Things To Consider How To Cleanse Crystals

Things To Consider How To Cleanse Crystals

Are you looking to cleanse your crystals?From using saltwater baths to burying them in the earth, these nine methods will provide a comprehensive overview of how to keep your precious stones safe from negative energy while still harnessing their full potential.

From experienced crystal healers to those just getting started on their spiritual journey with crystals - there's something here for everyone! So if you're ready to learn more about how to protect and cleanse your crystals, let's dive right in!

Definition Of Crystals

I'm sure many of us have seen crystals in some form or another—jewelry, decoration pieces, and even on our phones! Crystals are solid formations made up of atoms that come together in a very specific pattern.

Natural crystals are formed by minerals slowly growing over time as they cool down from high temperatures underground.

Manmade crystals are created through various processes such as heating different chemicals until they form into one solid material with a crystalline structure. Both natural and man-made crystals each hold special meaning and value depending on their color, size, shape, and chemical makeup.

Understanding what makes each type of crystal unique is key when deciding how to properly cleanse them for maximum benefit. Depending on the type of crystal you have, there may be certain methods best suited for cleansing it correctly and efficiently.

Physical Characteristics Of Crystals

Crystals are simply stunning! They come in an astonishing array of shapes, formations and colors. Some have a vibrant hue with razor sharp clarity while others possess an opaque matte finish. Crystal hardness can also vary greatly depending on the type.

When it comes to shape, crystals form into many different configurations such as cubes, pyramids or geodesic domes. Even though some appear hard-edged at first glance, they often contain soft curved surfaces that make them truly unique.

Color is another factor which helps to differentiate between types of crystals. For instance, amethyst has a deep purple tone while quartz appears transparent with subtle hues of pink and blue throughout its structure. The level of clarity will also play a role in how beautiful each crystal looks when held up to the light.

No matter what kind you choose for yourself, there's no denying these gems bring joy to all who behold them! With proper cleansing rituals you can ensure your stones retain their natural beauty and luster for years to come - allowing the vibrations from their power to remain strong throughout time.

Types Of Cleansing

Now that we have explored the physical characteristics of crystals, let's move on to discuss different types of cleansing. Cleansing is essential for any crystal because it removes unwanted energies and allows the stone to become attuned with its owner. There are multiple ways you can cleanse your stones and some methods work better than others depending on the type of crystal.

The most common type of crystal cleansing is energy cleansing which involves using sound or water to remove negative energies from a stone’s surface. This method works best when paired with meditation and prayer as it helps to open up spiritual channels within the crystal itself.

 Other forms of energy-based cleaning include smudging, where smoke from sacred herbs such as sage or palo santo are used to purify a stone’s energetic field; and aura cleansing, where light energy is passed through each point in an area being cleansed.

Finally, there's spiritual clearing which uses intention or visualization techniques in order to clear out old beliefs and patterns held within a stone’s vibrational signature. Crystals with strong metaphysical properties often benefit from this practice as it helps them reach their full potential.

All these methods should be done regularly so that your crystals remain vibrant and energized!

Preparing Your Crystal For Cleansing

When preparing my crystals for cleansing, I also take care to make sure they are in optimal condition by checking them thoroughly for any chips or cracks. If there are any visible signs of damage, then I would avoid using said crystal for cleansing purposes.  

When preparing a crystal for cleansing, you'll want to set an intention for what purpose the crystal will serve once cleansed. Setting your intention helps create focus on why you are doing the cleansing ritual in the first place which adds power and energy to the process. It could be something as simple as "I am clearing away all negativity from my life".

Writing down an affirmation such as this before beginning can help manifest positive energy into your practice. Once you have prepared both yourself and your crystal for cleansing, it’s time to start! Depending on what type of cleaning technique you plan on using—such as smudging with incense sticks or submerging in salt water—you should ensure that the environment around you is conducive to the activity at hand; ideally quiet and spacious so that no external energies disrupt your process. With these elements taken care of, now you’re ready to begin!

