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Nazima Agate



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This beautiful Angelite stone is a gift directly from the spirit realms, with its soft shades of blue and lilac crossed with feathery clouds. One touch of Angelite and it feels like your healing journey has already begun. This stone is all about raising consciousness and turning anxious and non-serving emotions into faith. Angelite facilitates the rebirthing process – it’s deep crystal healing centers around compassion, whole heartedness, and reconnecting to the breath.

Heaven is waiting with the amazing grace of the Angelite Energy Bracelet. For all those seeking that dreamy deep feeling of peace and tranquility, the lilac hues of this spirit guide stone can connect you with that higher realm. Open your mind to universal knowledge and welcome love, light, and angelic energy with Angelite healing.

A dreamy deep feeling of peace and tranquility is waiting for all those seeking it with the Angelite Energy Bracelet. This stone will connect you with that higher realm, open your mind to universal knowledge and invite love, light, and angelic energy into your life with its healing properties.

The Angelite Energy Bracelet is a great way to create an energy cocoon around you. This healing stone can help you connect with your spirit guides and tap into universal knowledge while opening you up to a peaceful, loving frequency. Guaranteed to provide you with an energetic boost and strengthen your connection to the universe, this piece is also beautiful when worn on hand or arm so that others can share the energies of this gift from the spirit realms!.

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