Violet Crystals Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

Violet Crystals Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

Get ready to discover the hidden potential of violet crystals!


I'm sure we've all seen beautiful violet crystals, but did you know they have healing properties? Violet crystals are a type of crystal that is believed to contain strong energies and metaphysical properties. They are associated with the Third Eye or Crown chakra in the body, which connects us to our spiritual awareness.

The specific properties of each stone depends on its color; for instance, dark purple stones help increase intuition while light lavender stones can reduce physical pain and soothe anger. Additionally, many people use violet crystals in meditation as they provide a calming influence and promote deeper states of relaxation.

Violet crystals also have practical uses outside of healing circles such as protection against negative energy or bad luck. People often place them around the home or workspace to create a peaceful atmosphere where creativity can flourish and productivity increases. Crystals can be used during rituals like cleansing space or inviting positive energy into new surroundings too!

There are numerous ways one may benefit from utilizing this powerful tool - whether it’s physical health improvement, emotional clarity or increased spiritual connection – using these vibrant gems could be just what you need to find harmony in your life.

How To Cleanse And Activate Crystals

Having explored the definition of violet crystals, it's time to look at how to cleanse and activate them. Crystal cleansing is essential for getting rid of unwanted energy that can accumulate over time, allowing the crystal to function optimally and maximize its healing properties and benefits.

There are various methods used in crystal cleansing and activation, from simple smudging rituals with sage or incense to complex sound vibrations using singing bowls. When cleaning a violet crystal, start by holding it up to your third eye chakra (the area between your eyebrows) while focusing on clearing away any negative energies you may have picked up during use.

You can also hold the crystal in both hands and picture a white light entering through the top of your head and passing down into the stone, purifying the energy within it. In addition to these visualization techniques, there are other ways of cleansing crystals like burying them in soil or salt water overnight or placing them in an abundance bowl filled with herbs such as lavender or jasmine flowers.

Activating crystals involves infusing them with powerful positive intentions so they can better amplify their healing effects when worn or used in meditation practice. This process usually starts with setting aside some quiet time for yourself where you can focus solely on connecting with the crystal’s vibration and aligning it with yours.

Once this connection is established, try visualizing what type of intention would best serve its purpose then chant a mantra or affirmation out loud three times before locking it into place. Afterward, simply wrap up your ritual by thanking the universe for aiding you in this endeavor before safely storing away your beloved crystal until next time!

As we've seen here today, caring for violet crystals extends far beyond just holding onto them; proper care requires regular cleansing and activating rituals which allow us to connect more deeply with our stones as we unlock their full potential as healers.

Taking good care of our crystals ensures that their powers stay strong long-term so that we can benefit from their unique energies whenever we need a little extra boost!

Spiritual Properties Of Violet Crystals

Violet crystals possess a deep spiritual power that can be used to heal, protect and connect people with their higher selves. These precious stones are believed to have the ability to open up one’s spiritual awareness and help them reach new levels of understanding and growth.

One of the most prominent uses for violet crystals is in spiritual healing. Using this crystal brings about an energy field which helps facilitate inner peace, tranquility, and overall wellbeing by clearing away any negative energies or vibrations that may be affecting someone’s life on a spiritual level.

Additionally, these magical stones can also provide protection against psychic attacks as well as promote good fortune and luck. Violet crystals also offer great benefits when it comes to personal growth and development spiritually. They encourage exploration of one’s true self while providing insight into hidden truths within oneself.

This allows individuals to recognize things they may not have noticed before, unlocking greater potential in all aspects of their lives while allowing them to expand on their already existing capabilities. Finally, these special stones create strong connections between people and their divine source - whatever it might be - facilitating a deeper relationship between the two entities beyond just physical or mental contact.

It opens a channel for communication directly from our souls so we can truly understand ourselves better than ever before – helping us gain clarity on our journey towards enlightenment.

