Sunstone: Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses

Sunstone: Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses

This gemstone embodies strength and courage; two qualities we could all benefit from having more of in our lives! Its warm orange hue symbolizes joyousness and optimism which helps encourage personal growth through self-discovery. Plus, with its vibrant energy comes a sense of playfulness that will lighten your spirits whenever you need it most.

This crystal carries powerful vibrations that are just waiting to be harnessed! But before you start using sunstone for yourself or others, let’s take a closer look at its healing properties so you know exactly what kind of effects they might have on your body.

From there, I’ll discuss some creative ways that you can incorporate this special stone into your life to reap its many benefits!


Sunstone is a crystal that has been used throughout history to bring positivity and joy into life.The sunstone definition consists of two words - 'sun' and 'stone.' The sun refers warm energy and stone refers physical form.This power radiates out from the sunstone symbol when placed under direct sunlight or meditated upon for healing purposes.

Therefore, the symbolism behind sunstone speaks volumes about its meaning; it’s a reminder that we are blessed by divine sources no matter what adversities may come our way.

Origin Story

The origin story of sunstone is deeply rooted in ancient legends and mythology. It's said that the stone was formed when a god-like figure brought rays of light to Earth, hence its name. In folklore history, it was believed that this mineral had special powers and could bring luck and good fortune to those who possessed it.

Sunstone has been around since time immemorial, with several theories on its mineral origin:

* Some believe it’s made up of molten lava or magma, cooled by air over millions of years.

* Others think an extraterrestrial body must have caused pieces of glassy material to fall from outer space onto our planet.

Sunstone mythology hints at much more than just physical properties; many cultures believe the gem carries spiritual energy too! There are countless stories about how it can help increase intuition, inner power and healing abilities. 

No wonder so many people find solace in using sunstones for their daily lives - they're truly something special.

History And Mythology

Throughout history, the sunstone has been a symbol of power and illumination.

The sunstone also represented fertility in many ancient cultures, as well as embodying strength and courage. In some beliefs, the sunstone was thought of as a magical stone that could heal ailments or even grant wishes when held up towards the sky at night.

This same belief often extended to astrological purposes; since different colors were associated with certain planets, one could use these stones for divination practices by gazing upon them during meditation or prayer. Additionally, there are stories where this stone was used to summon gods or other supernatural beings.

Color Varieties Of Sunstone

It encourages passion and creativity, as well as offering protection against negative energies.

Peach sunstone has similar healing properties but also inspires feelings of joy, optimism and enthusiasm.

Green sunstone is said to bring balance and harmony into one’s life by connecting them to nature. Blue sunstone helps form strong relationships between people while encouraging loyalty and trustworthiness.

Orange sunstone brings cheerfulness and good luck while providing motivation for achieving goals and success in life.

No matter which type of sunstone you choose, it will likely have some positive effect on your wellbeing. Sunstones all contain different amounts of feldspar, giving each variety its own distinct character. They may be utilized for jewelry or placed around a room for decoration – either way they make beautiful additions to any space!

Types Of Sunstone

Sunstone is a type of feldspar that comes in many varieties, each with its own unique properties.

The most common sunstones are fire-opal and lemon sunstone. Fire-opal has an orange to red hue and sparkles like opal when light hits it. Lemon sunstone is less vibrant than fire-opal but still reflects some glimmer from the sunlight or artificial lighting.

Peach sunstone has a gentle pinkish color and no glittery effect whatsoever; however, it does glow under ultraviolet or black light. Labradorite-sunstone looks almost metallic due to its brilliant blue sheen and rainbow effects caused by labradorite's refractive qualities.

Lastly, there’s rainbow-sunstone which features iridescent reflections ranging from yellow to green and even purple hues when exposed to direct sunlight.

All these types of sunstones have their own special characteristics making them desirable for jewelry crafting as well as other decorative applications such as home decor items or garden stones. Each variety of this beautiful gem offers something different, so before you make your selection you should think carefully about what kind of look you want your stone to have.

For example, if you're looking for something more flashy then consider opting for either fire-opal or labradorite-sunstone while if subtlety is more up your alley go with peach or rainbow-sunstone instead. Whichever one you choose though, be sure that it fits perfectly into whatever design project you’re working on!

