The 21 Best Crystals For Helping You De-Stress And Feel Better

The 21 Best Crystals For Helping You De-Stress And Feel Better

Crystals may offer some relief from the daily grind. In this article, I'll be exploring the 21 best crystals for helping you de-stress and feel better. Crystals are known for their calming energy and restorative properties. They can help bring balance back into our lives by encouraging relaxation and promoting positive thinking.

From amethyst to jade, each crystal has its own unique qualities that make them ideal for stress relief. I’ll provide an overview of how these crystals work as well as tips on how you can use them in your everyday life.

At first glance, using crystals to reduce stress might seem like a far-fetched idea - but don’t knock it till you try it! With just a few simple steps, you too could potentially find yourself feeling less stressed and more relaxed.

So if you're ready to start taking charge of your mental wellbeing, let's dive right into the 21 best crystals for reducing stress!

Definition Of Crystals

 Crystals have been used for centuries to bring healing, balance, and clarity into our lives. They are believed to possess unique properties that can help us with stress relief and emotional wellbeing.  This is why some people believe that certain stones or gems can be used to channel specific types of energy. For example, amethyst has long been associated with calming emotions and providing protection from negative influences.

Likewise, rose quartz is often thought of as promoting self-love and kindness towards others. Crystal healing involves using these energies to benefit both body and mind by stimulating natural recuperative processes within the individual. It may involve placing gemstones on key points around the body while visualizing their positive effects on your health or simply carrying them with you throughout the day.

Crystal therapy utilizes many of the same principles but usually requires more intense study before being safely practiced on oneself or others. In addition to their spiritual significance, crystals also have practical uses such as protecting electronic devices from electromagnetic radiation or aiding in purifying water supplies through filtration systems.

Regardless of the application, though, understanding crystal properties and uses is essential if one wishes to make full use of these powerful tools for transformation.

 How To Use Crystals For Stress Relief

To get the most out of your crystal experience – let’s go back in time and explore the best ways to use crystals for stress relief!

 Firstly, when selecting a crystal for stress relief, consider its shape and size, color, weight and texture. Each crystal has unique properties that can help you target different areas in life where you may feel overwhelmed or stressed.

For example, if you want to reduce anxiety then look for calming blue stones like Lapis Lazuli which will soothe and relax your mind. If you're looking for something more energizing try Quartz clear crystals since they create feelings of harmony and lightness throughout your body.

 Once you've chosen the right crystal for your needs, it's essential to cleanse it before using it regularly. Place the stone under running water or hold it up against natural sunlight until any negative energy is cleared away. This ensures that all previous owners' vibrations are removed from the stone so that only yours remain attached while working with it. You can also place multiple stones together on top of a piece of selenite overnight - this acts as an amplifier allowing them to share their individual energies creating powerful sound waves intended to heal whatever ails you!

When working with crystals during times of stress or difficulty, be sure to focus on deep breathing and visualize yourself surrounded by a protective white light filled with love and peace - creating an aura just like Superman would!

Meditating next to these special gems helps open our hearts chakra releasing stored emotions such as anger or sadness while creating space inside us for new positive thoughts and ideas.

Additionally, carrying certain crystals with us daily helps boost our confidence levels while providing comfort even during tough times don't forget those little rocks! By taking part in regular activities such as yoga or journaling while focusing on specific goals (like staying calm) alongside our favorite crystal pals –we can truly master the art of relaxation anytime we need it most–while paving way towards inner peace & tranquility!

Lapis Lazuli

I'm sure you've heard of lapis lazuli before - it's one of the most popular stress relief crystals! It has a deep blue color and is said to have grounding energy that helps us to feel more connected and centered. This crystal can help alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression, fear, or anger by bringing in peaceful energies.

 Lapis Lazuli is also known as a great stone for aiding in communication and enhancing creativity. These qualities make it an ideal stress healing crystal because they allow us to express ourselves without feeling overwhelmed. When we're able to communicate our needs with clarity and ease, this often reduces the amount of stress we experience overall.