Physical Health Benefits Of Violet Crystals

Violet crystals contain powerful energies that can aid in improving mental clarity, allowing you to make decisions with greater confidence. It can also help reduce stress levels and promote calming vibes throughout your body. By using these crystals regularly, you will notice improved concentration and focus while feeling more balanced emotionally.

When it comes to physical health benefits, violet crystals are believed to stimulate circulation and boost energy levels.Whether this is true or not remains unknown but there’s no denying that having a stone like this around could certainly give one peace of mind knowing they have something special nearby with strong healing powers!

Mental Health Benefits Of Violet Crystals

As we journey from the physical to mental health benefits of violet crystals, it's time for a bit of anachronism - let your imagination soar and imagine that you are about to embark on a magical adventure! Violet crystals provide more than just physical healing properties; they can also aid in improving one’s mental wellbeing.

For those seeking improved mental clarity or focus, these crystals offer assistance in achieving this goal. Violet stones help to open up the mind, allowing new ideas and creative thought processes to enter.Moreover, violet stones have been associated with increased intuition which leads to better decision making skills and enhanced ability to trust ourselves.

In summing up (without saying ‘in conclusion’), it is clear that violet crystals possess powerful energetic capabilities that not only benefit physical health but mental health too — providing an array of positive effects such as improved mental clarity & focus, reduced anxiety & stress levels, heightened intuition & creativity, and an overall improvement in one’s mood.

Emotional Health Benefits Of Violet Crystals

Violet crystals are known to provide many emotional health benefits that can aid us in our daily lives. They have the ability to support and heal emotions, providing comfort and relief when we’re feeling overwhelmed or down. These stones also help bring a sense of stability when feelings such as fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, confusion, and frustration arise.

With regular use of violet crystals, one can find greater emotional balance and clarity within themselves. This is because these stones hold energies that allow us to become more aware of our thoughts and feelings while guiding us back towards a positive mental state.

The vibrations they emit also encourage us to be open-minded and compassionate with ourselves during any trying times we may face emotionally. These calming properties make them excellent tools for meditation too; allowing deeper connection with our inner selves by helping to clear away negative energy from both physical body and mind.

Furthermore, their soothing nature can act as an emotional buffer against external influences like stress or criticism which often result in diminished self-esteem or confidence. Overall, violet crystals can offer tremendous amounts of emotional healing - whether on a short term basis or long term problem solving - making them invaluable companions on your journey toward improved wellbeing!

List of Violet Crystals:


I'm in awe of the beauty and power of amethyst crystals.This purple quartz carries properties like purification, transformation, inner peace, creativity and intuition. When you work with an amethyst stone its energy will bring clarity to your mind while calming your heart. Its deep purple color symbolizes strength, stability and divine influence which makes it perfect for meditation and spiritual exploration.

When wearing or carrying amethyst jewelry or gemstones it brings out natural confidence levels making it easier to connect with our higher self in order to make decisions from a place of wisdom rather than fear or doubt.


Iolite is also known as water sapphire due to its light blue hue - although some stones may appear more violet than others. The metaphysical properties associated with this gemstone include intuition, imagination, insight and inner vision.

When worn as jewelry, it's believed that iolite can help promote clarity of thought and enhance wisdom when making decisions. It might even bring strength during times of change or transition. In terms of healing benefits, iolite is said to activate the third eye chakra - located at the center of your forehead - aiding in one’s ability to see beyond physical reality into higher realms and deeper truths.

Additionally, it can be used to reduce stress levels by calming an overactive mind while promoting relaxation within the body. Whether you're looking for guidance on your path or just want a beautiful piece of jewelry set with these mystical stones, Iolite is sure to provide whatever purpose you seek from its powerful energy!


Its name comes from the Greek word ‘lepidos’, meaning scale or flake - a reference to its scaly composition.

The colour range of lepidolite varies depending on its chemical makeup; some specimens have more saturated shades while others are lighter and paler. When cut into slices they reveal their characteristic layered structure resembling fish scales.

