Tanzanite Gemstone- Origin, Color, Value & Symbolism!

Tanzanite Gemstone- Origin, Color, Value & Symbolism!

Have you ever seen the mesmerizing blue of tanzanite? Tanzanite is a beautiful and unique gemstone that has been captivating people for centuries. From its rich history to its symbolic meaning, there’s no denying why it's become so popular.

When most people think of precious gems they usually think of diamonds first. But did you know that another gemstone outshines even those famous sparklers when it comes to rarity? That gem is called tanzanite and its deep blues are unlike any other stone on earth.

Originally discovered in 1967 by Manuel d'Souza in Tanzania's Merelani Hills near Mount Kilimanjaro, tanzanite remains one of the rarest stones known today. Its vibrant hues range from light blues and violets through deeper shades of sapphire blues and purples - all within a single stone!

The value of natural tanzanite depends largely on its color intensity - the deeper the color saturation, the higher the price tag! On average though, prices per carat range from $200-$300 US dollars depending on quality and cut. But aside from its monetary value, this stunningly colored crystal holds a special significance as well: It stands for hope, joy and delight – perfect qualities that make this gorgeous jewel truly stand out above all others!


Tanzanite is a violet-blue variety of Zoisite, which belongs to the epidote group of minerals. It was first discovered near Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967 and officially named after its country of origin; Tanzania. The stone can come in various shades from an intense blue to deep purple with flashes of yellow or green. Its popularity stems from its trichroic characteristics - meaning it exhibits three different colors depending on the angle viewed from due to pleochroism (the ability to split light into multiple directions).

The name 'tanzanite' also carries certain spiritual meanings as many believe wearing the gem encourages balance within oneself while opening up new pathways for creativity and communication.

As such, many regard tanzanite as a symbol of transformation and enlightenment due to its metaphysical properties. In terms of value, though not as precious as diamonds or rubies, tanzanites are typically priced between sapphires and emeralds given their rarity and vivid hues. All these factors combined make it easy to see why people around the world find themselves captivated by the charm of tanzanite!

Formation And Mining Of Tanzanite

So, now that we have an understanding of what tanzanite is and its definition, it's time to cover how this beautiful gemstone came into existence. Tanzanite formation begins with the mineral deposits found in a certain area of East Africa near Mt Kilimanjaro. It was here that mining for the precious stone began about 50 years ago.

The process of mining for tanzanite starts with excavations at the base of the mountain where tunnels are dug to get access to pockets containing the gemstone. The miners search through the mineral-rich soil and rocks looking for any signs of color or sparkle which could indicate they've come across some tanzanite.

XRD produces two dimensional images representing various properties like crystal structure, composition and size distribution of each particle inside the sample being tested. This helps geologists determine if there are valuable gems within a particular location by revealing characteristics not visible to naked eye.

By using these methods along with traditional ones like hand sorting and visual inspection, miners can confidently extract large quantities of high quality stones from the earth’s surface. Mining for gemstones is a labor-intensive operation requiring patience and skill but also carries considerable risk due to changing weather conditions and terrain hazards such as floods or landslides.

With adequate safety precautions however, miners can successfully harvest substantial amounts of tanzanite over time - making it possible for people all around world enjoy its unique beauty!

Characteristics Of The Stone

Today, let’s take a look at some of the physical and chemical properties that make tanzanite so popular! When it comes to hardness, tanzanite ranks 6.5 to 7 on Mohs scale – making it suitable for jewelry use but more delicate than diamonds or sapphires.

Tanzanite has a trichroic crystal structure meaning it reflects three distinct colors when viewed from different angles: blue, violet and burgundy. The stone also features high clarity and luster which makes it extremely attractive to buyers around the globe.

The exact color of each stone can vary greatly depending on how much iron is present in the mineral composition and where it was mined (usually Tanzania). Some stones may even appear yellow or greenish due to their natural impurities like rutile needles or hematite flakes inside them.

On average though, most pieces are vibrant shades of blue/violet - often described as 'velvety' by jewellers. In summary, tanzanite is widely admired for its beauty and rarity. Its unique trichroism allows us to appreciate its array of colours while its durability ensures that these gems remain prized possessions for generations to come!

Color Variations

The color of Tanzanite is highly sought after, and often described as a "blueish purple" hue. It ranges from deep blue to a violet shade that can vary in intensity. Some stones may have more of an intense bluish-purple hue, while others will appear muted with a hint of gray.

Many people also appreciate the rare peacock color variation of Tanzanite which has both shades of green and purplish-violet. This particular tone is extremely unique, due to its combination of two different colors within one single gemstone. Reddish brown variations are also available for this precious stone, although they’re not as popular as other hues.

