Moonstone Meaning and Healing Properties

Moonstone Meaning, Healing Properties, & Every Day Uses: March Birthstone

Moonstone is a captivating gemstone known for its unique appearance and mystical properties. It's the birthstone of March babies, but it has much more to offer than just being associated with a certain month. If you're curious about this beautiful stone and all that it can do, keep reading!

From its meaning to how you can make use of its healing powers in everyday life, moonstone offers many benefits.Whether you’re looking for an interesting conversation piece or something to bring peace into your home or office space, moonstone is definitely worth considering.

 Read on to learn everything there is to know about this magical stone!

Definition Of Moonstone 

When you hear the word ‘moonstone’, what comes to mind? Many people think of a stunning gemstone with an ethereal beauty. While it is indeed beautiful and captivating, there's much more to moonstones than their looks.

 Moonstone has been used throughout history for its various properties and meanings. The meaning of moonstone varies from culture to culture but one thing remains constant: it represents inner growth and strength.

The stone itself is believed to have strong metaphysical powers which can bring about positive energy when worn or kept close by. It also has some physical characteristics that make it appealing - mainly its shimmering light blue hue, which changes depending on the angle in which it's viewed.

Moonstone is known as the March birthstone due to its calming influence; those born in this month are said to benefit from wearing jewelry made with a piece of moonstone. Its healing properties include aiding emotional balance, enhancing intuition, relieving stress, and promoting self-discovery - all qualities that can help us through life's challenges.

History And Legend

 As mysterious as the moonstone itself, its origin is deeply rooted in history and legend. According to folklore, the power of the moonstone has been acknowledged since ancient times; it was believed that when worn on a full moon night, the wearer would become invisible!

The most popular story surrounding this gemstone is that of a Hindu love tale between Moon God Chandra and 27 daughters of King Daksha. In order to express his affections for them all, he endowed each daughter with a glowing stone from his own light. This magical story has been immortalized throughout mythology and tradition ever since – even today many cultures believe that wearing or carrying a moonstone will bring good fortune.

 It's no surprise either - with its captivating iridescence and dreamy hues, this enchanting crystal radiates an ethereal beauty like nothing else can. Not only does it invoke feelings of peace and tranquillity but also sparks creativity and intuition within those who seek its powers.

 The soothing energy emitted by this special gemstone makes it perfect for use in healing rituals or meditation practices where one desires divine guidance or inner strength. Its calming properties are said to help restore balance to mind, body, and spirit while promoting clarity of thought and emotional wellbeing.

 Types Of Moonstone

 I'm going to take you through the variety of moonstone out there!  They often feature an iridescent sheen that gives them a magical appearance.

Firstly, we have rainbow moonstones which come in a range of hues from pink to blue and even green.

 Secondly, pearl moonstones come in white or silver shades, with some featuring swirls or circles for added interest.

 Thirdly, yellow sapphire moonstones offer up beautiful golden tones and can be found in both transparent and opaque varieties.

Finally, labradorite moonstones provide captivating patterns like flashes of light dancing across its surface.

These 4 main types have plenty of variations within too. You'll find variations on color ranging from soft pastels to vibrant jewel-tones as well as different shapes such as smooth cabochons or faceted geometries. No matter what type you choose they all carry the same energy: aiding creativity, inner vision and access to higher wisdom. So whether it's your birthstone or just one you love aesthetically - whichever way you go will not disappoint!

 Color Variations 

Moving on to the various color variations of moonstone, this gem can be found in a variety of hues. The most common is pink moonstone, which usually has light pinkish tones or stripes running through it.

This type of stone often has an opalescent sheen that reflects back different colors when the light hits it.

White moonstones are also quite popular and have a milky white appearance with blue undertones. Blue moonstones typically feature deep blue hues with hints of green and brown mixed in.

Whether you choose a soft pastel-colored stone or a bold multicolored version, there’s no denying its subtle yet powerful aura will draw your eye wherever you go.

Hardness And Durability 

Tenacious and tough, moonstone hardness and durability is prized by many. This March birthstone scores a 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness and glimmers with beauty in any setting.

Whether you are looking for a special piece of jewelry or just an everyday accessory, this gemstone's hardiness ensures that it will stay radiant for years to come. The strength of Moonstones is comparable to other popular gems like sapphire and ruby which both score 9 out 10 on the same scale.

Although not as strong as some stones, its toughness makes moonstones ideal for wearing regularly without worry about damage due to wear and tear.

Additionally, thanks to its sleekness, it can be cut into different shapes including ovals, rounds, cushions, emerald-cuts, pear-shapes and more! Moonstones have very few weaknesses when it comes to their sturdiness - they may break if hit too sharply against something else but otherwise should remain protected from most shocks and bumps while being worn casually or even during strenuous activities such as sports or manual labor jobs.