They often contain minor amounts of tourmaline, quartz and feldspar embedded within them. As well as being used for ornamental purposes, lepidolite has been valued for centuries due to its healing properties.

People believe that it helps with overcoming emotional trauma and reducing stress levels by promoting peace and tranquillity when held close to the body or placed nearby the bedside table at night time.


Like a beautiful dream come true, charoite is an enchanting purple-violet mineral-gemstone that dazzles the eye. Found only in Russia and first discovered in 1947, this aluminum silicate is now one of the world's most prized Russian minerals.

A truly unique stone, charoite has mesmerizing swirls and patterns with hints of lavender and cream.The healing properties of charoite are just as remarkable as its appearance:

  • Physical Healing:
  • Reduces stress levels and tension headaches
  • Enhances energy flow throughout the body
  • Emotional Healing:
  • Increases patience and acceptance towards life circumstances
  • Calms emotional outbursts during difficult times

Whether you wear it for fashion or use it for therapeutic purposes, charoite can be a wonderful addition to your collection.


Sugilite is a rare, dark purple crystalline mineral with a lilac hue. It has been found in many locations around the world and can range from deep violet to light lavender.

Sugilite crystals are said to promote spiritual understanding, inner peace, and calming vibrations. It's often used for healing purposes as well as aiding in creative solutions and problem-solving skills. The color of sugilite ranges from pale lilac to bright magenta, depending on its origin.

Some stones have flecks of black or white throughout them, giving it an almost mottled appearance. The most common form of this stone is known as “lilacite” which contains both shades of purple and pink hues within the same crystal formation. Other forms include purple-sapphire, ametrine (which combines citrine and amethyst), and dioptase (an emerald green).

When worn or carried close to your body, sugilite helps one find balance during difficult times while allowing you to feel more connected with your true self. This gemstone encourages optimism by helping you stay open-minded even when faced with challenging situations.

As such, it provides strength during times of stress and anxiety so that you may move forward on your path with confidence.


Here are 4 amazing facts about fluorite:

  1. Fluorite-crystals have been used for centuries to help with spiritual healing due to their powerful energy vibrations.
  2. The beautiful color varieties make them popular choices for creating jewelry pieces.
  3. Each color has its own unique meaning; for example, purple fluorite symbolizes wisdom and insight.


  1. Some cultures believe that this mineral brings luck and protection against negative energies when worn or kept nearby. Aside from all these wonderful qualities, it's also important to note that fluorite can be fragile so care must be taken when handling or wearing any piece containing it.

Additionally, cleaning should only be done using warm water with gentle soap or by wiping down lightly with a damp cloth - never use harsh chemicals! This will ensure the stone retains its luster and beauty for years to come. With proper care and attention, your fluorite gems can bring joy into your life for generations to come.


Moving on from fluorite, the next type of violet crystal is kunzite. This violet gemstone has a lovely pink or purple hue to it and can be found in many places around the world - from Brazil to Afghanistan. It’s a lithium mica that often contains spodumene as well.

Kunzites are known for their strong pleochroism, meaning they have different colors when viewed at different angles. This makes them especially attractive and desirable among collectors. Kunzites are believed by some to bring inner peace and self-love, making them popular gifts between friends and family members who want to show their appreciation for one another.

They may also help us connect with our divine purpose here on Earth, providing insight into why we left home in the first place. Additionally, many people think this stone helps calm stress and worry while bringing joy and contentment back into our lives.

Due to its calming energy and beautiful appearance, kunzite is becoming more widely appreciated among crystal enthusiasts everywhere. It can make an excellent addition to any collection or simply serve as a reminder of how much beauty exists all around us if we take the time to appreciate it.


