What is Tiger's Eye? Meaning & How It Can Heal

What is Tiger's Eye? Meaning & How It Can Heal

Have you ever heard of Tiger's Eye? It’s a beautiful, golden-brown gemstone that has long been admired and used as an accessory.If you're anything like me, the very mention of crystals brings up images of hippies in their tie dye t-shirts!

But there’s so much more to these mysterious stones than meets the eye. Each crystal has unique characteristics that make them powerful tools for energy work - including Tiger’s Eye. Tiger’s Eye gets its name from its striking appearance – with bands of yellow and brown resembling the eyes of a tiger.

This stone is said to help balance our emotions, bring clarity to difficult situations and unlock blocked creativity. So if you're looking for guidance or just want some extra protection on your journey through life then read on - I'm going to explain everything you need to know about Tiger's Eye!

Definition Of Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a beautiful gemstone with an interesting history. It has been used for centuries to bring luck, strength and protection. The meaning of tiger's eye lies in its unique physical characteristics - the stone contains bands of yellow and brown that look like the stripes on a tiger's fur.

This gives it the ability to help us understand our personal power, courage and insight. The symbolism associated with Tiger’s Eye can be interpreted in many ways depending on how we choose to use it. On one hand, this stone symbolizes wealth, success and abundance due to its golden color.

On the other hand, its warm hues remind us of stability and reliability when things get difficult or overwhelming. Furthermore, Tiger’s Eye has long been thought to ward off negative energy from people who want to harm you or your well-being. Its protective qualities are believed to increase self-esteem by giving one confidence in their decisions and actions.

In addition to these spiritual meanings, Tiger’s Eye also offers physical healing properties such as improving blood circulation throughout the body and providing relief from headaches or migraines. It is said that keeping this stone close may even improve vision!

Finally, some believe that carrying a piece of Tiger’s Eye makes them more aware of what they need emotionally so that they can make better choices in life going forward. Although there are many interpretations of what Tiger’s Eye means, each person will experience its full potential differently based on their own personal journey.

No matter which way you view it though, understanding the significance behind this gemstone opens up new possibilities for achieving balance mentally and physically within our lives.

Where It Comes From

South African mines produce some of the highest quality specimens available on the market today. Other sources include China, Australia, Brazil, Burma (Myanmar), Canada, Namibia, Russia, Spain and Thailand. Mining operations take place all over the world to harvest this beautiful stone.

In its natural state tigers eye often appears in brownish red hues due to iron oxide deposits that have formed within the crystals over time. The rich golden color seen in many pieces is created by heat treating or cutting into thin slices which reveals vibrant colors hidden inside the crystal structure.

Tigers Eye makes a wonderful addition to any collection because it not only looks stunning but also holds special meaning and significance throughout history. Its unique ability to capture light gives it a mesmerizing luster that will captivate anyone looking at it!

With so many places where you can find Tiger's Eye around the world, there’s no shortage of availability for those seeking this powerful gemstone - making it easy to add these gorgeous stones to your collection without breaking the bank!

Physical Characteristics

Tiger’s eye is a unique gemstone that has intrigued many people over the years. That’s right—from golden brown to red-brown and even blue-gray shades, this stone comes in a variety of hues and colors.

Let’s take a closer look at some of its most remarkable features:

  • Color Variations:As mentioned above, tiger's eye typically ranges from golden brown to red-brown or blue-gray in hue. You might even come across rare specimens with yellow or greenish tints as well!
  • Hue Variations: While the majority of tiger's eyes have warm tones, there are some cool variants too which can be seen under certain lighting conditions.
  • Banded Pattern: One thing that makes this gem so special is the distinctive banding pattern on its surface. This occurs when quartz crystals form parallel lines within the stone itself during its formation process.
  • Chatoyancy:Another attractive feature of tiger’s eye is chatoyancy—the reflective luster created by light reflecting off small fibers inside the stone. It gives the impression that one side of the gem is always brighter than another depending on how you move it around in your hand - making for quite an impressive effect!

In summary, Tiger’s Eye has plenty of unique characteristics that set it apart from other stones while still maintaining its classic beauty and mystery. Its wide range of colors and patterns allow for endless possibilities when crafting jewelry or using it as a healing tool.

Metaphysical Qualities

Tiger's Eye is a powerful stone that has been used throughout history for its metaphysical qualities. It carries an energetic vibration that can bring courage and strength to those who use it, as well as providing protection from negative energies.