As well as offering physical relaxation benefits, this gemstone may support emotional healing too by helping us gain insight into underlying causes of distress such as limiting beliefs or unresolved trauma from the past.


As if the ocean itself can wash away your troubles, aquamarine has calming energy that helps ground you in times of distress. These beautiful blue crystals are known for their incredible grounding properties that help align mental, physical and spiritual energies.

The crystal’s gentle vibration also encourages us to be more kind towards ourselves as we navigate stressful situations. Its serene colour brings an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace which can help soothe anxiety or overthinking caused by our frenzied lifestyles.

In addition, its tranquil energy will encourage patience, helping us stay present and mindful during stressful moments. With its ability to calm emotions, aquamarine aids in releasing feelings of anger or resentment – providing emotional clarity and inner strength. This crystal works with the throat chakra which governs communication, allowing us to express ourselves clearly and confidently despite feeling overwhelmed or anxious - a powerful aid for anyone struggling with self-esteem issues!

When used regularly, aquamarine can bring about improved relationships both internally and externally – reducing fear while increasing acceptance and understanding. It's no wonder this gemstone is widely considered one of the best crystals for de-stressing; it has many wonderful benefits that make it invaluable in combating stressors on every level!


  • It helps to overcome anxiety by calming your mind and grounding your energy.
  • The stone's soothing violet hue encourages relaxation.
  • Its vibrations promote feelings of peace and serenity that help combat stress on both physical and emotional levels.
  • Its protective energies provide an extra layer of protection from negative outside forces while promoting inner strength. Whether worn as jewelry or kept nearby at home or work, working with amethyst offers countless benefits to those seeking stress relief.


Hematite is a powerful crystal for stress relief and healing. Its dark, metallic-grey color makes it stand out from other crystals, yet its energy is surprisingly calming and soothing. It's one of the best stones to use when seeking emotional balance or peace of mind. Hematite has an incredibly grounding energy that helps you stay rooted in reality while also connecting with your spiritual side. It can help reduce feelings of anxiety and worry due to its protective shielding properties.

When placed on the body during crystal healing sessions, hematite will absorb negative energies and transform them into positive vibrations. The soothing vibrations it emits are said to be especially helpful when trying to relax or de-stress after a long day.

When used as part of meditation practice, hematite encourages you to focus your thoughts on solutions instead of problems. This ability to bring clarity and insight allows us to better understand our emotions so we can move forward without being overwhelmed by external influences such as fear, doubt or insecurity.

Hematite’s unique metaphysical properties make it ideal for anyone looking for a deeper sense of inner harmony, balance and self-confidence. Whether carried in your pocket or worn as jewelry, this stone works wonders at providing stress relief and helping you feel more connected with yourself - both physically and spiritually!

Rose Quartz

 Rose Quartz is one of the most popular and powerful crystals for helping you de-stress and feel better. This soft pink crystal has many healing properties that can help promote stress relief, emotional healing, spiritual growth, mental clarity and overall wellbeing.

Here are some ways Rose Quartz can be used to improve your life:

 * Stress Relief:

* Carry it with you throughout the day for moments of grounding and relaxation.

* Emotional Healing: 

* Place it on your heart chakra while meditating to open up emotions and release sadness.

* Wear rose quartz jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets to keep its soothing energy close by.

* Write down any worries or fears you may have before going to bed - then place the paper under a piece of rose quartz overnight so it absorbs all those negative feelings away from you.

* Spiritual Growth & Mental Clarity: 

* Hold it during meditation sessions to connect more deeply with yourself and Universe.

* Put it near where you study or work if feeling overwhelmed by tasks ahead - this will bring focus and motivation back into play!

* Keep one beside your computer/phone when using social media so that instead of getting distracted by notifications, you're able to stay mindful about what's important right now.

Rose Quartz is truly incredible at providing comfort in times of need, reducing tension levels in the body and mind while restoring inner harmony and balance within us all. Its gentle vibrations offer wisdom, peace and understanding which allows us to find our true purpose in life without fear or judgement holding us back – something we could all do with more often!

Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal that has been used for centuries in crystal healing, and it’s often thought of as a magical stone. Its energy can be felt when you hold the crystal - like a soothing balm on your soul. It carries calming vibes, helping to bring emotional balance and peace during times of stress or anxiety.

 In combination with its ability to amplify any intention set upon it, Clear Quartz grants an almost immediate stress relief by clearing away negative energies from our bodies and restoring energetic harmony within us. The unique structure of Clear Quartz also makes it helpful for attuning ourselves to higher frequencies of vibration which can lead us towards greater spiritual growth and understanding.

 It's no wonder that Clear Quartz has been embraced around the world throughout history - its properties are truly remarkable!

Whether worn in jewelry or kept nearby in one's home, clear quartz emits calming energy that helps us stay centered while allowing us access to deeper levels of insight into whatever situation arises. With this kind of support available whenever needed, it becomes easier to retain perspective amidst stressful circumstances and find creative solutions instead of getting overwhelmed.

In short, if you’re looking for ways to de-stress and gain clarity then consider incorporating Clear Quartz into your self-care routine – its powerful presence will ensure lasting benefits!


Citrine is a beautiful and powerful crystal that helps to reduce stress and anxiety. This yellow-colored stone brings mental clarity, energy balance, as well as an overall sense of peace and calm. It's also known for its ability to help with decision making and creativity.

When used in crystal healing practices, Citrine is said to bring about a profound relaxation response throughout the body which can be incredibly helpful when trying to de-stress. When using this nurturing stone, it's best to place it on or around your body while focusing on your breath and allowing yourself time for stillness and reflection.

You could even keep it close by during meditation sessions so you can benefit from its calming properties at any given time. As one begins working with Citrine regularly, they will start noticing their mood shifting towards being more relaxed and clear-minded, especially when dealing with stressful situations or emotions.

Overall, Citrine has amazing potential when it comes to providing relief from daily anxieties and promoting emotional stability - making it one of the top go-to crystals for anyone looking for some extra support in managing stress levels.


Sodalite is a calming stone that can bring emotional balance and mental clarity. It's one of the best crystals for stress relief, helping you to stay clear-headed when overwhelmed with anxiety or negative thoughts.

Here are just three ways sodalite can help reduce daily stress levels:

  1. Enhances creativity & confidence - Sodalite helps stimulate creative thinking and instills self-confidence by providing insight on how to tackle difficult challenges.
  2. Reduces fear & confusion - This crystal allows us to make sense of confusing situations so we can approach them from a calm perspective and ease our worries.
  3. Grounding energy - Sodalite also brings an inner peace that helps ground us in moments of heightened emotions, enabling us to think more clearly before making any decisions.

This beautiful blue stone not only looks great as decor but it works wonders at creating a peaceful atmosphere while allowing us to express ourselves truthfully without overthinking it too much. In short, sodalite is a wonderful ally for anyone looking to de-stress their life and gain some mental clarity!


Carnelian is an amazing crystal for helping to reduce stress and feel better. It’s a powerful stone that encourages energy healing, mental clarity, emotional balance, and creative inspiration. It's typically found in shades of orange or red-orange which symbolizes the vitality of life.

Carnelian boosts your self esteem; it's also known as a motivation stone because its energies can help you get things done. When it comes to physical health, carnelian helps with calming anger, fearfulness and envy. Its warm energy stimulates circulation throughout the body and encourages positive action towards change.

As far as spiritual benefits go, carnelian is said to promote courage in all aspects of life - from taking risks professionally to being more open with friends and family members. In terms of its relationship with meditation, carnelian has been used by yogis to focus their minds during practice and enhance the flow of prana (life force) within them.

Additionally, when placed on the solar plexus chakra (or third eye), this stone activates higher consciousnesses while dispelling negative emotions such as guilt or sadness that may be blocking one's growth mentally or spiritually. So if you're looking for something to bring stability into your life and inspire creative ideas along the way then try experimenting with carnelian! This vibrant gem will surely not disappoint!


 It's no wonder that this beautiful blue-green crystal has been used throughout history as an aid to relaxation and strength. The power of turquoise can be harnessed with simple rituals such as placing one under your pillow while sleeping or carrying pieces close to you during the day. This will help create a protective shield around yourself, allowing only positive energy through while repelling negative thoughts.