Have you ever heard of Rhodochrosite? This beautiful rose-colored mineral is composed mainly of manganese carbonate and can also contain traces of iron, calcium and zinc. It’s not just a pretty face though; this gemstone has many unique properties:

  • Strengthens Heart Chakra:
  • Enhances feelings of love and compassion for self & others
  • Helps release tensions stored in the heart
  • Balances Emotions:
  • Allows one to be sensitive without feeling overwhelmed
  • Encourages connection with spiritual guidance

Rhodochrosite usually appears as pale-brownish red-colored crystals that may have white streaks throughout them. These gorgeous gems are often found near hot springs or volcanic areas. They can even form stalactites if they grow in limestone caves!

In addition, it is believed that these striking stones bring positive energy into your life by opening up your emotional awareness and helping to clear blockages from past traumas. This powerful crystal encourages us to take risks, embrace our passions and make bold choices when facing obstacles on our path.

As we unlock what lies within ourselves, Rhodochrosite will help us gain strength through its healing vibrations. With its warm energies radiating around us, we can stay focused on our goals while being open to new possibilities - allowing us to move forward with clarity and confidence.


Moving on from the beautiful pink of rhodochrosite, we come to heliodor. This yellow gemstone is also known as golden beryl and its color ranges from light greenish-yellow to a deep golden hue.

Heliodor actually has a very similar composition to yellow beryl (beryllium aluminum silicate), but the difference lies in the amount of iron present within each stone; this gives it that signature shade of bright yellow which makes heliodor so distinct amongst other gems.

Heliodor can be cut into many shapes, including cabochons and faceted stones for jewelry pieces, or polished spheres perfect for meditation and crystal healing work. The energy of this particular type of beryl is often said to bring abundance and joy into our lives, bringing us closer towards achieving our goals with optimism and good cheer.

As such, it’s an ideal choice for those looking to manifest success in their lives by living out their passions. This wonderful gemstone helps us strengthen our personal boundaries while simultaneously opening us up to greater possibilities within ourselves.

It serves as a reminder that although life may not always go according to plan, when we strive forward without fear or doubt then anything is possible!


The healing properties of prehnite are said to bring inner peace and tranquility. Its calming energy helps you to relax and let go of stress. For this reason it makes for a great meditation tool or simply use it as your own personal worry stone when life gets too busy!

In addition, prehnite is thought to enhance creativity by allowing us to access our intuition more easily. This means we're able to get in touch with what truly matters - our true selves! Prehnite also holds spiritual significance due its connection with unconditional love.

It’s believed that if kept close enough, prehnite will help open up communication between yourself and the divine realm – enabling greater understanding of whatever challenges may come your way while increasing self-awareness and compassion towards others at the same time.

This gemstone has so much potential for transformation within us all; it not only looks beautiful but carries powerful meanings which can greatly support us on our journey through life.


Transitioning from the previous section on prehnite, let's take a look at sodalite - another healing crystal with unique properties. Sodalite is characterized by its deep blue and white tones that swirl together in beautiful patterns. It's known for many metaphysical qualities, especially when it comes to calming emotions and creating balance within oneself.

This gorgeous stone has been used throughout history as jewelry or talismans of protection and good luck. Its energy can be harnessed through wearing it as jewelry or meditating with it:

* Wearing/Holding Sodalite Jewelry:

* Brings peace & harmony during times of stress

* Can help one gain trust in themselves & others

* Meditating With Sodalite:

* Helps connect one’s logical mind with their intuition

* Enhances communication skills between people

Sodalite also carries physical healing benefits such as strengthening the immune system, aiding digestion, and controlling blood pressure and metabolism. The most important thing about this powerful crystal though, is connecting with it on an emotional level – understanding how to use its energies to open up your heart chakra and bring more love into your life!

Overall, sodalite provides both spiritual clarity & emotional stability which makes it a must-have in any collection of healing crystals. Whether you're looking for a way to stay grounded during difficult times or need some extra protection against negative vibes, this captivating gemstone will surely offer something special just for you!