Tiger's eye also has divinatory properties; it can be used in scrying and other forms of divination. It also has magical abilities, which are connected with the tiger’s ability to fight off predators while keeping safe.

By wearing or carrying this stone you may find yourself feeling more protected against all kinds of dangers both physical and psychological. As such, it is seen as a symbol of discernment and good judgement.

Finally, Tiger’s Eye can be used medicinally too. It can help improve circulation, reduce anxiety and depression, boost self-confidence, aid digestion, and even treat vision problems like nearsightedness or astigmatism. All these healing properties make Tiger’s Eye an invaluable tool for anyone looking to restore balance and harmony in their life.

Chakra Association

I'm sure you're aware that each of the seven chakras of our body is associated with a specific color. Tiger's eye has a special affinity to root and sacral chakras, both being related to stability, grounding and manifestation. It can be used to balance out the energy flow in these two particular areas.

Tiger’s Eye also resonates strongly with solar plexus chakra which deals with personal power and will. This gemstone encourages us to take charge of our lives and help us become more confident in ourselves. It opens up new opportunities for growth by helping us see situations from different angles while keeping our feet firmly rooted on the ground.

The throat chakra is closely aligned to tiger’s eye too, as it helps promote honest communication without fear or hesitation. By wearing this stone we open up to better self-expression, allowing us to communicate clearly what we feel and think about certain matters.

Finally, tiger’s eye works its magic on crown chakra as well since it facilitates connection between physical realm and spiritual realm, helping us reach higher states of consciousness where ultimate truths are revealed.

Healing Properties

First off, when it comes to emotional healing, Tiger’s Eye helps soothe our emotions while promoting calmness and balance within us.For mental healing, Tiger’s Eye is great for helping focus on tasks at hand by increasing alertness and concentration levels. It also helps increase motivation as well as allowing for greater creativity when tackling difficult problems or projects.

Furthermore, it brings clarity to thoughts and ideas so that decisions can be made quickly without being clouded by negative thinking patterns or emotions. Spiritually speaking, Tiger’s Eye adds an extra layer of protection from the energies around us by providing strength and courage during tough times.

When it comes to physical healing powers of Tiger’s Eye, many believe that its vibrations have restorative capabilities that benefit both the body and mind simultaneously. From improving circulation to boosting immunity system functions - there are numerous ways this stone can help heal ailments physically too!

Here are some bullet points:

  • Strengthens immune system & fights infections
  • Improves circulation & digestion
  • Calms inflammation & assists detoxification processes

Tiger’s Eye truly is an incredible gemstone that holds tremendous potential for improving overall wellness through its powerful yet gentle healing properties!

Uses In Jewelry Making

Moving on from its healing properties, let's look at how tiger's eye is used in jewelry making. Tiger's eye has long been a popular choice for use in jewelry because of its unique beauty and shimmering colors. From necklaces to earrings, rings, bracelets and more, this stone can be found featured in many different pieces of jewelry.

The most common technique for creating jewelry with tiger's eye involves setting it into a piece of metal or silver to create an elegant piece that stands out. For example, some jewelers will set the stone in sterling silver to create a timelessly stylish necklace or bracelet.

Other techniques include using beads or cabochons when crafting the design. In addition to these traditional methods, there are more modern options such as using wire wrapping and stringing together multiple stones into one cohesive piece.

When it comes to supplies needed for jewelry making with tiger's eye, you'll need basic tools like pliers and cutters as well as other items specific to each type of project. You may also want to consider purchasing findings such as jump rings and clasps which help secure your creations together. Additionally, you should have plenty of extra stones on hand so that you can replace any that break during the process or adjust the size if necessary.

Tiger's eye jewelry projects don't require specialized skills - anyone who enjoys working with their hands can get started making beautiful pieces quickly by following simple tutorials online or taking classes from experienced jewelers in person.

With practice and patience, you can hone your craftsmanship skills over time and become proficient enough to start selling your own custom designs!

How To Wear Tiger's Eye Jewelry

Did you know that 95% of Americans wear jewelry every day? Tiger's eye is a popular gemstone for fashion accessories and healing purposes. Wearing tiger’s eye jewelry can be therapeutic, but also stylish if done correctly.

There are many different styles to choose from when wearing tiger’s eye, so it pays to learn the basics on how to accessorize with this beautiful stone.For example, pairing tiger’s eye jewelry with earthy tones such as browns and greens often creates a more natural look than bright colors like pink or yellow.