Turquoise may also be placed on meditation altars or near windowsills to invite its calming energies into your home. In addition to being known for its calming effects, turquoise is thought to have the power to balance emotions, clear mental confusion and provide insights into deeper aspects of oneself. Its purifying properties help enhance communication skills by clearing away blockages so that you can better express yourself both verbally and emotionally.

Furthermore, turquoise helps strengthen intuition which allows us to look beyond our own biases and make decisions from a higher level of awareness. For those seeking inner peace and emotional balance, turquoise could be just what they need! Not only does it offer spiritual support but physical too; aiding headaches and muscle tension due to its cooling effect on the body.

So why not give this ancient gemstone – often referred to as ‘the philosopher’s stone’ – a try? With its many magical qualities, there's sure to be something unique about how it affects each person individually.


Howlite is one of the best crystals for de-stressing and calming your energy. It's a great tool if you're feeling overwhelmed or anxious, as it helps to promote emotional balance.

 Here are three ways Howlite can help with stress relief:

  1. It transmits calming vibrations - Howlite has a gentle and soothing vibration that helps calm an overactive mind and brings inner peace.
  2. It encourages patience & understanding - Working with this crystal can help bring greater awareness to the present moment by encouraging acceptance, while also helping to foster communication between yourself and others in difficult situations.
  3. It creates positive change - This stone assists in creating changes in attitude and behavior, which leads to more positive outcomes when dealing with stressful life events.

In short, Howlite is a powerful healing crystal that aids in reducing stress levels and restoring harmony in both body and mind. Its calming presence will leave you feeling centered, balanced, and peaceful—allowing you to enjoy moments of clarity without being weighed down by anxiety or worry.


Moving on from Howlite, the next crystal I want to discuss is Fluorite. Fluorite is known to be an effective cleanser of negative energies and emotions, which can help you feel more balanced and relaxed. It also acts as spiritual protection against lower vibrations, helping keep negative influences away while still allowing positive energy to flow in.

On top of this, it helps balance out the aura by stabilizing chaotic patterns within the body and mind. The calming effect of Fluorite makes it ideal for those who tend to overthink or worry too much about things beyond their control. By using it during meditation, one can tap into its soothing qualities allowing them to gain clarity with decisions or feel more focused throughout the day.

 As well as reducing anxiety levels, Fluorite will also bring peace of mind which leads to improved moods overall. Using crystals like Fluorite are great tools for improving mental health; they not only help us manage our stress but provide emotional support as we go through life’s challenges.  


It has a strong cleansing energy and can help to purify any space or person it comes into contact with. Selenite's metaphysical properties make it particularly useful in allowing us to let go of negative thoughts and feelings, while also helping us to gain clarity on situations that may be causing our distress. It's easy to incorporate selenite into your daily routine - simply place some pieces around your workspace, bedroom, or anywhere else you spend time in often.

The crystal will work its magic without needing any specific rituals or mantras! Allowing yourself to be surrounded by the calming energies of selenite could give you the mental clarity needed to take a step back from stressful situations. This might even allow you to see them from a different perspective and tackle them more effectively.

You can also carry selenite with you throughout the day as a way of keeping calm during moments of high-pressure or frustration. For example, if you're feeling overwhelmed at work then taking out your piece of selenite and holding it in your hand could instantly lower your heart rate and provide an instant sense of peace.

Taking deep breaths whilst focusing on the stone can further enhance this feeling and bring about much-needed relaxation when times get tough! Having access to such soothing energies makes selenite one of the best crystals for relieving anxiety and dealing with life’s challenging moments.

Moss Agate

 Moss Agate is a beautiful and calming crystal that can help you to de-stress and find relief. It's known for its ability to balance energies in your body, providing stress relief when you're feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

The soothing green color of the stone exudes a peaceful energy that brings clarity and restores harmony.When it comes to physical wellbeing, Moss Agate has been used to treat circulatory issues and relieve pain from joint inflammation. Its healing powers are gentle yet powerful; allowing us to let go of any tension held within the body while promoting overall relaxation.