Methods For Crystal Cleansing:


Now that your crystal is cleansed and ready for its next use, you can start exploring the power of eclipses. An eclipse is a powerful time to work with crystals as it brings an energy of transformation and renewal. To make the most of this special period in your life, consider connecting with eclipse rituals, magic, symbolism, healing and meditation.

Eclipse rituals are quite popular when using crystals during this transformative phase. These rituals allow us to tap into the energies present in our lives during the eclipse season. They may involve setting intention or offering prayers while holding our stones or meditating on them.

Through these practices we learn to trust our intuition more deeply allowing us to access deeper layers of self-awareness and understanding. When working with eclipse magic and symbolism there are many ways to explore how they intertwine with crystals.

Eclipse symbols can be used to represent spiritual growth and transition while also representing different cosmic forces at play in our lives such as fate versus free will or dark versus light. When combined with crystals, these symbols become even more potent tools for manifesting desired outcomes through their magical properties.

Additionally, if you feel drawn towards certain stones during the eclipse season, take note as it could be a sign from Spirit guiding you along your journey! For those seeking deeper healing opportunities during an eclipseseason try experimenting with different types of meditations involving your chosen stone(s).

Connecting yourself to Earth's rhythms allows us to experience greater clarity within ourselves which then leads us closer towards achieving personal goals whether they be physical emotional or mental in nature. So close your eyes, hold onto your crystal and let go into whatever feelings come up—you never know what kind of insights lie just beyond the surface until you take the leap!


Smudging is an ancient practice used to cleanse crystals, as well as the aura and spiritual energy of a person or space. It involves burning herbs, usually white sage, in order to release smoke that cleanses the environment. This type of cleansing can be done with intention and prayer for further spiritual purification. Smudging should be done with respect and reverence for its traditional roots and healing powers.

You may want to start by lighting your chosen herb on fire until it starts smoking before blowing out of flame.Then move around the area where you wish to cleanse while wafting the smoke using either a fan or your hands. Doing this will help spread the smoke throughout the entire room or designated space more evenly.

As you do this, focus on your intentions for cleansing and visualize a bright light coming down from the Universe which removes all negative energies within that particular space or person’s auric field. Once complete, allow adequate time for any lingering smoke to dissipate before extinguishing what’s left of the smoldering herb residue into a heatproof bowl filled with sand or soil.

To finish off your crystal cleansing ritual, thank Spirit and close off your ceremony in gratitude!

Moonlight Or Sunlight

Moonlight or sunlight cleansing is an effective way to cleanse your crystals. Moonlight has a special energy that can help clear negative energies from the stones. The light of the moon is believed to be especially helpful during new and full moons, when it's said to be at its most powerful. Sunlight is also great for cleaning crystals because it provides them with solar energy.

Here’s a list of ways you can use these two sources of natural power in crystal cleansing:

  1. Place your crystals outdoors under the rays of the sun or moon depending on which one you want to use for purification
  2. Put your crystals out during each lunar phase if you want to make sure they are cleansed regularly
  3. Make sure that your crystals don't stay exposed too long so their beauty isn't affected by UV radiation damage

 No matter which method you choose, both moonlight and sunlight offer beneficial energetic properties that will give your crystals a deep cleansing and reset. With either source, allow yourself plenty of time for the process as well as quiet reflection so that any negativity removed from your stone is replaced with positive energy before returning indoors.

Visualization Techniques

Have you ever tried to use your imagination to cleanse a crystal? Visualization is an effective technique for cleansing crystals. It involves focusing on the energy of the crystal and visualizing it becoming clear and free from any negative or unwanted energies.

By using visualizations we can connect more deeply with the intention behind crystal cleansing. We can imagine ourselves surrounded by white light and sending out this pure energy into the crystal, clearing away any impurities or negativity.

We can also envision a bright light shining down on the crystal, filling it with positive energy that radiates outward in all directions. The goal of these visualization techniques is not only to cleanse the crystal but also to empower ourselves with new clarity.

As we visualize ourselves cleansing our crystals, we may find that they become not just physically cleaner but energetically lighter too! It’s important to remember that while there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to crystal cleansing, visualizing yourself doing so can be incredibly beneficial and rewarding.

