Top 20 Crystals For Communication That'll Make You A Better Communicator

Top 20 Crystals For Communication That'll Make You A Better Communicator

From helping with emotional healing to providing physical strength, these beautiful stones are known for their spiritual properties as well.When it comes to communication, certain types of crystal have been proven to boost clarity when speaking and aid in understanding what others are saying.

No matter if you are looking for specific or just want some general advice on how to improve your communication skills, this article will provide all the necessary information.

So let’s drive right into the top 20 crystals that will set you up for success in terms of talking and interacting with people.

Definition Of Crystals

Crystals are minerals that form into geometric shapes, such as cubes or pyramids. So what are crystals?

Basically, they are powerful tools that can be used for healing, manifesting goals, enhancing spiritual growth and improving communication skills. Crystal healing involves placing a particular crystal near your body so it can absorb its vibrations and transfer them to your chakras (energy centers).  For example, some crystals like quartz or amethyst will bring clarity and focus while others like jade or rose quartz promote love and compassion.

Benefits Of Using Crystals For Communication

Now that you know the definition of crystals, it's time to explore their communication benefits. Using crystals for communication can make you a better communicator and help your relationships become more understanding and meaningful. Crystal healing is an ancient practice used to harness the power of crystal properties to promote positive self-expression through communication. When using certain crystals for communication, they can open up your throat chakra which helps enhance verbal expression.

Amethyst is one such crystal specifically known for its ability to increase inner strength when speaking out loud. It also boosts intuitive abilities so that we have greater insight into our conversations with others.

Aventurine is another helpful stone as it gives us clarity on what needs to be said in difficult conversations or during heated debates. This encourages us to express ourselves honestly while still being respectful and compassionate towards each other’s feelings. Citrine promotes clear thinking before engaging in conversation with someone else which allows us to remain rational instead of getting carried away by emotions. Rutilated Quartz too is great for improving mental agility so that we are able to think quickly on our feet without sounding flustered or nervous when communicating with people who may intimidate us.

Rose quartz is perfect if you want to communicate from a place of love and compassion as this crystal has strong connections with heart energy - just like how Sodalite brings balance between logic and emotion when it comes to problem solving through dialogue with others.

Using these crystals together will not only improve our confidence but also allow us to come across as intelligent yet thoughtful individuals who strive for harmony even in tense situations. As such, incorporating them into our everyday lives will ultimately lead us along the path of becoming a better communicator!

How To Use Crystals For Communication 

Have you ever felt like a better communicator was just around the corner? You know, that moment when everything clicks and it feels effortless to express yourself. Well, with crystals for communication, that moment can become a reality! For example, certain stones such as rose quartz or blue lace agate can be used to enhance our ability to listen deeply and understand what other people are saying without getting lost in our own thoughts or feelings. Other crystals such as amazonite also have strong calming properties which helps us stay focused during conversations and not get distracted by outside influences.

In addition to using specific types of crystals to enhance communication, there is also the practice of setting crystal grids. This involves placing several different types of crystals in an intentional pattern within a grid formation which amplifies their collective energy and helps create deeper connections between those involved in the conversation.

It’s important to note however that this should only be done after consulting with a qualified expert who can explain how each crystal contributes towards enhancing your communications. No matter how you choose to use them, crystals for communication offer tremendous potential for improving one's ability to communicate effectively and confidently - something we could all benefit from!  

Top 20 Crystals for Better Communication:


Moonstone possesses powerful properties that can be used in communication.  When using moonstone as part of your communication practice, you will also enjoy some healing benefits as well. The stone works by balancing emotions and calming stress levels which can often interfere with successful communication skills.

Furthermore, being able to better understand oneself makes understanding others much easier - a key component for great communicators! As if these weren't enough reasons already, moonstone also acts like an emotional shield so that we don’t become overwhelmed by other peoples energies during conversations.

With this crystal on our side, we can remain centered and focused while speaking to maintain control over our words and actions no matter what kind of situation arises. All these qualities make moonstone essential for anyone looking to enhance their skill set in communicating powerfully and effectively with others.


