Protecting Yourself from Negative Energy

Protecting Yourself from Negative Energy

Have you ever felt a negative energy entering your home or workplace? It can be uncomfortable and draining, leaving you feeling helpless to protect yourself. Luckily, crystals have long been used as powerful tools for protection from negative energies.

In this article, we’ll explore 6 of the best crystals for shielding against all types of negativity. From black tourmaline to amethyst, each crystal has unique properties that make it effective at blocking out bad vibes and keeping positive energy flowing in its place.

All of these stones are easy to find and affordable - so there’s no excuse not to get some added protection!

Definition Of Negative Energy

It’s a form of psychic attack – an intentional attempt to project bad vibes onto another person. This could include sending malicious thoughts about them or using dark magic spells intended to harm them emotionally or physically. Other forms of spiritual attacks involve manipulating someone’s aura or draining their energy through energetic cords connecting you both.

A big part of protecting yourself from negative energy is learning how to recognize when it is present in your environment and developing ways to counterbalance it with good vibrations and intentions.

Crystals for protection from negative energy have long been used by those seeking spiritual guidance and protection against malevolent forces. They provide an extra layer of defense against any unwanted energies trying to enter your space.

How To Detect Negative Energy

  • Is there an area that makes you feel uneasy? These could be signs of negative energy.
  • Notice changes in behavior: Are you feeling unusually angry or anxious when around a certain person? Does someone seem intent on making others uncomfortable with their words or actions? This could indicate they have malicious intentions.
  • Look for signs of energy disturbances: Have lights flickering or objects moving without explanation?

Are electronics behaving strangely? It’s important to identify these types of occurrences as they could be indicative of paranormal activity which is often associated with negative energy. It's important to take note if any of these things occur so that you can take steps to protect yourself from the harmful effects of negative energies.

A crystal for protection might help ward off this type of energy and keep your environment safe and peaceful. Taking proactive measures like these will ensure your safety and well-being.

Benefits Of Crystals For Protection From Negative Energy

From protection crystals benefits to crystal protection meditations, these powerful tools are not only beneficial but also essential in keeping ourselves safe from any harm that unwanted energies may bring. Crystals come in all shapes and sizes; each one possessing its own unique power to block out any type of ill will directed towards you or your environment.

To make sure their potency is at its peak it’s important to purify them regularly by using methods such as smudging or placing them under running water or moonlight. This helps rid them of any residual energy that may have attached itself during previous uses which allows for better protection upon recharging.

When looking for crystals specifically meant for protection purposes some popular choices include black tourmaline, carnelian agate, tigers eye, amethyst and hematite just to name a few. Each offers its own special ability when it comes to deflecting bad juju while promoting an overall sense of peace and serenity within yourself and the world around you.

Adding these stones into your daily routine can help create an impenetrable wall between yourself and anything trying to cause harm making them truly invaluable assets in this game we call life!

Ways To Purify Crystals

There are several ways to purify crystals and ensure they remain protected from negative energy. The most common way of crystal purification is through a smudging ritual, where herbs such as sage or palo santo are burned near the stone. Another way to keep your stones cleansed and free from negative energy is by regularly recharging their vibrations with positive energies.

You can do this by holding the crystal close to you while meditating and picturing light radiating outward into it, or simply speaking kind words into it like a mantra. Crystals also benefit greatly from being placed around other healing stones such as selenite or quartz which help amplify their vibration and create balance within its environment.

With regular practice these simple techniques can easily become part of your daily routine so you can stay connected to your crystals and maintain protection from any form of negativity. It's important to remember that taking time out for yourself each day is key when trying to keep both your mind and spirit balanced - something we could all benefit from!

Types Of Crystals For Protection

After all, a crystal’s purpose and effects depend on its size, shape, color and composition. With the right type of crystal in hand, you can use it as a tool for purification and protection against any kind of negative energy. So what are some of the most popular crystals used for protection?

Black Tourmaline is one such powerful stone with strong protective properties. It helps shield your aura from any kind of external harm or negativity. Smoky

Quartz also has similar qualities, but with an added benefit: it absorbs negative energies before they reach you!

Similarly, Obsidian is great for grounding out any harmful vibrations around you while Amethyst promotes spiritual growth by blocking off lower energies from entering your space.