By putting positive vibes into our bodies we can achieve complete calmness - something that's essential when dealing with anxiety or depression. Using Moss Agate regularly will ensure that your energy levels stay balanced throughout the day, leaving you more capable of handling stressful situations without becoming overwhelmed. This amazing crystal is sure to bring peace into your life!

Smoky Quartz 

Smoky quartz is a powerful crystal for reducing stress and anxiety.Smoky quartz works by grounding one's emotions and clearing negative thoughts or feelings. It helps to calm the mind of chaotic noise, allowing for more clarity and focus. This soothing stone also encourages emotional balance in times of distress. It aids in releasing tightness within the body, bringing about relaxation and inner stillness.

With regular use, smoky quartz can help bring about long-term relief from tension and unease due to its comforting vibrations. It gently yet firmly grounds us back into our bodies after periods of mental exhaustion or overwhelm.

Additionally, smoky quartz is known to reduce fear associated with public speaking or any type of presentation situation as it strengthens self-confidence. Its healing energies are said to aid in relieving symptoms caused by depression or trauma while connecting us more deeply with the physical realm through spiritual practice such as meditation or mindfulness exercises.

Even if you don't meditate regularly, simply holding a piece of smoky quartz during stressful moments brings immediate comfort and reassurance when needed most. Therefore, smoky quartz is an ideal companion for anyone looking to de-stress their life - whether it's dealing with everyday anxieties or managing major life changes like breakups or job transitions; promoting a peaceful state of being along the way!

Tiger's Eye 

Next up in this list of the 21 best crystals for helping you de-stress and feel better is Tiger's Eye. Tiger's Eye works by connecting its user to their inner strength and courage; allowing them to move forward despite whatever challenges they may face. Its energies promote determination and perseverance which can help with overcoming any obstacle or personal challenge we are facing.

 This crystal encourages us to take action instead of dwelling on negative thoughts or feelings. When it comes to crystal healing, Tiger's Eye offers many benefits including improved sleep quality, enhanced intuition, increased physical vitality, and boosted confidence levels. Moreover, it also serves to ground its user energetically so that they remain centered when feeling overwhelmed or scattered emotionally.

Overall, Tiger’s Eye is an excellent choice for anyone looking for stress relief or emotional support as well as guidance along their spiritual journey. Not only does it help keep us connected with our higher self but also provides protection from outside influences such as fear-based thinking patterns or low vibrations energy sources. So if you're looking to find your center again, try incorporating some Tiger’s Eye into your daily life!

Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal for helping you de-stress and feel better. It is known to offer spiritual protection, emotional healing, mental clarity and energy cleansing.

Here's what Black Tourmaline can do for you:

* Spiritual Protection: 

* Protects from negative energies

* Connects with the Earth’s energies

* Enhances intuition

* Emotional Healing: 

* Releases stress & anxiety

* Helps gain insight into your emotions & feelings

* Brings inner peace & harmony

* Mental Clarity: 

* Reduces fear & doubt

* Encourages positive thinking patterns & behaviors

 * Energy Cleansing:

* Balances chakras & restores energetic flow through the body

 * Removes built up toxins within the aura & physical body 

Using Black Tourmaline will help you find calming relief when feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. Not only does this crystal bring serenity and relaxation, but also energizes your spirit while providing protection from any external negativity that may be present in your environment.

With its many benefits, Black Tourmaline provides an excellent way to reduce tension, release stress and worry, clear blockages, strengthen confidence and self-esteem - all of which are essential components to leading a happier life.


Angelite is a powerful crystal for stress relief and emotional healing. It comes in the form of light-blue or white stones that are believed to possess strong energy healing properties.

According to recent studies, up to 80% of people who use angelite regularly experience improved mental health and reduced levels of stress. Angelite can be used as part of any crystal healing practice to aid with relaxation and emotional balance. Its calming nature makes it an ideal choice when looking for crystals specifically designed to reduce stress and anxiety.