Amazonite is one of the top 20 crystals for communication that can make you a better communicator. It has a range of crystal uses, from healing to enhancing mental clarity and communication. This stunning blue-green stone is great for peaceful interactions and calming conversations. Amazonite helps us to speak our truth with confidence while remaining open and receptive to others’ perspectives. Through its metaphysical properties, it encourages us to be mindful and patient when communicating with others in order to gain understanding and foster mutual respect. Here are some ways this crystal can help:

•Enhances verbal expression: Amazonite helps articulate thoughts more effectively so we feel confident expressing ourselves clearly.

•Facilitates two-way conversation: This crystal stimulates dialogue by allowing both parties involved in the discussion to openly share their ideas without fear or judgement.

•Encourages active listening: By promoting healthy communication habits such as active listening, Amazonite ensures all sides of an issue are heard before any conclusions can be reached. In addition, Amazonite also aids in improving self-expression as well as helping individuals communicate their feelings more authentically through its powerful energy vibrations.  


The crystal’s blue hue reflects its calming nature which helps reduce stress and anxiety when speaking or listening to others.As a result, this crystal encourages honest conversations while allowing both parties involved to feel heard and respected.

Aside from aiding in verbal communication, aquamarine can also enhance non-verbal exchanges like body language or facial expressions which are equally important in any conversation. Its energy will encourage openness and understanding between two individuals even if they don't share the same point of view or beliefs because it eliminates tension and clears away any negative vibes surrounding the situation.

Using aquamarine in your everyday life can truly be transformative; not only will it make you a better communicator but it'll also boost your confidence, self-expression, empathy towards others, problem solving skills and more!

Blue Lace Agate 

Blue Lace Agate is one of the most powerful communication stones for encouraging clear, honest, and effective communication. The blue color of this agate stone represents truth, wisdom, and protection from negative energy; it also encourages self-expression and clarity when speaking or writing. Furthermore, Blue Lace Agate increases our willingness to listen carefully to others without becoming judgmental or dismissive.

This makes it an excellent choice if you want to be a better communicator by being more understanding and compassionate towards other's perspectives. This beautiful crystal carries an abundance of positive energies which can help us maintain healthy relationships with those around us.

Its soothing vibrations bring harmony into all forms of communication while reducing stress levels during difficult conversations. By working with this magical crystal we become aware of how our words affect ourselves and others so we can make conscious decisions about what we say before it’s too late.


Now that we’ve discussed Blue Lace Agate, let's move on to Chrysocolla. This beautiful blue and green crystal is an effective stone for communication because of its healing properties. It has a powerful calming energy which can help one find their voice and speak with greater clarity and confidence.

Chrysocolla helps bring emotional balance and understanding of the importance of clear boundaries when communicating with others. It also helps dissolve self-limiting beliefs that may be standing in the way of healthy relationships. The chrysocolla meaning encourages us to stay open to constructive feedback from others so that we can learn how to better express ourselves.

Additionally, it strengthens our connection with nature, allowing us to draw inspiration from Mother Nature herself! The uses of Chryscolla are vast - it boosts creativity, enhances intuition, and encourages us to find joy in all aspects of life. Its energies also support emotional healing by helping us see things from another perspective and making positive changes in our lives based on this newfound insight. Lastly, Chrysocolla provides emotional comfort during times of confusion or stress—helping us feel safe enough to take chances in life without fear of failure or disappointment.

Chrysocolla makes a great addition to any crystal collection as it offers many benefits for improving communication skills. From providing emotional balance and dissolving self-limiting beliefs, to boosting creativity and enhancing intuition – Chrysocolla is truly a wonderful tool for achieving more mindful conversations and meaningful connections with those around you!


Fluorite is an incredible crystal for communication that can help us become better communicators. It’s a powerful crystal healing stone with spiritual guidance, mental clarity and wisdom. Fluorite strengthens our energy field so we have the strength to express ourselves, while also giving us insight into how others are feeling or thinking.

Here are three reasons why fluorite should be one of your top crystals for communication:

•It helps clear up any confusion in our thoughts or words by promoting mental clarity–so you don't get tongue-tied during important conversations.

•Fluorite brings balance to our emotions and feelings, allowing us to communicate more effectively without getting overly emotional.

