Numerology Gemstones: Which one is Yours?

Numerology Gemstones: Which one is Yours?

Numerology draws on our own unique vibrations and energy patterns, which can be found in the digits that make up our birthdays. But did you know numerology also extends to gemstones?

Each one resonates a different frequency depending on its color, shape and composition – all of which link back to the numbers associated with us as individuals. In this article we'll explore the power of these precious stones and uncover which ones are most linked to our personal destiny.

Are you ready to discover your very own special number-infused gemstone? To get started it's important to understand what numerology is about. This ancient practice combines mathematics, science and philosophy together with astrology into an intricate system for understanding ourselves better.

Every number from 1-9 carries its own vibrational signature or frequency, each influencing different areas of our lives such as health, wealth and relationships. By exploring these frequencies through gemstones we can gain insight into who we are at a deeper level - giving us access to greater wisdom and understanding around ourselves and others.

So let’s dive in! We’ll take a look at some popular gems known for their connection to numerology before discovering which stone will bring balance and harmony into your life this year.


For starters, both practices come from ancient traditions which value symbolism over literal interpretation. That means that while numerology might associate a certain number with wealth or success, it doesn't necessarily guarantee these outcomes!

Similarly, wearing a particular gemstone won't automatically make all your wishes come true – instead it could help balance out energies in your life. To get a better sense of how numerology and gemstones work together, it’s important to understand how they relate to one another based on their individual meanings.

Each number carries its own unique message for individuals who look at them through the lens of numerology; similarly each gemstone can have different effects depending on who wears it and why. By combining these two practices, we can gain insight into our lives by looking beyond just the surface level information presented by either discipline alone.

History Of Numerology Gemstones

Have you ever wondered where numerology gemstones and their use first originated? This practice dates back to ancient times when people believed that each number represented a unique energy or vibration.

Gemstones were used to help balance the energies associated with these numbers and enhance one's spiritual wellbeing. The history of numerology goes even further back, as its roots can be traced all the way to Babylonian and Egyptian civilizations. During those times, combinations of letters from names were linked to various numerical values which held symbolism for life events. In many cases, these symbols could indicate both positive and negative outcomes in one’s life depending on the numerical combination at hand.

As time progressed, this knowledge was studied further by Pythagoras who coined it “Numerology” - hence how it is known today. It wasn't until modern times that gemstones became an integral part of numerology practice. It is said that each gemstone corresponds to a particular number based on its color, shape and other characteristics making them ideal tools for harnessing specific energies associated with numbers.

So whether you are looking to discover your personal number through numerology or seeking guidance during difficult times, knowing which gemstone resonates with your vibrations can make all the difference!

Astrological Birth Chart & Numerology

Now that you have identified your personal number, it is time to explore the power of numerology gemstones. Gemstones work in harmony with astrological birth charts and can help bring about balance and well-being as they connect us to a higher energy source.

Each numerological gemstone has its own unique meaning; for example, emeralds signify growth, while aquamarine represents courage. By wearing or carrying the right stone associated with your personal number, you will be able to draw on its energies to increase confidence, reduce stress and manifest positive intentions into reality.

Number 1 - Emerald

I'm a number one in numerology, and my gemstone of choice is the emerald. It's believed that wearing an emerald brings luck to its wearer, as well as promoting positive energy into their life. My birth chart says that I should wear an emerald for protection against negative energies.

According to numerology, this stone can help me develop spiritually and find inner peace. It also helps increase focus and concentration so I can better handle challenges or difficult situations in my life. The power of an emerald lies within its vibrant green hue - it's a reminder to stay focused on all aspects of your life while radiating positivity and love outwards towards others.

Wearing this beautiful gemstone gives me confidence knowing that I am surrounded by good vibes only!

Number 2 - Ruby

If you’re a number two in numerology, then your gemstone is ruby. This precious red stone has been associated with love and passion throughout the ages, so it makes sense that those born under this sign should be connected to it.

According to astrologists, rubies can help bring a balance of energy into the lives of people who are governed by the number two.Rubies provide protection against negative influences while helping to increase focus and concentration. The lucky person born under this zodiac sign will benefit from having their birth chart read by an experienced numerologist in order to better understand how best they can use the power of ruby in their life.

