Your spiritual arsenal needs these 13 meditation crystals

Your spiritual arsenal needs these 13 meditation crystals

Many people use crystals as an aid in their meditative practice – they help ground and center us spiritually, making us more receptive to our inner guidance. In this article, I'm going to talk about 13 meditation crystals that are perfect for creating a powerful spiritual arsenal.

These stones have been carefully selected based on their unique healing properties and ability to foster connection with the divine. Whether you're just getting started or already experienced in meditation, these crystals will provide powerful energetic support during your practice.

Not only will they open up pathways between physical and spiritual realms - they'll also make sure that your sessions are filled with meaningful insight. So if you're ready to take your practice another level, read on! You won't regret adding these amazing gems into your spiritual toolkit – used together or separately, each one has something special to offer.

Let's explore how each crystal can help enhance your experience of stillness and self-discovery.

Definition Of Crystals

It's no wonder that crystals have become such an important part of many spiritual arsenals! So what exactly are crystals? Put simply, they're solid objects made up of minerals in which atoms form in repeating patterns.For example, rose quartz is said to bring love into your life while tigers eye is believed to help you focus on tasks at hand.

There is also amethyst which is known to be calming and grounding. Every stone holds a different vibration so it’s important to choose one that resonates with you personally. What about their healing powers? Many believe that these wonderful stones can help us heal both physically and emotionally by radiating positive energy into our bodies and chakras – almost as if we were being bathed in light!

When placed on specific areas of the body (or near them)crystal vibrations can provide relief from pain or emotional distress. They might even change the way feel about ourselves in general so we can finally find inner peace within ourselves!

Crystals truly are magical gifts from nature that offer us endless possibilities when it comes to improving our wellbeing. Whether used during meditation or simply kept close as reminders throughout the day, I think every person should consider adding this powerful tool to their spiritual arsenal today!


Hematite is a powerful grounding stone, known for its healing and balancing energy. It's an incredibly versatile crystal that can be used in many different ways to create positive change in our lives. As a spiritual arsenal tool, hematite works as a protector against negative energies while helping us stay grounded and focused on the present moment.

This crystal also has a strong connection to the root chakra; it helps to balance this energy center and promote feelings of safety and security. Hematite encourages us to take responsibility for ourselves and releases any fear or stress we may have been holding onto. Its calming vibrations help us stay centered and connected with our essence so that we can access our inner strength more easily.

As well as being able to absorb negative energy, hematite is also believed to bring luck into one’s life by dispersing any stagnant energy which could be blocking opportunities from manifesting themselves.

Lastly, hematite is an ideal meditation crystal as it helps clear out mental clutter leaving you feeling refreshed and reenergized after each session. Plus it aids in concentration so that you can focus your attention on whatever topics you choose during your practice – whether they relate to physical health or spiritual growth.

With this helpful ally by your side, you'll find yourself tapping into new depths of self-awareness faster than ever before!


I'm sure you've heard of amethyst, the beautiful purple crystal. It's a powerful stone that is known to bring peace and healing energies, making it an essential part of anyone’s spiritual arsenal.

Here are some of its amazing properties and benefits: Amethyst has been used for centuries as a healing crystal due to its calming energy. People believe that amethyst can help protect against negative energy and create balance in life.

Its powers have also been said to assist with emotional issues like stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Additionally, amethyst is known for helping enhance intuition, clairvoyance and spiritual awareness. The meaning behind this gemstone is even more special; it symbolizes courage, protection and divine connection.

Amethyst connects us to our higher selves by providing clarity on our purpose in life and deepening our understanding of the universe around us.


Bloodstone is a great addition to any spiritual arsenal. It's an amazing meditation crystal and healing stone that can help with both physical and spiritual healing.

Bloodstone has many benefits, some of which include:

  1. Increases vitality and energy levels
  2. Helps bring clarity to difficult situations
  3. Enhances courage and strength during times of struggle
  4. Aids in grounding one’s self for protection from negativity

The deep green color of the bloodstone combined with its small red spots gives it a unique appearance that makes it stand out among other crystals. Physically, this stone helps to purify the blood, detoxifying organs like your kidneys or liver.

The energies within the stone also help balance emotions, especially those related to anger or aggression while providing calming vibes throughout the body. This balance allows us to be better equipped to handle stressors in our lives without getting overwhelmed by them.

In addition, having this crystal close by will keep you connected spiritually as well as physically; allowing you to feel more secure when facing challenges on either front. Its powerful vibrations provide nourishment for your soul, helping you stay open-minded towards life’s experiences no matter how hard they may seem at times.