•This crystal guides us through difficult conversations, providing courage and support when it feels like things might go wrong. It's no surprise that this amazing crystal has been used as one of the most popular communication stones throughout history!

In ancient times, shamans believed that the power of fluorite could provide insights into another person's thoughts and feelings, making them invaluable for diplomatic negotiations between two warring factions.

Today, many people use fluorite to meditate on their own inner truth before engaging in meaningful conversations with others. By keeping a piece close at hand during interactions, you'll find yourself communicating much more clearly and confidently than ever before!

Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal for communication, as well as being a grounding stone and energy cleanser. It's also known to be the "stone of total awareness" because it helps enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. This dark blue gemstone has long been used in spiritual practices to open up pathways of communication between the physical and spiritual realms.

When meditating with Lapis Lazuli, you can draw on its energy to help clear away mental blocks that are preventing you from communicating effectively. Its calming vibrations will give you clarity when speaking or writing so that you can express yourself more clearly without fear or hesitation.

By working with this crystal, you'll find yourself feeling more confident and able to articulate your thoughts more precisely. You may also use Lapis Lazuli during crystal healing sessions. By placing it directly on any part of the body which feels tense or blocked, such as the throat chakra, it can bring out emotional issues that have been hindering effective communication.

Afterward, you’ll feel lighter and more open to expressing yourself in constructive ways. Using Lapis Lazuli regularly is an excellent way to become a better communicator by accessing deeper insights about how you communicate with others and within yourself. With its gentle yet energizing influence on mind and spirit, it encourages one to move forward in life while establishing strong bonds with those around them through honest dialogue.

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals for communication and crystal healing. It's known to bring love, peace, comfort and emotional balance into a person’s life. This beautiful pink stone has many benefits when it comes to improving your communication skills and developing better relationships with those around you.

Here are three reasons why rose quartz should be included in your top twenty crystals for communication:

1.Crystal Healing - Rose quartz helps to clear energetic blockages that prevent effective communication. When using this crystal during meditation or other spiritual practices, its vibrations can help open up channels of understanding both mentally and emotionally.

2.Crystal Meanings - The meaning behind rose quartz is associated with unconditional love, which makes it perfect for creating stronger connections between yourself and those close to you. By recognizing how important these relationships are in your life, you'll become more comfortable expressing yourself authentically through words, body language and even energy fields.

3.Crystal Communication - Another great benefit of rose quartz is that it encourages deeper levels of self-expression without fear of judgement or criticism from others. With the right intentions set before engaging in conversations with someone else, this crystal can help create an atmosphere where meaningful dialogue can take place on all levels – physical, mental and emotional.

Rose quartz is a powerful tool for improving communication within our lives whether we're trying to build closer relationships or simply learn how to express ourselves more honestly; either way, it will definitely make us better communicators!


Shungite is an amazing crystal that can help you become a better communicator. When using shungite as part of your crystal-communication practice, hold it in your hand while speaking or listening closely during conversations. Doing this will allow you to receive messages coming through the crystal’s vibrations, helping you stay focused on the conversation at hand.

Additionally, if there is tension between two people involved in the discussion, shungite can help clear away any negativity and create a space where both parties feel comfortable expressing themselves openly without fear of judgement or criticism. As well as being beneficial for communication among individuals, shungite can also be used during group discussions or meetings by placing some pieces around the room so everyone present can benefit from its calming energy.

Using crystals for communicating purposes isn't only about having a positive dialogue – they can also provide guidance when we're feeling uncertain or unsure about something specific. When facing difficult situations like crisis talks or negotiations, holding onto a piece of shungite could give you access to insights that would otherwise remain hidden due to stress or anxiety levels running too high. Lastly, whenever you find yourself struggling with understanding someone else’s point of view or perspective regarding a particular topic, let shungite be your ally by connecting deeply with their emotions before forming an opinion along those lines - this way all perspectives will be taken into consideration equally regardless of personal bias or preconceived notions!


Sodalite is a beautiful crystal that can be used to improve communication. Its deep blue hue brings to mind the depths of the ocean and its ethereal energy, which makes it perfect for use in crystal healing and meditation. Sodalite is known for helping us open up and express ourselves more clearly when communicating with others, making it an invaluable tool for improving our communication skills. When working with sodalite crystals, we can allow their calming energies to help reduce feelings of anxiety or fear around expressing ourselves openly and honestly. It also helps give us the confidence to speak from our heart without worrying if what we say will be judged by another person.