The low gemstone hardness also keeps them relatively affordable compared to harder stones so you don't have to sacrifice quality for price tag when investing in your own moonstone jewellery!

 Clarity And Cut Grade 

Now that we've discussed the hardness and durability of moonstone, let's move on to two other important aspects: clarity grade and cut grade. Clarity refers to how many inclusions a stone has, while cut grade is related to how symmetrical and even the shape of it is. The higher the clarity grade or cut grade, the more valuable the stone will be.

When it comes to moonstone, its clarity grades range from transparent (the highest) all the way down to opaque (the lowest). As for its cut grade, there are four levels: excellent, very good, good, and fair.

 Excellent being the highest quality and fair being the lowest. When shopping for a moonstone you should always look for one with an excellent cut grade as this will bring out its natural beauty and sparkle best. It's also important to note that some pieces may have both lower than average clarity grades and/or cut grades but still be beautiful due to their unique colouring or patterning.

So if you come across a piece like this don't automatically dismiss it - take your time inspecting it before making any decisions!

 Metaphysical Properties 

Moonstone has a number of metaphysical properties that make it an ideal choice for spiritual healing.She sought out moonstone as part of her healing journey, wearing pieces of jewelry made from the stone near her body on a daily basis.

Over time she noticed a shift in her thinking patterns and felt more connected to herself emotionally. The calming energy provided by the moonstone allowed Sarah to find peace within herself and eventually resolve some of the deeper issues she had been facing before.

Overall, moonstone is known for its powerful yet gentle energies which provide profound benefits when used correctly. With its capacity for promoting emotional balance and spiritual growth, it can be a great tool for those looking to heal themselves or achieve greater self-awareness.

Additionally, its energizing qualities offer grounding support while encouraging focus on goals and ambitions so they may manifest into reality.

Healing Benefits

 Moonstone is a powerful healing stone that offers many benefits.  Here are some of the most common moonstone healing benefits:

  • Eases Anxiety & Stress: The gentle, calming energy of moonstone helps ease stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and tranquility. This can lead to improved mental clarity and better decision-making skills.
  • Enhances Intuition: Moonstone enhances our natural intuitive abilities so we can access information from beyond the physical realm. When meditating or performing rituals with this stone, you may receive guidance from your Higher Self on how best to proceed through life's challenges.
  • Balances Emotions: Its soothing vibration relieves emotional tension while bringing peace and acceptance into our lives. By balancing emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, confusion, etc., it allows us to be more present in the moment without being overwhelmed by negative thoughts or feelings.
  • Strengthens Connections: Moonstone strengthens relationships between people by helping them understand each other’s perspectives and needs better. It also increases love, compassion, empathy and understanding which leads to stronger bonds between two people who share a special connection with one another.

As you work with moonstone healing properties over time, you will discover its unique power to bring balance into every area of your life - from improving communication skills at home or work to connecting deeper spiritually with yourself or others. With its soft feminine energy radiating throughout your existence, use this gemstone as an aid in creating positive change both inwardly and outwardly!

Chakra Association

 Moonstone is associated with the Third Eye Chakra, which is related to psychic abilities and intuition. When you use moonstone for chakra healing, it helps to open up this area so that its energies can flow freely. It also brings balance to your overall energy system while encouraging self-expression and creativity.

Moonstone's calming presence makes it a great choice for those looking to clear their minds of negative thoughts or worries. In terms of crystal healing, using moonstone on its own during meditation can help bring clarity and focus in order to gain insight into life’s questions.

 Alternately, combining other crystals with moonstone may provide additional benefits such as increased spiritual awareness or enhanced physical well-being. For example, pairing rose quartz with moonstone can facilitate unconditional love and compassion within oneself. When attempting to achieve chakra balancing through crystals like moonstone, it's important to remember that the process takes time and patience - but the rewards are worth it!

Working with this beautiful stone provides a sense of peace and inner tranquility. As you work towards discovering your true potential by connecting with the power of moonstone meaning, you'll find yourself feeling empowered and inspired each step of the way.

Astrological Sign Influence 

When it comes to the astrological sign influence on moonstone properties, Pisces is the most connected. This birthstone symbolizes their inner strength and peace of mind as well as creativity and self-confidence. It also helps them stay balanced in difficult times.

Here are some everyday uses for this powerful crystal:

* Enhancing spiritual awareness

* Stimulating intuition

* Helping manifest dreams into reality The healing powers of moonstone can be used by all zodiac signs to reduce stress and anxiety while helping one feel more centered and emotionally secure.