Energy Clearing Techniques With Violet Crystals

Violet crystals have powerful healing properties, and can be used to clear away negative energy. There are a variety of techniques you can use with violet crystals for energy clearing.

Here's a look at some useful methods:

  • Place a crystal near your front door or window. This is an easy way to keep negative energy from entering your home.
  • Meditate while holding the crystal in your hand. Focus on releasing any negative thoughts or feelings that come up during this practice.
  • Use it as part of a smudging ritual. Smudging is an ancient Native American tradition that involves burning herbs such as sage or sweetgrass to cleanse yourself and your space energetically. Add rosemary and lavender essential oils for extra cleansing power.
  • Carry the crystal around with you throughout the day, either in your pocket or purse, to help ward off any unwanted energies that may cross your path.

Meditation Techniques With Violet Crystals

Meditating with violet crystals is like a bridge between heaven and earth. It connects us to the spiritual realm and provides access to our innermost depths of understanding. Using these precious stones as part of your meditation practice can yield many relaxation benefits, energy healing, and emotional clarity.

When meditating with violet crystals, it's important to be in tune with the natural energies they possess. Focus on deep breathing while holding one or more of these stones in your hands or placing them around you. Feel the crystal's vibrations move through your body and create an atmosphere conducive for self-reflection.

Visualize its purple hue radiating outwards from within you, unlocking any blockages that are preventing you from reaching higher levels of consciousness. Incorporating spiritual practices into your life is key when using violet crystals as a form of meditation. This includes connecting with deities such as Isis or Hathor (for Egyptians) or Lakshmi (for Hindus). Pray for guidance during your session and speak affirmations out loud so their power resonates throughout the space you are occupying.

Doing this allows you to open yourself up to receive messages from the divine which could guide you towards greater personal growth and insight about yourself or situations at hand. Using violet crystals for meditation helps clear away negative thoughts, allowing new opportunities for enlightenment to enter our lives - both physically and spiritually speaking.

You may find increased mental clarity after each session as well as enhanced intuitive capabilities; thus making decisions easier due to being able to connect better with intuition rather than relying solely on logic alone. These effects will compound over time leading to deeper awareness and heightened states of consciousness if practiced regularly – revealing even more potentials waiting within ourselves!

Jewelry And Accessories Made With Violet Crystals

Jewelry and accessories made with violet crystals are becoming increasingly popular for their healing properties as well as fashion statement. Studies have shown that wearing crystal jewelry can activate the energy centers in your body, providing a sense of balance and peace. In addition, these beautiful accessories add an extra element to any outfit!

  • Jewelry:
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Anklets
  • Accessories:
  • Keychains
  • Rings
  • Brooches

Decorating With Violet Crystals

Using violet crystals around the house is easy! You just need to decide on what kind of look you'd like to achieve and then choose the right crystals accordingly.You can even combine multiple types of stones together to give your space that extra touch of sparkle!

Make sure to keep the size consistent across all areas too - this will ensure that everything looks cohesive. You may also want to consider adding some special touches by creating pieces such as dreamcatchers or windchimes out of the crystal pieces themselves. These items make wonderful additions to any living space and really add something unique to your home's overall aesthetic.

No matter which way you choose to display these precious stones in your home, there’s no denying that they will create a peaceful and harmonious feeling throughout your entire space!


In conclusion, violet crystals can be a powerful tool for spiritual and physical healing. Like the purple petals of a flower, each crystal holds its own unique properties that can help us to heal from within. With proper cleansing and activation, we can tap into this power and use it to our benefit in our everyday life.

Violet crystals have been used since antiquity as an aid in meditation, prayer, chakra alignment, emotional balance, and overall health. Visualizing these beautiful stones while using them during meditating or gridwork can bring peace of mind and clarity of thought.

Not only do they offer support on an energetic level but also on a physical one-by boosting immunity and providing protection against negative energy. The beauty and power of violet crystals are truly inspiring!

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