Thus, giving us new perspectives on how best we can approach our day-to-day activities or struggles in order reach greater heights even faster than before! So if you're looking for something special to add into your spiritual practice then consider adding bloodstone into your collection — it'll surely give your spiritual journey a boost!


Citrine is a powerful crystal for spiritual and emotional healing. It has been used since ancient times to ward off negative energy, create feelings of abundance, and protect against psychic attacks. This beautiful yellow stone is known as the "money stone" because it brings prosperity and wealth into one’s life.

Citrine also carries some amazing healing properties that can be used in meditation or when working with other crystals in your spiritual arsenal. When using citrine during meditation, you may find yourself feeling more grounded and connected to your true self. The positive vibrations from this powerful crystal will help stimulate creativity while boosting mental clarity and focus.

You'll feel an influx of positive energy that helps improve moods, reduce stress levels, and give you greater inner balance. Not only does it assist with physical alignment but it's said to bring about enhanced communication skills too!

The protective energies of the citrine crystal make them perfect for bringing peace and harmony into chaotic situations both at home and work alike. Its unique ability to transmute negative energy makes it great for protecting against any unwanted influences or blocks that could disrupt contentment within relationships or business affairs.

By placing a few pieces around your space, or even wearing jewelry infused with citrine stones throughout your day-to-day activities, you can keep those pesky lower vibrational frequencies away! Meditating with citrine is highly beneficial for anyone looking to increase their monetary flow of income or manifest new opportunities into their lives.

With its strong associations towards abundance and success, this healing crystal amplifies thoughts of positivity which creates a pathway where manifestation occurs faster than before! Whether its financial stability you're seeking or just plain blissful joyfulness; adding Citrine to your daily spiritual practice could be just what the doctor ordered!


Moving on from citrine, we come to the powerful and highly sought after crystal of fluorite. This colorful gemstone comes in a variety of shades, such as purple fluorite which stands out for its striking beauty. As part of your spiritual arsenal, it can be employed to bring about profound spiritual healing and mental clarity.

In addition to that, this stone is known for having grounding energy that helps us stay focused on the present moment and our true purpose in life. Fluorite also has the ability to absorb negative energies around you so they don’t weigh heavily on your soul. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or just generally stagnant, I use my fluorite crystals to help me feel more balanced emotionally and spiritually.

It's great for clearing away any doubts or fears that are holding me back from achieving what I want - both in my personal life and career. If you decide to make fluorite part of your collection, sit with it quietly while allowing yourself to really appreciate its unique beauty. Acknowledge how it makes you feel in terms of peace, harmony and balance; these feelings will likely stay with you even when you move away from the stone itself.

Use its power to set intentions related to connecting deeper with yourself and others – something that will benefit all aspects of your life! Meditating with fluorite encourages deep introspection into who we truly are and why we have chosen certain paths throughout our lives up until now. It brings forth hidden truths within ourselves through gentle guidance rather than forcefulness - something we could all use once in awhile!

Connecting deeply with our inner wisdom allows us to embark upon new journeys confidently and courageously without fear or doubt clouding our decisions.


Howlite is a powerful healing crystal that can be used in your spiritual arsenal to help with relaxation and meditation. It has properties of calming the spirit and relieving stress, while also promoting peace and balance. Its unique energy makes it an ideal gemstone for those looking to take control of their emotions and strengthen inner wisdom.

The howlite meaning is associated with patience, understanding, and acceptance.When using howlite healing stones during meditation, place the stone near your forehead or heart area where its energy will have the most effect. You can also carry it around in your pocket throughout the day to promote feelings of calmness when needed.

Once you’ve established a connection with howlite crystals they will constantly remind you to stay centered even during times of chaos and confusion. Using these tools to cultivate inner strength gives us the power we need to heal ourselves both spiritually and emotionally. With regular practice over time we can become more aware of our own thoughts, actions and decisions which allows us achieve greater harmony within our lives.

Lapis Lazuli

The next stone for a spiritual arsenal is lapis lazuli. This dazzling blue stone has been in use since ancient times and is associated with wisdom, truthfulness and emotional balance, making it an ideal meditation crystal. It's believed to promote spiritual protection while restoring harmony within the body and soul.

Lapis Lazuli helps to open up the third eye chakra which aids in understanding oneself on a deeper level. This powerful stone can be used to bring calmness into any situation by providing anxiety relief and increasing patience during challenging times. Furthermore, it can help one connect more deeply with their intuition and find inner peace through meditation.

