Tips on combining lapis lazuli

Tips on combining lapis lazuli with other crystals

Tips On Combining Lapis Lazuli With Other Crystals 

  1. Use Lapis Lazuli to open and activate the Third Eye Chakra. Pairing it with Amethyst can help to enhance the spiritual connection of this chakra.
  2. Lapis Lazuli can be combined with Clear Quartz to help cleanse and amplify the energy of the stone.
  3. Place Lapis Lazuli near Sodalite to help aid in communication and intuition.
  4. Combine Lapis Lazuli with Hematite to help ground and protect from negative energies.
  5. Place Lapis Lazuli near Moldavite to help create a strong connection to the spiritual realm.
  6. Use Lapis Lazuli with Rose Quartz to help bring in more love and compassion into your life.


 Definition Of Lapis Lazuli  

It's a protective stone that helps to bring inner peace and clarity of thought. In addition to boosting your intuition, it can improve communication skills by aiding in verbal expression.  

On a physical level, lapis lazuli offers protection against negative energies as well as promoting better sleep patterns when kept near the bed at night. 

 Additionally, some believe that wearing or carrying this stone will shield them from psychic attacks and harm caused by other people’s ill intentions.  

Properties And Benefits Of Lapis Lazuli  

This makes it an excellent crystal to use during meditation or any time we need emotional support. Another one of its spiritual benefits is helping with spiritual awakening and intuitive awareness.  

Lapis Lazuli works on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – making it a valuable addition to anyone’s metaphysical toolkit! With regular use, this crystal will help bring balance, clarity and peace into your life while providing emotional strength when needed. 

 Types Of Crystals To Use With Lapis Lazuli  

When it comes to combining lapis lazuli with other crystals, the possibilities are as vast and colorful as a rainbow.  

Amethyst's purple hues bring out the hidden depths within lapis' azure facade while amplifying its spiritual energy at the same time.  

Black obsidian also pairs well with lapis because of its ability to connect us to our higher self – an essential component of lapis' healing powers.  

Fluorite brings clarity and focus to any combination, which makes it great to use if you're looking for guidance or insight from your crystals.  

Citrine helps open up communication channels between different parts of your life while selenite is a powerful stone for clearing away negativity and bringing harmony into any situation. These two crystals help make sure that all energies remain positive when working with lapis lazuli and enhance its healing abilities even further.  

It's difficult to go wrong when mixing together these beautiful gems; each adds their own unique properties creating something special every time. When combined properly, they create a synergy where each part works towards getting the best out of the others - just like pieces in a puzzle coming together perfectly!  

Combining Different Color Variations Of Lapis Lazuli  

These varying colors create stunning blends when mixed together. This will create a beautiful display of contrasting blue tones. Choose stones in complementary blues, greens, and purples and arrange them so the different shades are evenly spread throughout your design.  

You'll be amazed at how the vibrant colors come alive when they're blended together! No matter which technique you choose, exploring the different color variations of lapis lazuli is sure to bring out its natural beauty - and help create some truly breathtaking combinations! 

 How To Use Crystals In Combination With Lapis Lazuli  

Lapis lazuli is a powerful stone that has been used for centuries in healing and spiritual work. According to recent studies, it can be found naturally in over 90 countries around the world! When using lapis lazuli with other crystals, you can create beautiful and effective combinations for various purposes. 

 One popular combination is amethyst + lapis lazuli. This pairing helps open up the third eye and crown chakras, promoting intuitive insight and helping one gain clarity during spiritual practices. It's especially useful during dream work as it aids in lucid dreaming. Rose quartz + lapis lazuli is another noteworthy combination; this duo encourages self-love and understanding while also aiding with emotional release. 

 There are many more crystal combinations you can make when working with lapis lazuli - just use your intuition to select which stones will best suit your needs. Experimenting with different crystals allows us to connect deeply both spiritually and emotionally, so don't hesitate to explore new possibilities! 

 Balancing Negative Energies With A Crystal Combination  

When used in conjunction with other healing stones, lapis lazuli helps to break up and disperse any stagnant or negative energy that may have accumulated within an individual’s aura. 

 To combine lapis lazuli with other crystals, choose stones known for their properties related to cleansing and clearing out negativity such as hematite, selenite, black tourmaline, obsidian and amethyst.  

Place these crystals around your space or on your body while holding lapis lazuli in your hand or close by. You might also want to consider placing them around you during meditation or simply having them nearby when needed throughout the day. 

 Visualize all of the negative energy dispersing from your body into the crystals until they are cleared away completely.  

By using different combinations of crystals together with lapis lazuli, you can effectively clear away any lingering darkness which may be preventing you from feeling balanced and at peace. Crystal healing has been practiced since ancient times as a way of restoring balance and harmony back into our lives – why not give it a try today? 

