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Nazima Agate



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This handmade Dragon Blood Stone bracelet is a warrior's secret weapon for calming and focusing the mind, to think clearly and confidently. The stone brings a boost of physical energy along with determination for taking action for that which is aligned with the heart. The perfect gift for those seeking courage and strength.

Send your dreams into the universe with a Dragon Blood Stone energy bracelet. This handmade gemstone bracelet exemplifies the fiery power of this healing crystal. Dragon Blood Stone is a great stone to have if you are an artist, entrepreneur, or have big dreams. It helps support your physical heart, liver, and brain function. It is an excellent stone to use when you need courage and determination to bring something in or out of your life. This beautiful meditation bracelet will bring strength, courage and perseverance into your life while also connecting you to your inner guide and intuitive voice.

This 8mm dragon blood stone bracelet is a perfect reminder of your personal power and inner guide. It initiates courage, strength, and determination for taking positive action in your life. This gemstone can help pinpoint blockages to physical energy so that your body can move forward with ease.

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