By using these stones regularly during meditation or other spiritual practices, you can gain lasting protection from anything that might cause a disruption to your peace and balance.


Amethyst is an incredibly powerful crystal when it comes to protection from negative energy. Known as the “sobriety stone,” amethyst helps protect against addictive behavior and overindulgence in things like drugs or alcohol. It has a calming effect that can help create balance and clear out any negative energies that may be present.

Amethyst also provides some of the strongest spiritual benefits available from crystals. Its purifying properties make it ideal for clearing away anything that could be holding you back spiritually and mentally. When used in meditation, amethyst amplifies your intuition, allowing you to tap into a higher level of clarity and understanding.

Plus, its protective qualities keep potential pitfalls at bay while you meditate so you can focus on the task at hand without worry or distraction. And since amethyst carries certain frequencies that stimulate creativity and imagination, using this stone during creative endeavors can bring about great insight into whatever project or idea you are working on.

No matter what kind of protection from negative energy you need, there's no doubt that having an amethyst crystal nearby is always beneficial—for both physical and mental wellbeing!


The darkness of obsidian crystal draws your attention, beckoning you to explore its depths. The midnight black stone is the perfect protection against negative energies that seep into our lives and cause us harm. Obsidian’s purifying properties draw out those harmful elements so we can move forward in life unencumbered by negativity.

Using obsidian for protection from negative energy begins with understanding how it works on an energetic level. Crystals are living entities that hold within them powerful vibrations. Those vibrations interact with and influence our own vibrational frequency, which affects our mood, thoughts, and overall wellbeing.

When meditating or working with crystals like obsidian, imagine a flow of energy between yourself and the crystal that helps clear away any stagnant emotions or old patterns that need to be released. With regular practice, this will help protect you from any further accumulation of negative energies over time.

Obsidian also has the ability to recharge itself through exposure to sunlight or moonlight depending on what kind of recharging you're looking for - either energizing or calming effects respectively. You can try setting up a ritual each month where you place your stones under direct sunlight or moonlight overnight before using them again in whatever way serves you best- meditation, rituals, etc.- allowing their protective qualities to come forth fully charged and ready to work!

To harness the power of obsidian as a protector from negative energy requires dedication and consistency in both your practices as well as care for your crystals themselves; however, when done correctly it can provide remarkable results in helping keep unwanted influences at bay while providing peace of mind and emotional stability along the journey ahead.

Black Tourmaline

I'm a big believer in the power of crystals for protection from negative energy, and one crystal that I always recommend is black tourmaline. Not only does it have powerful protection properties, but its energetic cleansing can help to promote emotional balance and healing vibrations.

Black tourmaline is known as an effective shield against psychic attacks or negative energies, so if you feel like your aura needs some extra support, this is the perfect crystal for you. It helps to block out any unwanted energy and creates a safe space around your body where you can relax without worrying about outside influences.

Plus, it has strong grounding qualities that will ground you firmly into the earth’s energy. In addition to protecting your energy field, black tourmaline also assists with purification on an emotional level by helping to release tension and stress while promoting inner peace and harmony.


Turquoise absorbs negative energies that can be directed towards you, providing a layer of protection between you and any potential source of harm. Its calming blue-green color also helps promote balance and relaxation in its user. The specific properties of turquoise depend on where it was mined, but all types possess strong protective powers.

Many believe turquoise holds the energy of heaven and earth combined, making it extremely effective when used as an amulet against evil spirits or curses. Additionally, its metaphysical properties are thought to help regulate mood swings, alleviate depression, boost self-confidence and improve communication skills—all key benefits for those seeking protection from negative influences.

In addition to its many spiritual effects, turquoise jewelry looks great! Whether wearing a simple necklace or set of earrings, individuals can reap the benefits of this unique gemstone without sacrificing style. Combining high fashion with ancient wisdom makes turquoise an ideal choice for anyone looking for a bit extra security from negativity in their lives.


From the calming blue of Turquoise to the ethereal glow of Selenite, crystals are powerful tools for protection from negative energy. Symbolically speaking, Selenite stands as a shining beacon that can help us clear out any blockages that may be preventing us from achieving our goals and living in harmony with ourselves and others.

This crystal is known for its purifying energy which has healing properties specifically beneficial to the crown chakra. By cleansing our aura with this crystal we can feel more balanced and energized on all levels. Selenite also helps create an environment free of negative energies by creating a protective shield around us while simultaneously connecting us with higher realms of consciousness.

