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Nazima Agate



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This Picasso Jasper Energy Bracelet is a vision of patterns and muted shades. It's filled to the brim with positive energy and encourages friendships to bloom. Named after the artist himself, these gemstone beads capture the beauty, creativity, and transformative nature of the human soul. Known for encouraging friendships to bloom and for strengthening the artistry within, this matte Picasso Jasper Energy Bracelet is everything.

The Picasso Jasper Energy Bracelet is a beautiful and bold addition to your current jewelry collection. With its unique shape and pattern, this bracelet elevates any outfit you wear, making even the simplest of ensembles into a work of art. Made from naturally mined jasper, each bead has been smoothed down until it shines—the result is a lively and unexpected piece that’s guaranteed to get noticed.

This gorgeous stone doesn’t have a one-track mind thanks to all the colors and energies that shift beneath its surface. Yet even though there are lots going on within the Picasso Jasper stone, it doesn’t delve into overwhelm. Instead, it keeps its energy steady as a beat, soft and peaceful, and cloaked in the promise of inner clarity and meditative magic

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