Tangerine Quartz - The latest gem in your wardrobe!

Tangerine Quartz - The latest gem in your wardrobe!

In this article we will explore the meaning, healing properties and uses of tangerine quartz. Tangerine Quartz is a type of quartz with unique orange-red tones that make it stand out among other stones.

It connects us to our inner spirit and helps us open up emotionally as well as spiritually. It also carries strong protective energy which makes it an ideal stone to have around when dealing with difficult situations or emotions. The vibrant color of Tangerine Quartz brings joy into any room or space - making it perfect for decorating your home.

Not only can you use it aesthetically but its energies are useful for strengthening relationships between family members and friends, promoting feelings of happiness and helping one stay grounded during stressful times. So if you’re looking for some extra positivity in your life, consider adding some tangerine quartz to your collection!

Origin Of The Name

The name 'tangerine quartz' is said to be derived from its dazzlingly orange hue, reminiscent of the juicy citrus fruit. It's believed that this gemstone was discovered centuries ago in a mountain range located near Tanger City in Morocco - hence why it has been named after the city.

This mineral source is known for being composed mainly of silicon dioxide and aluminium oxide; when combined together they create a type of crystal with an irresistibly beautiful colour. This stone is also very durable due to its composition, making it perfect for use in jewellery designs or energy healing practices.

In short, tangerine quartz is aptly named after Tanger City as it's one of the few places we know that contains this precious gemstone. Its vibrant colour speaks volumes about how powerful and unique it is - truly capturing the essence of this amazing stone!

Characteristics Of Tangerine Quartz

It has an intense vibration that radiates from within it, making this stone a powerful ally in your journey to spiritual growth. When looking at tangerine quartz, you will notice its earthy tones resembling a sunset or sunrise sky. The colors are unique and eye catching, giving it an extra boost of energy when used in healing rituals or everyday life.

Here are some of the most noteworthy characteristics of tangerine quartz:

  • Orange-quartz - Tangerine Quartz carries an orange hue as its main color with hints of reds and yellows throughout.
  • Reddish-orange - Its reddish-orange tones blend together excellently creating a stunning piece of jewelry or crystal specimen.
  • Crystalline-structure - The crystals form prismatic shapes which make them easy to identify amongst other stones.
  • Earthy-tones - As mentioned before, its deep earthy shades resemble a sunset or sunrise sky, adding beauty to any collection or setting where it’s displayed.
  • Intense-vibration - Last but not least, tangerine quartz holds an intense vibration that can be felt even from afar if handled properly by experienced practitioners.

This gemstone is perfect for anyone who wants to dive deeper into their spiritual practice or just want to add something beautiful to their home decor! With all these amazing features packed into one quartz variety, why wouldn't you include this vibrant gemstone in your collection?

Color Variations

This type of quartz has an uplifting energy that's great for boosting your spirit. Another variation is peach-colored quartz which often has hints of light pink or yellow in its hues. This color brings with it gentleness and kindness, perfect for those who want to open their heart to love.

Then there's the pale-tangerine quartz which is closer to white with soft peach tones running throughout it. It radiates serenity and peace making it ideal for those seeking balance in life.

A fourth option is rust-tinged quartz which also carries flecks of copper within it. Its earthy energy helps restore our connection with nature while providing us with grounding energy at the same time. Lastly, we have coral-hued quartz; this one looks like an ocean sunset as its colors range from deep reds to lighter oranges and pinks. It brings a sense of joyfulness into any space!

No matter what type of tangerine quartz you come across, each variety offers something special when used in various healing practices or meditation exercises - so make sure to explore all the different types available!

Hardness & Durability

Now that we've discussed the beautiful array of colors in which tangerine quartz can appear, let's turn our attention to its hardness and durability. This mineralogic gemstone is quite strong and resilient, boasting a crystalline structure that allows it to endure more wear than other, softer stones.

Its strength gives us three reasons why this stone should be highly valued:

  1. It stands up well to everyday use such as wearing jewelry or using them for decoration purposes.
  2. It has great scratch resistance making it ideal for items like countertops that may experience heavy usage over time.
  3. Its power to withstand pressure helps make sure your investments stay safe from chipping or breaking when exposed to extreme temperatures or forces.

In addition to these qualities, tangerine quartz also offers excellent protection against fading due to sunlight or other environmental factors while still being lightweight enough so you won't feel weighed down by your accessories or decorations.

All things considered, tangerine quartz is an exceptional choice with plenty of benefits for those seeking a reliable crystal with both beauty and longevity!

