style without taking up too much space in smaller rooms like entryways or offices. Plus, since it's believed to bring good luck, who wouldn't want some extra positive vibes in their lives?

 Home Decorations

 From wall art to interior design elements, this crystal has much to offer in terms of both beauty and healing power. Wall art made from lapis lazuli can help create an inviting atmosphere in any room. The deep blue hue of the stone will add depth and character while also providing positive energetic vibrations.

 Not only that, but incorporating lapis lazuli into wall art brings a unique decorative element with powerful spiritual meaning. You could hang paintings or sculptures crafted from the stone; either way, you'll be sure to have something truly special adorning your walls!

Using lapis lazuli for other interior design aspects is another great way to incorporate this crystal's energy into your space. Whether it’s pillows featuring images of the stone or adding accents like vases with pieces of it decorating them, these additions will make your house feel more alive when combined with healthy natural lighting and good ventilation.

Finally, don't forget about the most important aspect - the crystal healing benefits! With all these options available, there are plenty of ways to channel the power of lapis lazuli throughout your home.

 In Meditation

 Lapis Lazuli is an excellent tool to assist in deepening your practice of meditation. Its calming energy will help you connect more deeply with yourself while also allowing you to open up spiritually. It can guide you into realms where there is greater understanding of who you are and why you exist here on Earth.

Using lapis lazuli during mediation allows the user access to new insights which may even lead to profound transformation over time. Meditation practices vary depending upon individual preference but some popular methods include silent contemplation or mantra repetition.

Other forms involve guided meditations such as visualizations or listening to music/soundscapes composed specifically for relaxation purposes. No matter what type of technique one chooses, having a piece of lapis lazuli nearby can further enhance their experience by providing soothing vibrations and protection from negative energies.

When using lapis lazuli during any form of meditation it’s important to remain mindful throughout the process; focusing on each breath and connecting deeper with oneself through absolute stillness. This will ensure maximum benefits from incorporating this powerful crystal into your practice!

Wearable Art 

Aside from being beautiful to wear every day, lapis lazuli jewelry can also be worn during meditation or while doing yoga to help calm your mind and body. You can even put some pieces on your altar or use them in crystal grids for an extra boost of positive energy.

It is used in handmade jewelry like earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.As with any other accessory make sure whatever you buy reflects who you are – something unique that makes your outfit stand out!

Uses In Feng Shui 

"The saying 'fortune favors the bold' rings especially true when it comes to using lapis lazuli in Feng Shui. Lapis Lazuli has many feng shui uses, which can be beneficial for improving energy flow and promoting good luck within a space.

 Using these simple placement tips will ensure you get the full benefits of lapis lazuli’s feng shui effects. Taking time to understand how its properties work together will give you peace of mind knowing that you have balanced energy in your home or workspace."

Care & Maintenance

 Additionally, I store my lapis lazuli away from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can damage the stone’s color over time. To protect it further, I also avoid wearing it while doing activities such as gardening or swimming, since these environments could cause scratches or other abrasions to the surface of the stone.

 Finally, if possible, I prefer to have my lapis lazuli set into jewelry pieces for added protection against wear-and-tear. By taking these precautions when caring for my lapis lazuli, I ensure that its healing properties remain intact for many years to come.


Whether it's worn as a piece of jewelry or placed strategically around the house in accordance with Feng Shui principles, lapis lazuli will bring us closer to achieving balance and harmony. It is also an amazing stone to have during meditation - allowing us to tap into its metaphysical properties for profound insight and spiritual guidance.

Using lapis lazuli on a regular basis will not only provide us with physical benefits but also emotional ones too. Its calming energy promotes an inner awareness that helps us find clarity in times of confusion.

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