Pisces: Zodiac Birthstone. Pisces is the birth gem of those born between February

Pisces: Zodiac Birthstone. Pisces is the birth gem of those born between February

Are you a Pisces? Do you know someone born between February 19th and March 20th?

 If so, it’s time to learn about the special gem that represents this zodiac sign: the birthstone of Pisces. As we explore what makes these stones unique and meaningful for those born under this star sign, let’s take some time to appreciate its beauty and discover why they make such perfect gifts!

The birthstone of Pisces is associated with many qualities including creativity, luck, harmony, and clarity. It's believed that wearing or carrying one of these gems can help bring out their better traits while also providing protection from harm. Dive into the next paragraphs as we uncover more about what makes this gem so special!

 Definition Of A Pisces

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign of the astrological calendar. It’s a water sign, meaning it represents people's emotions and intuition. People born between February 19th and March 20th are part of this birth sign, making them Pisces individuals.

This birth sign is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions that represent duality — light and dark, inner struggle, etc. The symbol for Pisces stands for creativity and spirituality as well as kindness towards others. They also have an affinity with nature, which can lead to strong spiritual beliefs or simply being at peace while surrounded by nature.

It’s said they tend to be sensitive, empathetic and caring individuals who often put their own needs aside in order to help those around them. Those born under the pisces sign strive to do good things and make the world better through creative means such as art or music.

 However, they should take care not to get too lost in their dreams since it may cause them to neglect responsibilities or take on too many projects without considering how much time each one will require from them.

Character Traits Associated With Pisces 

As the last of the zodiac signs, Pisces is often referred to as a dreamer and an idealist. Those born under Pisces are highly sensitive, intuitive, imaginative and sympathetic individuals who have a deep capacity for compassion.

Pisceans tend to feel things deeply, making them very empathetic towards others in need. They possess a strong sense of intuition that can guide them through difficult times – especially when it comes to making important life decisions. In addition, they are incredibly creative people with vivid imaginations; many famous artists were born under this sign!

 Being compassionate by nature also makes those born under Pisces excellent listeners and problem solvers. They strive to understand different perspectives and can provide comfort to friends or family members without judgement. This ability allows them to build meaningful relationships easily – just be sure not give away all your secrets too quickly!

All in all, Pisces are gentle souls with hearts full of love and understanding that make them valuable assets in both personal and professional settings alike.

Astrology And The Zodiac 

Depending on your date of birth, you are assigned one of these 12 sun-signs – like Pisces! This sign ultimately shapes how we interact with ourselves and others in our lives. Astrology can provide us with insight about our personalities, relationships or even career choices.

It can help us gain self-awareness and clarity when faced with difficult decisions or challenges in life. So if you're ever feeling lost or uncertain, look up your star sign! You just might find some much needed comfort or wisdom there.

Birthstones And Their Meanings

As a bridge to the next section, let's explore the mysterious and captivating world of birthstones. Birthstone meanings have been around for centuries as they are believed to be associated with luck and fortune.

Each zodiac birthstone has its own unique symbolism that is said to influence those born under it in different ways. The birthstone chart includes a wide range of gemstones from topaz to pearl, each with distinct properties and energies. For example, Pisces is associated with blue sapphire which is known for promoting peace, harmony, balance and intuition.

 This gem symbolises loyalty, protection, wisdom and strength making it an ideal choice for those born between February 19th - March 20th. In addition to their spiritual meaning, birthstones also represent special occasions such as anniversaries or weddings.

They can make meaningful gifts when given as a gesture of love or friendship and can even be used in jewellery pieces such as rings, bracelets or necklaces. Whatever your reason for buying them, these little stones come with big messages that will last a lifetime!

 Symbolism Of The Fish

The most popular legend states that at one time in history, two great rivers were joined together and created a single river with two sets of currents - just like the image of two fish swimming side-by-side.

The power of these mythical creatures has affected many cultures throughout history:

  1. In Ancient Greece, they believed that Poseidon was able to use his powers to transform himself into a giant fish creature;
  2. Chinese culture sees them as bringers of good luck and fortune;
  3. Hindus believe that the God Vishnu likes to take on the form of a Fish when he needs to save mankind from destruction.

 No matter their origin or meaning, there’s something special about having your own birth gem – especially if you're also a proud member of Zodiac Club Pisces! It's amazing what strength we can find within our own personal connections to mythology and spirituality through symbols like these.

Elements Associated With Pisces 

Moving on, let’s dive into the elements associated with Pisces.  They are often called “the emotional fish” due to this connection with the element of water.

Additionally, they tend to be intuitive and have an innate understanding of how people think and feel. Pisces also has connections to air. Air represents communication, which is why those born under this zodiac sign usually excel at expressing themselves verbally or through writing. They use words effortlessly to get their point across while still being mindful of other people's feelings. Their natural charisma allows them to form deep connections quickly with new acquaintances as well.