Whether worn as jewelry or placed around the home, rubies will offer a positive energy that helps one feel secure and contented. Those born under this special star will find comfort knowing that wearing ruby gives them access to its magical properties which could ultimately lead to improved luck in all areas of life!

Number 3 - Onyx Or Sapphire

Onyx, with its deep black hue, and Sapphire with its shinning blue hue brings about feelings of power and strength. Both these gemstones offer tremendous benefits on both physical and emotional levels.

Whether you choose Onyx or Sapphire, wearing this special gem will help bring balance and harmony into your life. These powerful stones can help boost self-confidence and give you courage in difficult situations; they also provide peace of mind during stressful periods.

With such wonderful qualities, there's no doubt that having your own personal gemstone could be beneficial for anyone born under the number three!

Number 4 - Topaz Or Citrine

If your numerology number is four, you have the unique privilege of being able to choose between two beautiful gemstones – topaz or citrine. Topaz has a lot of variety in terms of color and symbolism, depending on the type of topaz. Some varieties can be yellow-golden with healing properties while others are pinkish-red with love symbols attached to them.

It is also believed that wearing this stone can benefit those born under the sign of Sagittarius by enhancing ambition, courage and success in life. The most common form of topaz is clear but it may contain traces of other colors such as iron which gives it shades from light blue to pale green.

On the other hand, citrine is another very attractive gemstone for people who belong to numerology 4. This crystal has been said to bring wealth and abundance into one's life when worn as jewelry or kept around the house.

Citrine comes in many forms including natural stones ranging from dark golden browns to bright oranges and yellows. Its name was derived from the French word “citron” meaning lemon due to its vibrant hue resembling lemons. Wearing citrine can bring optimism, clarity and good luck into someone’s life along with positivity and joy!

Here are some advantages that come with choosing either gemstone:

  1. Enhance physical health & vitality
  2. Promote mental well-being & clarity
  3. Strengthen relationships through harmony
  4. Attract prosperity & financial abundance

Both topaz and citrine make excellent choices for those belonging to numerology 4 because they have similar properties that promote balance and stability in life; however, their differences should not be overlooked since both provide different benefits too!

So whether you decide to go with topaz or citrine, keep in mind that each will help improve your overall wellbeing in its own special way!

Number 5 - Amethyst Or Lapis Lazuli

Moving onto the fifth number in numerology, which is represented by the gemstones amethyst and lapis lazuli. Those with a Number 5 life path are quite versatile and curious, often looking for new experiences to keep their minds stimulated.

Therefore, these individuals would benefit from wearing either of these stones as it can help them stay focused on what’s important. powerful gemstone promotes courage, strength and honor within one’s spirit.

Both amethyst and lapis lazuli offer energetic support to those born under the influence of Number 5 in Numerology. Both stones resonate well with this vibration, allowing those born under this number to tap into their own unique power source and live up to their fullest potential!

Number 6 - Turquoise Or Aquamarine

If you’re a person born under the number 6, then you have two beautiful gemstones to choose from – turquoise and aquamarine. Both of these stones are symbols of protection, but also bring with them unique properties that represent your personality perfectly:  

  • Turquoise Properties
  • Enhances creativity and communication
  • Strengthens intuition and psychic abilities
  • Numerology Turquoise
  • Aids in decision making
  • Helps attract positive opportunities
  • Aquamarine Gemstones - Aquamarine is associated with calming energies which can help soothe anxious minds. As a symbol of courage and fortitude it may help protect against negative influences while promoting inner peace and tranquility.

The stone is believed to open up the throat chakra giving its wearer the confidence to speak their truth more easily.

  • Aquamarine Properties
  • Increases mental clarity & focus
  • Encourages trust & faithfulness in relationships
  • Numerology Aquamarine
  • Stimulates love & compassion
  • Connects us to our divine spirit guides

Whichever one you decide on, wearing or carrying either a turquoise or an aquamarine will be sure to enhance your life journey! Whether it's through helping tap into your intuition or by encouraging clear communication, both these gemstones provide many benefits for those under the number 6.

