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Nazima Agate



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Apatite's power is profound. The stone of manifestation, Apatite heightens our ability to manifest positive thoughts, as well as help manipulate the dreams and visions we have for ourselves in this present moment. Known as the "Stone of Manifestation", Apatite brings her energy of transformation into every aspect of our lives -- from how we think about ourselves, to how we communicate with others. Her firey color attracts the energy of desire, allowing us to fully feel our passions and see them through.

Wash away the limitations of old beliefs and embrace a new perspective. Awash in Greek Mythology and capturing all the shades of the Ionian Sea, the Apatite Energy Bracelet is for those who seek great truths. Profoundly spiritual and brimming with all the potential of the world, Apatite invites you to think and speak from a higher perspective."

Keep your intentions and energy aligned with the universe. The Apatite Energy Bracelet is a powerful tool to aid those seeking selfless growth and greater consciousness. It encourages insight, intuition, new ideas and creativity. Apatite helps to balance emotions while fostering inner strength and positivity.

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