As far as accessorizing techniques go, layering various types of tiger’s eye pieces can create interesting looks while allowing one to explore different fashion trends without going overboard. It is also important not to overdo it by adding too much bling; subtlety in these cases goes a long way towards creating unique ensembles that highlight individual style preferences.

Finally, don't forget about special occasions! Whether attending an event or simply wanting something extra sparkly for date night out, there are plenty of statement pieces featuring the gorgeous stone that help add just enough glamor for any occasion!

Tiger's Eye Jewelry can take any outfit up a notch whether dressing down or up - from everyday casual outfits to formal eveningwear - making it a versatile accessory worth investing in! With its unique properties used both therapeutically and fashionably, finding ways to incorporate this stunning gem into daily life has never been easier.

Wearing A Tiger's Eye Talisman

Now that we've discussed how to wear tiger's eye jewelry, let's explore the benefits of wearing a tiger's eye talisman. Tiger's eye is believed to bring healing and spiritual power when worn as a talisman or amulet. It can help give clarity and insight into difficult situations, balance emotions, release unwanted thoughts and feelings, encourage courage and protection from harm.

Tiger’s Eye is believed to be an excellent tool for manifestation and goal setting because it has the ability to focus one’s energy on achieving desired results. This crystal helps its wearer become aware of the choices they have available in their life, allowing them to make better decisions with confidence. Wearing this powerful stone can also help increase self-awareness, providing guidance towards personal growth and transformation.

As a protective stone, Tiger’s Eye offers physical protection against negative energies by absorbing any negativity around it. It also provides emotional support during times of stress or difficulty by calming fears and anxieties while helping to restore inner harmony and strength.

Additionally, this gemstone encourages positive thinking which eventually leads to increased enthusiasm for life. In addition to all these benefits, wearing a tiger's eye talisman may even improve luck!

People report having more success in areas such as business dealings, relationships, sports events etc., after donning a piece of this beautiful gemstone close to their body – whether it be in the form of jewellery or simply carrying it with you at all times. So why not try out your own lucky charm today?

Cleansing And Charging The Stone

Tiger's eye is a powerful stone and its healing properties are immense. To make sure that the energy of this gemstone can be fully utilized, it needs to be cleansed and charged regularly. Allusioning back to ancient cultures, cleansing and charging crystals was thought to help release any negative energies that had been absorbed within the stones.

To properly cleanse your tiger's eye stone, you will need some salt water. Simply place it in the bowl of salt water for about 24 hours and then rinse off with clear water afterward. It is also important to have a quartz crystal nearby when doing this as it helps increase the effectiveness of your efforts.

Once done, leave it out overnight under a full moon so that its energy can recharge itself naturally from the moonlight. It’s not just physical cleansing that is needed; but energetic too! You may want to use sage smoke or incense which works well on all crystals, especially Tiger's Eye since they hold onto negativity quite easily due to their porous surface structure.

If you don't have access to either of these items then simply meditating with your stone while offering up positive intentions during this time will work wonderfully too! Afterwards, it should feel like an entirely different piece - vibrant and ready for further use!

When we take the time to care properly for our healing stones they become more potent tools in our journey towards restoring balance and wellbeing into our lives.

Meditation With Tiger's Eye

Now that we've discussed cleansing and charging the stone, let's take a look at how tiger's eye can be used in meditation. Tiger's eye is known to bring focus and clarity of thought, which makes it an ideal crystal for meditating with. It can help you stay grounded while also allowing your mind to wander freely without judgment or fear.

By focusing on the energy of the stone during meditation, it will work its healing powers by bringing balance back into your life. When using tiger's eye crystals in meditation, start by holding one in each hand and taking some deep breaths.As this connection strengthens, allow yourself to enter a state of pure relaxation as all worries drift away.

Once in this tranquil state, begin to pay attention to any messages or insights being conveyed through the stones. These could range from personal realizations about your own life path or even revelations regarding larger spiritual matters such as love and understanding toward others.

Whatever comes up during these moments should be noted down afterwards so they may be reflected upon further if desired.

Dreamwork With Tiger's Eye

Dreaming with Tiger's Eye is an incredible journey into the depths of your subconscious. It unlocks the hidden mysteries and meanings behind your dreams, allowing you to see things in a new light. With its power comes clarity, insight, and understanding that can help guide you along your life’s path.