 Its soothing energy encourages clarity of thought which makes it a great stone for making decisions or calming an overactive mind. According to its symbolism, moonstone meaning is connected with inner growth, protection during travels, new beginnings, balance between polarities and fertility. By carrying this gemstone or wearing jewelry made from it we can tap into its power and use it for our highest good!

Care Guidelines 

Taking proper care of your moonstone is important to ensure its longevity and beauty. Here are some guidelines for the best ways to take care of this precious gemstone: First, it’s crucial to keep your moonstone away from harsh chemicals or cleaning agents that could damage its surface. It's also recommended that you avoid prolonged exposure to heat or extreme cold temperatures when caring for a moonstone.

As far as storing goes, make sure to store each piece separately in either a soft cloth pouch or jewelry box lined with velvet. This will help prevent any scratches between pieces as well as provide protection from dust and other elements.

 Additionally, it’s best not to expose your moonstones to bright light too often since they have been known to fade over time if exposed excessively. By following these simple tips, you can preserve your moonstones natural luster while keeping them safe from harm!

Birthstone Symbolism 

When it comes to birthstone symbolism, the moonstone has a lot of meaning. Its purpose is to represent balance and harmony in life. It's said that this stone can enhance intuition, creativity, and even luck! Many cultures have adopted the moonstone as their traditional birthstone for March because they believe its powers will bring them good fortune.

 The moonstone symbolizes new beginnings, which makes sense when looking at the cycle of the moon throughout each month. This gem also carries with it an inherent mystery; some say that gazing into the shimmering depths of this beautiful stone can reveal secrets from past lives or unlock hidden potentials within.

Throughout history, people have believed that wearing a particular birthstone brings protection against negative energy while encouraging positive growth and abundance in one’s life. Whether you choose to wear your own personal birthstone every day or use it only on special occasions, may you find peace and joy through its presence in your life.

 Jewelry Uses 

I love the versatility of moonstone as a March birthstone. It can be used for so many jewelry designs, styles, and pieces! From statement necklaces to delicate earrings, it's easy to find something that suits your personal tastes.

There are lots of beautiful jewelry looks featuring this stone – from sleek bracelets to more avant-garde rings. Or if you're feeling creative, why not make your own piece? You could craft an exquisite necklace with moonstones in every shade imaginable.

Everyday Uses 

Moving on from jewelry uses, moonstone has different everyday uses that make it a perfect gift for any occasion.

  1. Moonstone Gifts:Giving someone special a moonstone is the perfect way to show them how much you care about them. Whether it’s a necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings - gifting a piece of moonstone jewelry with its unique meaning is sure to be appreciated.
  2. Using Around Your Home:Placing small pieces of moonstone around your home will help balance out negative energies while also increasing creativity and intuition within the space. It can even aid in relaxation as well!
  3. Wearing As Jewelry: One of the most popular methods of using moonstones is wearing them as rings or necklaces.
  4. Not only do they look beautiful but they have many benefits such as enhanced psychic abilities and spiritual growth by connecting us more closely with our inner selves. Plus, wearing moonstone jewelry brings balance between yin and yang forces – making it a powerful accessory! No matter what form you choose to use this gorgeous gem stone– whether as jewellery, around your home or gifted – incorporating the power of natural healing stones like the moonstone has countless benefits and makes for a meaningful addition to your daily routine.

Popularity Trends 

The popularity of moonstone has grown significantly in recent years, with many people choosing it as their birthstone for March. It's especially popular among spiritual seekers and those interested in crystal healing, thanks to its calming properties.

Moonstone is also beloved by jewelry designers due to its ethereal beauty and ability to reflect the light in a mesmerizing way. Moonstone trends have been heavily influenced by fashion over the last few decades, with most recently rose gold settings being particularly sought after.

Increasingly, people are seeking out unique pieces that incorporate more than one gemstones into designs - often featuring moonstone alongside diamonds or other precious stones. The combination creates an eye-catching look that makes these pieces truly stand out from traditional jewelry styles. Birthstones like moonstone have become much more fashionable lately, with celebrities wearing them on red carpets and even incorporating them into everyday wear.

 As such, they've gained traction among the public who want to accessorize like their favorite stars! With its stunning color palettes and range of hues available, moonstone is certainly well positioned to remain a popular choice for some time yet.


The moonstone is a beautiful gem that has been around for centuries. It’s deeply associated with mystery and spirituality, making it an ideal choice as the March birthstone have control over how we choose to grow and what new experiences we let into our lives. This reminder helps us stay positive and encourages us to take risks when necessary instead of settling for complacency.

In conclusion, the moonstone is an amazing gem worth exploring further! Its aesthetic beauty captures everyone's attention while its spiritual side provides many benefits from increased creativity to emotional balance. So if you're looking for something special, consider adding some moonstone magic into your life – it will surely bring out your inner sparkle no matter which phase you’re in!

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