The vibrations of this crystal aid in opening up blocked channels within us so that our words are received as intended by others. This is especially useful when trying to resolve conflicts between two people who may have different points of view on a certain subject.

In addition, sodalite encourages creativity and intuition while speaking, allowing us to come up with solutions that would otherwise not cross our minds if we were stuck in rigid thinking patterns. This means that instead of relying purely on logic during conversations, using sodalite allows us to draw upon both reason and imagination when problem-solving together with someone else - something that greatly enhances mutual understanding during dialogue.

The combination of these qualities makes sodalite one of the most powerful tools available when it comes to improving communication through crystal healing. By connecting deeply with its soothing energy, we can become better communicators and learn how to express ourselves more effectively in any situation!


Unakite is a beautiful crystal that can help improve communication and make you a better communicator. It is a blend of pink feldspar, green epidote, and quartz. Unakite helps to bring balance between your emotions and thoughts so that you can comprehend the situation at hand with clarity.

The positive effects of unakite on communication include: * Improved understanding - Unakite provides emotional support when communicating with others by helping us to understand our own feelings as well as the feelings of those around us. This allows for improved empathy and understanding in conversations.

* Increased confidence - By connecting more deeply with our emotions, unakite increases self-confidence which in turn leads to stronger communication skills. We are able to express ourselves more freely without fear or self-doubt holding us back.

* Enhanced listening ability – Unakite enables us to listen carefully and attentively while engaging in conversation with someone else. This makes it easier for both parties involved to understand each other’s perspectives clearly. Other crystals recommended for improving communication skills include garnet stone, green jasper, hematite stone, and selenite crystal.

All these stones have unique properties that work together to enhance your ability to communicate better with others effectively and compassionately. In short, unakite is an excellent crystal for communication because it helps bring balance between your thoughts and emotions so that you can engage in meaningful conversations with clarity and confidence.

Furthermore, other crystals such as garnet stone, green jasper, hematite stone, and selenite crystal will also help increase your communication skills even further!

Tiger's Eye 

Tiger's Eye is one of the most powerful communication crystals available. This healing crystal has been used for centuries to facilitate spiritual healing and promote better communication.  The beneficial properties of this stone are said to be helpful when it comes to restoring inner harmony after a period of difficulty in relationships or during times of personal growth.

The energy from Tiger's Eye gives strength and courage while providing insight into difficult experiences. When communicating, the vibrations emitted by this precious gemstone will help stabilize emotions, reduce stress levels, increase clarity and focus on what matters most.

Additionally, Tiger's Eye is believed to aid in releasing old patterns of behavior that no longer serve us as well as promoting balance within our energetic body which helps us communicate effectively with others. It assists us in seeing both sides of an argument as well as understanding opposing points of view – even if we do not agree with them! Furthermore, the crystal’s ability to boost willpower makes it easier for people who struggle with expressing themselves openly in social situations.

In combination with other communication crystals such as Rose Quartz and Citrine, Tiger’s Eye may just be the perfect ally for becoming a better communicator! Working with its energies can bring about lasting changes - enabling us to express ourselves confidently and connect deeply with those around us without feeling overwhelmed or anxious.


"As the saying goes, 'a problem shared is a problem halved', and communication can certainly be difficult.  This crystal has been used in crystal healing practices for centuries to help break down barriers between people so they can communicate more effectively. The calming energy from magnesite encourages clarity of thought, allowing feelings and emotions to be expressed with ease.

This helps to create an open dialogue between both parties involved in any conversation or discussion. It also allows individuals to express themselves confidently without fear of judgement or criticism from others. Furthermore, it encourages creative expression which can enable deeper connections in relationships through meaningful conversations.

Magnesite provides emotional support during times when you need to speak up about something important or share how you truly feel about a situation. Its energies will give you the courage to stand up for yourself and say what needs to be said without getting overwhelmed or anxious.

Additionally, its ability to increase empathy makes this one of the most powerful crystals for fostering understanding between two people as it promotes compassion and kindness when communicating with others.