It even helps restore peace and clarity of mind so that you can make better decisions about your life without being influenced by external forces or situations. Furthermore, it clears away stagnant energy and fills its place with fresh positive vibes that bring forth feelings of wellbeing. This crystal not only provides physical protection but emotional too, helping you process difficult emotions such as fear, anger or sadness so that you can move forward into healthier states of being where growth is possible.

Not only does selenite provide protection from negative energies, it encourages new beginnings and lasting relationships built upon trust and understanding - essential components for successful partnerships both personal and professional alike!


Citrine is a powerful crystal for protection from negative energy. It’s known to promote positivity and joy, while blocking out any unwanted influences. This golden-hued gemstone carries many healing properties that can help ward off bad vibes and bring positive energy into your life.

Here are some of the benefits of using citrine for protection:

Physical Benefits

* Increases vitality

* Balances hormones

* Enhances immune system

Mental Benefits

* Clears mental fog

* Strengthens concentration & focus

* Improves decision making capabilities Spiritual Benefits

* Stimulates creativity & intuition

* Uplifts mood & brings joy

* Helps develop spiritual awareness & connection with higher self.

Placing Crystals In Your Home Or Work Environment

Placing crystals in your home or work environment is an effective and affordable way to provide protection from negative energy. Crystal placement can help direct the flow of positive energy throughout a space, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony. It’s important to pay attention to where you place each crystal for maximum benefit.

For example, if there’s a specific area in your home where arguments often occur, it would be beneficial to place a calming stone such as rose quartz near that spot. This will promote peace within the household and allow for better communication between family members.

Similarly, placing protective stones like black tourmaline near doorways or windows can create a barrier against outside influences entering the home. Creating crystal grids with multiple stones is also helpful when providing protection from negative energy in both homes and workplaces.

Different combinations of healing crystals placed together can amplify their energies and create stronger vibrations within an environment. For instance, a grid made up of carnelian, pyrite, citrine, black obsidian and fluorite can activate powerful electromagnetic fields that repel negativity while promoting energetic balance within a space.

No matter how many crystals are used or what type they are, simply being aware of their presence will bring forth greater awareness into one's home or workplace which helps keep unwanted energies away.

Meditation With Crystal Protection

Now that you have placed your crystals in the desired spaces of your home and work environment, it is time to use them for protection from negative energy. Meditation with crystal protection can be incredibly powerful, as it serves to clear out any unwanted or stagnant energies while amplifying positive ones.

Here are four steps on how to meditate with crystal protection:

  1. Choose a crystal that resonates best with you and hold it close in your hand or place it near you during meditation.
  2. Create an intention for yourself before beginning — what do you wish to protect yourself from?
  3. Visualize a shield surrounding you where all the negative energy cannot penetrate through this barrier.
  4. Focus on grounding yourself and pushing away anything hindering your well-being.

Meditating with crystals not only helps bring clarity but also increases one’s spiritual connection by allowing protective energy to flow into the body, creating a sense of safety and relaxation for the practitioner.

It is essential to remember that we have control over our own energetic fields; therefore, using crystals as tools towards meditation provides peace of mind when dealing with any form of negativity in our lives.

Recharging The Crystals

Recharging crystals is a great way to refresh and cleanse them from negative energy. It's like giving the crystal a power-up so it can continue protecting you from negativity. Let me tell you about how I recently recharged my quartz crystal necklace.

I took off the necklace, held it in both hands, and closed my eyes for a few minutes. Then I imagined white light entering each of its facets as if they were windows into another realm. As I did this I could feel the quartz vibrating with new energy; its frequency was rising up until eventually it reached a peak of intensity and then settled down again.

After that, I put the necklace back on and felt an immediate sense of protection and security—like a shield around me keeping out any negative vibrations or energies. It's reassuring to know that our crystals will never lose their protective powers completely; we just need to recharge them periodically to keep them at full strength!


Meditating with a crystal will help amplify its protective power and ensure that bad vibes stay far away. Recharging your crystals regularly ensures their effectiveness over time and helps keep all negative energies at bay.

Allusion can also be made to ancient cultures whose wisdom about healing properties of stones has been passed down through generations – allowing us to tap into this knowledge today to create our own shield against negativity.

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