 Enhancing Positive Energies With A Crystal Combination  

From the depths of negative energy, we now turn to the light of positive energies.  

  1. Amethyst - This purple stone works in tandem with lapis lazuli to raise your vibration levels and attract more love and compassion into your life.
  2. Selenite – When combined with lapis lazuli, selenite helps increase focus and mental clarity, allowing you to stay connected with your highest self.
  3. Citrine – Citrine amplifies the power of lapis lazuli’s ability to foster joy and creativity while also promoting abundance in all areas of life.
  4. Turquoise – The perfect complement for Lapis Lazuli, turquoise encourages balance between body and spirit by calming emotions and strengthening intuition so that one may better hear their inner guidance system.

By combining these stones together as part of a crystal combination, you will be able to magnify their powers even further! You will feel empowered as heightened frequencies expand within you; allowing you access to higher realms that were previously inaccessible due to blockages or stagnant energies surrounding them. Open yourself up today and experience the true potentiality of utilizing crystals for healing purposes! 

 Creating Customized Crystal Combinations For Specific Purposes  

 Different crystal combinations can have different effects depending on what kind of spiritual work they are being used for. Lapis Lazuli is often associated with inner peace and wisdom, so it may be beneficial when combined with other crystals that promote calming energies or provide guidance.  

Crystals such as selenite, amethyst and quartz can pair nicely with lapis lazuli due to their peaceful vibrations and ability to help one remain grounded while meditating or doing spiritual work. Selenite also helps clear out any negative energy that might interfere with the desired outcome of the ritual or practice.  

Amethyst is known for its properties related to tranquillity and protection from harm - both physical and emotional - making it another great choice for an accompaniment stone alongside lapis lazuli. 

 Finally, quartz has many positive attributes including clarity of thought and amplifying the power of whatever stones it’s paired with, making it a powerful addition to any crystal combination involving lapis lazuli.  

Ultimately, creating customized combinations using crystals like lapis lazuli allows us to enhance our connection with higher realms and manifest our goals more easily based on whichever intentions we set forth upon beginning this sacred process.  

By carefully considering which type of stones best suit our needs in terms of their individual qualities as well as how they interact energetically together, we can begin crafting unique custom-made combinations tailored specifically towards achieving whatever results we desire most deeply within ourselves.  

Charging And Cleansing Crystal Combinations  

When combining lapis lazuli with other crystals, it's important to think of the union as a sacred pairing. This is because together, these two powerful elements form something greater than either could achieve alone - an energy that can be used for spiritual work.  

When charging and cleansing crystal combinations like this one, we’re essentially amplifying their individual energies and creating a harmonious balance between them. 

 The first step when using lapis lazuli in combination with any other crystal is to cleanse each element separately before joining them. To do this, place your chosen stones around you while setting an intention; visualize the negative energy being released from both elements into the air and then replaced by positive vibrations. 

 Once they are cleansed individually, it's time to combine them! Hold both stones in your hands at once or keep them close together on your altar - whatever feels right to you! You can even draw symbols or sigils of protection over them if desired.  

Through meditation, connect yourself to both elements and set another intention; visualize your desired outcome for the union of these two special stones. If successful, you should feel a shift in the atmosphere around you that indicates their combined power has been activated. Now all that remains is to use this magical energy for its intended purpose: whether that be healing work, connecting more deeply with spirit guides or just boosting creativity and intuition!  

Wearing Or Carrying Crystal Combinations  

You could even just keep the combination on an altar space that you use for meditation and crystal healing sessions. Combining multiple crystals together can help create unique energies that resonate deeply within us.  

For example, lapis lazuli carries powerful protection energies which will work synergistically when combined with other protective stones like black tourmaline or snowflake obsidian. Similarly, if you want to bring more positivity into your life, then combining it with rose quartz or amethyst might be beneficial.  

No matter what type of mix of crystals you choose, wearing or carrying them around consistently can help imbue yourself with their positive vibrations throughout the day - helping you become more grounded and aligned with your highest self!  

Placing Crystal Combinations In The Home Or Office  

When combining lapis lazuli with other crystals, it's important to consider where you will be placing the crystal combination. Placing a combination of crystals in your home can bring positive energy and help balance energies in the environment.  

For example, this could mean putting them around common areas or near beds for healing properties while sleeping. It’s also important to think about how many different types of stones are being used together and what effects they may have on one another.  

In an office setting, a combination of lapis lazuli and other crystals can help create a calming atmosphere that promotes productivity. This is especially helpful when placed in work spaces such as cubicles, desks or meeting rooms. These combinations should be thoughtfully chosen based on their individual meanings and properties - some stones may even interact negatively if put together too close to each other.  