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of tangerine quartz make it a powerful tool for metaphysical healing and connection. It has the ability to draw out negative energies while encouraging emotional balance and resilience, helping us to keep our focus on spiritual matters.

This crystal can also help us access higher levels of consciousness and connect with the divine energy within ourselves. Tangerine quartz is thought to enhance intuition and creativity, as well as provide mental clarity when faced with difficult decisions. Its grounding power helps bring in feelings of peace and stability, allowing us to stay centered even during times of chaos or uncertainty.

Additionally, this stone has been known to open pathways between chakras so that we can better harness our own personal metaphysical power. Overall, tangerine quartz offers us an opportunity to tap into its mysterious metaphysical energy and use it to nurture our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

With regular practice working with this stone’s vibration, we can strengthen our inner connections for deeper growth and understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Spiritual Benefits

As if the metaphysical properties weren't enough, tangerine quartz offers an array of spiritual benefits too! This powerful crystal can help to awaken dormant aspects within your soul and even assist in your spiritual journey.

Here are just some ways that this gemstone can be used spiritually:

  • Spirituality: Tangerine Quartz helps you connect with something greater on a spiritual level. It encourages us to look for divine guidance and answers from higher sources of knowledge.
  • Spiritual Awakening: The energy from this stone is incredibly potent and it can provide one with a heightened awareness when meditating or connecting with the spirit world. It allows access to hidden levels of consciousness which may have been blocked before.
  • Spiritual Cleansing: By wearing or carrying around tangerine quartz, its vibrations act like a cleansing agent to remove negative energies from our bodies as well as our environment.

Additionally, it assists in ridding ourselves of any old patterns or habits that no longer serve us–creating space for new ones! This beautiful gemstone also aids in our personal transformation by encouraging self-reflection and inner growth.

By allowing us to open up energetically, we become more receptive to changes happening all around us while still staying centered and grounded. Through its healing powers, tangerine quartz guides us through life's challenges and provides assistance when needed on our spiritual journey.

Chakra Association

Tangerine quartz is associated with the root, solar plexus, sacral and crown chakras. Its healing properties are believed to help balance and open these energy centers in our bodies. It can be used to strengthen and heal physical issues related to any of these four chakras as well as emotional issues that may be linked to them.

The root chakra relates to one's sense of safety and security. This crystal helps ground us into a feeling of stability, so we no longer feel fear or anxiety about our basic needs being met. The energies it carries also support self-esteem, allowing us to find comfort within ourselves even when facing difficult situations.

For the Solar Plexus Chakra, tangerine quartz provides clarity for decision making. It assists in finding courage and will power which allows one to make decisions without hesitation or doubt. In addition, its gentle energy helps release negative patterns like anger or resentment from this area so it can function optimally again.

Finally, connecting with this stone helps bring awareness back up through the Sacral Chakra and finally on top of the Crown Chakra at the very top of your head where spiritual enlightenment resides. Here you’ll tap into insight that creates room for change while receiving guidance towards self-love, kindnesses, joys, passions and creativity.

Overall, tangerine quartz brings harmony between body mind and soul - helping one live life more fully alive!

Protective Qualities

Tangerine quartz has strong protective properties, making it a powerful tool for magical protection.When carrying tangerine quartz with you, the stone will provide constant shielding from unwanted energies.

You can also place this crystal near windows or doorways in your home to strengthen its protective qualities. The vibration of the tangerine quartz will help keep out anything harmful or unwelcome from entering your space.

Through consistent use of this beautiful crystal, you'll find yourself surrounded by a bubble of safety and love that helps block out any negativity coming your way. Tangerine quartz is one of the most reliable crystals when it comes to providing protection, so make sure to take advantage of all its amazing benefits!

Health Benefits

Research has shown that tangerine quartz can offer some impressive health benefits. Its vibrations may increase blood flow which could bring about improvements in cardiovascular function as well as reduce fatigue associated with circulatory problems.

Finally, many people find that tangerine quartz provides much needed respiratory relief from colds and allergies by stimulating nerve receptors located within the lungs.

The calming effects of this crystal are said to have a positive influence on breathing patterns and even relieve symptoms such as coughing fits caused by asthma attacks. Its ability to open up airways makes it beneficial for those suffering from chronic bronchitis too.

Creative Inspiration

Tangerine quartz can be used to spark creativity and inspire motivation. The tangerine quartz's stimulating effect can help us become unstuck when faced with writer’s block or artist’s block. By embracing its vibrant energies, it can help motivate us to get things done while still allowing for spurts of inspiration along the way.