Number 7 - Rhodonite

Rhodonite is known as the power of forgiveness stone too.Number 7s love excitement and adventure, so having a Rhodonite by my side helps keep me focused on what really matters - living life to the fullest! Its gentle influence reminds me not be too hard on myself when things don't go according to plan, allowing me to stay open-minded and recognize new opportunities even amid chaos.

Through its nurturing vibration, I am reminded that no journey ever goes perfectly smooth; it's all about learning how to embrace the bumps along the way. In short, Rhodonite is an amazing companion that supports me in embracing every moment life throws at me!

Number 8 - Tiger's Eye Or Moonstone

I'm a numerology 8, so my corresponding gemstones are tiger's eye and moonstone. Tiger's Eye is known to promote courage and strength while Moonstone can help with new beginnings. Both of these stones have the power to bring luck and success in life when used correctly.

Tiger's Eye has an energy that can give its wearer increased focus, drive, passion and determination for achieving their goals. It also has healing properties associated with it, such as improving circulation and aiding digestion.

Wearing this stone can help me stay motivated even during difficult times by providing stability and security.Its calming vibrations will open up doors of opportunity for me if I use them wisely. My numerology 8 gemstones – Tiger’s Eye and Moonstone - provide me with support on my path towards personal growth and development.

With both stones working together, they offer powerful protection as well as guidance through any obstacles or challenges that may come along the way!

Number 9 - Jet Or Blue Calcite

If you have a personal number of 9 in numerology, then your gemstone is either jet or blue calcite. Jet and blue calcite are both powerful stones that can help to bring balance into your life. Jet has been used for centuries as an aid in healing physical and emotional wounds, while blue calcite can be used to open up the higher chakras and facilitate spiritual growth.

Both of these stones can also strengthen intuition and provide protection from negative energy. Here’s what these two gemstones could do for you:

- Bring clarity to decision making by helping you tune into yourself

- Enhance creativity through boosting self confidence

- Help relieve stress & anxiety by providing grounding energies

- Improve relationships with others by aiding communication

- Facilitate focus & concentration on tasks at hand

These two beautiful stones will fill your life with peace, balance, and harmony. They will encourage you to find joy in every moment and connect more deeply with yourself.

With their active vibrations and protective powers, they invite transformation into all aspects of your being!

How Gemstones Wokrs With Numerology?

I'm sure many of us have wondered which gemstone corresponds to our numerology. After all, each number in numerology is associated with certain energies and traits that could be complemented by the right gemstones. It's no wonder then why so many people are interested in learning about how gemstones work with numerology.

Take me for example; I'm a two on the Enneagram scale, meaning that I am naturally sensitive and highly attuned to my environment. To enhance this trait, one might encourage me to look into gems like Rose Quartz or Moonstone as they both promote feelings of calmness and peace. These stones also help create emotional balance and bring out empathy within us - qualities essential for those who identify as twos.

On the other hand, if someone's numerological number were five, their corresponding stone may be something like Emerald or Lapis Lazuli. Both these gems possess powerful healing properties that can boost creativity and intuition while still providing grounding energy when life gets overwhelming.

They're also helpful for gaining clarity around inner truth and self-expression—two things fives often strive for in order to feel fulfilled. No matter what your numerical identity is, it’s always possible to find a precious stone whose properties align perfectly with your unique set of needs and desires!

Gemstones offer spiritual guidance along every step of our journey towards personal growth – they simply need to be embraced consciously in order to experience their transformative effects fully.


The power of numbers has been known to us since ancient times and the use of numerology gemstones is one way in which we can tap into their energy. Just like the stars sparkle above, each person carries within them a unique vibrational frequency that corresponds with a specific number and it is up to us to discover our personal gemstone.

It’s as if you were born with your own special birth stone, waiting for you to uncover its hidden powers. The journey begins by finding your personal number through astrology or numerology readings and then matching it with an appropriate crystal or mineral. Once found, wearing this gemstone close to your heart will help open the doorways for fortune, abundance and joy to enter my life.

Each gemstone carries its own individual properties, so take time when making the selection; I promise it will be worth it! As much as these crystals have been used throughout history for spiritual healing and protection from bad luck, they also serve as reminders that I am on the right path towards success - even though there may be obstacles along the way.

Embrace your destiny and allow yourself to shine brightly through the power of numerology gems!


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