Angelite also helps promote deep inner peace by blocking out negative energies so you can focus on your own wellbeing. When using angelite, many people find it helpful to keep the stone close during times of stress or emotional turmoil. You could place it on your desk at work, carry it around in your pocket during difficult days, or even meditate with the stone in hand.

 Additionally, some healers recommend placing angelite under one's pillow while sleeping as this has been known to help improve dream recall and encourage restful sleep patterns. It's important when working with angelite that its energy doesn't become drained from being overused too frequently without proper cleansing between uses - something which should be done after every session anyway!

To cleanse the stone correctly, simply run cold water over it until all negativity has been washed away before charging it up again under natural sunlight or moonlight if possible. Doing this will ensure maximum benefit from each session with angelite and help restore both physical and spiritual balance within yourself.

Angelite offers immense potential for anyone seeking stress relief through crystal healing practices – giving you access to calmness amidst chaotic situations and providing clarity in moments where confusion reigns supreme!

 With its ability to ease tension, bring harmony into our lives and offer protection against negative influences, there’s no doubt that this special gemstone deserves recognition as one of the best crystals available today for de-stressing purposes!


Rhodonite is a stunning pink stone that can help bring emotional balance and stress relief. It also serves as a reminder of your inner strength during times of adversity.

The healing properties of rhodonite are believed to activate the heart chakra by creating a connection between our spiritual energies and physical bodies. This helps us achieve equilibrium during moments of confusion or distress. You can also meditate with this crystal; focus on breathing deeply whilst holding it and visualising yourself surrounded by its calming pink light.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, allow rhodonite to restore peace and tranquility into your life so that you can feel better equipped to handle any situation life throws at you.

Green Aventurine 

Moving on from Rhodonite, Green Aventurine is another great crystal for helping you de-stress and feel better.  Green Aventurine helps to promote inner peace by clearing negative thoughts and emotions while encouraging optimism. Its gentle vibrations work to stabilize your moods, allowing you to be more present in the moment without worrying or ruminating over what could have been.

 Additionally, this crystal encourages creativity which is essential if you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a stressful situation. The soothing power of Green Aventurine also extends into spiritual realms as well. Not only does it offer relief from difficult situations but it can also help open up channels of communication with higher sources of wisdom like angels and spirit guides.

Working with this stone will allow you to tap into intuitive knowledge that may not be accessible through traditional means – giving you greater insight into how best to move forward in your life. When used regularly, Green Aventurine can provide lasting relief from everyday anxieties and worries that tend to keep us down.

If you’re looking for something special that will help restore balance within yourself then consider incorporating this beautiful crystal into your life!


Apophyllite is one of the best crystals for helping reduce stress and promote mental health. This crystal radiates calming energy, making it ideal for those who want to bring peace into their lives. Its sparkling appearance is mesmerizing - like a gentle reminder that everything will be alright in the end.

With its beautiful combination of clarity and tranquility, apophyllite can help with both physical and emotional healing.  This crystal's energies are believed to work on a cellular level, aiding in restoring balance throughout the body. It has been used as part of holistic treatments such as yoga and meditation, as well as being employed in traditional crystal healing practices.

Whether worn as jewelry or placed around the home, apophyllite offers a sense of serenity wherever it goes. When choosing stones for stress relief and mental health support, look no further than apophyllite: its calming energy works wonders when combined with positive thinking!

From relieving tension to improving moods and outlooks, this versatile stone is sure to provide comfort no matter how challenging life may seem at times.


The Journey When using crystals for stress relief, it’s important to remember that every crystal has its own unique healing properties and should be treated with respect. Take time to explore each one and see which works best for you on your journey towards inner peace.

 From Lapis Lazuli to Turquoise and Howlite to Fluorite, these 21 crystals have been trusted by many over centuries as reliable sources of energy that will bring balance into your life and ease away any tension or anxiety you may be carrying around with you.  

Final Thoughts So if you're ready to give yourself a much-needed break from all of life's pressures, consider incorporating some of these beautiful crystals into daily meditation practice or simply keep them nearby when needed as gentle reminders that everything is going to be alright in the end - no matter what kind of storm you might currently be facing!


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