Nonetheless, these tones still make beautiful pieces when set into jewelry or accessories like watches and pendants. No matter what type of color you're looking for, there's sure to be something that suits your taste when it comes to Tanzanite!

Methaphysical Properties

It's a coincidence that the beautiful and rare tanzanite gemstone is found in only one place on Earth - Tanzania. But, it’s no coincidence that this special stone carries with it many metaphysical properties which make it much more than just an attractive piece of jewelry. Tanzanite’s healing energy can bring balance to both physical and spiritual aspects of life.

The first benefit derived from its powerful vibrations is emotional balance. Wearing or carrying this stone can help reduce stress levels as well as any feelings of anger or sadness. It also encourages compassion towards others and oneself, promoting self-acceptance and contentment.

Second, tanzanite promotes mental clarity by assisting with decision making processes when faced with challenging situations. This helps the wearer to think clearly about the best course of action for their own personal situation.

Thirdly, tanzanite energizes creativity and enhances intuition, allowing ideas to flow freely without hesitation or doubt getting in the way.

Finally, wearing tanzanite allows us to tap into our inner wisdom and gain access to spiritual knowledge not easily accessible during normal waking hours. The unique combination of these metaphysical properties gives tanzanite immense power over emotions while helping boost confidence and faith in ourselves and those around us.

With regular use, you will find yourself becoming calmer yet more energetic at the same time; free from anxiety but aware of your surroundings; open-minded yet focused; loving but strong; optimistic yet realistic – all signs pointing towards greater fulfillment!

Healing Properties 

First off, let’s talk about physical healing benefits. The energy of this beautiful stone has been known to help alleviate aches and pains throughout the body. It also helps improve circulation, digestion, and immunity while balancing hormones.

In addition to these physical benefits, tanzanite offers some profound spiritual gifts as well. For instance, it can help bring balance between your mental, emotional and spiritual states by promoting inner peace and clarity of thought. This calming influence allows for greater self-awareness so you can process any underlying emotions or issues more deeply. Plus, its vibration can create a protective shield around us from negative energy and thoughts – allowing only positive energies in!

Finally, tanzanite encourages creativity when trying to break through blocks or find new solutions to our problems. Whenever we feel stuck or overwhelmed with life’s challenges, this powerful precious stone will remind us that there is always hope on the other side – if only we allow ourselves to open up to possibility again!

Care And Cleaning

Caring for and cleaning your precious tanzanite gemstone is essential in preserving its beauty.For tougher stains, you can mix some mild dish soap into the warm water before using it to wipe away any stubborn residue from the surface of your tanzanite gemstone.

After cleaning, make sure to rinse off all soap residue from your jewelry piece and dry it with a soft cloth. It’s also important to properly store your tanzanite gemstone when not in use; keep it separate from other pieces of jewelry and place in an area where there is low humidity such as a cool storage box or drawer lined with felt fabric. This will help prevent scratches and protect against extreme temperatures that could harm its color and brilliance over time.

Additionally, always remember to remove any jewelry containing Tanzanite stones before engaging in activities that involve rough contact or high levels of moisture because both elements can adversely affect the longevity of this precious gemstone.

Birthstone Association

Tanzanite has become an increasingly popular birthstone due to its stunningly beautiful color. It is often referred to as the “gemstone of a generation”, and it has quickly risen in popularity since being discovered in 1967.

Here is what you need to know about Tanzanite's association with birthstones:

  • Tanzanite was officially adopted as December's modern birthstone by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) in 2002.
  • Its official symbol is ‘the blue stone of trust and understanding’, making it perfectly fitting for those born under Sagittarius or Capricorn.
  • The deep blues and purples of tanzanite are said to represent strength, courage, peace and serenity – all important qualities that make this gem one of the most sought-after birthstones today!

The meaning behind Tanzanite as a birthstone varies depending on who wears it, but many believe that it can bring luck and good fortune into their lives. It is also thought to help enhance creativity, communication skills and even physical healing.

With its unique combination of beauty and symbolism, tanzanite makes for a truly special gift for someone celebrating their birthday in December. As such an exquisite gemstone with so much importance attached to it, Tanzanite certainly deserves its place amongst the other traditional birthstones. Whether worn as jewelry or simply admired from afar, there is no doubt that this precious gem will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come!