Finally, using magnesite while engaging in conversations can make all the difference when trying to establish strong connections with people around you – no matter if it's an acquaintance or someone close like family or friends."


Angelite is one of the top 20 crystals for communication. This crystal can work as a meditation crystal or to aid in emotional support when you need it most. It helps alleviate stress and brings peace, understanding, compassion, and inner strength. With Angelite's assistance, we are able to more easily communicate our emotions without feeling overwhelmed by them.

Angelite is known for its healing properties which help us connect with higher realms like angels and spirit guides. By using this stone during meditation, we can better understand our own thoughts and feelings so that we can express ourselves clearly and confidently.

Additionally, it encourages peaceful negotiation among all parties involved in any conversation or dispute. This beautiful blue-grey colored crystal promotes communication on both physical and spiritual levels. Its vibration creates harmony between body and soul while calming mental chatter within our minds and helping us stay focused on what needs to be said. When used properly, Angelite can provide deep insights into difficult conversations, making it easier to find solutions that everyone can agree upon.

As a communication crystal, Angelite works best when held close to your heart while speaking or listening carefully to those around you. It will help open up channels of clear expression so that even the toughest conversations become easier to manage with grace an poise. Whether you're looking for emotional support or trying to negotiate a tricky situation with someone else, Angelite will assist you every step of the way!


It is said that Azurite, one of the blue crystals, can help to improve communication. This crystal has been used for centuries in crystal healing and therapy as a way to enhance and open up communication channels between people. It's believed that this deep blue stone possesses special powers that can increase our ability to communicate effectively with others.

Azurite works on both mental and spiritual levels to bring clarity and understanding into conversations. It encourages clear thinking, so we can better express ourselves without being overwhelmed or confused by our emotions. By using Azurite during conversations, it helps us stay focused on what needs to be communicated, allowing us to have more meaningful dialogue with others.

The energy of Azurite also stimulates creativity and insightfulness. When working with this crystal, it’s possible to gain deeper perspectives on issues when communicating with someone else. We become able to tap into higher wisdom while engaging in conversation which allows us to make informed decisions based on greater understanding.

This beautiful crystal brings harmony among friends who are having difficulty seeing eye-to-eye by helping them find common ground through love instead of disagreement or judgement. Azurite helps us feel connected and understood even if we don't agree on certain topics - opening up opportunities for learning from each other in an accepting environment.


Now, let's talk about celestite. This beautiful blue crystal is known for its calming properties and can be a great aid in communication. It helps to open up the channels of spiritual connection that exist between us all and can help you access your inner wisdom. By holding this crystal while communicating with others, you will find yourself more able to express yourself clearly and thoughtfully.

Celestite also promotes mental clarity which is essential when speaking or writing any kind of message. The powerful energies within the stone encourage clear thinking so it is easier to communicate what you really want to say without getting lost in words or emotions. You might even notice an improvement in how well people understand each other after using Celestite during conversations!

Furthermore, this special stone has been used as a way to connect with higher realms and divine guidance; allowing one to receive profound insights from these sources. Its energy can bring forth deeper understanding into our relationships and help us develop trustful connections with those around us. The soothing vibrations emitted by Celestite make it perfect for anyone struggling with anxiety or stress related issues that may interfere with good communication habits such as stammering or feeling overwhelmed by their thoughts.

As soon as you touch this tranquil crystal, you immediately feel calmer and more balanced - ready to engage in meaningful dialogue without worrying too much about what comes out of your mouth! So if improved communication skills are something you'd like to work on, then Celestite should be added to your collection right away!


Selenite is a beautiful crystal that has many properties which can help promote better communication. It's an excellent telepathy crystal and spiritual communication aid, helping to open the mind up for greater understanding of oneself as well as others.

This amazing mental clarity crystal provides clarity on all levels:

  1. Mentally - it helps sort through complex thoughts and feelings with ease.
  2. Emotionally - it encourages emotional balance and stability in stressful times.
  3. Spiritually-it connects one’s higher self with their physical form to bring about divine insight into situations.

The healing energy of selenite helps break down barriers between people so they can communicate more effectively without judgement or criticism from either person involved in the conversation.