Physical Characteristics

Take the case of John, a spiritual healer who uses sunstone in his practice.It has an incredibly smooth texture, making it perfect for holding during meditation or massage sessions. Its shapes can vary depending on where it's sourced from—it may be tumbled into small pieces or cut into cabochons to fit rings and pendants.

When held up to the light, sunstones have excellent clarity which makes them sparkle beautifully. Furthermore, they are relatively hard stones (between 6-7 Mohs scale) meaning they won't easily scratch or break when used for jewelry or healing purposes. Overall, you can see why this gem is so beloved by healers like John!

Metaphysical Benefits

Sunstone is a powerful tool to help bring balance, clarity and divine guidance into one’s life. Its metaphysical benefits have been known for centuries, as people throughout the world believed it harnessed the power of the sun. Sunstone has an energizing quality that can stimulate your spiritual energies and provide emotional healing.

This stone helps you feel more connected with the universe, allowing you to open up to receive divine messages from higher realms. It also helps in increasing optimism, joy and enthusiasm while improving motivation and inspiring creativity within oneself.

Sunstone encourages positive feelings and brings out your inner light so that you may shine brightly even during difficult times. It is said to be highly effective at balancing your energy levels, helping to clear any blockages or negativity that might be hindering personal growth. With its uplifting qualities, this crystal will aid in achieving mental clarity which leads to better decision-making abilities.

On top of all that, Sunstone provides physical protection by shielding against any negative influences coming from outside sources.

Chakra Connections

Going deeper into the metaphysical realm, sunstone is known to connect with various chakras in our bodies. When we wear or hold a piece of sunstone near us, it can help open and balance our solar plexus and sacral chakra which are located right above the naval and below the navel respectively. This helps us stay grounded while allowing us to feel empowered; both important attributes for personal growth.

The root chakra also benefits from having sunstone close by as it keeps us connected to Mother Earth’s energy. This connection helps us access any emotional blocks we may be experiencing, freeing ourselves from those that no longer serve us. Sunstone's healing properties reach even further, helping restore peace within the body and spirit so that one feels balanced on all levels – mentally, physically and spiritually.

No matter what your needs are, sunstone has something special to offer everyone who works with its energies - whether you're looking for emotional support or just need a boost of creativity!

Zodiac Birthstone Of Sunstone

Sunstone is a zodiac birthstone, associated with the astrological sign Leo. In addition to being worn for its benefits, sunstone can also be used as an aid in understanding one's own personal star-sign and finding balance within it. Sunstone has been known to bring good luck, joy, healing energy and success when worn by those born under the sign of Leo. It’s believed that this gem brings out inner strength and power from deep within oneself.

The crystals found in sunstones are said to vibrate at frequencies which correspond to the energies of each individual zodiac sign. These vibrations help you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses so that you may work towards achieving greater harmony between them.

Furthermore, wearing this stone is thought to increase self-confidence and personal motivation while boosting creativity and inspiring new ideas. In terms of physical health, some believe that wearing sunstone can improve circulation and assist with digestion issues or menstrual problems.

Additionally, its calming energies are purported to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation throughout the body - helping us feel more connected with our true selves both emotionally and spiritually.

How To Use Sunstone

Wearing sunstone jewelry can help promote self-confidence, creativity, abundance and positivity. It also helps boost energy so that you can stay focused on achieving your goals. Plus, it looks beautiful too! Feng shui practitioners often recommend incorporating sunstone into your home décor – particularly near windows or entryways - as this will bring positive energies into the space.

Visualize yourself surrounded by warm golden light which will infuse you with strength and courage. You might even want to set an intention such as “I am filled with love” before starting your meditation session with sunstone.

No matter how you choose to use sunstone, know that its unique vibrations will bring joy and peace into your life. Take time out each day to appreciate its beauty and revel in its powerful healing properties – you won't be disappointed!

Energy Cleansing And Recharging

Many people may not realize that sunstone has incredible energy-cleansing and recharging properties. But, through its unique composition of feldspar minerals, this stone is perfect for cleansing yourself and your environment from any unwanted energies or vibrations. So, if you're looking to cleanse yourself of negative energies and recharge with positive ones, sunstone can be a great tool!

Using the healing properties of sunstone is easy and straightforward. Start by holding it in both hands while taking some deep breaths – this will help you become more centered and relaxed. Then focus on the intention you want to set: whether it's releasing something like stress, anxiety or anger; filling up on good vibes such as joy or gratitude; or creating an energetic shield around yourself against other people’s emotions.