Sound Baths

Moving away from visualization techniques, let's explore sound baths as an effective way to cleanse crystals. A crystal sound bath is a type of sonic cleansing and it involves using the vibrations of crystal singing bowls for healing purposes. The result is an immersive experience that can help align one’s physical, mental and spiritual energy.

Here are 3 ways a sound bath can be used for crystal cleansing:

- Using low frequencies in various notes to create an intentional atmosphere conducive to releasing negativity and blockages.

- Offering up specific affirmations while playing the bowl, allowing you to focus your intent on what needs healing or clearing.

- Utilizing sacred chants, toning or mantras within the sound bath which will increase their potency when combined with crystal healing energies.

Sound bathing with crystals has been found to have many positive benefits such as reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation.

Breathwork Meditation Technique

I'm a huge fan of crystal cleansing methods, and one of my favorite is the Breathwork Meditation Technique. This technique works by engaging your breath and mind to cleanse away any negative energy from crystals. It's an incredibly powerful tool for releasing stagnant energies that can build up in crystals over time.

Visualize white light engulfing the crystal as you inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly out of your mouth. As you breathe into the crystal, imagine all unwanted energies leaving with each exhalation. Focus on this visualization for about 10-15 minutes before opening your eyes and thanking the crystal for its service.

Afterwards, I like to place the crystal under running water to complete the cleaning process, but you could also smudge it with sage or bury it in sea salt overnight depending on what feels right for you and your stone.

Cleansing crystals regularly using techniques like Breathwork Meditation ensures they stay vibrant and energized so they can continue providing us with their healing benefits!

Flower Petal Cleanse

Another effective way to cleanse crystals is through a flower petal cleanse. Flower petals contain energy that can be used to remove negative energy from your crystals and bring them back into balance. This ritual requires you to use either fresh or dried flower petals, depending on what’s available in your area.

- Gather the flowers of your choice and place them on the top of cloth.

- Place your crystal in the centre of the cloth and wrap it snugly with flower petals.You may also want to add other items such as herbs or incense sticks if desired.

- Hold the bundle in both hands and visualize white light coming down from above while repeating positive affirmations or mantras that help focus on cleansing energies onto the crystal.

- Once finished, dispose of the flowers away from home – ideally bury them in nature or throw them into running water such as a river or stream.

This flower petal cleanse has many benefits including increased clarity and insight, enhanced spiritual protection, improved self-confidence, heightened intuition and more!

Additionally, by using natural elements like flowers for healing purposes you can create a powerful connection with Mother Earth which will lead to even greater results when working with crystals!

Water Cleanse

It's time that you give your crystals a good cleansing.

Crystal water - made by soaking your stones in purified or spring water mixed with sea salt overnight - will help remove any negative energy from them and restore their natural vibration. If you prefer an even more powerful cleanse, try taking a full moon bath with your crystals in tow. The light of the moon not only adds extra power to the process but also helps enhance the metaphysical properties of your stones.

Whatever method you choose, don't forget to thank the elements for assisting you in cleaningse your precious crystals afterwards! It's important to show appreciation, so take some time out of your day to express gratitude before using them again.

Earth Burial

Earth burial is one of the most popular methods used to cleanse and charge crystals.First, choose a spot where you can bury your crystal without disturbing anyone or anything else. You’ll also want to make sure the area isn’t prone to flooding or other environmental hazards that could potentially damage the crystal over time.

Lastly, be mindful of any local laws when choosing an area for your sacred burial. Next, decide how deep and long you would like to bury your crystal. Some people prefer shallow burials so they can easily retrieve their stones at a later date if needed; however, others opt for deeper graves as this allows more time for cleansing and charging in the Earth's energies.

Finally, once everything is ready, take some time to offer thanksgiving or prayers before placing the stone into its new home beneath the ground.

Recharging Your Crystal

Recharging your crystal can be a beneficial part of the cleansing process. Recharging helps to restore the power and energy in crystals, making them ready to use again for their intended purpose. There are several methods one can use to recharge a crystal.