Sometimes simply holding a piece of selenite during interaction is enough to result in clear understanding between two parties, allowing them to be heard and accepted for who they are without feeling judged or misunderstood by each other. Additionally, its calming effects can often lead conversations away from disagreements and towards constructive dialogue instead; this makes it a great tool for any situation involving conflict resolution!

This lovely white mineral also assists in hearing messages from our spirit guides, angels, and higher selves while providing protection against negative energies like fear, envy, doubt etc., making it invaluable when engaging in difficult conversations or debates where opinions may clash at times but ultimately still need to come together peacefully.

The softness of Selenite radiates peace throughout any room where it is present ensuring both sides remain respectful regardless of how intense the discussion might become!


Tanzanite is one of the top 20 crystals for communication. It's a beautiful, deep blue-violet crystal that can help you to open up spiritually and become more communicative with your environment.

Tanzanite encourages spiritual communication, emotional healing, and mental clarity while calming stress levels.By using this stone regularly, you'll find yourself developing better communication skills over time - from speaking clearly and confidently in public settings to expressing yourself emotionally in private conversations. Ultimately, it will help cultivate meaningful connections with people close to you as well as create new bridges where none existed before!

Black Onyx 

Are you looking for the perfect crystal to help improve your communication skills? Look no further than black onyx!

  1. Black Onyx aids in self-confidence -When we lack confidence, it’s difficult to communicate our thoughts, feelings or ideas clearly. With black onyx by our side, we gain courage and strength that make us feel more confident while speaking out loud.
  2. It encourages clarity –The dark hues of black onyx provide a sense of balance that helps us stay focused and organized as we express ourselves through words.
  3. It relieves tension –In moments where tensions run high, like during a heated argument or debate, having an emotional anchor (like a piece of black onyx) can help calm nerves so both parties can find common ground without getting overwhelmed with emotion.
  4. It facilitates open dialogue–Black onyx promotes understanding between people who may have different points of view or beliefs because it helps them move away from fixed positions and instead look for mutual solutions together by creating an openness for honest conversation.

This crystal's healing energies will not only boost your communication abilities but also give you the peace of mind needed to speak up confidently whenever necessary. So if you want to become a better communicator, don't forget about adding black onxy into your collection of power crystals!


Lepidolite is a powerful crystal for communication, as it opens up and expands the heart chakra. It's often used in crystal healing to promote mental clarity and emotional balance. This makes it especially beneficial when communicating with others, as it helps one stay clearheaded while also understanding where someone else is coming from.

The energy of lepidolite brings feelings of positivity, joy, and peace. It encourages us to look at our relationships objectively and be more open-minded towards different perspectives. The stone can help us break through any barriers that are stopping us from connecting deeply with another person or expressing ourselves authentically.

Using this beautiful crystal during conversations can make all the difference in how they turn out and how we feel afterward. Lepidolite has been known to reduce stress levels by calming and soothing emotions so we can talk without judgment or anger clouding our minds. Its gentle vibrations have a stabilizing effect on both sides of a conversation which allows for meaningful dialogue instead of heated debates.

It's no wonder why many people use lepidolite for communication purposes! Not only does it bring about harmony between two parties but its calming effects ensure that everyone feels secure enough to express themselves honestly and openly – something essential for effective communication and lasting connections.


The journey to becoming a better communicator can be daunting, but with the help of these top 20 crystals for communication, you'll have all the tools you need. From Magnesite and Angelite to Azurite and Celestite, each crystal has its own unique properties that will bring clarity and understanding into your conversations.

Selenite provides protection from negative energy while Tanzanite helps boost creative expression. Lepidolite is an emotional balancer and Black Onyx brings strength during times of stress – like when facing difficult conversations. Together they form a powerhouse team that’ll transform your communication skills in no time!

As you use these individual crystals to their full potential, it's important not to forget one key thing: listen as much as you talk. As the old saying goes: ‘the wise man listens rather than speaks’ - so take this opportunity to really hear what others are saying, because sometimes listening is more powerful than talking ever could be.

With these helpful tips in mind, we hope these top 20 crystals for communication will lead you on an enlightening path towards becoming an even better communicator. So why wait? Get ready to explore the power of crystals today!



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