Tiger's eye has been used for centuries as a powerful tool for dream interpretation and lucid dreaming. Dreamers are able to delve deep into their own psyche while utilizing this crystal’s energy to unravel the true meaning of their dreams. In addition to aiding in dream interpretation, it also helps people access deeper levels of consciousness and gain greater awareness of themselves and their environment.

As a highly energized stone, Tiger's Eye brings out the special qualities within us – including creativity, intuition, and inner strength – which can be invaluable when working with dream symbolism or exploring our deepest desires. When combined with meditation techniques such as visualization or listening to soothing music, using Tiger's Eye during dreamwork can be very beneficial in uncovering answers we may have not been aware existed until now.

The possibilities that lie ahead are truly endless if one chooses to work with this amazing gemstone! Not only does it provide clarity around what remains hidden or unknown but it also serves as a reminder that anything is possible if we just listen to our hearts and trust our instincts.

By taking advantage of the many benefits associated with working with Tiger's Eye on our nightly journeys, we open ourselves up to infinite amounts of potential growth and personal development – so why wait any longer?

Potential Health Benefits Of Tiger's Eye

I've always been fascinated by the healing properties of gemstones, and tiger's eye is no exception. This beautiful stone has a range of metaphysical qualities that can provide physical and emotional wellbeing benefits. Its golden hue symbolizes courage, clear thinking and mental clarity, something that many people seek when they are looking to heal themselves.

When it comes to health benefits, tiger’s eye has been known to promote positive energy flow throughout the body. When placed on certain chakras or points along your body, this crystal helps boost your overall vitality while stimulating creativity and manifestation potential. It also helps increase self-confidence and encourage optimism - two essential components for any successful journey towards bettering one’s health.

The healing powers of tigers' eyes go beyond its physical attributes though. The stone encourages us to take action in our lives so we can experience more positive outcomes as well as spiritual growth and enlightenment. By helping us break away from negative patterns and habits, it allows us access to greater opportunities which further supports our efforts at living a healthier life overall.

Tiger's eye is an incredible tool for those seeking holistic wellness because it covers both physical and spiritual needs. With its powerful vibes, this stone brings out inner strength while imparting peace, harmony and balance into our lives - all things necessary for true health restoration!

Different Varieties Of Tiger’S Eye

Ah, the majestic Tiger's Eye. It’s no wonder why it has been used for centuries to attract wealth and luck! But there are several varieties of this gemstone that can be used for different reasons.


Let’s take a look at the different types:

  • Hawk's Eye – Also known as Blue Tiger's Eye, this variety is usually light blue or grey in color and helps to bring out spiritual awareness and inner peace.
  • Red Tiger's Eye –This red variety gives you courage, self-confidence, and strength when faced with difficult situations. It also protects against bad energy from others.
  • Golden Tiger's Eye – The golden hue of this type brings success and prosperity into your life by helping you realize your goals more easily.
  • Tiger's Iron – A combination of Hematite and quartz crystals, this stone encourages mental clarity while providing protection against negative energy.

Each of these beautifully colored stones will give you something unique depending on what you need most in life. Whether its protection or financial stability, let tiger’s eye help guide you down the right path towards greater balance and harmony within yourself and those around you.

Where Can It Buy?

The best place to buy Tiger’s Eye is from a reputable supplier who specializes in the sale of this type of gemstone. There are many different types of stores where you can purchase Tiger’s Eye stones or jewelry featuring the stones.

You can find them online, at craft shows, auctions, or even through local lapidary stores. When shopping for Tiger’s Eye it is important to look for quality stones with an attractive golden-brown color.

FAQs for Tiger’s Eye:

What Is Tigers Eye?

Have you ever heard of Tigers Eye?

Tigers Eye is a type of quartz that forms in the shape of tiny fibrous bundles.This unique gemstone also contains iron oxide which gives it its characteristic golden shimmer.

The meaning behind Tigers Eye varies from culture to culture, however generally speaking, many believe that this gem provides protection against danger and brings good luck.

Additionally, it is often thought to bring clarity of mind and give courage during difficult times. Whether these beliefs hold true or not remains unknown, but one thing's for sure: Tigers eye never fails to fascinate us with its beauty!

What Are The Properties Of Tigers Eye?

Moving on from what tigers eye is, let’s now explore the amazing properties of this stone. Tigers eye has a variety of healing and metaphysical properties that make it an incredibly special gemstone to work with.