The first method is direct sunlight or moonlight exposure. This allows the natural light from the sun or moon to bathe your crystal with its healing powers. It's important not to leave it too long though as this can cause damage due to overheating or fading of color pigments.

The second recharging method involves placing your crystal on top of other stones like quartz clusters. This creates an environment where energy from both stones interact with each other and help cleanse and activate it’s powers even further.

Lastly, putting your crystals within range of sound vibrations such as singing bowls and chimes helps create a type of sonic bath that will benefit many types of crystals including:

  • Quartz Crystals:
  • Clear Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Gemstones:
  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Citrine

Using any combination of these techniques should result in increased clarity and activation when using your crystal while practicing meditation or any spiritual practices you may have!

Storing Your Crystal

First of all, make sure your crystals are cleansed before store them. This will help ensure any negative energy absorbed during its use has been fully released so that the crystal can remain pure until next time you bring out into the light again.

To do this, simply hold your crystal under running water for about five minutes while visualizing all negativity being cleansed away by the flow of fresh water. You can also add a few drops of sea salt solution to further enhance cleansing properties if desired.

The second step involves choosing an appropriate container for keeping your crystals safe and secure. A wooden box works best as wood is naturally conductive and non-corrosive which prevents corrosion over time due to humidity levels or chemical agents found in most plastics boxes or containers.

Make sure there’s plenty of space between each crystal so they don’t rub against one another causing possible physical damage or abrasion marks during handling or transport.

Additionally, wrap several layers of soft cloth around each individual piece before placing inside the box; this helps provide extra cushioning support should anything unexpected occur while moving around with the box itself.

Finally, store your crystals in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight exposure since ultraviolet rays can cause discoloration over time due to prolonged oxidation processes taking effect upon their surfaces. Of course, these simple steps may seem like common sense but following them closely ensures optimal protection and longevity when caring for your beloved collection of repurposed gems!



Should I Cleanse My New Crystals?

Have you ever experienced the joy of unboxing a new crystal? It’s an exciting moment, like opening a present!New crystals can often come with residual energy from their previous owners and cleansing is essential to ensure that all negative energies are cleared away.

Cleansing new crystals helps to reset the stone's vibration so they work effectively when used in rituals or meditations. There are several ways to do this - smudging with sage smoke, placing them under moonlight or burying them in salt or sand – whatever feels right for you and your crystals will be perfect!

As long as you take care to properly cleanse each new crystal before use, it'll be sure to serve its purpose perfectly!

How Often Should I Cleanse My Gemstones?

If they're being worn or stored away from strong energy sources like electronics, then an occasional deep cleanse once a month should be sufficient. Generally speaking, establishing a regular cleansing cycle for your stones can help ensure that they remain clear and free of negative energies.

A suggested timespan could range anywhere from two to four weeks depending on their usage, but again this varies by individual stone and circumstances. When possible, try to check in with yourself energetically when deciding on crystal cleaning intervals so that you know your stones are always at their best!

How Do I Know When A Stone Is Cleansed?

Ah, the age-old question! When to cleanse a stone - that is often a conundrum. After all, one doesn't want to be hasty and run out of crystals too soon or have to keep cleansing them again and again because they weren't ‘cleansed’ well enough in the first place.

The truth is that there are signs for when your stones need energy refreshing which you can use as an indicator for when to cleanse.You may notice a lack of vibrancy or dullness in its colouring or even feel less connected with it than usual - these are telltale signs that suggest your crystal could benefit from cleansing.

Of course, if it has been exposed to any kind of negative energy such as being around someone who was angry or upset then clearing those energies away would be paramount before using them again in healing work. Ultimately only you know what feels right for your crystals; just trust yourself and follow whatever intuition guides you on their journey towards purification.


Whether you choose water cleansing, earth burial or recharging with moonlight, all of these methods are great ways to get rid of any negative energy and restore balance within your stones. The more effort you put into keeping your crystals cleansed and energized, the better they will work for you!

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