Visualize what you wish to achieve while focusing on the Sunstone in your hands until you feel a sense of fulfilment. The power of Sunstone won't last forever though - so after using it make sure to give it an extra boost every once in a while with regular cleansing rituals such as smudging (burning sage) or placing it under the light of a full moon overnight.

This way you'll ensure that your favorite crystal stays charged and ready to use whenever needed!

Meditation With Sunstone

Meditating with sunstone is a powerful and spiritual experience. This crystal has been used for centuries to heal, ground, and connect us to the divine.

By meditating with this beautiful stone you can open yourself up to new possibilities and gain insight into your life's journey.

- Find a comfortable spot in nature or indoors where you won’t be disturbed while meditating. Place the sunstone on your lap or hold it in your hands if desired.

- Take several deep breaths before beginning, allowing yourself to relax into the moment. Close your eyes if necessary and focus on your breathing pattern until relaxed.

- Picture white light emanating from the sunstone as it gradually fills your entire body with energy of love and healing. Feel how energized and connected you become with each breath taken during meditation.

- Allow any negative emotions or thoughts to pass through without judgment or resistance; instead, focus on feeling grounded and centered within yourself as these pass by. Visualize releasing them away from your being so they no longer affect you negatively anymore.

- After spending some time in silence with the sunstone, express gratitude for whatever lesson was gained during this session before slowly opening your eyes again when ready. Meditation with sunstone can bring about a sense of peace, clarity, and connection that helps promote growth both spiritually and emotionally.

If practiced regularly, one will begin to see greater transformation taking place within themselves over time!

Aromatherapy Connections

When using sunstone in aromatherapy, it is important to remember its connection to the power of the sun. Sunstone has been known to represent sunlight and clarity in many cultures throughout history. It is believed that this type of crystal helps connect us with our higher selves by amplifying positive thoughts and enabling us to manifest our goals more easily.

Wearing Sunstone For Protection

Wearing sunstone for protection is a powerful way to benefit from its unique healing properties. Sunstone provides an alluring armor of safety, shielding the wearer from negative energy and allowing them to feel more secure. Its vibrant hues sparkle like stars in the night sky, emitting positive vibes that ward off any danger.

The protective power of sunstone is further enhanced when worn on the body or kept close by as jewelry. The use of sunstone gives many benefits such as increased courage and self-confidence, improved emotional stability and heightened intuition. It also helps restore balance between mind, body and spirit while boosting feelings of joy and optimism.

Furthermore, wearing this crystal aids in protecting against physical threats and psychic attacks. In addition to having physical protection properties, sunstone also helps protect us spiritually. This stone assists us in connecting with divine sources of wisdom which can help provide guidance along our journey through life.

Wearing it facilitates insight into higher truths when faced with difficult decisions so we can make wise choices that serve our highest good. Aiding us in navigating times of uncertainty, sunstone works gently yet effectively to bring out the best version of ourselves.

Feng Shui Considerations

When it comes to feng shui considerations, sunstone can be a powerful tool. Feng shui has been used for centuries to bring balance and harmony into one's life, and incorporating the energy of sunstone is an excellent way to do this. Sunstone is associated with protection from ill-intentioned energies as well as positive ones like joy and happiness.

As such, by using its healing properties in your home you can create a space filled with positivity. Feng shui tips suggest that placing small pieces or jewelry around your home can help draw out the protective qualities of sunstone. You could place it near doorways or windows for maximum benefit; however, make sure to remove any objects blocking the stone’s flow first!

Additionally, crystals placed in specific areas like bedrooms, living rooms and offices are thought to promote peace and relaxation among those who inhabit them. Using symbols related to sunstones also allows us to tap into their power more easily.

These include images of the solar system, stars, animals or even just bright colors that represent sunlight itself. Incorporating these into your decorating style will help keep things vibrant and energized while inviting good luck into your life!

Astrological Associations

I've always found it interesting that Sunstone has a special connection to the sun and its cosmic energy. Not only is this gemstone believed to bring joy and positivity into one's life, but according to astrological associations, it can also be connected to each zodiac sign or birth stone. It’s believed that wearing a piece of jewelry with sunstone will help you draw in positive energy from the universe based on your star sign.