During these sessions, this calming gemstone will also assist in balancing all of your chakras so that you may experience true blissful serenity. Additionally, wearing lapis lazuli jewelry or keeping the raw stones nearby creates a positive energy field around its bearer which supports feelings of joy and well-being.

Meditating with lapis lazuli is sure to give anyone the power they need to make meaningful changes in their lives and unlock hidden potentials waiting to be discovered within themselves. Ultimately, this protective stone provides strength and courage for peaceful transformation from within as we journey along our own unique paths towards enlightenment!


The moonstone is said to help one connect with their inner self and bring balance into their life. It carries with it a mysterious energy that can unlock hidden knowledge, helping us reach our highest potential. Its gentle yet powerful vibrations will encourage emotional clarity and understanding of any situation. Its comes in various colors like white and blue to yellow.

* Moonstone Meaning: The moonstone symbolizes new beginnings as well as mental clarity and intuition. It encourages us to be open minded when making decisions so we can find our true path without letting our emotions cloud our judgment.

* Moonstone Healing: This stone helps promote emotional stability and heals wounds from past relationships or traumas. It also aids in relieving stress, anxiety, tension headaches, fearfulness, insomnia, and other emotional disorders.

* Moonstone Benefits & Properties: This stone is known for its calming effects on the mind, body, and spirit while promoting creativity and imagination. It helps enhance fertility by balancing hormones in both men and women which can lead to improved health overall. Additionally, it provides protection against negative energies while providing insight during meditation sessions.

Whether you want to heal old wounds or just need a little extra guidance through tough times, adding a moonstone to your collection could do wonders for your soul’s journey! From its mystical powers to gorgeous appearance - this gem offers many wonderful gifts if you’re willing to accept them!


Moving on from moonstone, I'd like to introduce you to obsidian. Obsidian is a black volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. It's composed mainly of silica with other trace elements and minerals that give it its unique coloration and formation.

Obsidian has long been used for spiritual purposes due to its ability to help us face our inner shadow self and release pent-up emotions trapped inside us. This powerful stone helps provide clarity during meditation and can be quite effective at uncovering blocked energy within the body. It also serves as an important protection tool against negative influences, including keeping away bad vibes from outside sources such as people or places, making it an essential part of any spiritual arsenal.

In addition to being used spiritually, obsidian is also very useful in physical healing applications too. Its sharpness makes it ideal for cutting away old energies, allowing new ones to enter into the space once occupied by the old ones. And because it's made of lava glass - a material that remains cool even when placed directly over heat - it can make an excellent treatment for sore muscles and joints affected by inflammation or chronic pain conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

All things considered, obsidian brings strength in times of need while offering stability and balance throughout life’s journey – both physically and spiritually speaking – making it an invaluable asset in anyone’s spiritual arsenal.


Quartz is a powerful tool in any spiritual arsenal. It is an essential crystal for meditation, healing and protection. Quartz has many properties that make it useful for these purposes; here are four of its most noteworthy:

  1. Quartz brings clarity to the mind, allowing us to achieve deep levels of relaxation during meditation.
  2. As a natural amplifier, quartz can be used to boost the energy of other stones or crystals around it.
  3. Its ability to absorb and store energy makes quartz ideal for use in healing work.
  4. Quartz jewelry helps keep our physical bodies in balance with the energies around them. Quartz points are some of the most popular forms of quartz because they're easy to carry around and have multiple uses.

They can also be placed on chakra points during meditation or healing sessions as well as worn as jewelry throughout the day to maintain a balanced state of being. Some people believe that placing quartz near electronics such as computers or cell phones will protect their data from getting hacked or lost due to technical issues.

Whether you choose a clear quartz point or one with color, each type carries its own unique set of properties that can benefit anyone looking to enhance their spiritual practice or heal body, mind and soul alike! With all these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder why so many people rely on quartz crystals daily in their lives - it truly is an indispensable addition to any spiritual arsenal!


Selenite is an essential crystal for any spiritual arsenal.Its power is not just limited to cleansing either; it can also be used for chakra healing and aura balancing. When utilizing selenite in your spiritual practice, you'll quickly learn its powerful energy which radiates throughout the entire space.

This is due to its ability to draw in light from higher realms into our physical reality - making it perfect for meditation or prayer sessions. The sheer presence of this beautiful white crystalline structure will bring calmness and peace into your life. Its versatility makes it ideal for almost any type of magical working, whether it’s for personal transformation or increasing intuition & psychic abilities.