 Earth is another element associated with Pisces because these individuals possess a great deal of strength when it comes to intuition and problem solving skills. They have an uncanny knack for recognizing patterns in life and figuring out solutions for any situation presented before them. With such strong abilities in analyzing things logically come invaluable insight into our world around us and ourselves too! Finally, fire is closely linked to this zodiac sign since its energy brings about creativity and passion within them - two traits essential for achieving success in whatever field one chooses!

 Fire also symbolizes transformation; something many Pisceans seek from time-to-time as they strive forward towards personal growth. These folks benefit greatly from connecting spiritually too which strengthens their overall sense of purpose in life.

 Color Representations For Pisces

I'm a Pisces and I'm proud of the colors that represent me! As a water sign, my primary color is blue which represents intuition, emotion, and creativity. It's connected to the subconscious mind and helps us understand our inner depths.

Blue also symbolizes trust, loyalty and sincerity - all qualities important to me. On top of this, blue stands for peace, tranquility and relaxation - just what I need during those stressful times in life. The secondary color representing Pisces is purple – associated with spirituality, imagination and wisdom.

 This hue can have a calming effect on us as well as help open up our minds so we can explore new ideas. Purple has strong connections to mystery too; it encourages us to think outside the box when approaching problems or difficult situations.

 Lastly, green is another color strongly linked with Pisceans like myself. Green signifies fertility and growth - both mentally and emotionally - while connecting us to nature's healing properties.

 Additionally it could be said that green brings balance into our lives by helping us stay focused on our goals while keeping sight of reality around us at the same time.

Overall then these three shades provide me comfort within their symbolism – they remind me of who I am deep down inside: creative yet wise, relaxed but determined. These are values I cherish every day making them vital pieces of my identity puzzle!

Numerology For Pisces 

Pisces is an enigmatic zodiac sign, and numerology can provide insight into the deeper meanings of this watery realm. Those born between February 19th - March 20th are gifted with the birth gem of Pisces, which holds its own special numerological meaning for each individual.

 To understand your personal numerology, start by reducing your birthdate to a single digit (or master number). For example: if you were born on January 5th, 1978 – reduce it to 1+5+1+9+7+8=31; 3 + 1 = 4. In this case, 4 would be your base numerology number.

The next step in determining your personal numerology is to look at the meaning behind each number associated with the Pisces sign:

 * Number 8: This is a powerful energy that encourages ambition and financial independence. It signifies willpower and strength of character.

* Number 9: Is about being compassionate and understanding others’ points of view. Nines lead with empathy and have strong intuitive powers.

 * Master Number 11: Symbolizes leadership qualities as well as spiritual awareness and guidance from higher realms.

It also stands for creative expression through words or art forms like music or painting. Numerology offers unique insights into our inner world, allowing us to make more informed decisions based on our natural tendencies. By utilizing basic principles of numerology, we can gain greater clarity around who we are meant to become while striving towards meaningful goals that align with our true purpose in life!

 Ruling Planets For Pisces

 Pisces is an astrological sign with two ruling planets: Jupiter and Neptune. These two planets bring out the best qualities in Pisceans, allowing them to be intuitive, compassionate, and creative individuals.

Jupiter gives Pisces a sense of adventure and optimism about life, while Neptune adds depth and spirituality to their lives. Pisceans are known for being generous and kind-hearted souls who put others’ needs before their own.

Their deep empathy allows them to understand different perspectives very easily which makes them great listeners that people feel comfortable confiding in. This combination of traits make them truly unique people who have much to offer the world around them!

Constellations Linked To Pisces 

The history and myth behind these constellations have changed over time but all generally link back to the same story. It's said that two fish are connected by a cord or string, representing the bond between them. In some stories they are swimming together while other accounts tell tales of them trying to escape danger together.

Regardless, they represent unity and loyalty - qualities strongly associated with those born under this zodiac sign. In astrology, viewing these constellations can be used as an additional tool for understanding how certain energies may manifest in our lives depending on where we are born within the cycle of each year's calendar.

They also serve as reminders about what makes us unique as individuals when looking at our birth charts and discovering more about ourselves through exploring astrological concepts like houses and planets alignments too!

Tarot Cards Representing Pisces 

Pisceans are represented by the Tarot cards of The Hanged Man and The Moon. Those born under this zodiac sign, between February 19th-March 20th, possess a unique set of characteristics that make them stand out from other signs.

 As such, these two Tarot cards capture the spirit of Pisces perfectly. The Hanged Man is a symbol for surrendering to the divine will and understanding life's lessons through it. This card represents the willingness to accept whatever comes our way without question or complaint - an attitude reflective of Piscean nature.

 On the other hand, The Moon symbolizes intuition and inner vision; traits vital for success in today's world but also representational of how Pisceans view reality differently than others around them.

 Understanding what each Tarot card means can help provide insight into who we are as Pisceans with our birth gem being Aquamarine – a gemstone associated with serenity, emotional balance, and clarity. It’s no wonder why those born under this sign often find themselves on a spiritual journey looking within for answers! By examining both the physical aspects and symbolic meanings behind these two cards one can gain greater clarity about their own personality traits as well as how they might fare when traversing their path in life.