 Whether we are aware of it or not, our individual energies interact with those around us - giving us insight into ourselves and others. The power of Sunstone helps balance these energies for us! According to some folklore traditions, if you wear sunstone when the moon is waxing (moving towards fullness), you may benefit even more from its healing properties.

Sunstone carries the same kind of vibrant energy associated with the warmth and light of sunshine – perfect for anyone looking to break free from negativity in their lives and embrace strength and courage instead. It encourages a person to look within themselves for answers and find inner peace, while at the same time inspiring them to reach outwards into new experiences as well.

So why wait? Unlock your potential today by using Sunstone’s amazing powers!

Clean And Charge Sunstone

Cleaning sunstones can be done with a soft cloth or brush, while charging them requires placing them in direct sunlight for at least 30 minutes per day. If possible, try to avoid contact between the sunstone and any type of metal when cleaning or charging it as this could cause damage. When handling your sunstone, make sure to hold onto it securely - dropping it can also cause irreparable damage!

FAQs for Sunstone:

What Is Sunstone?

The history of sunstone dates back to many different cultures, who believed it had powerful properties related to luck or protection from evil spirits. In addition, some cultures associated this stone with royalty or power due to its sparkling qualities. Today, sunstone continues to be popular for both its beauty and purported spiritual powers.

People often use it in crystal healing practices or incorporate it into their daily meditations or rituals. They also may wear pieces of sunstone jewelry as an accessory to bring them good fortune throughout the day.

Where Is Sunstone Found?

Smoothly transitioning from the last section, it's time to explore the origin of sunstone. Where exactly is this precious gem found? It's like a puzzle that must be solved, and one by one the pieces will come together. To begin with, let’s start by taking a look at some major sources of sunstone:

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Canada
  4. Norway
  5. Russia

These are just a few places where you can find these gorgeous stones! They have been mined for centuries all around the world, often being discovered underground or even on the surface after weathering away other rocks.

Sunstone has an interesting history as its origins stretch back before written record began. The beauty of this stone lies not only in its aesthetic value but also its unique properties which make it so attractive to collectors. The reason why sunstone sparkles so brightly is due to tiny flecks of copper within each crystal which give off iridescent flashes when light hits them at different angles. This type of optical effect isn't seen in any other gemstones making it a truly special piece to behold!

When searching for your own piece of sunstone, there are many options available, whether you decide to buy online or visit local mines and dealerships. With enough research, you could potentially stumble upon hidden gems right near your home! Some popular locations include Oregon in North America, India (especially Kashmir), Canada (Vancouver Island), and Norway & Russia across Europe - all great places if you're looking for something special.

 So now we know more about where sunstone comes from and what makes it so captivating—it’s easy to understand why people spend their hard earned money on such beautiful stones! Whether they choose to keep them tucked away until a special occasion arises or proudly display them among friends and family members, each individual’s decision remains entirely up to them — but no matter what choice they make, anyone who owns one knows that they possess something incredibly rare and valuable indeed.

How Is Sunstone Formed?

Sunstone is a unique gemstone that has a variety of origins. It's formation process can be quite complex, but the most popular way it forms is through cooling lava and sedimentary rocks. This type of sunstone creation comes from volcanic environments which contain sodium-rich feldspar minerals.

These feldspars are formed when molten rock cools down under intense pressure and heat; this creates tiny mineral crystals with an irradiating sheen, known as "aventurescence". The material is then further refined by erosion, weathering, or tumbling in streams and rivers.

As these processes occur, pieces of light-colored plagioclase form alongside other materials like quartz and magnetite to create beautiful sunstones. The source of sunstone varies depending on its origin; some have been found in Oregon while others come from India or Norway.

Each area has its own distinct types of sunstones based on their individual geological characteristics, making them highly sought after for jewelry and decorative items around the world. Sunstone’s dazzling beauty makes it truly one-of-a-kind!

What Are The Benefits Of Sunstone?

"As the old adage goes, 'The sun is life'; and with sunstone, you can bring that life into your own home. Sunstone has many benefits that have been appreciated for centuries by its users. From physical healing properties to metaphysical advantages, this stone has a lot to offer!

Physically speaking, sunstone offers energy-boosting benefits. It helps stimulate metabolism and digestion while also improving circulation in the body's organs. This crystal is also known to increase strength and endurance while increasing overall vitality.