The physical properties of tigers eye include its strength and durability, making it perfect for jewelry or other items you want to keep safe over time. It also contains gold which gives off a shimmering effect in direct sunlight – something both beautiful and soothing to look at!

The spiritual properties associated with tigers eye are quite powerful as well; many believe that it can help bring balance and clarity into one's life while providing protection against negative energies. Additionally, some people find that working with tigers eye can give them insight into their own inner guidance system.

Tigers Eye has long been associated with courage and strength as well, especially when facing difficult situations or obstacles in life. Its energetic vibration can help us stay focused on our goals and develop a greater understanding of ourselves so we can move forward confidently.

Finally, if used correctly, tigers eye may be able to promote feelings of mental peace and emotional stability within those who practice meditating with this stone regularly.

Where Does Tigers Eye Come From?

In most cases, tigers eye forms when quartz replaces crocidolite fibers over time due to intense heat and pressure. However some pieces are also created through the alteration of pyrite or marcasite crystals by hydrated iron oxide.

No matter where it comes from, each piece of tigers eye has been crafted through millions of years of geological activity — making it an incredible symbol of ancient power!

How Is It Formed?

Tiger's eye is a fascinating gemstone with an intriguing formation process. It begins as the common mineral called quartzite and then undergoes a lengthy geological transformation through years of heat and pressure.

The resulting stone is composed of two minerals: crocidolite, which has a golden color, and quartz, which gives it its silky luster. Here are the key components to understanding how tiger’s eye is formed:

  • Heat & Pressure: Tiger’s eye experiences intense heat and pressure generated from tectonic activity in Earth’s crust over millions of years. This causes chemical changes that transform original quartz into both crocidolite and quartz at the same time.
  • Coloration:During this transformation process, iron oxide may be introduced causing the yellowish or brownish hue seen in most specimens of tiger’s eye.
  • Luster: Lastly, when light hits the surface of tiger's eye it produces a unique chatoyancy effect due to parallel fibers within the stone. This creates an unmistakable sparkling luster across its surface. It is amazing how something so striking can come about naturally!

Through geologic processes like heat and pressure we get beautiful gems like tiger's eye that have been captivating humans for eons.

What Colors Does It Come In?

Contrasting the formation of tigers eye, there is a wide array of colors that it comes in. Its pigments vary from yellow-browns to golden and honey shades, as well as deep red hues. The variations depend on the location of where it was mined; some areas have intense orange tones while others may be more saturated with blues or greens.

For example, North American deposits are known for producing vibrant golden yellows while African stones have vivid oranges and browns. Tigers eye can also come in mixed earthy colours such as greyish browns and greenish tans. There are even rare varieties that contain multiple ranges of these hues all at once!

While most pieces will be one solid color, many specimens feature two distinct tiger eye shades that alternate along their bands giving them an amazing and beautiful look. No matter what combination you choose, any piece of tigers eye is sure to add a sparkle to your collection!

What Chakra Does It Activate?

Tigers eye is known to activate and heal the solar plexus chakra. This chakra, also referred to as Manipura, is associated with self-confidence, personal power, and motivation. When activated and balanced by tigers eye, it can help individuals become more aware of their inner strength and gain a better understanding of their own potential.

When using this crystal for healing purposes, it’s important to remember that balance must be achieved within the chakra system before any major changes can take place. Tigers eye acts as an amplifier of energy so it should never be used excessively as this could lead to overactivation or blockage of certain energies within the body.

With careful practice however, anyone can use tigers eye to bring positive change into their lives through its powerful activation and balancing effects on the Manipura Chakra.

What Are The Healing Benefits Of Tigers Eye?

Tigers Eye is like a warm ray of sunshine, radiating its healing properties to wherever you need it most. It's known for many beneficial healing effects that can positively impact your wellbeing.

Let’s take a closer look at the powerful healing benefits this gemstone has to offer:

  • Physical and Emotional Healing
  • Reduces stress, tension and anxiety
  • Can be used for pain relief, especially related to headaches or muscle aches
  • Enhances courage and helps boost self-confidence
  • Helps balance emotions so they don't get out of control
  • Spiritual Benefits
  • Encourages clarity in decision making and brings focus on goals
  • Increases intuition and psychic abilities
  • Supports spiritual grounding while still being open to higher vibrations

The healing energy of Tigers Eye is something that anyone could use in their life. Whether you're looking to reduce physical pain or want some extra help with emotional issues, this stone will provide support through the waves of positive energy it emits.