On top of that, selenite helps clear negative energy so you can move forward without being weighed down by baggage from past experiences. As such, this crystal encourages emotional balance while providing support during difficult times too! Besides aiding us spiritually, Selenite also offers physical benefits like increased mental clarity & concentration – allowing us to stay focused on tasks at hand and make better decisions accordingly.

In short, there are countless ways we can use this crystal’s unique energies to manifest positive change within ourselves and around us!


Moving on from the captivating yet calming Selenite, we come to Sunstone.Here are three key benefits of using sunstone in your meditations:

  • Physical Healing
  • Helps reduce stress levels
  • Can boost metabolism and energy production
  • Increases circulation and blood flow
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Strengthens self-worth and confidence
  • Enhances feelings of joy and contentment 
  • Provides emotional protection from negative energies or influences
  • Spiritual Development
  • Improves intuition and inner guidance
  • Aids with manifestation work & visualization exercises
  • Connects one to their higher self/source energy more easily

Using sunstone during meditation sessions provides a powerful connection between body, mind, and spirit. Its vibrant color is believed to be linked to its ability to bring light into darkness while providing nourishment for the soul. It encourages mental clarity, creative expression, good fortune, passion, strength, courage, leadership qualities & abundance.

With these attributes combined together within us, no doubt our spiritual journey will become easier & richer than ever before!

Tiger's Eye

The Tiger's Eye is like a lion on the hunt, stalking its prey with silent grace and power. It symbolizes passion, courage and strength of will. Its physical properties make it an ideal meditation crystal for those who seek spiritual arsenal--the ability to access their inner world and tap into the creative force within them.

Tiger’s eye has metaphysical properties that work with both the Sacral Chakra (creativity) and Solar Plexus Chakra (personal power). The golden-brown hue increases feelings of confidence and self-worth, while the earthy tone brings in grounding energies to help us stay centered when faced with challenging situations.

By wearing tiger’s eye jewelry or carrying this powerful stone in your pocket, you can maximize its healing benefits. This stone also offers protection from negative influences by forming an energetic boundary between yourself and others. As one of the few stones that are naturally formed as a double terminated crystal, it is said to have “two eyes”—one open for receiving energy, other closed for holding onto positive energy.

When meditating with tiger’s eye, it helps balance emotions by allowing us to be fully present in our bodies without fear or anxiety getting in the way. Tiger's eye is invaluable when taking stock of life decisions--whether big or small--as it encourages rational thought processes rather than rash impulsiveness.

Wearing tigers eye bracelet gives one clarity to see beyond illusion; helping one connect to their Higher Self and embrace personal growth through understanding what lies beneath surface appearances.

Using Crystals As Meditation Tools

Switching gears from Tiger's Eye, let's talk about using crystals as meditation tools and how they can be part of your spiritual arsenal. Crystals have long been used in many cultures around the world to bring healing and balance into our lives. With their unique energetic vibrations, they are powerful tools for focusing the mind during meditation.

- Use crystal energy to focus on an intention or goal while meditating.

- Place your crystal on a chakra points to help open them up and create balance.

- Hold a crystal in each hand during meditation for enhanced relaxation and grounding benefits.

A few popular stones include clear quartz, amethyst and rose quartz. You may also consider smudging sage first before working with any new stones. This will cleanse away negative energies and make sure that the stone’s vibration is pure and ready to work with you.

Meditating with crystals is a great way to reconnect spiritually and experience deep inner peace. Each time you sit down for meditation, just ask yourself what type of crystal would best suit this session and trust whatever answer arises within you. Happy Meditating!


It is like having a special library full of knowledge at your fingertips; each crystal holds its own unique energy that helps guide us on our journey towards enlightenment. Using crystals during meditation has become an increasingly popular way to access deeper levels of awareness and understanding.

Whether it’s Hematite to help with grounding or Citrine to bring abundance, these stones offer something special to those looking for direction and clarity in their life. I encourage you to explore the various types of crystals available, discovering which ones resonate most deeply with you – they could be just what you need to take your spiritual practice up a notch!

The power of crystals lies in their ability to connect us directly to nature’s healing energies. Like flowers blossoming from a garden, each one offers its own unique resonance that can act as a bridge between the physical and energetic realms. So go out there, pick some gems from this beautiful garden, and build yourself an amazing spiritual arsenal!

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