Metaphysically speaking, it brings joy and luck into our lives as well as providing us with protection against negative energies. With its vibrant yellow color, this crystal promotes optimism and increases self-confidence; allowing us to tap into our inner power.

In addition to these excellent benefits of sunstone, it can also be used to realign chakras within the body; promoting emotional balance and spiritual growth. Its ability to help boost creativity makes it an ideal choice when looking for something to inspire new ideas or projects."

How To Tell If A Gem Is Real Sunstone?

Fake stones may appear more uniform in color and will often show signs of cloudiness or discoloration. Next, examine the cut and shape of your gemstone. A genuine sunstone has an hexagonal crystal structure which gives it its distinctive “starburst” pattern when viewed under direct light—this isn't something you'll find on a counterfeit gem.

Additionally, authentic sunstones usually feature flat surfaces that reflect light evenly across their entire face, whereas imposters may possess curved faces which cause reflections that vary in intensity depending on where you view them from.

Finally, try using a loupe or microscope to get a closer look at your gem's surface features such as grooves or fractures. Genuine sunstones normally display smooth facets without any obvious defects, while fakes might exhibit irregularities like bumps or pits along their edges.

By carefully comparing these details against what you already know about real sunstone characteristics, you can easily spot the difference between genuine gems and counterfeit ones!

What Types Of Jewelry Can Be Made With Sunstone?

Sunstone is a beautiful gemstone that can be used to create stunning jewelry pieces. From sunstone earrings and necklaces, to bracelets and rings, there’s something special about having a piece of sunstone in your collection. Here are some popular types of jewelry made with this gorgeous stone: •Earrings - Sunstone earrings come in many shapes and sizes, from small studs to dangling drops.

Whether you’re looking for something casual or formal, these earrings will add a unique sparkle to any look.

  • Necklaces - Sunstone necklaces offer an eye-catching display of color and shine. Choose from simple designs such as pendants on delicate chains, or go bolder with larger stones set into intricate settings. Either way, it's sure to make a statement!
  • Pendants- A single sunstone pendant can easily become the focal point of any necklace design. It adds just the right amount of glimmer without being too over the top.
  • Chokers- For those who prefer more understated looks, choker styles are great options for wearing sunstone around your neckline. They work well with other gemstones as well if you want to mix and match different colors and textures.
  • Bracelets & Rings- When it comes to making an impactful fashion statement, nothing says “look at me" like sunstone bracelet or ring designs! These pieces can range from subtle bands adorned with tiny stones all the way up to showstopping cocktail rings featuring large cut gems in elaborate settings.

Does Sunstone Have Any Special Powers Or Properties?

Though there are no special powers associated with sunstone itself, it can help enhance the power of personal intent when used in meditation or crystal healing practices. It’s been said that wearing this stone on one’s body can act as an amplifier of your own internal vibration while providing protection from negative energies at the same time.

Additionally, many people claim that carrying a piece of sunstone close to their heart will open them up to receiving insight and guidance from higher sources. Overall, although sunstone doesn't have any special abilities by itself, its natural properties still make it a powerful tool for self-transformation and spiritual growth.

Its vibrant hues encourage us to take risks and manifest our desires into reality through sheer determination and focused intentionality.

Where Can I Buy Authentic, High Quality Sunstones And Jewelry Pieces With It?

ome sites specialize in selling only sunstone jewelry while others may have a broader selection that includes other precious gems as well. When shopping online, be sure to look out for certifications such as GIA and AGS which guarantee authenticity.

Additionally, reviews can help determine if the store is reputable and offers genuine items at competitive prices. Local gem and jewelry stores also provide great options when purchasing sunstone pieces. Here you can find knowledgeable staff who are happy to answer any questions about the stone itself or recommend certain styles that might fit better with your individual preferences.

Plus, by visiting these stores in person, customers can inspect each piece closely before making their purchase so they know exactly what they’re getting for their money. No matter where you choose to shop for your sunstone items, always make sure to research extensively beforehand so you're confident in knowing you're investing in something special that will last a lifetime!

Is Sunstone Durable?

When considering sunstone durability, it’s important to note that this gemstone has an impressive longevity. With proper cleaning and care, it can easily outlast any piece in your jewelry collection - no matter how often you wear it! The unique combination of hardness and toughness makes sunstone incredibly resistant to scratches, chips, dents or breaks.

