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Nazima Agate



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Carnelian speaks to the sacral chakra and helps you find your voice. Tap into your fiery, dynamic side when wearing this stone by using it as an inspiration to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone. Blessed with a golden light, Carnelian attracts prosperity and fortune, making it a well-selected stone for those who are pursuing new business ventures or needing a lucky streak. It’s a fiery kindler of forgotten passion, a precious gem of potency, and a warm and vibrant stone that invites you to speak your truest form of expression.

The Carnelian Energy Bracelet is the perfect balance of color and protection. Stone of the Heart Chakra

Like the sunset itself, Carnelian is a stone with many hues. This gorgeous energy bracelet helps its wearer find bravery, confidence and power. Inspired by ancient Egyptian history, Carnelian belonged to leaders who stood out in their fields. Those wearing Carnelian bracelets can expect to shine brightly as they step into their own leadership roles and speak their truth with strength and confidence.

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