From relieving stress to enhancing intuition - there are plenty of reasons why adding Tigers Eye into your daily routine might just prove incredibly beneficial!

Where Can I Buy Authentic Tigers Eye Jewelry Or Products?

If you're looking to buy authentic tigers eye jewelry or products, there are a few options available. You can find many online retailers that specialize in selling genuine tigers eye items.

Additionally, some local jewelers may carry some pieces as well. It's always best to ask if they have any tigers eye products before making the purchase. Another option is to buy directly from the source. There are several companies who mine for gemstones and create unique pieces with them.

These businesses often sell their creations through their own websites or at trade shows around the world. Purchasing directly from manufacturers ensures that you get an authentic product at a great price!

Are There Any Cautions Or Warnings Associated With Using Tiger’S Eye Stones Or Jewelry?

Tiger's eye stones are generally thought to be safe for most people, there may be warnings associated with them if you have certain health conditions or take particular medications. For instance, those with high blood pressure may find their condition exacerbated by the effects of tiger’s eye stones; while pregnant women should avoid contact altogether as they can cause contractions due to its energizing properties.

Additionally, if you wear pieces containing multiple types of crystals together, such as quartz and jade, these could also interact negatively with each other and create issues. Therefore, it’s important to understand what type of energy you want from your gemstone jewelry and how that might affect your body before committing to wearing it regularly.

Is It Safe To Use Tiger's Eye In Meditation Practices?

Yes, it is safe to use tigers eye in meditation practices. Tigers eye is a form of quartz that provides many benefits when used for meditational purposes. It helps increase focus and bring clarity of the mind while also providing emotional stability during stressful times.

In addition, it can help open up blocked energy pathways and enhance creativity and intuition. When using tiger's eye for meditation, one must ensure that they are comfortable with the crystal before beginning their practice. Sitting comfortably and grounding oneself will allow the stone's energies to be properly absorbed by the body.

Additionally, visualization techniques may be used as well to access its healing properties more deeply. The combination of these activities can result in a calming experience which enhances concentration and allows one to connect with their inner selves on a spiritual level.

How Can I Tell If My Tiger’S Eye Stone Is Genuine Or Fake?

Figuring out whether a Tiger's Eye stone is authentic or fake can be quite tricky. The best way to tell if it’s genuine is by looking at its unique characteristic features.

Genuine Tigers Eye should have an eye-like effect that looks like the pupil of a cat, caused by light reflecting in different directions off the surface of tiny fibers within the stone. If you look closely at these fibers, you will notice they are arranged parallel to each other in two different colors - usually yellow and brown.

Fake stones won't display this optical phenomenon as strongly, so take your time examining it! You can also try testing the hardness of the Tiger’s Eye by scratching it with a metal object – genuines ones will scratch easily and reveal their layers beneath.

Fake stones tend to be harder on the outside and don't show any signs of layering when scratched with metal objects. Be sure to always use caution when performing such tests because being too rough could cause damage to both real and fake stones alike!

What Else Should I Know About Tiger’S Eye Stones And Jewelry Before Making A Purchase Decision ?

- Purchase considerations: Take into account factors such as quality assurance, prices, authenticity of sources and availability in certain regions.

- Authentic sources: Make sure that you buy from reputable dealers who can provide certificates of authentication. This will ensure that your stones are genuine.

- Shopping tips: Get creative with your search – consider online auctions and secondhand stores for unique pieces of jewelry at discounted prices.

- Price comparison: Compare prices between different retailers to find the best deal possible. When it comes to purchasing a tiger’s eye stone or piece of jewelry, these steps are essential to guarantee quality assurance and satisfaction with your purchase!


In conclusion, Tigers Eye is a beautiful stone with unique properties and symbolizes courage and strength. It can be used to strengthen one’s inner vision and clarity of thought, as well as for protection from negative energies. It comes in various colors and it is important to know if your Tiger's Eye stone is genuine before making a purchase decision.

When using a Tiger’s Eye stone or jewelry for meditation practices, it is best to take necessary precautions such as cleansing the stone regularly with sage smoke or sea salt water baths. This will help ensure that you get the most out of your experience and make sure any negative energies do not interfere.

Tigers Eye should never be taken lightly; its power should always be respected so that it can work its magic on us like an open book! After all, knowledge truly is power when it comes to understanding this gemstone - ‘forewarned is forearmed’.

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