Meaning And Symbolism

Tanzanite symbolizes wisdom, growth, healing, balance and protection from negative energies. The gemstone also holds an important place within African culture as it was first discovered in Tanzania. The blue-violet color of tanzanite represents a strong bond between one's physical body and spiritual essence. This stone helps us connect to our higher selves while bringing harmony into life’s journey.

Additionally, tanzanite can help promote focus on personal goals while inspiring creativity and ambition when needed. Tanzanite is said to bring clarity of thought which can lead to greater self-awareness. Its soothing vibrations encourage inner peace by guiding you towards understanding your thoughts and feelings more deeply.

With this enhanced insight comes the ability to make decisions that reflect what’s best for both mind and soul - leading ultimately to true happiness. This beautiful crystal is believed to be able to restore energy levels if feeling depleted or stressed out, allowing the wearer to tackle any challenge that comes their way with renewed vigor and enthusiasm!

A powerful source of rejuvenation and renewal, tanzanite is an excellent choice for those looking for guidance in their lives or a gentle reminder of our spiritual nature.

Pricing Factors

When determining the price of a tanzanite gemstone, there are several factors that come into play. Here’s a list of four key pricing factors:

  1. Quality Grading - Tanzanite is graded according to its color and clarity, with higher grades commanding higher prices.
  2. Carat Weight - The heavier the stone, the more expensive it tends to be.
  3. Cut & Shape - Stones cut in rarer shapes or angles can add an extra boost to the value of tanzanite stones.
  4. Supply & Demand - Rarity increases the demand for certain types of tanzanite stones, raising their overall value as well.

Chakra Association

Tanzanite has a special connection to the chakras, or energy centers of the body. It is said to be connected to the throat and third eye chakra, which are associated with communication and intuition. Tanzanite can help you find balance within these two areas of your life, allowing for more clarity in both thought and speech.

When used in healing practices such as Reiki, tanzanite's spiritual powers can aid in restoring inner harmony by balancing out imbalances between different energetic forces. This gemstone helps us become aware of our own personal power so that we may better understand what it means to be truly alive and connected.

The deep blue color of tanzanite makes it ideal for use during meditation, as its hue is known to bring about calmness and clarity of mind. Those who practice crystal healing often associate this gemstone with stimulating psychic abilities and expanding consciousness. Its soothing vibrations make it an excellent choice for those seeking spiritual growth or emotional peace.

Overall, tanzanite is a powerful tool when it comes to connecting on a deeper level with oneself and one’s environment. Its ability to provide balance between physical, mental, and spiritual energies allows us to reach higher levels of self-awareness while maintaining equilibrium within ourselves.

With regular use, tanzanite can offer profound insight into our lives while providing an energizing yet calming effect that will surely benefit all aspects of living.

Shopping Tips

When it comes to buying tanzanite, there are two main aspects which will help decide its prices- color and clarity. The more vivid the blue hue is in comparison to other colors like purple or violet; the higher the price tag.

Similarly, if the stone is free from any visible flaws (like scratches) then naturally it would fetch an even higher price than one with noticeable blemishes. So make sure you inspect each stone closely before making a choice so as not to invest too much into something that isn't worth it.

Another important factor while shopping for tanzanite is size – larger stones come at significantly higher prices compared to smaller ones because they’re rarer and take longer to mine out of their host rocks.

However, don't forget that cutting costs plays just as huge a role in determining prices since bigger pieces require heavier investments due to labor costs associated with cutting and polishing them. As such, opt for good quality but affordable cuts instead of expensive yet poorly cut stones which have little sparkle despite their size.

Finally, no matter what kind of piece you're looking for – rings, necklaces or earrings – always look around before committing yourself financially so as to ensure you get value for money products without having buyer’s remorse later on down the line!

Sources For Authentic Tanzanite

Finding authentic tanzanite can be a challenge.

  1. Buy only mined tanzanite from reputable dealers who specialize in this type of gemstone.
  2. Avoid buying online unless you purchase from an established website with a proven track record for selling authentic items.
  3. Visit jewelry stores or trade shows that feature tanzanite vendors and ask questions about their sources and processes for obtaining the stones.
  4. Contact local lapidary clubs or gem societies and inquire about their recommendations for finding trustworthy dealers near you who offer reliable sources of natural tanzanite.


With the right knowledge of its origin, color variations, pricing factors, symbolism and chakra associations, it's easy to understand why so many admire this striking stone. Whether you are looking for something special to add to your collection or a gift for someone special in your life, be sure to keep these tips in mind when shopping for tanzanite.

We hope our guide gave you everything you needed to make informed decisions about buying authentic tanzanite! At the end of the day, no matter what shape or size of tanzanite you choose, there’s no denying its unique qualities!


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