This ensures that whatever special piece you invest in will stay looking flawless for years to come. So if you're searching for a timeless yet stunning addition to your wardrobe that won't break the bank or need constant repair, then consider investing in some high-quality sunstone jewelry!

You'll be able to enjoy its beauty without worrying about damage from everyday use.

Is Sunstone A Birthstone?

No, sunstone is not a birthstone. Birthstones are gemstones that have been assigned to each month of the year and they correspond with specific zodiac signs as well. Sunstone isn't part of any organized birthstone list, however it does have its own astrological meaning derived from ancient beliefs and legends.

Sunstone has its own unique properties and meanings associated with it - even though it's not a recognized birthstone. It was believed to be an aid in spiritual growth, bring warmth and good luck, attract abundance and success and also improve personal relationships.

In addition, some people believe that wearing this stone will give them strength and courage when facing challenges or difficult situations in life. The golden hue of sunstone is often said to represent the rays of sunshine which brings positivity into our lives.

Are There Any Healing Properties Associated With Sunstone?

Absolutely! Its energy helps to bring inspiring ideas into reality. Sunstone's healing properties are believed to help free one from mental stress or depression by promoting creativity, enthusiasm, and joy. It can help boost self-confidence, relieve fearfulness and increase willpower.

Additionally, its positive vibrations may aid in treating physical conditions such as fever or infections due to its ability to stimulate the lymphatic system. Overall, sunstone benefits include providing emotional balance while amplifying other crystals' healing qualities too.

Are There Any Special Occasions When It Is Appropriate To Wear Or Give A Gift Of A Piece Of Authentic Sunstones Jewelleries ?

Sunstone gifts are also ideal for celebrating a significant milestone in life such as graduation, promotion, wedding and other major accomplishments. Sunstones make wonderful presents for family members, friends and even coworkers because they symbolize energy and strength while encouraging creativity and self-confidence.

They come in various styles that range from delicate pendants to bold statement pieces so you have plenty of options when choosing one. Plus, these gorgeous stones usually feature unique colors like orange and yellow hues which add eye-catching detail to any outfit making them perfect for both formal and casual events alike.

Is Sunstone Magnetic?

Does sunstone have any magnetic properties?

The short answer is no; however, there may be certain circumstances where you could experience something similar to magnetic attraction with this stone. For example, some people claim that their sunstones become warm when placed near sources of electromagnetic energy such as computer monitors or cell phones – but this isn't true magnetism at work here! Instead, these stones are simply reacting to the electrical charge present in those devices.

It's clear that while sunstones might show signs of responding to electromagnetic energy, they cannot truly exhibit magnetism due to their composition and lack of polarities. This makes sense since most gemstones don't possess the necessary elements needed for magnetization anyway - so even if we were dealing with another type of stone altogether, chances are it wouldn't have been affected much either way!

How Is Sunstone Set In Jewellery?

So how exactly does one set sunstone for jewellery making? There are several methods used by professional jewellers when creating sunstone jewellery. One popular technique involves prong-setting, which involves four or six claws being inserted into the metal around the edges of the sunstone. This allows your piece to stand out from other items with more subtle settings.

Alternatively, bezel-setting could also be used where a rim of metal wraps securely around the stone so as to protect it during wear. For those looking for something more intricate with their sunstone setting, pave and channel setting can also be considered. In these processes, multiple small stones are arranged together side by side or in rows within grooves carved into a single band - providing an eye-catching sparkling effect when light reflects off them.

Whatever method you decide on, careful consideration should always be taken when choosing the type of setting that best suits your individual needs and preferences. Whichever route you go down, rest assured that designing stunning pieces of jewellery using sunstones has never been easier thanks to modern day tools and techniques available today. With just a little bit of knowledge and practice anyone can create beautiful works of art encapsulating this unique gemstone in no time at all!


It has an interesting origin story that adds to its charm as it represents the power of sunlight and freedom from darkness. Its many varieties are all unique in their own ways, each offering different physical characteristics and metaphysical benefits. By wearing this stone or using it in your Feng Shui considerations, you will find yourself feeling empowered and protected by its energy.

Sunstone also makes a beautiful addition to any craft project with its ability to sparkle like the stars on a clear night sky; just as its beauty radiates outward, so too does its positive effects radiate into our lives.

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