 Flowers Linked To The Sign Of Pisces

 Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and those born between February 19th and March 20th are said to embody its energy. One way to connect with this energy is through flowers that are associated with Pisces.

These include roses, lilies-of-the-valley, violets, water lilies, jonquils, and orchids. Roses symbolize beauty and love which both resonate deeply with Pisceans who often find themselves on a quest for true love. Lilies-of-the valley represent purity and innocence while also embodying spiritual guidance especially when paired with rose quartz crystals – another gemstone linked to Pisces. Violets signify faithfulness, humility, loyalty and devotion all qualities found in the nature of Pisceans.

Water lilies reflect their strong connection to the sea as well as serenity which can be representative of how Pisceans sometimes need time alone to recharge after being around people too long. Jonquils express desire for affection making them an ideal flower for relationships involving two Piscean partners!

 Finally Orchids symbolize strength from within - something many Pisceans strive towards daily in order to stay grounded amidst life’s turbulence. These blooms possess unique properties that make them perfect for connecting with the spirit of those born under the Zodiac sign of Pisces; so whether you’re looking for gifts for a special someone or just want to feel more connected to your own birthsign these piscean flowers will do just the trick!

Crystals Connected To Pisces 

 People born between February 19th and March 20th fall under this sign, making it a great time to look at what crystals are connected to those born under Pisces.

Pisces is associated with the birthstones aquamarine and bloodstone. Aquamarine gives off calming vibes that can help balance out emotions and stress levels. Bloodstone helps ground us, allowing us to be more present in our lives and find clarity when needed. These crystals provide guidance for people who need comfort or stability during their journey through life.

 Additionally, jasper is another crystal linked to Pisces as it provides strength and courage when facing difficult times or decisions. A few other stones related to Piscean energy are amethyst, moonstone, and opal. Amethyst has long been used to guard against psychic attack while still encouraging spiritual growth and awareness. Moonstone brings illumination on matters of intuition, giving one insight into hidden aspects of themselves which may have gone unnoticed before.

 Lastly, Opal helps cleanse away negative energies while bringing forth positive vibrations - perfect for someone looking to make changes in their life but feeling stuck in their current situation!

These powerful gems offer protection and support for those born under Pisces; they represent the unique qualities each individual possesses so they can live an authentic life based on true self-worth and love. With such a wide variety of crystals accessible today, why not explore their meanings further? Each stone contains its own special message just waiting to be discovered!

Metals Tied To The Sign Of Pisces 

The sign of Pisces has many connections to metal. It is believed that certain metals are associated with the energy and characteristics of this zodiac sign, making them favorites among those born under it. Many people find comfort in wearing jewelry made with these metals as a reminder of their own unique spirit and traits.

 One such metal for Pisces is silver, which symbolizes intuition and sensitivity. Silver also represents an inner strength, something that resonates deeply with those born under this water sign. Gold is another common metal linked to Pisces since it stands for creativity and intelligence, two qualities often found in those who embody the power of the fish.

 Copper can be used to represent spiritual growth or new beginnings, both important aspects for someone on a journey through life’s ups and downs. Finally, platinum brings out loyalty and honor - two attributes treasured by those who fall under the astrological sign of Pisces.

No matter what type of metal they may choose to wear or use in their lives, all individuals connected to this powerful sign will never forget its importance in representing their individual personalities and spirits.

Lucky Numbers Related To The Sign Of Pisces

 Pisces lucky numbers are 3, 6 and 9. These numbers can be found in numerology as well as astrology, and each one carries its own particular energy for the sign of Pisces. Number three is associated with creativity and communication; it encourages us to express our true selves through words or artful expression.

Number six symbolizes harmony and understanding, which can help Pisceans to see situations from a different perspective so they find balance within themselves. Lastly, number nine signifies completion and closure on all levels: spiritual, emotional and physical. It helps Pisceans gain a greater sense of self-awareness so they know when to move forward or take time for contemplation.

The influence of these numbers will vary depending on how much attention we pay to them and how actively we use them in our lives — but having an awareness of their energies can be beneficial nonetheless. Knowing more about piscean luck numbers gives us insight into the various aspects of life where we can make progress towards our desired goals.

Therefore, tuning into this knowledge may open up opportunities that weren’t available before – ultimately leading us closer toward success.


Pisces is a sign that evokes deep emotion and soulful connection. As the last of the zodiac signs, it represents an end to one cycle and a fresh start in another. Those born under this sign are incredibly intuitive, compassionate and understanding, but also prone to escapism from reality.

The birth gem associated with Pisces – amethyst – encourages spiritual growth and self-awareness, which can help these dreamers stay grounded in the present. The symbolism connected to Pisces provides insight into their complex nature: fish represent duality; flowers offer beauty; crystals provide healing energy; metals bring strength; lucky numbers add protection.

 All of these elements come together to form a unique constellation of qualities that make up each individual Piscean. No matter how hard life gets or what challenges they face, those born under the sign of Pisces will always have their own special combination of energies helping them along their journey through life.

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