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Nazima Agate



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Our beautiful and healing chrysocolla azurite crystal bracelet is made with genuine 100% natural untreated chrysocolla azurite beads. This stone will help to calm and soothe, as well as provide truth and clarity in communication. It will also assist you in finding love and forgiveness when needed. It can be worn alone or stacked with your other favorite crystals.

Genuine 100% Natural Untreated Chrysocolla Azurite helps connect the wearer with their heart and throat chakras, providing communication and love.

Chrysocolla is a semi-precious gemstone that helps you to connect with your heart and throat chakras, which facilitates communication and love. If you are having trouble expressing yourself, Chrysocolla can help you find the words to speak your truth. Chrysocolla helps soothe and provide calm confidence to its wearer in any situation.

Easy to wear and easy to love. This statement piece looks great alone or stacked with other favorites. Get ready to enjoy all of the benefits of Chrysocolla, including truth, communication, soothe, and calm confidence.

Chrysocolla can help give you the confidence to express yourself, especially if you are having trouble finding the words. Chrysocolla also helps soothe and provide calm in any situation."""

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