We may find clarity and insight through this crystal's ability to foster creativity within our minds. This stone is also great for pushing boundaries either in our art or life goals by helping develop new ideas from scratch without feeling held back by any preconceived notions or limitations.

Tangerine quartz gives us an energetic boost so we can keep striving for more imaginative ways of thinking, stirring up curiosity and inspiring our creative pursuits!

Jewelry Uses

Sparkling with potential, tangerine quartz exudes a warmth of excitement and possibility. From jewelry designs to necklace, bracelet, ring and earring designs - this glowing gemstone can bring an extra sparkle to any outfit or home decor piece.

 Tangerine quartz is perfect for customizing pieces as its color palette ranges from earthy oranges and browns to vibrant yellows and peaches. This versatility makes it easy to find the precise shade that captures your aesthetic vision. Whether you are looking to create something classic or unique, tangerine quartz will make sure your design stands out in all the right ways.

In addition, the strength of tangerine quartz helps add longevity to your pieces so they can stay beautiful for years to come. With its bright energy and incredible ability to customize any creation – there’s no better choice than tangerine quartz when creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces!

Home Decor Applications

Moving on from jewelry uses, let's look at the home decor applications of tangerine quartz.Tangerine quartz is a stunning gemstone that can be used to add some vibrance and charm to any interior design scheme. It looks great alone or paired with other stones for an eclectic vibe.

With its warm tones, it makes a perfect addition to cozy rooms such as living spaces and bedrooms. When using tangerine quartz in your home decor, you have lots of options available to you. For instance, you could hang pieces up on walls or shelves like artwork.

If you want something more subtle, try placing small chunks around the house as accents - these will bring out the colors of any room while also adding texture and visual interest. You could even use larger pieces of tangerine quartz as decorative centerpieces on coffee tables and sideboards. In terms of color schemes, there are several ways to incorporate tangerine quartz into your interior design plans.

Try pairing it with neutral shades like cream or grey for a modern look; alternatively, go bolder by matching it with bright jewel-tones like deep blue or emerald green for a beautiful contrast! Whatever style you choose, tangerine quartz will be sure to make your space stand out in all the right ways!

Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas on how you can use tangerine quartz as gifts:

-Tangerine Quartz Jewelry: Whether you’re looking for rings, necklaces or earrings, this crystal looks stunning in jewelry form. If your recipient loves wearing jewelry with meaning, then they will be sure to love a piece of tangerine quartz jewelry.

-Spiritual Gifts: Tangerine quartz has powerful energy associated with it, making it perfect for giving as a spiritual or healing gift. You could give them something like a stone pendulum or even just carve their initials onto a piece of the crystal - either way they’ll be sure to treasure this gift forever!

-Present Ideas: For birthdays or other occasions where you want to give something truly unique, why not give your recipient a piece of tangerine quartz? This stunning gemstone would look lovely displayed around the house or office and will always remind them of your thoughtfulness and generosity.

These are just some ideas on how you can use tangerine quartz as gifts; there are so many more options out there too! Whether you're looking for something small and meaningful or something big and luxurious, there's no doubt that giving tangerine quartz as a present is sure to bring joy and peace into anyone's life.

Caring For Tangerine Quartz

Caring for tangerine quartz is easy, and it can be done with a few simple steps. Most importantly, the stone should never be cleaned using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as this could scratch the surface of the quartz. Instead, use warm water and mild soap to gently cleanse the crystal.

Once dry, you can apply a special wax designed specifically for gemstones to help protect its surface from dirt buildup and scratches. Storing your tangerine quartz away from direct sunlight will also help to preserve its color.To maintain its beauty over time, handle your tangerine quartz with love and respect while avoiding exposing it unnecessarily to extreme temperatures and humidity levels.

With proper cleaning, storage and handling techniques, your tangerine quartz will stay looking beautiful no matter how long you've had it!


Overall, evidence suggests that tangerine quartz has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the last decade due to its vibrant hue and diverse uses. According to Statista, global sales of semi-precious stones like tangerine quartz have grown by 4% from 2018 to 2019 alone – indicating that this stunning stone remains a popular choice among crystal enthusiasts.

In conclusion, if you're seeking a unique addition to your collection or are looking to give someone special something truly extraordinary, consider adding some tangerine quartz into your life! Its energy will be sure to bring beauty and positivity wherever you place it.

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