To ensure maximum benefits from these combinations, it's best to place them strategically throughout your living space so that everyone is receiving positive vibes from the stones' energies. Whether at home or at work, using crystal combinations with lapis lazuli can help create a more harmonious and balanced environment for all those involved! 

 Healing Work With Crystal Combinations  

Have you ever wondered if combining lapis lazuli with other crystals can give an added boost to your healing work? 

 It's a theory that has been gaining traction in the crystal healing and energy healing communities, as people have reported having powerful spiritual experiences when using specific combinations of stones. It makes sense that layering different energies could lead to enhanced effects; each type of stone carries its own vibration which is believed to interact with the body’s energetic field in unique ways.   

You may find yourself feeling energized and balanced, or discover new insights about areas where you need further healing. Keep track of any changes you experience so you know what works for your individual needs.  

Spiritual Work With Crystal Combinations  

As we consider crystal combinations for spiritual work, it's important to recognize the potential of lapis lazuli. This stone is known for its powerful connection with spirituality and can be used in many ways to further explore one’s inner self.  

It has been said that by combining lapis lazuli with other crystals, one can gain a deeper understanding of their own spirit world and access higher planes of existence. One way that lapis lazuli can be combined with another crystal is through dream work. 

 By placing both stones on your nightstand or under your pillow before bed, you may experience more vivid dreams and help process deep-seated emotions while sleeping. 

 Another use of this combination is for protection against negative energy, as the two crystals together create an energetic shield around you during times when you feel vulnerable or exposed.  

Finally, if you're looking to use crystal combinations for spiritual healing, then pairing lapis lazuli with carnelian is recommended. Carnelian helps open up channels within yourself so that divine knowledge can flow freely - and when paired with lapis lazuli, it amplifies these effects even further. Together they offer insight and clarity into any issues related to emotional pain or trauma you might be facing; allowing you to gain greater perspective and find peace within yourself.  

Dream Work With Crystal Combinations  

When combining lapis lazuli with other crystals, there are many ways to use the combination for dream work. Crystals can enhance one's ability to interpret and recall dreams as well as facilitate lucid dreaming. 

 For example, when combined with amethyst or moonstone, lapis lazuli helps increase intuition and insight during dream interpretation. When placed on the third eye chakra before bedtime, this crystal combination aids in calming the mind and setting an intention for dreamwork.  

Another great way to use a lapis-related crystal combination is by placing them around your pillow at night. The energy from these crystals will help promote relaxation and aid in deep sleep so that you experience more vivid and meaningful dreams.  

This crystal combo can also be used for meditation prior to going to sleep, allowing yourself to connect deeper with the energies of each stone while focusing on what you want to learn from your dreams. The possibilities are endless when it comes to usinglapis lazuli with other crystals for dream work - just remember to find what works best for you! Experimenting with different combinations may lead you to discover special powers within yourself or provide valuable insights into issues in your life that need further exploration.  

Protection From Negativity With A Crystal Combination  

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal which can be used to protect against negative energies and create shielding. Combining Lapis Lazuli with other crystals creates an even stronger barrier of protection, enabling us to ward off negativity while simultaneously enhancing our spiritual awakening.  

Firstly, combining Lapis Lazuli with Amethyst will help amplify the protective properties of both stones. This combination helps provide extra strength when it comes to fending off negative influences. Not only does this pairing offer physical protection but also psychological and emotional security as well. It acts like a shield for our consciousness that enables us to remain positive in challenging situations.  

On the other hand, combining Lapis Lazuli with Clear Quartz amplifies the power of intuition and encourages profound inner knowledge. In addition, this combination offers psychic protection from dark forces by raising your vibration and providing clarity on matters related to spirituality or personal growth.  

The two crystals together form a solid wall of defense against any malicious energy that may come your way. It's important to remember that using a crystal combination doesn't just mean placing the stones together - it requires intention setting and visualization too.  

When we focus our thoughts on protecting ourselves with these precious gemstones, their energetic potential becomes significantly more effective at deflecting unwanted energies away from us  


We should never underestimate the power of combining different types of crystals together for healing purposes; it has been used since ancient times for its ability to help us find greater inner-peace and understanding within ourselves. 

 Combining lapis lazuli with other like-minded crystals helps create something special—a unique blend of colors, shapes, and energies that work harmoniously together to bring out the best in all involved. The beauty of crystal combinations lies in their potential: when each piece is brought together, they provide us with hope, insight, strength, clarity, protection from negativity and more.  

As long as you remember to trust your intuition while working with them, you will no doubt reap the rewards! 

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